StarCraft II: Heart Of The Swarm To Add Levelling For All Players

A new patch for StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm will introduce a progression system to the popular real-time strategy game.

Starting "soon" (which in Blizzard language usually means "not soon"), SC2 players will be able to gain experience points by playing both competitive and custom matches. These experience points — which will be tracked for each race you play — will allow you to level up and buy portraits for your player account.

Here's Blizzard:

Each level you earn awards either a decal or a portrait for the race that you're playing. These rewards get more and more epic as you progress in a race. The rewards will be different for each race, so truly dedicated players can push themselves to great heights for each of the three races.

After the next major beta patch, testers can try this system and start earning XP in the beta. We're planning on making adjustments over time, so it's likely that XP resets will happen during beta. We're going to pay very close attention to the levelling curve and the fun factor of this system, so it's important that we have a lot of playtest results to work with. We'll give beta testers notice in advance of resetting the system so testers can help us try different methods of gaining XP.

They're also considering bonus experience weekends, "bonus XP for your first win of the day," and other catchy techniques to get you to keep playing.


    That's actually a really good idea. Though it might mean I'll have a harder time gauging my opponent's skill on the loading screen.

    "Each level you earn awards either a decal or a portrait for the race that you’re playing."

    " These rewards get more and more epic as you progress in a race"

    So.. an epic.. portrait?? I must be hard to impress

      I don't know, man.
      For the Zerg it's just the same picture of Kerrigan over and over - only each level you gain, she loses a piece of clothing.

        The faster you Zerg Rush, the less clothing she has. Just like Metroid, where you were rewarded with a picture of Samus in a bikini if you were quick enough.

        6 pool every game!

        Last edited 26/10/12 12:38 pm

    Ash, i thought the same thing...

    Hey Blizzard, how about something actually worthwhile... maybe new units? or heck, even a new skin for your existing units...

      I'd like the skin that turns all Terrans into 40K Space Marines.
      And all Zerg into Tyranids.
      And all Protoss into Eld.... Ahh screw it i'm just going to go play Dawn of War...

      New units like the Mothership Core, Oracle, Tempest, Swarm Host, Viper, Battle mode Hellion and Widow Mines?

      This announcement is for the Heart of the Swarm beta, where there are new units being introduced and old units are being significantly rebalanced (Hydralisk speed and Reaper vision the two most obvious examples).

      Have you even seen what the changes are in the expansion, i am in the BETA and i have used to new units. Should look into what is happening :)

      New units? So doing good allows you to break the balance of the game by getting units nobody else has?

    When you know a game is in trouble just add a leveling system haha

    Didn't they do this with Warcraft? Earning Race portraits for specific amount of wins.

    I wish blizzard would just get HOTS out already! I was so bummed when I realised that Starcraft 2 only had one racial campaign, was always a fan of the Zerg personally and liked Terran the least. I believe it's still signed as being "coming in 2012" at my local game store, but 2012 is almost over now...

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