Supposed GTA V Posters Promise Autumn 2013 Release Date

A Polish website has posted images of what they say are real promotional posters for Grand Theft Auto V. The posters peg the game for a autumn 2013 release date for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. We can't verify their authenticity but have asked a Rockstar rep if he will. This post will be updated if he does.

The images bear a European ratings logo on them, so, even if they're real, there's a chance the rest of the world could be getting the game some other season.

But these posters have the benefit of plausibility. GTA V was shown in action to reporters from Game Informer magazine earlier this month. And, from personal experience, I can say that Rockstar tends not to show reporters their games more than six or so months before release. Autumn seems like a good time to launch.

So... legit? You decide (or, Rockstar, tell us, please!).

Premiera GTA V wiosną 2013! Mamy przeciek! TYLKO U NAS! [, Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]


    Not convinced. And Bioshock Infinite and Portal 2 were shown to Game Informer like 2 years before their release. Same with Arkham City. This means nothing.

      Those are completely different publishers. Their release schemes are quite different from Rockstar's.

        Well, Bioshock and GTA are both published by Take Two (Take Two owns both Rockstar and 2K Games). I'd be surprised if there wasn't some coordination between the internally developed titles from developers under that umbrella.

        Bioshock is not a different publisher, it is 2K, who own Rockstar

      Except, you know the part where valve and Irrational aren't Rockstar. Rock* are always pretty close to the chest with their games, most of the time you have no idea how the thing plays until the game is in your hands.

      This has always been the Rockstar way, or at least for the last few years. Release a game late autumn, get sales, then do big marketing push during Christmas. Works for them.

    Australian Kotaku - Polish posters - Autumn release - is that northern or southern hemisphere?
    I wish northerners would realize that there's a whole other half to this planet and talk in quarters or months FFS. I can only imagine it means Q2 2013.

      The poster itself says "Spring 2013" under where it says "PRE-ORDER NOW" - that means March, April, May in the US - and Autumn in Australia is March, April, May. Mystery solved!

        I think they mean it will be out in Spring in both places, it will come out in America in the spring then 6 months later it will come out here!

          yeah that's logical....


            Yeah, it was a joke about the wait times they give us as Australians :p

              Ahhhh I see now. Phew! I'm not so good at finding tone in text.

          Honestly wouldn't suprise me. They'd probably slap $50 "Australian tax" on it for the priviledge too.

        Sorry didn't even notice this post but yeah it's deffo going to be in spring

    I'm guessing May 2013. Seeing as Rockstar release a game in may each year. RDR - May 10. LA Noire - May '11. Max Payne 3 - May '12.

    they dont promise autumn 2013! the poster clearly says spring 2013

    Seems legit, and I'm not being sarcastic.Apart from the naive dream of playing it this Xmas I thought the smart money was always on May.No mention of pc version makes me a sad panda.

    dissapointed that GTA V wont hit its normal release data of october like most gta games but early 2013 will do, the game will sell 20 million but that gap is running out if they dont release fast enough.

    If you read the poster under per-order it's says spring 2013 so I think shit is talking here !

    honestly, i think it's fake BECAUSE it has ratings on it...

    the game appears to be far away from being done, how would have it been rated already? they could pre-emptively be rating it (as most likely it will be 18+), but surely that would be if not illegal but frowned upon. so yeah, not convinced.

    Does the guy holding the bat have 5 fingers as well?

    GTA IV came out April 29th , I expect this to do the same. This is a massive beast , they would have all sorts of issues gaining capacity to manufacture it if they bought it out nearer to Christmas with all the other releases. This timing also means no other titles to take away sales from it , its competing with nothing.

    Yeah I printed myself a copy of this yesterday.

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