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    So.... back to TAY TeamSpeak conversation.

    ...I bought up the following topic which created a state of panic amongst the non-believers!!!

    "in 1990, sausages were still regarded as legal tender in East Germany"

    WHOS WITH ME????

    how rude of me..... GOOD MORNING TAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOPE EVERYONE IS WELL!!!!!!!!!!!

      Morning, I'm Ok, nothing new on my end.

      I did finally manage to log in to PSN today though. I had been having trouble logging into the store and just signing in in general over the weekend. So now I'm downloading the Hell Yeah and Resident Evil 6 demos. Hopefully my download speeds are decent.

        Let me know your thoughts on theRE6 demo! I thought it was fantastic.

        I only played Leon and Chris though. Never got around to jake by the time the game broke street date and now I'm playing the full game starting with Leon.

          It was on 49% the last time I checked so I should be able to play it later today.


    Morning folks!

    Hope everyone had a good weekend. On Satdee there was a Melb meat but I'll let other people and their writeups talk about it ;)

    On Sundee Pez and I were grinding to try and finish the last quest in Borderlands 2 and we finally killed the level 52 boss last night. Wowee! We can both solo him too but since Pez is playing the Gunzerker who's incredibly OP he can kill him much quicker without too much trouble :P

    I hope everyone has a grand day today. My 'mid-semester' break is over so back to Uni for me today... Zzzz

      Wait, I'm sure other people who were at the meat are also saying that they'll let other people write write-ups. At this rate no one will write anything :-(

      Only you can prevent this Greenius

    Morning everyone!
    Hope everyone had a good weekend!
    I've come down with a cold, so I most things were a struggle to do.

      :( Colds suck. How did you go on your Rupee Cushion?

        I finished the red ones.
        Just gotta do the blue ones now



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    I think I suffer from Fatigue Induced Insanity Disorder. Don't laugh, it's a serious illness! :P

    From twitter:
    Warning: I'm rather tired and my sanity levels are rather low. Things may get...interesting...
    Also, I've been working on a rather cool sounding song today. Think I'll call it 'Bull Underwater', because it sounds like a drowning bull.
    Red bull gives you wings! Pity this bull was green, then it could have just flown out instead of drowning.
    So red bulls have wings. Maybe blue bulls are amphibious? Green bulls are...good at camouflage, a totally useless skill when sinking.
    Yellow bulls glow in the dark. Pink ones are totally useless, just there for aesthetic purposes.
    They all taste the same, mind you. A bit like minty bean sauce, with a bit of coco powder mixed in too.
    IT'S LIKE MY LITTLE PONY, BUT WITH BULLS! We shall call the fans, uh...cownies?
    WAIT NO, brovines! Geddit? Bovines - brovines? I AM A GENIUS!
    Or just clinically insane...
    I shall call it WTB, 'What The- Bovines??' The toys will sell like hotcakes, I tells ya.
    Because hotcakes are what everyone wants in the middle of the spring/summer heat.
    Dawww, isn't it the cutest?
    ...I should probably go to bed before things get out of hand...
    Out of hand...out of foot...similar enough, right? Especially of you're a chimpanzee.

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      It's true. I saw it happen.

        A quick search of Fatigue Induced Insanity Disorder comes up with the side effects of Methamphetamine use, and Bipolar Disorder...

          I always knew you were a meth addict. :P

          Be careful of googling illnesses, it can make you think you have something worse than you probably do. Just see a doctor if you are concerned about anything.

            Fatigue Induced Insanity Disorder is just something I made up. Was googling (binging, more accurately) it for funsies :P

              Oh noes, he is using Bing. This is more serious than we thought

    Good Morning, TAY! I would say something like "Yay, public holiday!" but I always have Mondays off anyway, so...

    Hope everyone had a good weekend. I went and watched the NRL Grand Final at a friends house last night. It was... interesting. I had no idea what was going on. The pizza was good though.

    (And, as always, there's a couple of new TAYlocke stories up if you're interested!)

    EDIT: OH! And I watched the new Doctor Who and really liked it! I don't know what you twitter people were talking about! Much better than the Weeping Angels' second appearance.

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      Just get a normal piece if meat and then put caviar and truffles on it so it's really really expensive - get it? - EB Meat.



          On a more serious note, I don't really have time to listen to podcasts. I can't have it playing in the background because I just phase it out and don't hear it. So I need to be doing nothing when listening to a podcast. But, given the choice, I would much prefer to spend an hour being productive (or just doing something) than just sitting and listening to something for an hour. That's just how my brain works. It's not because I don't like potaku, just want you to know.

        I don't remember hearing that!

        I still haven't decided if I'm going or not. If we're actually having an organised Meat then I will!

          I'm not a huge fan of expos and conventions but if there is a meat after or outside the Expo, I'm happy to attend. I haven't done anything in a while.

    Hi fronds!

    I did basically nothing on the weekend, except play Borderlands 2 that is. I am going to a BBQ today so \o/ for delicious BBQ food but /o\ for human interaction.

      you must report back on the ones you call "humans".study their behaviour and learn what you can about their evil plots....

      I finished all the Ronin missions in SR2! :D

      Sounds like a decent weekend by my standards. (Except for the human interaction. Who needs that? :P)

    Good morning. I only ended up having an hour of sleep last night. Also, my left ankle's been hurting and I don't know why. That is all.


    not for uni students! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

    oh and i got resident evil 6 yesterday, i decided to start on jakes story, because he's the most interesting character seeing as he's new and there's something about him that they totally spoil in the second god damn trailer they released that would have been way cooler to find out on my own.

    so far so good, however i think jakes campaign has a bit of an identity crisis, doesn't know whether it wants to be uncharted, or resident evil 3... lke one mission you are kinda jumping around a lot, running away from things, then the next mission you are in a snow mission with limited vision and stuff... it's interesting

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      also, if you are a fan of Dota 2 (or can appreciate good MOBA players)
      then watch this, it was an awesome one this week.

    SO, THAT NEW CLONE WARS EPISODE, HUH? There's like 4 people/groups chasing down Darth Maul and his brother now. Also, Maul and Bro want to start their own army. (Not spoilers)
    I'm rather excited to see what happens this season :D

      What season is this? I've only seen up to season 3.

    While waiting for some demos to download on my PS3 I decided to play a game while waiting but the game had a 700mb patch. WHAT THE HELL! Aargh! So now I'm downloading the patch which will delay the demos for a while.
    I really hope it's a new gameplay mode or something, because it's a PSN game and 700mb is almost half the game's size. Oh the game is Sideway:NY by the way, one of the games I got through PS+

    On that note, why doesn't Sony update games on the PSN store with their relevant patches. I don't know what it entails but I don't think it's too hard for them to update the games on their servers.

    There are some knowledgeable people here and some developers as well, so why don't they do it? Do the developers have to resubmit the whole game+patch again? Money maybe?


    I could play the game without the patch but I know I would have this nagging feeling the whole way through, imagining glitches when maybe there are none.


      i download a game of psn, then when i go to run it, it has to get a patch for the game... WHY, WHY!!!! i JUST downloaded this from the same service, you couldn't have downloaded the patch with it as well?


      ^ Who is this guy?

        Judging by the avatar, i think it's Goku?





    I'm sooo excite, but I haven't tested it yet, as i spent all night restoring factory defaults and creating recovery discs!!

    Basically I went to highpoint with the family and happened upon this in Dick Smith:
    Apparently according to that it does 3d? I was not aware of that when i bought it.. hmm lol.
    Maybe it's not that exact model? But all the rest is right - 20.0 ghz i7, 2 gig geforce 540M and more... Although mine has a 16" screen, not 15.4...

    So basically, it's last years model - apprently it retailed at almost 2k at the end of last year, but they marked it down, acording to the label, to $999 when they had 2 left... but when i walked in they only had the display model left and had marked it down to $850.
    Being the one to never take the price tag at final offer, i asked a staff member what the best price he could do would be - he was actually really cool. He said they had paid $1200 for it when they got it (aparently) so he could only take it down to $844 but he would chuck it an extra 2 years warranty - taking it to 3 years all up.
    I then ummed and ahhhed about it for a while and said "can you throw in a case as i'll probably be taking it to uni too", to which he said for me to pick out one and he'd let me know what he could do. I basically found a shoulderbag one which was $50 and really swish and perfect for uni. In the end he said he'd chuck it in for 95 cents.

    So yeah - i think i did pretty well and i'll finally be able to join you guys in PC games, hopefully :D

      That's awesome.

        SO it's good, ja?

          The offer is good, getting the extended warranty and a free bag basically.

          I'm not the best with computers so I couldn't tell you about the machine. It looks good though.

      Oh, cool! There's nothing more awesome than a new computer. Fresh and full of possibilities. Haha!

      Awesome win! my work just bought me a new lappy too. unlike most businesses ours are completely unrestricted and we can do whatever we want with them :)

      just reformatted and did a clean win7 install as well and threw on the drivers. not a fan of all the bundled software and crap they come with...

      also at that price, that was a steal! I picked my lappy out specifically to do some gaming too, very similarr specs, I7 -3610QM 2.3ghz 8gb ram 750gb HDD, blu ray and 2GB Geforce GT630m, and picked that up for $1170 down from $1490.

      Havent got borderlands 2 yet but skyrim and borderlands 1 are maxed out and silky smooth :)

        Damn that's nice!
        Good work, mate! :D

    Hey, I posted this on Saturday, but thought I might just one more time in case folks missed it.


    Boarding the anticipation band wagon can be perilous at the best of times. When the promise is met, there's no better feeling -- finally playing and loving something that's been a long time coming. There's also a very real risk of something buckling under the weight of expectations. That's the price you pay for riding, I guess. One of those risks you take. Anna's Quest is a game I've been following for a long while now. (Since it was Anna's Room in fact, revealed on the old Adventure Gamers forum.) In that time I've gotten to know the developer a little better. In some ways this makes prospects a whole lot scarier on the anticipation front. I want this to be great, but what if it wasn't? What if I didn't like it? I'm happy to say that ol' waiting predicament has paid off!

    Anna's Quest is a traditional hand drawn, point-and-click adventure of a welcomed kind, one with a sense of charm and old school nostalgia. Saying the art direction is beautiful would be an understatement. It's just so damn pretty looking: clean, sharp and colourful. A comparison that constantly came to mind as I played was definitely Curse of Monkey Island and not just in art direction, an influence found in the interface too. Those familiar with LucasArts' adventures of the late '90s will know what to expect, a collection of simple and intuitive contextual icons. (Examine, take and talk.) Like the beloved kick icon in Full Throttle, Anna's Quest has a unique one too -- telekinesis -- an interesting hook pivotal to the story itself.

    The game pretty much hits the ground running, with our protagonist Anna already in all kinds of trouble: captured in a fortified tower surrounded by woods, experimented on by an old hagged witch -- truly the makings of bed time reading at its finest. This story book feel isn't coincidental either, a stylized presentation established almost immediately in a sepia-toned opening cutscene. (Not to mention in the free, playable prologue that complements the game.) There's something warm and endearing about it, I've got to say. A premise that's simple and executed with an expert precision. I appreciated how well realized the world and lore of Anna's Quest felt too, something helped by a generous supply of hot spots!

    Ever since my formative adventure gaming years I've had a thing for exploring a game's world to the fullest. Sure, you can have elaborate backgrounds with plenty of detail, but it means nothing if a character has little to say. (I'm looking at you Syberia. *shakes fist*) Hearing a character's unique thoughts and point-of-view of their surrounds adds a whole damn lot to the setting. It's fun to get an insight into our hero's noggin as well, what makes 'em tick and all that. (One of the reasons I love the Gabriel Knight games so much.) Might seem pretty minor, but it's something I really do appreciate and something Anna's Quest happens to do well.

    I like the characters too, all likable and funny. There was a goofy smile plastered across my face almost the entire time through at the dialogue, an occasional line or two that would make me laugh out loud like an idiot as well. For the most part, the voice acting serves the small ensemble nicely. (There's a little inconsistency in the sound quality, but the performances are excellent.) This won't be an issue to some people, but I would've appreciated the ability to turn the subtitles off. Often when I'm playing a game with subtitles no matter how much I'm enjoying it, I feel the need to read the text instead of watching the animation and listening to the actors. Unfairly makes the voice acting seem slow as a by-product. Just something to keep in mind.

    The puzzles are the kind I appreciate, inventory based and occasionally abstract. Anna's Quest does a good job of giving you subtle hints in the dialogue too. There's enough advice given to help you out if you're stuck, but not enough to hinder that feeling of satisfaction at successfully solving one good and proper. From time-to-time the game will stop you from getting one step ahead of a puzzle, for better or worse. (For example if you try to get an inventory item before you're supposed to or have reason to you will be stopped.) This makes a lot of sense story wise, but unintentionally gives the impression you're on the wrong path. These instances were really the only time I found myself properly stumped.

    The length of the game itself is relatively short, a couple of hours at most depending on how fast you get through the puzzles. (Though a couple of hours I'm very glad I took.) It's worth noting that Anna's Quest is the first volume in a longer series, so story points will be left open and not resolved. There's enough of a self-contained story to keep this installment satisfying enough, but I warn you now that you'll certainly want more by the time the credits roll. (Ain't that the rule, though? Always leave 'em wanting more.) There's plenty of clues to character origins and I'm sure a little foreshadowing in there too. Honestly can't wait to see what's coming up next.

    For such a small team, they've done an incredible job keeping the production values high. The score is stirring and mysterious too. (With a little bit of music box thrown in to set the mood.)

    Anna's Quest is not without a note worthy flaw, though, specifically the 4:3 resolution. To me it seemed a little out-of-date, especially on a large wide screen monitor. It looks incredibly good, even stretched though and you have the option to play full screen with black borders. You can't really fault the game too much, just worth noting. In some ways I think it's an ideal candidate for iOS and Android platforms. Also the lack of any auto-save makes the ol' adventure game chest nut to save early and save often note worthy. (I'm only mentioning this because of a one off technical problem I had that skipped all the dialogue, but otherwise it ran perfectly.)

    You might be wondering why I wrote such a long, detailed write-up. Truth be told it was to show my appreciation for such a cool little indie project, a kind that I hope to see more of side-by-side with the current big titles on the horizon. The game is truly a labor of love, that much is obvious. I can't recommend it enough if you're even remotely interested!

    Shane wrote a reader review on Kotaku too.

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    Morning TAYbies!

    first off...PAX! Sorry still excited.

    Secondly, i love Mech games.!!! Also, got mark of the ninja finally. Seriously, this game could breed some serious OCD. Im playing through once normal. But i have a temptation to go back and try and do the levels with 0 detections and where possible 0 kills. LOVE IT.

    Morning all.
    I'll try do a Meat Write-up a bit later on today (but then I was the first to leave so it might be a bit incomplete). Could someone do a list of who attended... There were a few names I didn't catch.

    Also, Question for all you people who spend lots of time online.
    Does anyone use LastPass? Lifehacker bangs on a bout it being the best password database program, but I've been using it for a while and I find it a bit annoying and nowhere near as useful as it's made out to be.

    Does anyone have any other suggestions or comments?

      Hooray! A write-up. (Or the promise of a write-up anyway!) Be sure to tell us who's who in the photo Splicer posted! :D

      This photo?

        Haha! I half expected that to lead somewhere else. :P

          You would :P

        From left to right(Back row): Greenius, Tech Knight(in human disguise ala Terminator), Splicer,Inquisitorsz, #35's frond #1 (sorry dude I forgot their names), #35, NegativeZero, #35's frond #2.
        Left to right(front): Beavwa and his lovely GF Pip, Jordi

        I'm pretty sure that's right, I apologise if it's now, i'm terrible with names :D

          :D Thanks Splicer! A good group for sure!

    me wanst to play Hawken....

      I just realised that having a new lappy means i can play not only that but mech warrior!!!

      GIMMIE NOW!!!! :D

        which mechwarrior??me needs some mechanical action...

        EDIT: That came out wrong..... o_O

        Last edited 01/10/12 10:11 am

          Sure... wrong... right...

          Mechwarrior online, fool!!! :D

      not long till public BETA. Trust me, the wait is worth it.

    Hey, I've got a spoilerific Borderlands 2 question to ask in rot13. Don't read unless you've completed the game:

    Fbzrguvat gung unf orra obgurevat zr fyvtugyl vf gur jubyr eriviny flfgrz. V haqrefgnaq ubj vg jbexf nf n tnzrcynl zrpunavp, ohg gurl'ir tbar gb gur rssbeg gb vagretengr vg jvgu gur yber bs gur jbeyq. Vs gung'f gur pnfr, jul vfa'g vg ninvynoyr sbe rirelbar ryfr ba Cnaqben? Vs n znwbe punenpgre jub unccrarq gb or va gur svefg tnzr qvrf jul qbrf ur fgnl qrnq jura gurl qvqa'g va gur cerivbhf tnzr?

    Nz V bire guvaxvat guvf be vf gurer fbzrguvat V zvffrq?

      Yup, you spotted a plot hole. Try not to worry about it, even though this game has a plot I still was more worried about shooting and looting.

      Jryy V'q nffhzr gung fvapr gurl'er ulcrevba grpu, Wnpx pbhyq oybpx gur fvtany sbe fcrpvsvp crbcyr. Gur ernfba gur arj punenpgref pbhyq fgvyy hfr vg jnf orpnhfr Natry jnf znfxvat gurve ovb fvtangherf be fbzrguvat ... obbz, ceboyrz fbyirq

    I love JSRF. Just wondering, who else loved this game? And if you did, which characters did you use?
    I always used either Beat or Boogie. No idea why, they were just my favourites.

      Yoyo and Gum.

        I liked Yoyo's dog also =P

      What's JSRF?

        Jet Set Radio Future.

      JSRF is what Jet Grind Radio should have been. Better graphics, tighter controls, better soundtrack, less slowdown and no more timer.

      I played mainly with Beat and periodically with Gum or Rhyth. It was in the box of missing games I finally located a couple of weekends ago actually, I should fire it up again. Backwards Compatibility <3.

    Holy crap - this just made my day all the more better - so awesome! :D
    Black Metal Babysitting -


      And another one where they make clay people!!!

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