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Talk Amongst Yourselves

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  • So…. back to TAY TeamSpeak conversation.

    …I bought up the following topic which created a state of panic amongst the non-believers!!!

    “in 1990, sausages were still regarded as legal tender in East Germany”

    WHOS WITH ME????

    • Morning, I’m Ok, nothing new on my end.

      I did finally manage to log in to PSN today though. I had been having trouble logging into the store and just signing in in general over the weekend. So now I’m downloading the Hell Yeah and Resident Evil 6 demos. Hopefully my download speeds are decent.

      • Let me know your thoughts on theRE6 demo! I thought it was fantastic.

        I only played Leon and Chris though. Never got around to jake by the time the game broke street date and now I’m playing the full game starting with Leon.

  • Morning folks!

    Hope everyone had a good weekend. On Satdee there was a Melb meat but I’ll let other people and their writeups talk about it ๐Ÿ˜‰

    On Sundee Pez and I were grinding to try and finish the last quest in Borderlands 2 and we finally killed the level 52 boss last night. Wowee! We can both solo him too but since Pez is playing the Gunzerker who’s incredibly OP he can kill him much quicker without too much trouble ๐Ÿ˜›

    I hope everyone has a grand day today. My ‘mid-semester’ break is over so back to Uni for me today… Zzzz

  • Morning everyone!
    Hope everyone had a good weekend!
    I’ve come down with a cold, so I most things were a struggle to do.

  • I think I suffer from Fatigue Induced Insanity Disorder. Don’t laugh, it’s a serious illness! ๐Ÿ˜›

    From twitter:
    Warning: I’m rather tired and my sanity levels are rather low. Things may get…interesting…
    Also, I’ve been working on a rather cool sounding song today. Think I’ll call it ‘Bull Underwater’, because it sounds like a drowning bull.
    Red bull gives you wings! Pity this bull was green, then it could have just flown out instead of drowning.
    So red bulls have wings. Maybe blue bulls are amphibious? Green bulls are…good at camouflage, a totally useless skill when sinking.
    Yellow bulls glow in the dark. Pink ones are totally useless, just there for aesthetic purposes.
    They all taste the same, mind you. A bit like minty bean sauce, with a bit of coco powder mixed in too.
    IT’S LIKE MY LITTLE PONY, BUT WITH BULLS! We shall call the fans, uh…cownies?
    WAIT NO, brovines! Geddit? Bovines – brovines? I AM A GENIUS!
    Or just clinically insane…
    I shall call it WTB, ‘What The- Bovines??’ The toys will sell like hotcakes, I tells ya.
    Because hotcakes are what everyone wants in the middle of the spring/summer heat.
    Dawww, isn’t it the cutest?
    …I should probably go to bed before things get out of hand…
    Out of hand…out of foot…similar enough, right? Especially of you’re a chimpanzee.

  • Good Morning, TAY! I would say something like “Yay, public holiday!” but I always have Mondays off anyway, so…

    Hope everyone had a good weekend. I went and watched the NRL Grand Final at a friends house last night. It was… interesting. I had no idea what was going on. The pizza was good though.

    (And, as always, there’s a couple of new TAYlocke stories up if you’re interested!)

    EDIT: OH! And I watched the new Doctor Who and really liked it! I don’t know what you twitter people were talking about! Much better than the Weeping Angels’ second appearance.

    • Just get a normal piece if meat and then put caviar and truffles on it so it’s really really expensive – get it? – EB Meat.


        • On a more serious note, I don’t really have time to listen to podcasts. I can’t have it playing in the background because I just phase it out and don’t hear it. So I need to be doing nothing when listening to a podcast. But, given the choice, I would much prefer to spend an hour being productive (or just doing something) than just sitting and listening to something for an hour. That’s just how my brain works. It’s not because I don’t like potaku, just want you to know.

      • I don’t remember hearing that!

        I still haven’t decided if I’m going or not. If we’re actually having an organised Meat then I will!

        • I’m not a huge fan of expos and conventions but if there is a meat after or outside the Expo, I’m happy to attend. I haven’t done anything in a while.

  • Hi fronds!

    I did basically nothing on the weekend, except play Borderlands 2 that is. I am going to a BBQ today so \o/ for delicious BBQ food but /o\ for human interaction.

  • Good morning. I only ended up having an hour of sleep last night. Also, my left ankle’s been hurting and I don’t know why. That is all.


    not for uni students! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

    oh and i got resident evil 6 yesterday, i decided to start on jakes story, because he’s the most interesting character seeing as he’s new and there’s something about him that they totally spoil in the second god damn trailer they released that would have been way cooler to find out on my own.

    so far so good, however i think jakes campaign has a bit of an identity crisis, doesn’t know whether it wants to be uncharted, or resident evil 3… lke one mission you are kinda jumping around a lot, running away from things, then the next mission you are in a snow mission with limited vision and stuff… it’s interesting

  • SO, THAT NEW CLONE WARS EPISODE, HUH? There’s like 4 people/groups chasing down Darth Maul and his brother now. Also, Maul and Bro want to start their own army. (Not spoilers)
    I’m rather excited to see what happens this season ๐Ÿ˜€

  • While waiting for some demos to download on my PS3 I decided to play a game while waiting but the game had a 700mb patch. WHAT THE HELL! Aargh! So now I’m downloading the patch which will delay the demos for a while.
    I really hope it’s a new gameplay mode or something, because it’s a PSN game and 700mb is almost half the game’s size. Oh the game is Sideway:NY by the way, one of the games I got through PS+

    On that note, why doesn’t Sony update games on the PSN store with their relevant patches. I don’t know what it entails but I don’t think it’s too hard for them to update the games on their servers.

    There are some knowledgeable people here and some developers as well, so why don’t they do it? Do the developers have to resubmit the whole game+patch again? Money maybe?


    I could play the game without the patch but I know I would have this nagging feeling the whole way through, imagining glitches when maybe there are none.


      i download a game of psn, then when i go to run it, it has to get a patch for the game… WHY, WHY!!!! i JUST downloaded this from the same service, you couldn’t have downloaded the patch with it as well?

    I’m sooo excite, but I haven’t tested it yet, as i spent all night restoring factory defaults and creating recovery discs!!

    Basically I went to highpoint with the family and happened upon this in Dick Smith:
    Apparently according to that it does 3d? I was not aware of that when i bought it.. hmm lol.
    Maybe it’s not that exact model? But all the rest is right – 20.0 ghz i7, 2 gig geforce 540M and more… Although mine has a 16″ screen, not 15.4…

    So basically, it’s last years model – apprently it retailed at almost 2k at the end of last year, but they marked it down, acording to the label, to $999 when they had 2 left… but when i walked in they only had the display model left and had marked it down to $850.
    Being the one to never take the price tag at final offer, i asked a staff member what the best price he could do would be – he was actually really cool. He said they had paid $1200 for it when they got it (aparently) so he could only take it down to $844 but he would chuck it an extra 2 years warranty – taking it to 3 years all up.
    I then ummed and ahhhed about it for a while and said “can you throw in a case as i’ll probably be taking it to uni too”, to which he said for me to pick out one and he’d let me know what he could do. I basically found a shoulderbag one which was $50 and really swish and perfect for uni. In the end he said he’d chuck it in for 95 cents.

    So yeah – i think i did pretty well and i’ll finally be able to join you guys in PC games, hopefully ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Hey, I posted this on Saturday, but thought I might just one more time in case folks missed it.


    Boarding the anticipation band wagon can be perilous at the best of times. When the promise is met, there’s no better feeling — finally playing and loving something that’s been a long time coming. There’s also a very real risk of something buckling under the weight of expectations. That’s the price you pay for riding, I guess. One of those risks you take. Anna’s Quest is a game I’ve been following for a long while now. (Since it was Anna’s Room in fact, revealed on the old Adventure Gamers forum.) In that time I’ve gotten to know the developer a little better. In some ways this makes prospects a whole lot scarier on the anticipation front. I want this to be great, but what if it wasn’t? What if I didn’t like it? I’m happy to say that ol’ waiting predicament has paid off!

    Anna’s Quest is a traditional hand drawn, point-and-click adventure of a welcomed kind, one with a sense of charm and old school nostalgia. Saying the art direction is beautiful would be an understatement. It’s just so damn pretty looking: clean, sharp and colourful. A comparison that constantly came to mind as I played was definitely Curse of Monkey Island and not just in art direction, an influence found in the interface too. Those familiar with LucasArts’ adventures of the late ’90s will know what to expect, a collection of simple and intuitive contextual icons. (Examine, take and talk.) Like the beloved kick icon in Full Throttle, Anna’s Quest has a unique one too — telekinesis — an interesting hook pivotal to the story itself.

    The game pretty much hits the ground running, with our protagonist Anna already in all kinds of trouble: captured in a fortified tower surrounded by woods, experimented on by an old hagged witch — truly the makings of bed time reading at its finest. This story book feel isn’t coincidental either, a stylized presentation established almost immediately in a sepia-toned opening cutscene. (Not to mention in the free, playable prologue that complements the game.) There’s something warm and endearing about it, I’ve got to say. A premise that’s simple and executed with an expert precision. I appreciated how well realized the world and lore of Anna’s Quest felt too, something helped by a generous supply of hot spots!

    Ever since my formative adventure gaming years I’ve had a thing for exploring a game’s world to the fullest. Sure, you can have elaborate backgrounds with plenty of detail, but it means nothing if a character has little to say. (I’m looking at you Syberia. *shakes fist*) Hearing a character’s unique thoughts and point-of-view of their surrounds adds a whole damn lot to the setting. It’s fun to get an insight into our hero’s noggin as well, what makes ’em tick and all that. (One of the reasons I love the Gabriel Knight games so much.) Might seem pretty minor, but it’s something I really do appreciate and something Anna’s Quest happens to do well.

    I like the characters too, all likable and funny. There was a goofy smile plastered across my face almost the entire time through at the dialogue, an occasional line or two that would make me laugh out loud like an idiot as well. For the most part, the voice acting serves the small ensemble nicely. (There’s a little inconsistency in the sound quality, but the performances are excellent.) This won’t be an issue to some people, but I would’ve appreciated the ability to turn the subtitles off. Often when I’m playing a game with subtitles no matter how much I’m enjoying it, I feel the need to read the text instead of watching the animation and listening to the actors. Unfairly makes the voice acting seem slow as a by-product. Just something to keep in mind.

    The puzzles are the kind I appreciate, inventory based and occasionally abstract. Anna’s Quest does a good job of giving you subtle hints in the dialogue too. There’s enough advice given to help you out if you’re stuck, but not enough to hinder that feeling of satisfaction at successfully solving one good and proper. From time-to-time the game will stop you from getting one step ahead of a puzzle, for better or worse. (For example if you try to get an inventory item before you’re supposed to or have reason to you will be stopped.) This makes a lot of sense story wise, but unintentionally gives the impression you’re on the wrong path. These instances were really the only time I found myself properly stumped.

    The length of the game itself is relatively short, a couple of hours at most depending on how fast you get through the puzzles. (Though a couple of hours I’m very glad I took.) It’s worth noting that Anna’s Quest is the first volume in a longer series, so story points will be left open and not resolved. There’s enough of a self-contained story to keep this installment satisfying enough, but I warn you now that you’ll certainly want more by the time the credits roll. (Ain’t that the rule, though? Always leave ’em wanting more.) There’s plenty of clues to character origins and I’m sure a little foreshadowing in there too. Honestly can’t wait to see what’s coming up next.

    For such a small team, they’ve done an incredible job keeping the production values high. The score is stirring and mysterious too. (With a little bit of music box thrown in to set the mood.)

    Anna’s Quest is not without a note worthy flaw, though, specifically the 4:3 resolution. To me it seemed a little out-of-date, especially on a large wide screen monitor. It looks incredibly good, even stretched though and you have the option to play full screen with black borders. You can’t really fault the game too much, just worth noting. In some ways I think it’s an ideal candidate for iOS and Android platforms. Also the lack of any auto-save makes the ol’ adventure game chest nut to save early and save often note worthy. (I’m only mentioning this because of a one off technical problem I had that skipped all the dialogue, but otherwise it ran perfectly.)

    You might be wondering why I wrote such a long, detailed write-up. Truth be told it was to show my appreciation for such a cool little indie project, a kind that I hope to see more of side-by-side with the current big titles on the horizon. The game is truly a labor of love, that much is obvious. I can’t recommend it enough if you’re even remotely interested!

    Shane wrote a reader review on Kotaku too.

  • Morning TAYbies!

    first off…PAX! Sorry still excited.

    Secondly, i love Mech games.!!! Also, got mark of the ninja finally. Seriously, this game could breed some serious OCD. Im playing through once normal. But i have a temptation to go back and try and do the levels with 0 detections and where possible 0 kills. LOVE IT.

  • Morning all.
    I’ll try do a Meat Write-up a bit later on today (but then I was the first to leave so it might be a bit incomplete). Could someone do a list of who attended… There were a few names I didn’t catch.

    Also, Question for all you people who spend lots of time online.
    Does anyone use LastPass? Lifehacker bangs on a bout it being the best password database program, but I’ve been using it for a while and I find it a bit annoying and nowhere near as useful as it’s made out to be.

    Does anyone have any other suggestions or comments?

  • Hey, I’ve got a spoilerific Borderlands 2 question to ask in rot13. Don’t read unless you’ve completed the game:

    Fbzrguvat gung unf orra obgurevat zr fyvtugyl vf gur jubyr eriviny flfgrz. V haqrefgnaq ubj vg jbexf nf n tnzrcynl zrpunavp, ohg gurl’ir tbar gb gur rssbeg gb vagretengr vg jvgu gur yber bs gur jbeyq. Vs gung’f gur pnfr, jul vfa’g vg ninvynoyr sbe rirelbar ryfr ba Cnaqben? Vs n znwbe punenpgre jub unccrarq gb or va gur svefg tnzr qvrf jul qbrf ur fgnl qrnq jura gurl qvqa’g va gur cerivbhf tnzr?

    Nz V bire guvaxvat guvf be vf gurer fbzrguvat V zvffrq?

    • Yup, you spotted a plot hole. Try not to worry about it, even though this game has a plot I still was more worried about shooting and looting.

    • Jryy V’q nffhzr gung fvapr gurl’er ulcrevba grpu, Wnpx pbhyq oybpx gur fvtany sbe fcrpvsvp crbcyr. Gur ernfba gur arj punenpgref pbhyq fgvyy hfr vg jnf orpnhfr Natry jnf znfxvat gurve ovb fvtangherf be fbzrguvat … obbz, ceboyrz fbyirq

  • I love JSRF. Just wondering, who else loved this game? And if you did, which characters did you use?
    I always used either Beat or Boogie. No idea why, they were just my favourites.

    • I had the demo of this game on my PS1 but I just played the first level. To be honest I just spent half the time farting on guards. Maybe I’ll grab the HD version when it releases.

      • Oh man, farting in that game was hilarious back in the day (who am I kidding, it still is…) My cousins and I would play that game every time I visited them. The person playing would just walk around the level farting while the rest of us were rolling around the floor laughing our heads off.

  • Z0mg silly weekends. I like weekends. But then I don’t like working after them. I’d like to be able to bank my weekends. Work until I’ve got 6 months worth of weekends, then take an extra month off out of my leave. Shit yes.

    • My aunt does something interesting.
      Every year, she saves at last 20% of her income. Come the fifth year, she takes the entire year off, with an effective full year of pay saved up to do whatever she wants. Travelling, gardening, renovations, whatever.
      She works for the government and reasonably high up, from what I gather, and I think she’s been around long enough to be able to do that.
      A full year off. Wouldn’t that be grand.

  • Well, you know that patch that was supposedly downloading:

    ‘An error occurred during the download operation. (80710723).’


    When I get a PS4 and transfer all my PS3 games and data(hopefully the PS4 can do that) I will throw this console out of an open window get a bat, wear some gloves and safety goggles, then smash the shit out of this thing. Smash and smash and smash. (I’ve always wanted to recklessly destroy a piece of technology)

    The best thing is, my anger will be brewing for about a year and a half(or whenever the PS4 comes out) and it will be a sweet release when I destroy this black monster with its green lights and dust filled shiny top.
    (I still love you PS3 *sniff*)
    Either that or maybe I will;

    1 just switch it off and try again later today.
    2. Sell it at a pawn shop
    3. Give it to someone who has no console.

    I don’t know what’s inside my PS3, my laptop works fine and is downloading everything really well.

    Oh well, that’s life I guess. Now what to do for the rest of the day.

    • I don’t think I’ve ever had an issue downloading anything on my PS3. What PS3 are you using? One of the old ones or a slim?

      • One of the older PS3 models. Not the backwards compatible one but the model after, the 80GB fat.

        Are the slims better with downloading? Because if i can save who knows maybe I can grab the AC3/FIFA 13 bundle of the new slims that will be released later this month.

        • I don’t know if the slims are better, but as I said, I’ve never had an issue downloading anything. Maybe it’s your internet rather than the ps3?

          • My internet works fine on my laptop so I don’t think that’s the issue. Hopefully it works later on.

    • I liked when my PS3 downloaded 90% of Infamous and then was all ‘nah’ and deleted it all because I didn’t set it to download in the background.

    • I wouldn’t make plans like that yet, because I’m very very sceptical as to whether the next Playstation will have backwards compatibility with PS3. Fairly sure Sony is going to go with off the shelf commodity hardware and not that crazy complicated Cell bullshit again, and PS3 games are going to be a massive struggle to run on a general-purpose CPU because of all the weirdness that thing has.

      • True. Maybe I’ll just get a new PS3 instead. I’ll see. There are still a few weeks before holiday sales begin so if I can find an awesome price on a new console I just might be tempted.

        On the other hand there are some system specific save files ๐Ÿ™

  • So weekend was quite good, sad that I missed Splicer’s meat but with teh grand final on I was over at the in laws. Started out supporting hawks but they were so over the top with their support I had to switch to the bloods. Although I made sure it was low key so that I didn’t get kicked out of the house,
    Was a great match to watch followed by various BBQ meat goodness so overall quite enjoyable.

    But the most important thing was I was able to outsource my picture for Strange to my niece
    She is ridiculously talented and so very happy with it

    Sunday was a sleep in day followed by lots of clicky click in torchlight 2

      • It is ๐Ÿ˜€

        I love the way that she has the colours we wear down, even though we were not wearing those colours on the day. Also the fact she can get our height difference in there (While making he auntie a little taller to make her feel good).
        I think my wife is planning on getting it framed to keep at the office on her desk

  • Good morning to everyone on this fantastic Monday the 1st of October. I’ve been waitIng very patiently for this month it’s gonna be awesome.

    Especially the 31st cause imma wake up run in a straight line through everything from my place to EB games. Get AC3 play it for 8 or so hours then if all goes well dress up as Eddie from Rocky Horror and go see it on the big screen. (if I can be bothered to get a costume together)

  • Melbourne Meat Write Up (or at least part of it).
    I had an insanely busy day on Saturday but I finally got round to picking up Greenius around 3:30. Turns out he lives about 15 min away from me and it wasnโ€™t far out of my way. We had a lovely drive down the Monash Freeway complete with torrential rain and brief hail. I actually had to pull over because I couldnโ€™t see anything, though that only lasted a few minutes. Yay for Melbourne weather.
    We arrived at Splicerโ€™s just past 4 and were welcomed by the host himself, Techknight, Beavwa and his other half Princess Pip and Jordi. We were also greeted by alcoholic brownies which were awesome! The group was watching some youtube game videos and then we watched COPS: Skyrim.
    At some point Negative Zero arrived, this may have been before or with #35 and his two mates. Iโ€™m not sure because at this stage I was busy getting my ass kicked in Mortal Kombat. Once more people arrived we moved on to some 4 player games โ€“ in this case, Twisted Metal. Jordi is truly terrifying. I think she actually won the round that she played amidst lots of screaming and profanity.
    During the carnage of Twisted Metal Splicer let his dogs in, a cubby Pug named Bella (looks totally like Kristen Stewart, I swear) and an awesome cowardly Husky called Kaiser. Kaiser continued to prove how terrifying Jordi is as the poor guy hid under the coffee table every time she yelled at him.
    At this stage the meat numbered about 11 meat sacks, and therefore we had to move to activities designed for the masses. Lots of people brought many board games, but it appeared that the majority wanted to give my Cards Against Humanity a go. We moved to the kitchen table and hilarity ensued. Itโ€™s hard to describe the fun we had, you just had to be there. I find the game varies a lot depending on the group of people you play it with. It turned out that this group of people was perfect and we laughed until it hurt.
    At one point it looked like we had had enough and I started to back up the cards, until someone asked me what I was doing and why I wasnโ€™t shuffling for the next game. Sometime during game 2 Pizza arrived and Splicer was spot on in his pizza โ€“ people ratio (which is never easy). A quick look at my phone revealed that it was now about 10:30, time sure does fly. I had another party to make an appearance at, so when the second game of CAH wrapped up I said my farewells. Someone I will have to fill in what happened after I left.
    It was an awesome day, and I could have stayed there all night. Had a great time and it looked like everyone enjoyed themselves. Thanks again to Splicer and his very understanding wife for inviting us round!
    Quote of the night (at least while I was still there) goes to Jordi โ€œI like fingeringโ€, no context required.
    Left to Right (back):
    Greenius, Tech Knight, Splicer, Inquisitorsz, #35’s frond #1, #35, NegativeZero, #35’s frond #2.
    Left to right(front):
    Beavwa and his lovely GF Pip, Jordi

    • Haha! Sounds like good times a-plenty! Huskies are awesome, my neighbour has one. It stands on the roof of their car port and stares through my window at me.

      What did 35’s friends make of you all? ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Great write-up Inquisitorsz ๐Ÿ™‚
        I think the friends already knew about us. They were pre-warned I think.
        It was a great day/night and Cards against Humanity…oh dear god…so wrong but so funny.
        After Inquisitorsz left we all moved to the lounge room and chatted for a bit, then it was decided another game was in order, so this time, Scene It: The movie trivia board game was the go.
        We broke into teams of 2 and it looked like Tech Knight and I would trounce averybody with our spectacular array of movie knowledge. When were on the home stretch and got pinged at the post by Team Greenius.
        Next time Gadget, next time. After that, we chatted some more, turns out i’d seen Pip before when she worked at Draculas. Then we looked at the time and I think it was after 1am and we all decided to call it a night.
        My dogs were shattered, I don’t think they’ve ever had so many pats in a single day. Plus I showed everyone at the meat Kaiser’s lovely singing(howling) voice, which everyone though was hysterical.
        Then I found leftover pizza ๐Ÿ™‚

        • That Scene it trouncing was mainly you though xD. If we didn’t get turn-skipped so many times we would’ve won miles in front, plus what the heck was with that easy set of 3 final cuts for team greenius!? ๐Ÿ˜›

    • I’m still yet to play Cards Against Humanity. I have no idea what it is, but TAY Marketing makes me want to play it. It’s good to put a face to the usernames as well! (Have we ever taken a group picture with the Sydney TAYbes? I don’t even know…)

      ps. It’s disappointing to find out that Greenius is not the Melbourne-Bish. Show us your cooking skills! They do both wear coloured hoodies though, so there’s that. And the asian-ness.

      • There are too many Sydney TAYbies for a group photo! I have a few photos from Pez’s housewarming that are cluttered with people, and it’s still not everyone who was there.

        CAH is so awesome. Cakesmith has a set. He keeps bringing it with him when we go to Pez’s but we never actually get around to playing it…

        • I think most of the TAYbies I’ve seen before have been from wacky antics captured on film. Sughly riding Trjn. Flu and Rockets singing in the street. AlexPants at the children’s playground. Bohemian Rhapsody. (On multiple occassions. :P)

        • We’ll get everyone to line up holding hands and take a panoramic shot. Then we can take another picture of the first and last person holding hands and photoshop it together into a never-ending picture loop of Sydney TAY goodness.

          • Panoramic Meat!

            This is only acceptable if everybody is chanting something ominous so we can scare passersby.

      • Cards against humanity is amazingly fun, though I think Beavwa should be banned from playing it now…
        His very sick mind shows thru too much.

    • I was actually there fairly early, but had forgotten my stack of board games so Beavwa and I went back to my place to grab them, which was a bit longer a drive than I had though (complicated by the fact that I made a wrong turn and didn’t realise).

      Then it turned out we didn’t even need the games and it’s all Cards Against Humanity’s fault ๐Ÿ™

    • Glad you liked the brownies.
      Happy to make them for all appropriate melb MEATs.
      Also, awesome night on sat guys, thanx fronds. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • @D.C.

    Ho shit! I never thought of that before! It’s hard to say since it just kind of happened in BL1 and the original really did not have a story, so it was never explained.

    Best not to think about plot holes and just pew pew pew

      • V’z nffhzvat qvtvfgehpgvba bs n crefba vf frcnengr gb qvtvfgehpgvba bs bowrpgf, juvpu jbhyq vzcyl gung gur erfheerpgvba bs gur cynlre punenpgre vf cheryl n tnzrcynl zrpunavp gung gnxrf nqinagntr bs naq gjvfgf gur ehyrf bs rkvfgvat va-yber grpuabybtl. Urapr, ACPf fgnl qrnq, naq gur cynlre punenpgre fubhyq gbb, vs vg jrera’g arprffnel gb erivir sbe tnzrcynl checbfrf.

        Jryy, gung’f whfg zl gnxr ba vg, naljnl.

  • Morning, TAY.
    Footy’s over.
    Now I have to wait nearly two months for the cricket…
    …you know, cricket?
    That thing were a guy chucks a ball at another guy who has to hit the ball with a plank of wood, and there are a bunch of other guys trying to catch the ball or grab it and throw it at three smaller bits of wood before the guy with the plank gets across the line…
    Aww… ๐Ÿ™

  • It’s been one month- one month exactly since I came to the land of.. well, honestly I don’t know Australia well enough to make a statement about that, you guys can fill that in.

    No job
    No plan for the future
    Pretty broke
    Feel like I’m mooching off relatives (I’m staying with them, and to be honest not really feel like so, but it’s there on the outskirts of my mind)

    Got Borderlands 2
    I found out Starburst, which normally is just the little square cubes of psuedo-gum in NA, make gummy worms and all that jazz. That’s pretty damn cool.

    Therefore the month has been a success. Carry on, TAY.

    • I hope that con list whittles down a little bit more! You’re a welcome addition to TAY, man. Hope you have plenty of adventures while you’re here!

          • Mango sorbet is fantastic. I had it for the first time December last year and it was mmmmmmmmmm awesome.

          • ๐Ÿ˜€ Mango Wies bars satisfy the craving until the real thing comes along! Have you had a Wies bar yet, Saturday? If not, put down whatever it is you’re doing and freakin’ run to the store! Post haste! ๐Ÿ˜›

          • I’ve actually never had Weis bars or any Weis product for that matter. I guess they are always in the none home brand sections of the supermarket and as a student I barely visit those zones ๐Ÿ™‚

            That or maybe it’s because Aldi doesn’t stock them. I’ll check them out and hopefully they are on sale next time I go shopping.

          • Pavlova is awesome but is a New Zealand invention, not Australian. Not that that matters but it should be said.

          • Haha! NZ, Aus. Practically the same thing. Just like Canada is the U.S. *waits for the inevitable beating Saturday is sure to give me.*

          • I’m pretty sure Bish has a better idea of what Canada’s like more than me.

            “We have trees and rocks and trees and rocks and water,” etc.

          • as i mentioned, my family made the pavlova, it is definitely not new Zealand we have a bunch of proof (seriously, we have to defend it like mad, so many angry new zealanders)

          • those are a different recipe, the one in the new Zealand newspaper was for a “meringue cake” which didn’t have the soft centre that sachse made when he made it.


          • I had lammingtons on international food day a while ago. But they had no jam.
            How can you have lamingtons without jam, it just doesn’t work. It’s like a schnitzel without a Tuesday

          • But schnitzels without Tuesdays work just fine! It’s only when the Tuesday occurs without the schnitzel that the world begins to tear and the seams.

            But yeah. Lamington without jam is… wrong.

          • What! Lamingtons with jam are a travesty! Though they’re not as bad as those ones with that horrible fake cream in them…

            Plain lamingtons are the only way to go!

          • It’s ok D.C, you don’t have to agree with a clearly wrong opinion just to make up for your previous comments.
            Although any cream is wrong, fake cream is a travesty. On that we can all agree


      I know what you mean about the mooching.
      Staying with my relatives in this homeland of yours, and I feel like I should be paying rent or something. But they’re too nice and pleasant and all “pshaw, naahhhhhhh” and I’m all /o\

      You should meat the Sydney TAYbies, and have a grand ole night out. There won’t be any surly jerk to bring the mood down.

      • REVERSE ME? I am insulted. If anything, you’re the NEGA-ME. Or Bizarro Saturday. Or Dark Link. Whatever.

        BTW, I’ve been curious, but whereabouts in canadia are you at, bish? cause I’m from vancouver (west coast) and I can’t really imagine living there willingly.

        • Toronto.
          My experience of Vancouver was being stuck there for 8 hours while Air Canada bumped me from flight to flight because Immigration held me up so that I missed my domestic flight.
          So yeah, not the best experience.

          • Air Canada sucks, so yeah.

            Toronto. Good, good. Quebec would’a been your best shot, but east coast is wwaaay better than west, in terms of actual crap to do. And god help you if you’re in the prairies. I dunno about the far east, aka PEI and Newfoundland and all that. Their accents are actual accents! Crazy.

          • Quebec would make me feel inadequate that I can’t speak French.

            When I was in Paris, parlez vous anglais was the only phrase I knew. ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Fronds, I never played Zone of the Enders when it was fresh but I see that it’s getting an HD re-release soon. Should I get this at some point? I like ridable robots.

    • I have the first game on PS2 but I never played it and now it’s part of a HD collection. I had the sly trilogy on PS2, never finished it. The Jak and Daxter trilogy, never finished them. Now both those series have HD collections. /o\ At this rate I think most of my unplayed PS3 games will have PS4 re-releases before I play them.

      I should really change this habit.

    • I honestly dont know why people love the PS2 games so much.
      They were alright, I guess, but I never got into them.
      Fist of Mars on the GBA though. That was great.

  • Apparently in the 10 years since I was the undisputed champion of the university Tekken Tag Tournament machine I have become completely pants at Tekken. Record in online play: about 20% wins. I’m a scrub again!

    It’s kinda weird though, I’ll play against characters from the good old days and I’ll be able to block stuff on reaction and feel like I’m 21 again, and then someone will bust out a Leo or a Zafina or an Alisa or something, and I’ll be like “herp derp, just use the same two strings on me 10 times in a row while I stand there like an idiot with no idea what I can duck and what’s punishable”.

    And here I was thinking that fighting games basically never changed.

      • My muscle memory never works properly in these games. I undoubtedly played hundreds of hours of Tekken Tag at university and could still screw up a basic crouch-dash motion. The good news is that I’m still just as quasi-competent at that as I always was!

        Actually, what muscle memory I do have is working against me a bit. The game has sped up since TTT (I know it’s not just my imagination because I came across an old TTT machine back in July and had a few games then) and I have a tendency not to press the keys for combos fast enough. Or I press for combos which used to exist and don’t exist anymore. I have a lot of learning ahead of me… and with X-Com and Dishonored coming out, I suspect I’m not going to end up putting in the time. Still lots of fun, though.

      • I found with Arkham City it wasn’t so much of a problem of learning combos as much as learning timing and movement. Especially the stuff where you have to play as Catwoman, you need to be constantly moving, quick attacks and then get out of the way. With Batman it’s all about getting the counter timing right.

        • Oh, man. I feel like playing Arkham again. ๐Ÿ˜€ I find the problem with combos is learning them, then moving onto the next game with combos that are completely different. A brave new world of button mashing.

  • Arrrrrggghhhh!

    I got this new phone which means I don’t have my old blizzard authenticator. Which means wont let me log in. And is making life extremely difficult to attempt removing the authenticator.

    • You didn’t write the code down? This is why I have my authenticator working on multiple devices and a record of the serial number stored for safekeeping. Never know when your phone might die.

      • Didn’t know I had to until now. Only made a battlenet account a few weeks ago.

        Just gave up and made a new account.

  • So friends, since I’m sure you’re all desperate to know what’s happening in my life, I will be in Sydney next weekend. I’m going up on Saturday, seeing a musical(Legally Blonde. Not even I can add “manly” to the end of that one.), and staying overnight in Sydney. This means that if anything is happening on Sunday, I can totally come along, and mooch off all you lovely people!

    Or I can drive back to Canberra with my family. Which will be about as fascinating as it sounds.

  • @Powalen

    “This is rapture farms, they say its the biggest meat processing plant on Oddworld. Thats me! My name is Abe. I used to work, well actually I was a slave like all the others.”

    Like Masha I only ever had the demo but I’ve always wanted to play it proper. I never finished Strangers Wrath but I did enjoy it.

  • Sigh..
    Uni has returnethed…
    But on a sloghtly happier note – only 7 weeks and 10 assignments to go and it is done! Forever! (or at least for a couple of years)

      • Oh, I should say. You’ll miss the social element of Uni. Not the assignments. Not the lectures. Not the tutes. ๐Ÿ˜›

        • If I could change one thing about my time at Uni it would be picking a more mainstream degree so that I could’ve been in the same pool of students throughout the years (My degree was dropped after my first year and I had the choice of continuing or changing to a similar IT degree. Having to jump between lots of different classes/schools doesn’t really let you make lasting friendships :P)

  • Argh! This is incredibly frustrating and Iโ€™d very much appreciate some computer help.

    My internet connection on my desktop has been absolutely shocking lately and itโ€™s been pretty terrible for the past year or so. Right now itโ€™s disconnecting every minute and it keeps saying something about not being able to connect and when doing the default normal troubleshooting problem fix/detection thing it either says a problem canโ€™t be detected or it โ€˜fixesโ€™ it and says the problem is fixed, only to have it disconnect a minute later.

    Iโ€™m not sure whatโ€™s causing these problems but basically it either has trouble connecting wirelessly to my modem/network or it keeps disconnecting. Everything used to be fine until about a year or so ago. I have a few โ€˜theoriesโ€™ as to why this is happening. I also have trouble connecting wirelessly with my Xbox or PS3 but turning the modem off and on again usually lets me connect (this also sometimes fixes my PC problems).

    One reason might be that more devices are using my wireless internet so itโ€™s interfering with my connection. Up until a year or so ago it was pretty much just my desktop and consoles using it with maybe 1-3 of them connected at any given time. Now there is something like 2 tablets, 2 desktops (one on wired connection), 3 iPhones, 2 laptops and my game consoles that use it. All these devices arenโ€™t using it at the same time but most of the time when my parents are home, it could be something like 3-5. In my mind this kind of makes sense but right now itโ€™s just my desktop and my iPhone and there are still problems.

    Another reason might be the wireless card my desktop has. This could be having problems which may be the cause of some of the stuff Iโ€™m experiencing and it could also have a low connection range. I wouldnโ€™t say my PC is that far from the modem but thereโ€™s a bunch of walls/floors between them (PC is in my room, modem is downstairs). Generally my desktop never displays full bars of connection range but itโ€™s usually always in the โ€˜goodโ€™ section. My laptop and other devices can connect fine from the same range or even further out. It can also display the wireless network BigPond____ but just canโ€™t connect. I assume if there was a problem with the card it wouldnโ€™t even display it?

    I do torrent a bit but Iโ€™ve never had a problem on anything Iโ€™ve downloaded stuff onto. I use Microsoft Security Essentials and from what it tells me, it doesnโ€™t look like I have any viruses that could be interfering with this connection.

    I donโ€™t know much about computers, networks and all of this type of stuff so any help/advice/insight would be appreciated. I really donโ€™t know what the problem is and finding a solution is going to be even harder. If you need more information Iโ€™ll type up more but this is a long shot and I donโ€™t think itโ€™s going to be easily fixed :/. I really donโ€™t understand why this is happening when everything else can connect fine. Yes, Iโ€™ve tried turning it all off and on again but it fixes nothingโ€ฆ Thanks in advance though!


    TL;DR โ€“ I either canโ€™t connect to the internet or I keep disconnecting. Can you please help? :โ€™(. Thanks.

    (will probably repost on the next page because I’m Needius)

    • Do you have the option to plug directly into the router rather than use the wireless?
      The first thing I would be trying to confirm is if it is a issue with your setup/hardware or a downstream issue with your connection.
      Take out as many bits and pieces between the connection and your PC as possible and see if you have an issue. If you are having the issues when not on the wireless it is either your router/modem or a problem with you supplier

    • Is it just your desktop that has issues or are other devices on the network running into problems as well?

      Most likely your router is probably being overwhelmed by too many connections, especially if you’re also torrenting anything (it opens lots of connections). It may be just wearing out. Bear in mind that signal strength on wireless is not necessarily going to mean a good connection. Put fifty wireless devices right beside your router and they’re all going to get a strong signal but poor bandwidth (because the bandwidth is shared over all your devices). Eg at home I have my desktop & laptop, my phone, my sister’s desktop, my NAS, my parent’s computer and my sister, mum and dad all have smartphones. Our printer is connected to wireless as well. And then I have three consoles and two portables which can be on the network sometimes, and if my Dad is home he has his own laptop and I also have an old half-dead NAS box I use to media sometimes, and another old HTPC which I turn on periodically for experiments… if I didn’t have a decent dual-band dual-SSID router I’d quickly run into resource contention problems at times. Also adding to the issue is that every house around us has their own wireless network.

      What sort of router do you have? Are you on 802.11g or 802.11n? How old is the wireless card in your desktop (is it a discrete card or integrated into the motherboard or – heaven forbid – a USB stick?) You might simply need a larger antenna or a range extender for your network but honestly I think the problem is probably at the router level.

      Try upgrading your router’s firmware too, sometimes that’ll fix problems. You could also try changing the channel you’re broadcasting on to make sure it’s clear of other networks that might be interfering.

    • Start isolating components to find which one is causing the problem.
      Test your wireless with other devices turned off. Then test with one additional device etc.
      You can also test with a LAN cable. You can buy a really long one for like $20.
      Best bet is to make everything wired (where possible). Wireless is still generally pretty shit.
      Finally if you have an old router/modem it might be time for an upgrade. If they are running 802.11a/b then you have an very old router. If your running 802.11g/n then you should be fine, but yes the more devices, the slower things will be.
      I would never use Wifi on a desktop, console or gaming rig. It’s horrible for long downloads, streaming and gaming. Imo wifi is for phones, tablets, and laptops.

      • Greenius and I played co-op Borderlands 2 on our crappy wifi connections last week. I was surprised with how smooth it was. ๐Ÿ˜›

        • Well I did join you, meaning you were the host (so it’s smooth for you ๐Ÿ™‚ ). It was slightly laggy for me but most games are :P. At least I didn’t disconnect! It was really horrible last night and I kept getting messages saying my session was lost/restored etc. ugh…

          I’ve played with Pez before and he said he had a bit of lag too in previous times but last night when we tried playing, he said it was really, really bad and he was stuttering everywhere.

      • I once had an electrician in to give me a quote on running ethernet through the roofspace from where our router is to my bedroom (currently run a huge cable across the floor around the bookcases and stuff). His response? Just use wireless. My palm and face made contact with each other.

        Then again a different electrician trying to ‘fix’ an internal wiring problem came in, disconnected all our telephone jacks except where it enters the house and declared the problem now ‘fixed’. Ignoring the very obvious fact I had no less than eight wired devices, several of which were just beside the router. “You’ll just have to move your router.”

        From one end of the house on the first story to the other end of the house on the ground floor.

        He then proceeds to leave and couldn’t ‘find time’ to come back and fix the mess for two weeks.

        TL;DR: Electricians are lazy.

        P.S. None of that second story would happen if I could find our Telstra pit. I think it’s been buried ๐Ÿ™

    • Iโ€™ll try to answer some of what you asked but my dad set up a lot of this so Iโ€™m not exactly sure on all of it.

      I guess I could connect it directly to the router but Iโ€™ve never done so with my desktop. Itโ€™s always been on wireless and it used to be fine (I did lag online when playing games but I could always connect). I do have a long cable somewhere (I think itโ€™s currently being used by the other desktop) so I can see if I can try it out later tonight.

      At the moment it seems like itโ€™s just my desktop having these problems. Ever since we changed over to Telstra around late 2010 my consoles have had some problems connecting too but usually turning the modem off and on again fixes this. Iโ€™m not torrenting at the moment and I generally do it at night or another time when Iโ€™m not using the computer to browse. All of the devices (and probably more) that I mentioned above are connected to the network but at any given time not many of them are actually on it (or even turned on). Right now itโ€™s just my desktop and iPhone and itโ€™s been horrid, straight up not being able to connect and when it finally did, it only remains connected for around a minute before the whole process repeats.

      As for the router/connection I just checked and itโ€™s a Thompson TG782t which I guess is fairly new since we got it as part of Telstra/BigPond at the end of 2010. Not sure if Iโ€™m on 802.11g/n/a/b but is there a way I can check? As for the wireless card, Iโ€™m not sure but itโ€™s an Atheros AR5005GS Network Adapter. Thereโ€™s a few other things but I donโ€™t think theyโ€™re relevant (Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter and Realtek RTL8168D/8111D Family PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet NIC (NDIS 6.20) โ€“ 1 and 2 (thereโ€™s two of them but I assume thatโ€™s just saying a port for an Ethernet cable?). My dad built this PC probably late 2009 so I assume itโ€™ll be fairly recent. I guess thatโ€™s a discrete card then?

      Not sure how often the routerโ€™s firmware has been updated, or even how to do it. And not sure about the channel thing at the end but I did try some random ipconfig/release ipconfig/renew just then which didnโ€™t seem to do anything.

      Iโ€™ve pretty much just used wireless for convenience as my desktop is in my room (upstairs) while the modem is in the study sort of area (downstairs). Thereโ€™s a desktop there which my parents use but itโ€™s connected through a cable. However, I did start noticing more problems when both desktops were on. I would sometimes disconnect but the downstairs desktop would be perfectly fine (interference maybe?).

      Now I used to turn my computer and router off at least once a day when I had school. I do turn it off whenever Iโ€™m out but since Iโ€™m out less often I generally just leave both on and just let it download something during the night. Could leaving both on for extended periods be the cause? I just came back from Uni so both were turned off (my PC was in sleep mode during the night but I โ€˜wokeโ€™ it up and properly shut it down in the morning) and so I turned both on when I came home and the problems were still there.

      Iโ€™m not sure what internet connection I have but if itโ€™s any indication itโ€™s whatever pack had 200GB a month (now we have 500GB) and when downloading I can reach 1.2MB/s or so. Again, I canโ€™t remember the name or anything since my dad set it up but itโ€™s whatever connection relies on the amount of people in the area using it. Something like the less people using it, the faster itโ€™ll be. Iโ€™ve seen at least 2 other BigPond____ routers in the wireless network search thing so I assume neighbours have similar plans. Itโ€™s not cable or anything fast since I apparently canโ€™t get that in my area.

      Another thing might be the weather since Iโ€™m using wireless. No idea if it really affects it but itโ€™s probably safe to assume when itโ€™s really hot or humid, cloudy, stormy โ€“ nothing is going to go smoothly. Itโ€™s a nice day today though with some clouds so really not sure if the weather is a huge factor in it.

      I guess my best bet is to try and go for a wired connection or at least test it out. Since posting it, itโ€™s been a bit better and only disconnected every few minutes but itโ€™s being quite slow.

      Thanks for the responses guys, really appreciate it :D!

      • Just saw it’s a 802.11g connection Security type WPA2-PSK (probably not relevant)

        My laptop can connect perfectly fine from my room (so where the desktop is) and the living room (where my consoles are) so I think it’s really just a desktop problem.

      • Sounds like on-board wireless to me, Atheros make WiFi chips for Motherboards. But it might be its own card. Look on the back of the machine to see if the WiFi antennas are sticking out from where the motherboard backplate is (where all the USB ports etc are) or from an expansion slot (where the graphics card etc should be), assuming not integrated graphics as well.

        Does your problem go away if you reboot the machine? That might suggest a driver going bonkers and not coming up from Sleep properly.

        Most routers nowadays have automated firmware check & update stuff. You just need to access the router’s config. In a command prompt on a machine with a connection, run ipconfig and look at the address for the ‘default gateway’ and usually if you put that address into a browser it’ll bring up the router’s config page.

        You shouldn’t need to shut down the router every day. My old unreliable Billion used to last about 3-4 weeks before developing problems and my current one gets restarted maybe every 4-5 months. Always on.

        Here’s something to try:

        (I suggest posting a message about this on Whingepool at some point if you can’t track down the issue as well, these sorts of problems are common)

    • Went to the router config thing using the IP address but couldnโ€™t find an โ€˜updateโ€™ option so I assume it just does it by itself. Everything seemed to be fine I guess. Also find a cable and connected it to the router. Forgive the stupidity but itโ€™s pretty much get a blue (theyโ€™re generally blue) cable and connect it from the router to the PC? I found some ports in the PC but they had metal over them which I had to bend out of the wayโ€ฆ weirdโ€ฆ

      I guess itโ€™s working since Iโ€™m connected to the internet and itโ€™s fine at the moment. Just started up some torrents to test it out and everything seems to be going fine, just a bit slowly (might be the torrents but browsing was also slow).

      • Logs can be your friend. Look around for any logs in the router interface for internet, network, clients, etc.
        Try to crank them up to maximum if the options are there. When you have logs give them a quick scan through for funny looking errors of any sort.

        • There’s some event logs on the router gateway page (typing the IP address into a browser) but it’s all jibberish to me to be honest :P. Doesn’t seem like anything was wrong though

      • With regards to cables, if you plug it in and it doesn’t work, then it’s the wrong cable. Traditionally they used to be blue but these days they can be any colour.
        Sounds like you got a few different network adapters, they might be doing silly things and fighting with each other. You could try disabling all but the one you are using (be it wired or wirless) and see if that helps.
        I guess there are other things you could look at too such as and firewall programs, antivirus things, peerblocker (which you should be using if your torrenting). Until you start narrowing down what is and isn’t a problem you can keep stabbing in the dark for years.

        If plugging in a cable didn’t make a difference then it probably isn’t the wifi. If other computers and devices don’t have the problem, then it’s probably nor the router/modem. I would try to isolate the device, and then I would start looking at the programs you have running.

        • Oh, the cable worked fine. It recognised and established a wired connection which worked perfectly.

          I had Hamachi installed which I heard interfered and caused these sort of problems but I’ve had it disabled for months (even before getting it, I still had the problems). I just disabled everything else (including the ethernet ones) so hopefully there’s no more problems in the future.

          Hmm I should probably get peerblocker or some other type of program for security when torrenting. Right now I’m not using anything and I don’t exactly feel ‘protected’.

    • And… more info that may or may not be relevant:

      Oops forgot to mention there’s an antenna sticking out the back of the case just under all the ports (I assume it’s coming off the network card?)

      I don’t actually turn off the computer by the switch at the back. I just click shut down and let it shut down I guess when it’s technically still ‘on’. The power at the wall socket also remains on. As for the router I turn it off at the main back switch (it’s the only way to turn it off) but leave the power on at the wall socket as well.

    • Disconnected from the wired connection and restarted some random torrents to see how the connection was going. To my surprise it was going fine and didn’t connect (it still hasn’t for the past 20 mins or so). Not sure why it just randomly went away but it’ll certainly come back as I have connection issues nearly all the time.

      I told my dad about the problem over the weekend but he didn’t seem to know how to fix it but he just told me he bought a wireless USB adapter. Not sure what that is but I doubt it’ll help.

      Anyways, thanks for all the help :). At least complaining and typing up stuff gave me something to do for the past 2 hours I had this bloody problem. Otherwise I would’ve just sat here doing nothing.

  • hot as he’ll and I have to wait for a bus, and catch another bus which means I have to walk a fair bit to get home… stupid public holiday bus schedules

  • We’re getting berated with spam from a .RU domain, ‘omahabeachs’.

    Instead of worrying about it, I’ve decided to hum Martha and the Muffins’ “Echo Beach” to myself for the rest of the day.

  • What makes a man?
    Is it the power in his hand?
    Is it his quest for the glory?
    Give it all you got, to fight to the top, so we can know your story?

    • A friend sent me that song for my 21st
      My two year old daughter knows the song, because she heard me idly humming it one day and demanded to know what it was (thankfully she only knows the chorus).

  • They had a giant slip ‘n slide set up at church today. Was mad fun. Out of me and my brother and sister, I somehow ended up as the least injured, only getting slight burn marks on my knees. :/ I quickly rectified this when we got home, however, by cutting my big toe on a splinter from a wooden pallet. Now it’s all band-aided up (with band-aids from my secret stash) and I’m limping around the house (again), my reputation still intact ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Nice post 7.4/10
      An implausible start, with a twist that made it a believable story of the protagonist facing his challenges and overcoming them.

    • Church?
      But it’s Monday?!

      Slip and Slide?
      But the weather is bollocks?!

      What do you mean everyone else doesn’t have our rubbish weather?

      Space Marine?
      What do you mean it was the greatest game ever made if you discount at least 20 others?

      • It was at the church, not that they where having a church service there today ๐Ÿ˜›
        The weather wasn’t too bad. Was a little cold and rainy, but then it fined up for a bit.
        Space Marine? I should probably play it sometime…It’s sitting in my steam account, installed, waiting for me to play it…but Borderlands 2! ๐Ÿ˜›

        • Yes.. but angry and wrathful Chuloopa.

          If it’s sitting there installed, you should at least give it a 30 minute or so crack before you sink yourelf into borderlands for the night ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Holy carp but I can’t stop laughing at Shooty McFace. I finished the quest and literally said Wut? aloud.

  • Sorry I dropped the pizza you ordered on the floor and scared your dog Splicer
    Sorry I spilt wine all over your table and ruined Inq’s cards

    • You couldn’t be more wrong.

      I’d like to make this as an example of something I’ve been thinking. I don’t think you should be able to delete stuff from your posts. Only add in stuff. Too easily abused.

      Not that I’m saying you abused it DC (borderline) but still.

      • Yes! This is what I was talking about late last week. Edit for spelling or grammar if it really bothers you, or if you forgot to say something, but no deleting. And stop assuming you know what we’re thinking. People talk about food here all the time and I’ve rarely, if ever seen complaints.

        If people get in the habit of deleting, I’d hate to see what the place would look like after a drunken weekend. ๐Ÿ˜›

        • I’m still curious about what you were saying about food that you thought was so bad you had to delete it. You’d better tell me what it was so my mind doesn’t just keep thinking up more and more disgusting things it might have been….


          • To be fair, the self-loathing told me to do it. And when he says jump, I ask from what bridge!

            Haha! Eh, it was an almost word-for-word post I put up last night:

            “Hashbrown/cheese melt, how I love you.”

            Then the poster’s remorse began. I can feel it rising again. ๐Ÿ˜›

          • Tell your self-loathing to get back in the basement where it belongs. ๐Ÿ˜›

            What did you edit out of this post?!!!!!!! Arghhh…the curiosity is killing me!

  • Food related post since SOMEONE didn’t want to include us.

    My dinner: Lemon and chilli chicken, dill potato salad and steamed veges. Was not bad at all. I shall complete said meal with a drink of some sort containing Baileys.

    • Sounds tasty. And even better, healthy.

      I had one of (well, half of) those big rib steaks with the bone on, cooked on the bbq. Couldn’t figure out what to have with it that didn’t involve work so I defrosted the leftover bean chilli from the chilli dog Meat and had nachos. Nachos and steak. Good dinner. ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Ooh. I love those steaks. Always have a few stashed in the freezer. The BBQ is just about the only way to cook them properly. The pan just ends up stewing it more than anything.

        • If I don’t throw them on the bbq I’ll panfry them on each side for a minute or two and then put them in the oven for 10 minutesish. Works really well.

      • You both had amazing sounding dinners!

        I haven’t been to get any supplies so I was running mighty low. Slim pickin’s! Ended up chopping some variety of beef up to use with one of those taco kits! ๐Ÿ˜› Plain tasting, but filling.

        Note to self: Go outside and get food.

    • I heated up some leftover chips from last night. They were not the best. Reheated chips are never very good a lot of the time. Actually, I don’t think I’ve had any reheated chips that taste good. I guess they are one of those foods that taste better when they’ve recently been cooked.

      I had some ice cream for dessert afterwards. I bought the home brand ice cream from woolies and it sucks compared to Aldi’s. I’ll stick with the Aldi ice cream from now on.

      Edited: Some spelling errors

    • I was out for dinner with some people at a Chinese Restaurant(I wish it was Italian, so that I could sing the appropriate song). I can’t remember what I ate.

  • So on the weekend I had family over dinner. I went out looking to buy Munchkin for everyone to play after dinner but could only find Munchkin Impossible. Spies are pretty cool so I grabbed it.

    But everyone was too tired to play it so I haven’t even opened it. Guess I’ll use it for the next boardgame meet, then.

  • This damned release schedule.
    Torchlight 2, Borderlands 2, X-Com, Dishonoured, Pokemon.
    Guys, release something during the nothing months of July or August. Everyone will buy your games because they will be competing against nothing. Ease the burden of choice during the holiday season.

    • Don’t forget Assassin’s Creed III. Too many games! And I’m too busy playing to Pokemon White to worry about them. ๐Ÿ˜›

          • /Greenius’ (wrong) opinion ๐Ÿ˜‰

            But really, if she ends up really liking the series, she can go back to HeartGold/SoulSilver and experience all the wonderfulness of the best game in the series! /Powalen’s (correct) opinion

          • Those are unrelated opinions though! Gen 5 has some pretty bad designs but that’s to be expected when you come up with like 600+ of the critters ๐Ÿ˜› (I honestly don’t remember how much there are, 693 or something?)

            I do, however, believe 2nd Gen is best gen so a superior of the 2nd Gen is by far the bestest! Who doesn’t love having their Pokefriend follow them around everywhere, nawww

            /Greenius’ (correct) opinion

    • Xenoblade came out in August last year …and nearly no one bought it :'(

      But yes, the end of the year is always crazy with releases. Which is kind of silly since the rest of the year is relatively empty and you might get a good major release every couple of months. I was going to pass on most of them but that probably won’t happen ๐Ÿ˜›

      • It’s not as bad as it seems, though. It sucks for October, but with a couple of exceptions there’s barely any thing in December or January. So plenty of time to play your new games. (Unless you’re on the Wii U bandwagon. Then it sucks to be you. :D)

        • I think there’s only Okami HD for me this month. Not sure of much coming out at the end of the year other than Wii U stuff and the release I’m probably looking forward too the most is Ni No Kuni in Jan <3.

          TAY Marketing you will not break me!

        • FAR CRY 3 IN DECEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          I’m really excited about that game. Almost everyday I have an internal debate whether to get it on day one or not.

  • Sydney fronds: I shall be visiting your glorious metropolis in mid October and have absolutely nothing planned on Wednesday 17th or for most of Thursday 18th (busy in the evening). I’m staying in Darling Harbor. If anyone wants to meet up for something (may or may not have my sister with me as well) then let me know.

  • Late to the party: a food post.

    Had red meat for the first time in AGES today (stupid living on a budget). We’ve had a BBQ at nearly-completely-assembled stage for over four years. Today the cover we bought for it back then rotted away, reminding me of the unfinished business I had with it. So I finished it, connected a gas bottle, spent a small fortune on meat, and put together a HUGE mixed grill dinner. Gods, it was epic. Best public holiday ever.

  • Completely uneducated, potentially misguided and ultimately pointless post filled with hierophantic delusions inbound.
    You’ve been warned ๐Ÿ˜›

    So I purchased a book some time ago, ’30 second religion’. Interesting little ‘bathroom book’, if you will. It gives a snapshot into many belief systems and religions throughout the modern world, all summarized and such. In saying that, I understand that ’30 seconds’ is in no way enough time to describe a religion in its entirety, nor is 30 seconds enough time to learn or comprehend the mechanics and syntax behind it.
    Even so, something in this book really struck me as intriguing. Perhaps beyond intriguing, I’m not sure yet. Perhaps that’s why I’m typing this out, just trying to collect my thoughts, with the possibility of sharing them, and getting feedback from a non-judgemental forum simultaneously.

    Anyway, let’s continue. I’ll try not to digress too much.
    There was an entry titled ‘Mahayana Buddhism’. This all seems/sounds a little weird, even for me at the moment. I’ve never been one for religion (outside of reading holy books and discussing/learning of various faiths for curiosity). I think I just want to learn more about this one in particular, maybe.
    But the reason for it. As bizarre as it sounds, the themes/ideas discussed in the book (I’ll write it verbatim below) have long permeated my dreams, my writing, and so on and so forth.

    Taken from “30-Second Religion” – Russel Re Manning
    In Mahayana Buddhism, the historical Buddha is regarded as a physical manifestation of the true body of The Buddha – a formless, cosmic, spiritual body, which is also the ultimate nature of reality itself. Thus, the entire universe exists within The Buddha.
    This formless body also emanates many other intermediary, non-physical divine forms: Buddhas and other enlightened beings that may be contacted through devotional practices.
    These divine forms are also the source of freshly revealed scriptures, sutras, which describe these devotional practices and, also, a new metaphysics. Again and again, reality is compared with a magical illusion or dream. All phenomena are ’empty’ – that is, they lack any discernible substantial essence and have no independent existence outside the mind. The spiritual path no longer ends in Nirvana – a state of peace that is the end of rebirth – but involves a continuous return to embodied existence, out of compassion for others, culminating in the achievement of complete Buddhahood.
    Progress on the path involves cultivating this compassion, alongside insight into ’emptiness’. More succinctly, all that is required is to purify the mind, allowing the inherent qualities of ultimate reality – the Buddha nature that exists within all beings – to shine through.

    Mahayana Buddhism delights in paradox and shifting perspectives. Devotees aspire to be reborn in the realm of Amitabha, the Buddha of Endless Light, who actually exists within each person as the true nature of the mind. The path involves the laborious saving of countless suffering beings.
    But, upon investigation, all beings are ’empty’. There are, really, no beings and so… no path.
    Everything is perfect as it is: there is nothing to do except relax


    Now while some of it seems rather far-fetched, there’s still quite a lot that… just strikes home. It’s weird reading something like that, and noting just how much is already part and parcel of your own bastardized, unique belief of how to make sense of shit.
    I’m not about to go off on some pilgrimage in search of spiritual enlightenment or any of that jazz. But I’ll definitely be looking further into Mahayana Buddhism in particular henceforth, moreso than other faiths.

    Also Schnitzels. Beware the Parmigianapocaplypse ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Needs more Borderlands.

      Also, I’ve yet to find any religion/faith that really aligns with my “there probably is something higher power/purpose/toiletries/whatever but it’ll sort itself out just fine without my help.”

      I do love learning more about others though. Some of it is truly fascinating.

      • To be honest, I’ve never really looked for the purpose of finding answers in that sense.
        It’s predominantly been to see what makes us tick.

        Without meaning to offend anyone here (or elsewhere, for that matter) I view religion as a whole to be a manmade construct. It’s a way of coping, of explaining that which we question. We’ve all got our own theories on it, I’m sure. I just wanted to see what some of those theories were ๐Ÿ˜€
        Which is why I felt the need to post the above, considering one of those theories seemed to coincide so well with themes that have been near-constant in my personal life with regard to creative outlet and more.

  • God damn. Breaking Bad is good and all, but that episode of Dexter just confirmed why, at its best, it’s the superior show. That one episode had more tension and intrigue than an entire season of Breaking Bad.

    Was keen to see how the season played out before it started. Triply-keeen now.

    Feel free to argue if you (genuinely) disagree ๐Ÿ™‚

    EDIT: Holy crap. Just realised I can edit posts now. Inserting a typo in the original just because I can.

    • I’ve never gotten into Dexter. I think it was due to an unfounded hipster belief (yeah, I’m not entirely proud of that :P) that it was ripping off Death Note (seriously, that hardly makes sense to me any more).

      I do love me some Breaking Bad though!

      • How much of it did you watch? I seriously can’t recommend it enough. Everybody else I know who stuck with it – even those who were disgusted by the initial gore – went on to devour the remaining series as quick as they could.

        Series 1, 2 and 4 are some of the best TV I’ve ever seen. Legitimate cliff-hangers every week.

        And a Death Note ripoff? A quick google shows that they were originally written around the same time, so probably not. Definitely not reason enough to deprive yourself of this awesome show!

      • You know, same. About the never getting into it. Which is odd, because I hold it in high regard and I’ve honestly enjoyed every episode I’ve watched.

        Death Note? from what I remember it was more about the situation than the characters, and I never gave a crap about Light. Dexter’s all about the main man, and it’s a hell of a show because of it.


          But srsly nobody likes tuesday. It’s like “Oh man, monday’s over! Wait shit it’s tuesday and therefore have a crapton of days until the weekend.” Then it’s Saturday’s time to shine again, baby.

      • Ha, saying that I’m a good judge of character is like saying I’m a good judge of character. Which is to say, not at all. So there.

          • Well, least you said ‘I’ instead of ‘We.’ It’s not bad if there are voices inside your head, but there’s a problem when they start.. well, I forget the saying, actually. See? Sleep deprivation. You’re sane enough.

          • Hmm. You know what I find interesting? In this conversation, you’re more or less replying to what I say, and not starting anything yourself- or rather, the image of yourself I hold. If I were really crazy, this would truly be a two-sided conversation, and not a ‘bounce-off-the-wall’ type of deal.

  • Two things of note. One, I like it when the conversation has enough posts to start shifting to the other side of the page. Two, I find that after a certain amount of replies I end up not being able to reply- for instance, the last comment I made I can’t reply to. Wonder why.

    .. Also, hey! look! intelligent conversation between myself..ves! or at least half-decent self-reflection, which is also pretty acceptable.

  • reminds of the time I cybered with myself for a whole damn half hour just to annoy random people in a chatroom. And then I got bored and started talking to myself.

      • Actually, they’re kind of low, but I suppose I’m so negative about myself that I can never reach my own standards.

        • /Keanu WHOA.

          … Actually, that’s not much of a epiphany , that’s just depressing.

          Also, goddamn is epiphany hard to spell.

          • But no, seriously, if there’s any time to start talking about philosophical matters, the best time would be on a gaming blog forum post in the middle of the night.

            To yourself.

          • Philosophy indicates that I have something worthwhile, meaningful, and thoughtful enough to talk about.

          • What, you’re so negative that you think all your thoughts are random pieces of disjointed logic until you think hard enough it sounds wise?

    • er, I thought normally whenever somebody goes into self-reflection they normally end up being melancholy.

      But hey, you know what? we should give each other names. Like, you’re saturday 1 and I’m saturday 2.

      • .. That sounds odd. I’m fond of Saturday A and you’re Saturday B, though. Or Saturday Omega and Saturday Alpha.

        • I’d say you’re a nerd, but that kinda sounds cool.


          I blame the music. Old Adult Swim bumps are bound to get you into the chill, eternally mind-wandering part of your psyche.

      • .. You know, I thought about using “You two” to bring a third me into this, but you know what? No. That’s just crazy by my standards.

        .. I got the quote from earlier, btw. It’s fine to have voices in your head, but you should be worried when they reply back.

        • Right, well, anyway. I wish I could dance. I can do the most pitiful robot in the world. Like, claptrap or wheatley pitiful.

          • man, it’s all vidya gaems in the head these days. Read books, mang. Watch movies and all that. Get some class and societal education in your head.

          • Societal Education? You’re lucky I’m not accusing your part of the head a hipster and cutting it out. Anyway, I think my tastes in movies and books are coming along. Not refined, but they’re getting better. I wanted to read that sequel to The Quantum Thief, remember? And for movies, I still gotta watch The Artist. And I love Tokyo Godfathers.

            .. and American Gods. I love Anansi Boys to death. Might as well wait for the Tom Hanks TV version. Well, no, I should always check up on the source material.

          • Hey hey, don’t talk to yourself in one post. Otherwise we might as well cut out the middleman. I’m not sure what the middleman is in this case, but yeah.

            .. You should get writing on that little novel you never finished.

          • I should, but we’re actually on a bit of a roll with this little piece of insanity, here. Might as well head straight to the next page.

      • oh for fu- No. Just.. like thinking, that’s all.

        Although admittingly the internet connection is saying otherwise. I guess the universe doesn’t want me to have a quiet cup of “think-about-life.”

        So how bout them tee-vees I hears about?

        • Oh man, the wikipedias says that Doctor Who’s latest companion is the same voice who voiced Melia in Xenoblade.

          That’s pretty dope

          also last episode was cool and all needed more rory whatever happened to the father, man?

      • where were you 15 to 30 minutes ago while I was having a lovely conversation with myself

        And no, I played enough borderlands today. Both 1 and 2, mind you.

  • Oh man. I’m compelled to get to the next page, but I’m beginning to hate talking to myself and the infernal force that is my internet connection is against me.

    Still, tally on.

      • i’m hip and cool home skillet biscuit.

        Not sure if that makes me too young or too old. Ah well.

        Man, I’m getting addicted to simcity on facebook. Not healthy.

        • It’s something to hold you over until simcity 5.

          .. I’m pleased that we haven’t just gone straight to random spam.

          • Well, by the looks of things…

            Heh. I’d never be able to fill a whole page by myself. Admittingly awful proud of what I got, though.

            Well look at that. A yawn. Saturday’s getting tired.

          • Only two hours late or so.

            Man, it’s gonna be embarrassing if I go to sleep now with a page unfinished and everybody’s all like “HA LOOK AT SATURDAY HE FAILS AT HOLDING LENGTHY CONVERSATIONS WITH HIMSELF.”


            Ok, I meant.. well crap, I am genuinely tired now, huh?

          • Well, now I can use my powers of talking to myself FOR GOOD! aka, for keeping myself awake long enough.

            …. Also, only 2 in the morning? you pansy.

  • I’m.. really getting tired. I.. didn’t really realize until it hit me like a brick. I’m getting pretty tired.

  • You know, if the whole backpacking thing across Australia ever comes to fruition, I’m thinking about making it into a thing. Go across France. America. The Way of St. James. All that jazz.

  • Universe is big enough. Well, no, not really. Read somewhere there is an actual end to the universe. I imagine it’s just black. Or a nice lookout with a set of binoculars to stare at the one other universe where everybody wears cowboy hats.

    Or a restaurant, but hell if I know.

    Sigh. You should just give up, you know. That fourth page might as well be hundreds of posts away.

    • Vain hopes are all I got to live by, son.

      well, whenever I look up at the sky, it’s hard to think there’s a end. Then again, I can never make much of it. Just pinpricks of light in the sky.

    • The collapsing buttons don’t work quite right! Not sure if anyone’s already said stuff about it, but I’ve noticed that it only collapses the first reply thread for a comment (Win7/Chrome).

      But in conclusions, I like it!

    • I sent Rob and email but haven’t got a reply yet – I noticed that if you press “cancel reply” the text you had in the reply box is still there at the bottom of the page. Not sure if that’s intended or not.

  • Stuff:

    – Dexter is awesome! At least most of it :P. I did find that some seasons weren’t as great but it’s generally agreed that 1, 2 and 4 are the best. Give it a go Aleph!

    – Satdee u so cray. Also to answer some things, when you can’t reply to a comment just reply to the one above to continue posting in the ‘thread’. I think each page holds 25 ‘discussion’ comments so just don’t reply if you wanted to reach the next page.

    – I saw an ad for The Walking Dead on a bus and remembered I gave up on it after the mid-season break. I also gave up on Mad Men also and didn’t watch any of the new season. Are both worth going back to?

    • I recently went back to watching Walking Dead Season 2. I stopped about half way through when something better came along.

  • Played a disturbing amount of Borderlands 2 on the weekend. Nobfrond and I are near the end of our second playthrough. Turns out the game is a lot shorter if you don’t do every last sidequest as soon as they appear. Who knew?

    We’ve blitzed through this stuff so fast, we’re up to missions we were only doing a few days ago.

    • You played a lot on Monday. ๐Ÿ˜›
      I was one level in front of you and when I came back you were one level in front of me.

      • I spent a good chunk of yesterday lying in bed watching The Wire. I did do a few hours of derping around without you, levelling up in Lynchwood and whatnot.

        Plus I did run through that story mission all the way up to the boss before redoing it with you. That gave a ridiculous chunk of experience. Pretty good loot too.

        • It’s fun how much things scale with one extra player.

          Sniping the Bunker is a bit silly though. I put slag on it with my active skill and then do just ridiculous amounts of crit damage hitting it in those giant weakspots. Then corrosion damage still affects it as it flies off.

          • Yeah, that guy is a jerk for melee / shotgun guys. Also the fact that I suck at that game doesn’t help too.

    Alan Jones is a dick, no two ways about it.
    I sleep very well last night, so i seem pretty happy.
    Hopefully stuff will get done! WHOOOO\o/

    • Alan Jones is a dick, Michael Bolt is a dick, so many dicks out there getting paid so much more than nice hardworking people, just for being complete dicks all day and getting away with it.
      The world is a shit place sometimes.

    • Because misogyny equals violence!

      But yeah, he’s a dick.

      Also sleep \o/
      I’ve not been sleeping well of late, so it’s nice to see that it’s still the in-thing ๐Ÿ˜€

      • I just think it’s cruel to attack someone who is still grieving. Now he is saying that he is the victim.
        It doesn’t matter what side of politics your support, it’s a horrible thing to say.

        • Oh, I know. He complains about the hatred but he comes across as one of the most hateful men I hav e heard. The way he consistently attacks Julia Gillard on a personal level is pretty shameful. That said I’m not even left wing – generally moderate right wing.

          • I’m on the fence. I don’t really care for either political leader or party.
            I just think it’s horrible to attack someone whose still grieving and pretty much say “it’s your fault”.
            And then tried to defend himself. Sickening.

  • Greetings and salutations fellow internet peeps, how’s things? are people still all talking about sports? is it safe to go outside? why does siri not know the answer to life, the universe and everything? why won’t you talk to me?!?

    • I think everyone has stopped talking about sportsball. Apparently there was a big game on the weekend and both teams scored homerun-touchdown-slam dunks.

    • All we ever do here is speak of the sportsballs. This is a sportsball forum, after all.

      • In that case…

        Very exciting AFL final on Saturday. And I usually get bored by AFL. Two equally matched teams locked in an arm wrestle, with Sydney winning seemingly on pure effort.

        NRL final was less exciting, but Melbourne won by having smart strategies and executing them perfectly, while Canterbury’s inexperience showed when they couldn’t adapt as their regular style of play was shutdown.

        Sadly football is over for the year. Luckily it’s only a couple of weeks till cricket starts!

        This new sportsdome thing is awesome. Keep it up!

    • HI!
      Not sure if I’ve met you yet, so welcome to TAY, unless you were here before me and you’re returning at which point I must say I’m sorry /o\

      • I be new to this TAY … I am Tofu, lord of nothing in particular. Please master Scree, teach me the ways of the TAY *bows deeply*

        • I can’t really teach you the ways of TAY. I generally just apologise a lot. ^^;;

          PS. I’m not a fan of eating tofu either ^^;;

      • Life is good dc. finished borderlands last night, watched a movie that shipped russell brand and alec baldwin and I have all the whiskey I can drink. How’s things for you?

        • Eh. Could complain, but I wont. ๐Ÿ˜› I finished Borderlands 2 last Friday. Damn good game. 64 hours played. Some might say that’s what game addiction looks like. ๐Ÿ˜€

          • yes, let’s go with that. I am a well adjusted human worm baby <_< nah, I just get bored easily. so what class did you go through as?

          • Axton! Finished at Level 34. Not too high considering the time I spent with it, but I took my time taking in the sights and sounds. Haha! What about you?

          • it randomly decided to not let me reply to your last post. I finished with a level 32 Zer0 … pumped everything into the sniping tree and critical hit damage. nothing quite as satisfying as making a same level brute explode with a single shot and then having the bullet kill the guy behind him as well

    • Tofu, I don’t like you, sorry to say.
      Pez would disagree, but he’s a tastebud-less white boy.
      But it’s okay, we can still be pleasant to each other.
      Just don’t try to make me eat you.

      • But how will I ever go on with my life knowing that I can never be inside you Bish? To be honest, tofu kind of freaks me out … almost as much as ducks

      • I don’t mind tofu, I just can’t think of a situation where there isn’t an existing food that does the job better. Even the best application of tofu, soup absorption in hot pot, can be better done by delicious mushrooms.

    • Going to see it on Friday! No spoilers! (Or atleast, give me the heads up so I can run off screaming with my ears covered. :P) Time travel appeals to me. Can’t wait.

      • My favourite scene was a when one person wants to discuss exactly how timetravel works and how consequences run through or create time shifts and the other person just tells him to โ€œstfu, we donโ€™t have all week!โ€.

          • Haha, exactly. That said, I think it dealt with the issues pretty well. On face value the logic seemed sound. No doubt the internet will find loopholes.

    • Haha, cheers mate. It kinda got swallowed by the SatSpam onslaught, but I’m semi-ok with that anyway. I was a little hesitant to post it initially anyway :S

      • Haha! I know that feeling, when your mouse hovers over the submit button for ten minutes!

        (Glad you did, though. Interesting stuff!)

        • I guess you don’t have that problem anymore since you can just submit it THEN DELETE IT LATER >:(

          I also read your post Aleph but had nothing of value to add ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Saturday, what the everliving hell were you thinking?!
    That sort of spam may be fine for a weekend but not for a Monday night, when TAY is just starting out and people get scared of how many pages there are already. Especially not on a public holiday where there’ll be people trying to catch up on what they missed yesterday,today. Not cool.

    • Damn i was gonna say the same thing, now cause i was slow i have to make you the bad guy.

      Yeah its probably not the best idea to spam that much though.

      • And I’m replying to myself because I’ve decided to forget an edit button exists.

        I don’t really have a problem with it. I glanced at it and skimmed pretty easily.

        • Yep, exactly this…skipping posts is pretty easy to do. Relax Strange, it’s harmless. No-one has an issue when Blags does it.

          • And besides, how are people going to be ‘scared’ of how many pages there are on a Tuesday? Most of the country had the day off yesterday, so TAY was pretty quiet anyway. If it’s so overwhelming, people will skip it and ask whats new. I think you’re over-reacting a bit here.

          • Lots of the old guard jumped off the band wagon back in the day, because of how huge TAY got. I think there’s just a concern that’ll happen again, but you’re probably right and it was fairly harmless. ๐Ÿ˜€

          • Then leaving TAY is their choice. But leaving TAY for it getting ‘too big’ smacks of elitism in my opinion.
            TAY is what it is because people can post pretty much whatever they like without people shooting them down for it. A lot of people on here wouldn’t even dream of talking to people like that in the real world.
            Saturday-post whatever you want man, its a forum! If you’re bored at 3am and it keeps you sane, do it!

          • You’re right, I admit I used to feel crappy when people said the TAY I was part of wasn’t as good as it used to be. ๐Ÿ˜€

          • I’m not sure that’s an accurate statement.
            Some people have been spending less time on TAY (or are totally absent) for a variety of reasons. I’d say only a small portion, if any, have “jumped off the band wagon… because of how huge TAY got”.

            Half a page of someone entertaining themselves isn’t going to do any damage.

          • Haha! Well now I feel like shit. I swear, though, I remember reading plenty of anti-TAY sentiments a while back based on the size. It made me feel bad. ๐Ÿ˜›

        • Is it bad that I don’t know what the first two are?

          Also Vegemite is considered ‘Australian’ but it’s got a unique kind of taste. I wouldn’t say I like it but I don’t hate it.

          But dem Tim Tams… mmmm… ooo yerrr

          • After Googling both, I guess I’ve seen them around (moreso the Wies bar) but can’t say I’ve ever had Pavlova.

            Sounded like some sort of pasta dish not a cake thing ๐Ÿ˜›

      • I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

        Yes, it was spam and yes, it was early in the week when TAY is active but people can just skip over it if they wanted to. No one is under any obligation to read anything here and if they see a big chain of someone replying to themselves (whether it be you or that guy with the really long hair) they don’t have to read it. I get bored and read nearly everything so I didn’t mind.

        • I’m not really, I’m being casual about the fact I talked to myself for 2 hours straight. But if Strange has a problem with it, I am obligated to apologize.

          That being said if I ever do that again i’m taking the advice and doing it on a weekend.

    • Straaaange, ever heard of this thing called a scroll wheel? Makes moving around web pages a whole lot easier ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Oh man with 4G / LTE I can refresh and post in TAY in twice the speed.

    *sits here awkwardly*

    Ummmmm, sooooooo… Borderlands 2 is a pretty cool guy.

    • You should get torchlight and tank for me, In fact anyone who plays torchlight should come into my game and tank for me, i feel like all my money is getting used on health potions. yes i die so much i actually have to buy health potions. With gold. WHO THE SHIT BUYS THINGS IN THESE SORTS OF GAMES?

      • I have torchlight, I tried it a little but was kinda disappointed. Skills / Autoattacks didn’t seem to have the same impact as it did in Diablo 3. When you hit something in D3 you know you did but in TL2 I was constantly questioning wether or not I was hitting enemies.

        • But I like the tank type of melee/warrior types so whenever I get the game (probably not for a while) I’ll help out ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I can usually help, but I am limited by the uni timetable I now have to follow.

        Sorry I didn’t reply the other night, I was sleepin… ๐Ÿ™

        At least 2 of my chars are tanks…

  • @Masha

    Missed it yesterday but also really pumped for FC3 it’s on my 3 things to do at EB expo this weekend. Loved 2 liked FC 1 up until mutant gorillas

  • I think I’ve figured out what my main problem with that Doctor Who finale was. I didn’t care.
    The biggest mistake was letting the media know it would be the last season for Rory and Amy. It was talked about ad infinitum so by the time the season started I’d emotionally detached from the characters. So no character interaction this season had any impact on me besides the odd humorous moment .

    • Yeah, I’m not a Doctor Who fan, but I hate how leaking spoilers to the media is the status quo for television these days. Ruins that sense of excitement you have when something mind blowing happens. (I remember watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer back in the day spoiler free, that was a crazy roller coaster.) A few years back Ten was weeks behind The O.C., so they decided the best way of combating spoilers was to spoil the finale on the ad with a tag ‘How does it end up here!’ — so damn annoying!

    • I thought it was good … mostly because I’d forgotten all the spoilers I’d seen. I did like that the episodes weren’t in chronological order and the doctor was just flying around just wanting to spend more time with the ponds

      • Yeah, thats what I liked about Amy and Rory the most. The fact that they weren’t strictly his companions and never did anything else, they just sort of went along for adventures every now and then.

        Of course, that prevents much of the deep storylines that some of the other seasons had, but I liked it for what it was!

    • I hated the last episode. What a freaking cop-out. “WE CAN’T TIME TRAVEL BACK THERE. BECAUSE OF REASONS. I’M THE DOCTOR, SO I KNOW WHAT’S WHAT LOL”

      The whole episode just made me angry.

      • Yeah I did think it was a bit weird that “we can’t go to this year because timey wimey things … well, I guess they’re lost now”but considering that they would’ve been zapped back about 40 years before that date why not just go pick them up. But Moffat waved his magic wand and made it so … on the plus side we get to look forward to Oswin being a companion before the doctor has to shove her off so she can end up on the asylum.

        • well, fixed time points and the fact that you can’t time travel to the victims are part of the weeping angels, been like that since their first episode, so I suppose that particular point is valid. Having one angel survive just to spirit them away at the last second? not cool.

          • If you can’t time travel to the victims, how’d the tenth doctor get back in “blink” … he was thrown into the 60’s by the angels

          • ….. well, shit.

            I remember something like that being explained when I last watched it, (otherwise the people who died of old age in blink could’ve been saved) but that’s a damn glaringly obvious plot hole. I’m afraid I got nothing, buddy. I guess since it’s the doctor, as if that could explain everything, but that doesn’t explain Martha.

  • These Resident Evil 6 reviews are pretty entertaining. Normally, I’m not a fan of X out of Y style reviews, but this list helps sum things up neatly:

    Gamespot: 4.5/10
    IGN: 7.9/10
    Edge: 6/10
    Eurogamer: 6/10
    Game Informer: 8.75/10
    Polygon: 4/10
    G4: 2.5/5
    Joystiq: 2.5/5
    Famitsu: 39/40

    I’m reading the Polygon review right now and it’s pretty brutal. Next, I think I need to read a positive review and see how they justify the number.

    • I’m so confused about it. I usually base my thoughts on what other people playing think, not reviews but the players seem polarised as well. And then there’s the people who started out loving it and telling us all it was awesome but now are calling it a piece of shit game and telling us to stay away.
      I think I need to buy it now. ๐Ÿ˜›

      • There are effectively four campaigns, each with rather distinct flavours. People might like one of them and despise the rest.

        I’m so very glad I gave up on Resident Evil. This looks like it would be a rather difficult thing for fans of the series to deal with.

        So for me, this is just entertainment. Like the positive reviews of Steel Battalion that tried to ignore the fact that the controls were fundamentally broken.

      • IGN’s review was fantastic. Basically says “this part is bad, same with this bit and this but there are good bits too, honest!” Really read like they were trying to justify giving it a decent score, which didn’t work for me.

    • I tend to not take RE that seriously. I enjoyed RE5 gameplay wise.
      I think I’ll enjoy 6, but at the same time I don’t want to ruin it.
      I’ll get it on PS3, but I’m getting the limited edition so it’ll take me a while to pay off ^^;;

  • So I FINALLY got to check out how my new laptop performs last night, albeit briefly.
    I can FINALLY play Dawn of War 2, and not only that but it runs pretty damn smooth even with almost all the options maxed out.

    I also tested Magicka, and boy-o-boy you guys weren’t wrong when you said it is a bitch to run. It now runs ok enough, but there is some definate noticeable slowdown during gameplay, which make me worry about what would happen when the screen fills with spells? Any tips on how to get the game to run a bit smoother?

    Now that i have a semi-proper computer, i plan on picking up starcraft at some point and also maybe trying out some league of legends.
    Also in the middle of installing Mech Warrior Online, so it should be pretty awesome to see how that runs – fingers crossed.

    IS there any other PC-only games that i’ve really been missing out on? I tend to gloss-over pc-only news, as it’s never really been relevant to me before now. lol

      • I’m still much more of a console person, but i look forward to diving into more PC games! ๐Ÿ˜€

        Also going to dive into monday night combat, as that never worked on my old lappy

    • Ah I’ve sunk a lot of hours into DoW 2 and it’s expansions. Being a Nids played online is great cause no one else plays them, or Orcs. Mate of mine was awesome at orcs. Sadly the MP scene for it had faded away over time.

    • OMG I do have a reccomendation for ya. Go on steam and buy Company of Heroes. All of them, NOW!!! Don’t listen to them Starcraftians CoH is the ultimate super fun time yeah!!

      • As a Starcraftian, I actually really like CoH and can’t wait for the sequel.

        That being said, one of the best CoH players converted to Starcraft 2 and was the best non-Korean player for quite some time. Huk hwaiting!

          • I guess you can.

            I’d actually be willing to play some COH too. Need to scratch my strategy itch.

            And yes, I can try to teach you SC2 but I’m actually kind of shit. Really, it’d be an excuse to play without having to jump on the 1vs1 ladder, which is just far too taxing.

          • I have CoH installed but never played it. I wouldn’t mind some games either I guess as long as you don’t mind teaching me stuffs ๐Ÿ˜›

          • Blaghs and Bish are much better at COH than I am, but I’m sure there are a handful of people on TS that would be happy to join in.

            Probably not tonight though. I’m feeling particularly crappy today and will probably just pass out once I get home.

          • Ah that’s fine, I didn’t mean tonight anyway, just sometime in the future so I can justify this purchase and not have all the regret buying a thing I’m not using :P.

            Hope you’re feeling better soon.

  • Howdy Tayberinos

    I am back at work after a week off, ALL THE INBOX CLEANING

    Turns out, the organisation doesn’t fall apart when I’m not there.

    So, a Tuesday Morning Question: Which in-game company would you like to work for, or really not like to work for? Apart from the shady dealings of it’s boss and the terrorist attacks, Sarif Industries actually seems like an OK place to work

    • Such purdy architecture. The Alliance from Mass Effect or SPECTRES would take you to some interesting places, but might… uh… kill you along the way. ๐Ÿ˜›

    • oooh tough question … I’d probably go with umbrella for the big spacey offices and the metric butt tonne of sick leave you’d get

    • Can’t really think of many in-game companies but one that comes to mind after playing Borderlands 2 recently are all the gun companies. I would definitely NOT like to work for any of them :P. Too much corruption and shady dealings and whatnot

    • There’s not many in-game corporations which aren’t corrupt or evil or generally going to be shit to work for. Sarif would probably be okay but the downside would be living in Detroit.

  • Mornin’ all!
    So freakin’ happy that was a long weekend. Also happy that I saved a whole bunch of my tax return, so every time I came across something I needed for my new place I just bought it (Need mower? Get mower.).

    BORDERLANDS 2! Still going, still played very little co op, but that’s sure as hell gunna change this weekend ๐Ÿ˜€

    • I am grateful that my hoarding ways in game has translated well into real life.
      Fresh $2000 in the bank account? Better not spend it! What if I get to the real life monies dungeon, guys?
      The iron golem who stands in front will be all “YOU MUST PAY ME $5000 TO ENTER”, and I’d just be like, “Nah, I’d rather not spend the money and just hold onto it thanks” and all would be well.

      tl;dr sometimes I don’t know how you guys can spend money.

      • I tend to hoard money up until a point, then throw it at life’s problems. Hopefully get to use this tactic to get a new bed soon. I’ve nearly borked my current frame and mattress.

  • I did very little on the weekend that was lengthed by the public holiday that we get for pretend ing the queen had a birthday when she didn’t.
    I played torchlight 2, i have notched up like 10 hours and i am up to act 3, i am fairly appropriately leveled but i am so easy to kill and when you have a group mob waiting to ambush you in one spot it is very difficult to tank for a second with 20 things attacking you. I think i will need a co-op partner to finish act 3 properly. otherwise i will probably just have to start a new character.

    I have unlocked most of the stuff in Tony HAwk Pro Skater HD some of the more ridiculous score based goals allude me but i still enjoy trying. But when you play for more than a hour. The music starts to repeat itself and it gets annoying.

    How is the rest of peeps?

  • *Wake up*
    *Impromptu phone interview*
    “Call back in a hour”

    Tuesdays, amirite.

      • well, no, I just got off the phone call and I’m looking over my resume right now. Never had a phone interview, so yeah.

        • Yeah my first one didn’t go that well because they’re shitty and didn’t call me when they said they would and called twice on another day. Good job Holden…

          Second one went fine though and got me an in-person interview which got me the job I currently have :). Whether you went well or not, it’s still good experience!

  • This lecture sucks so it’s TAY time, the whole time!

    So what’s the next game everyone is going to get? Mine’s either Okami HD or Pokemon White 2. Not sure when the release dates for those are so whichever comes first I guess!

      • Found a place yet? I ordered mine at JB whenever I posted that deal a few weeks ago. I guess I’ll know when it’s out whenever it arrives in the letterbox ๐Ÿ™‚

        • I don’t preorder Pokemon ๐Ÿ˜› I just turn up to wherever has the cheapest deal on the day. They always have tonnes of stock. I only leave the house on these special occasions!

          • Yeah but if you preorder you get sealed copies with no stickers which means no glue residue! ofcoarse you could always request a sealed copy on the day I guess.

          • Yeah that’s true. But actually, most big stores around here like Kmart/Target keep all the Pokemon games separate in those alarmed glass cases. Either they get so much stock they couldn’t be bothered to manually take out each game card, or people get really desperate for new Pokemon around here ๐Ÿ˜›

          • Yeah, I meant have you found a place with the cheapest day one retail price ๐Ÿ˜›

            But ugh! Leaving the house, grossssss

          • Still holding out for Kmart’s price! They don’t usually bother releasing it until a few days before ๐Ÿ˜

    • Assassins Creed 3 for me, I have Borderlands and Torchlight and Medieval Despot Simulator 2012 to sustain me ’til then.

    • I’m trying to abstain from purchasing any new games, at least until I get through some of my shame pile.

      Saying that, who knows, I’ll probably fail at my quest and my pile will quadruple in size.

    • Mugen Souls, because I have had it on order for quite a while with NISA.

      I’ll probably violate my no-new-games ban for Okami HD too because I <3 Okami.

  • Oh….

    I have an account!?!?!


  • Did Kotaku just bring in the beta for everyone?

    For those of who you just got it, you can click on your name at the top and edit your profile to change your display name so that it can show capital letters/symbols/spaces etc. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • @Chuloopa

    Your new laptop has pretty much exactly the same specs as mine. Make sure you update the graphics drivers (I’m using a beta driver, because of Guild Wars 2 – go here: ).
    You’ll be able to run pretty much any game on reasonably high settings, given my experience. MechWarrior Online will run just fine. Such a fun game.

      • Has been so far for me. I’ve been using 306.23 since release on Sep 13, not a single issue so far. If you aren’t intending to play GW2, though, it might be better to go for the actual release drivers.

        EDIT: Oh, wait, looks like 306.23 has been certified. Well, there you go, grab it!

  • So i just checked out my profile – lets compare post counts! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Lifehacker – 1
    Gizmodo – 38
    Kotaku – 14,289

  • Hi Strange!

    Also, hi everyone else. Been (last minute) off the grid for a significant period of time.

    I think there was something about applying for cross-Tasman student visa and grants. IF that’s still a thing for…person-I-forgot…let me know.

      • No, don’t call back, you’ll seem clingy. You have to wait for them, lure them into your trap(card), get them dependent on you! In a totally not creepy dickhead way.

      • If they haven’t called you back, give it a little more time then call them. Will hopefully make you look like you’re keen on the job.

  • Just realised my comment earlier let me post using my usual email and name, but without logging in. I swear that was blocked earlier.

  • More late night, low sanity twitter ramblings from yours truly.

    WOOOO, here comes demented lambo!
    Sorta like crazy frog, except not ugly. Also not a lamb, like crazy frog isn’t actually a frog.
    I want to shoot toads out of a catapult. Maybe at the people in the estate across the creek from us?
    Maybe I should wait till December whatever-day-the-world-ends-th and set them on fire, then launch them.
    Death to the heathens that would not bow to the fire toad god!
    Amphiflar, lord of the unholy flaming terrors. He sends his minions to devour the world! At least, that’s what I’ll say when questioned
    Also, I shall need to set up a shrine if I want to convince people. Every dark cult needs its own fancy shrine!
    I’ll make it from gumboots and umbrellas. People will fear the mighty image of his toadiness!
    Or maybe that’ll just be fear of the shrine falling over on top of them and potentially causing them grievous bodily harm…
    A shrine for his unholy toadiness!
    Only Pastryus, Supreme God of the Holy Order of Blueberry Muffins is capable of defeating The Fire Toad God in battle.
    Pity he’s off at war with the rebelling dolphin demigods. Those pesky dolphins, always on about a giant hoop in the sky that’ll one day rule
    It’s blasphemy I tells ya. There is only one ruler of all, and that’s Scrachibus, Lord of Pencil Lead.
    He likes to draw moustaches on everything. The gods aren’t that great at choosing their leaders…
    He only became leader because the other candidates where the God of Farts and the God of Off Milk. The God of Pasta didn’t run this year
    Pastryus and Scrachibus have a sketchy relationship. He doesn’t like how Scrachibus tried to draw 57 moustaches on his wrapping one time
    It’s not Scrachibus’ fault. She couldn’t help it! She has a desperate need to draw. Being a deity made of pencil lead sure has its drawbacks
    Definitely makes paperwork easier to do though.
    Of course, the paperwork does end up with a lot of moustaches on it. But hey, at least everything runs relatively smoothly.
    Except for those pesky dolphins. They’ll rebel at the drop of a hat. And thanks to slippery fingers, hats are dropped quite often.
    Perhaps if the gods didn’t eat so much oily food, the state of their politics would be so much better.
    They need the fat though. It gets quite cold up there. In hell however, the firetoad sure knows how to keep a place warm!
    Also toasty. One reason he’s enemies with the Muffin God. Toasted muffin does not a happy Muffin God make.
    Although, one day he will smite the unholy firetoad with his Sword of Whipped Cream,and then peace shall rule through the lands.
    It won’t happen until after the firetoadlings are unleashed on my hapless neighbours across the creek though.
    As it has been prophesied, so shall it come to pass. Probably in the form of me launching globs of whipped cream after launching the toads
    And that’s my official story for when I’m brought in for questioning ๐Ÿ˜›