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    There is a professor who is claiming video games make children smarter.
    I'm not sure if it's a trap

      Hasn't it already been proven that it helps with hand eye coordination and problem solving abilities?

      Video games can make children smarter in the same way that any media that requires people to think in certain ways can make them smarter. Give it to a kid at an early age and those thinking methods become habit.

      Most of the time, I would assume that it makes them smarter in dealing with video game logic (how many times have you had to explain something that appears down right basic to someone who has never played a game before?).

        I don't like to think it makes anyone "smarter" it is really just a different way of problem solving. Its more methodical.

          "Smarter" assuming that they would not have learned this method of problem solving elsewhere and that having more ways to tackle problems is smarter than having less.

          Smart is a pretty imprecise term. It means different things to different people.

            For instance in the context of this conversation i am calling you a smart ass. However i do not mean your butt is good at problem solving. :P

              My butt isn't but my donkey is brilliant at problem solving.

                Now back to a regular ass.

                  A donkey with these sorts of skills is far from regular.

                  Fine the best concession i will make is that you are like a pig from Animal Farm.

          I guess it depends on how you define "smart". Is it IQ level? Is it the perspective from which you approach things? Is it the methods you use to solve problems, with some ways being more efficient than others?

      What sort of video games. Do they mean educational games or just any sort of game?

    So, after questioning a few people last night, I discovered I have a crapload of DLC for Borderlands 2, from preorders, EB etc.
    A lot of it is good fun but I'm glad I got it for free...ish.

      I think I got the Slaughterdome for pre-ordering with EB, the Premiere Club for pre-ordering, and the extra Collector's Edition skins for buying the Loot Chest edition.

      I didn't know I had the DLC either. I read the back of the cards that came with the game and it sounded like it activated when you register the game itself with Steam, like the Catwoman DLC in Arkham City. Forgot all about it until Greenius reminded me midway through! Like The Last Question, I got the Slaughterdome and premiere club stuff. (Didn't pre-order either. Guess they were feeling generous on the day! I appreciated it! :D)

      I suspect Gaige the Mecromancer will be the best addition.

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    Today's episode of Bookaboo had Emilia Fox reading the story. My god can she read a story. Even having "The Spider and the Fly" a thousand times I've never heard it read that well. When I become a rich billionaire I'm totally hiring her to read all my books to me.

      That's a repeat.
      I can't believe I know that.

      That is indeed a good one. A little too intense for my 2 yo though, so I sent her away when I watched it.

    Starting to watch Breaking Bad (I'm now up to the start of the second season) has made something very clear to me. Just because a game is "interactive" does not mean that game violence is more harmful than movie/TV violence.

    I've played loads of violent games, just for my example I'm going to use Fallout 3: when you manage a headshot or critical and it goes slo-mo as you see the enemy explode into pieces of viscera I would often laugh or be impressed. But to use Breaking Bad as my watched media example: when Tuco is doing his thing I flinch and have to look away because I find it supremely distressing.

    Oh and while I'm thinking of Breaking isn't as earth-shatteringly great as I've been lead to expect. Not so far, at least.

      Interesting, isn't it? Sometimes the violence we can't control leaves a bigger trauma impact, because we are essentially powerless to prevent it. (My theory, anyway)

      Also, something something video game graphics are not quite up to the level of TV/movie effects yet.

      Breaking Bad is about to get deeper. They really start to push the subtext and subtle visual cues that serve as metaphors for the ongoing decay of Walt's character, and that's when it gets impressive. The story itself (all the way through so far) is almost a paint-by-numbers, but the subtext is where it's really, really happening.

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        Arghh...what did you edit? I'm getting so paranoid and curious with this everybody-editing-all-the-time thing. D:

          I added the 'something something' paragraph. Removed nothing. But what did I edit from this comment?

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            Wow, when did you become so evil? :D

              When I get bored. Today is a slow work day :P

              Sometimes I'll go back and add snide comments to really old articles, just because I feel like it. Some of them are real zingers, too.

              Or do I?

              also, what did I edit? AGAIN

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      HEATHEN! .... Says the guy who has only watched halfway through season 2. I get what you mean. As much as I can recognise its a good well written show I find it uncomfortable and hard to watch for some reason. It's taken me a year to get as far through it as I have.

      I got into Breaking Bad some time ago, and it's one show that I've actually kept with. Not sure what that says about either myself or the show, but there you go.
      As for the distressing nature of the violence portrayed, did you find that it was the context or the content that was most invasive?

      For extreme examples of both, I'd offer A Serbian Film for context and August Underground's Mordum for content
      Both very invasive, offensive pieces of cinema, but (I feel) they go about it in very different ways. Personally, I find the contextual form far more shocking, although this may differ from person to person. When left to the imagination, some powerful imagery can come from it.

      As a disclaimer, I DO NOT intend for anyone to watch these films. So far as I know, they're still banned in Australia anyway.

        Also, in light of further discussion up top, I hereby swear never to edit a comment :D

      Woo, I too am just a couple episodes into season 2.
      And yeah, it's pretty good and stuff but dark and violent to be sure.


      I completely understand when you say the show is distressing. My wife stopped watching after the first season. It was just too much for her. Especially the tub scene, and the aftermath of the broken plate.

      I think the series really hits its stride in Season 2 and since then it hasn’t lost it. I can’t believe we’re already so close to the end :(

        I think I misinterpreted the end of S4 as The end.
        Was SUPER pleasantly surprised when S5 came around :D

        Yeah for shizzle. Gotta stick with it. The show is at its best in my opinion from last half of season 3 through to the end of 4. So much love for s4.

    I have to make a conference call later today for some work stuff :|

    I'm not really sure what they are (a call with lots of people?) or what to expect and I generally don't like talking on the phone as I prefer to just text them instead.


      Good luck, Greenius. A hatred of the phone is something I know all too well. People who want to call me know my system of screening calls. They'll know I'll be standing by the phone when the answering machine starts. :P

        I used to hate it but now i dont mind it. Talking to a bajillion customers everyday has made me perfect my phone manner. If they are calling you they have something to talk about so all i do is listen and help if i can. If i am calling someone i make sure i figure out the exact questions i need to ask before hand.

          I've got a speaking voice most don't understand, so I'm incredibly self-concious of that too. :(

   have a Scottish accent like Mark? :P

              Haha! I don't know where my dodgy accent comes from. Certainly doesn't sound Australian. :P

        Hahaha I did that too! Never used to use my mobile so friends would have to call the home phone and leave a 'message'. I'd recognise the voice then pick up

      Gah, the telephony machine. Don't get me started.

      Good luck.

    Why is it my PS3 will happily download at 2-3MB a second but my PC struggles to get over 60Kb a second? I thought it was meant to be the other way around.

      Oh, man. Crazy consoles. My PS3 downloads insanely quick, with a nice stable connection. My Xbox will download incredibly slow, then lose the wifi connection midway trough. They sit side-by-side.

      I'm the same. My consoles have stupid fast internet, but my laptop gets sweet FA speed.

      And why is it that the 360 in the bedroom, my phone and iPod when I take them in there all connect to the internet fine but my laptop throws a fit if I take it into the bedroom and kicks me off the internet?
      Technology is fickle.

    I think my Iphone 3GS is starting to die. Its really struggling to keep any signal, which is a problem when I have recruitment people trying to get into contact with me. Any suggestions on what I should upgrade to? Iphone 5, Galaxy, something else?

      I'm one of those rare crazy horrible people that actually likes the iPhone. I have the 5 and have yet to actually encounter any of the apparently completely broken features. (I did manage to get the purple flare after 5 minutes of angling the phone weird while pointing it directly at the sun. As everyone does when taking photos.)

        Is Apple maps realy that bad? I haven't updated to iOS6 because of it

          Yeah, I've been putting off updating my iPad too.

          I have yet to have a real problem with it. It does struggle if you misspell names.

          Disclaimer: I have not yet used turn by turn directions. I never did on Google maps either. I usually just check where it is and work out how to get there from that. More like a Refedex than a GPS.

      Nokia Lumia 920.
        Obligatory ad having a go at the iPhone 5 :P
        Also, the red one looks pretty awesome.
        But why is there no cyan??? ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

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      Whatever it is come to the Telstra shop at Chadstone City (the largest shopping center in the southern hemisphere!) and visit me during work :)

      I have a Samsung Galaxy S2, and the phone I had before that was an iPhone 3GS. I frakking love my Galaxy S2. I would wholeheartedly recommend it, and they shouldn't be too expensive now.

    Strongly considering going to EB Expo on Sunday. I should probably buy tickets, right? That seems like the thing to do.

      Or you could just go and stand out the front and start yelling.

        That'll kill maybe an hour of time. Kind of leaves the rest of my Sunday open.

    Oh, there's a presidential debate in an hour? Time to turn off the TV, close twitter and avoid the news for a week.

      Google "Mitt Romney with a tiny face" and prepare to lol.

        Oh god. I just lost it as soon as the search results came up.How the hell did that come about?

          It likely originated from Woll Smoth

        I am now disappointed that he doesn't really look like that.

        Hahah oh god so funny

      You kidding? I want to see Mitt Romney's pre-planned "zingers".

      This has the potential to be a delicious train wreck, why avoid it?

        I find the current political climate fuckin' horrible, I've got to say. I can't even watch The Daily Show any more. Makes my skin crawl that this is the world we live in.

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    Call of the week goes to 'flu!

    Hi, TAY.
    It feels rather warm today... what's the weather like around your regions?
    And by regions I mean cities, not the other "regions".

      I don't live in a city, but it is warm and quite windy which is good because i feel like marriyln Monroe when i walk outside.

        Pretty? :P

          Now I have "I Feel Pretty" from Westside Story echoing around in my head.

            Oh, man. I'm sorry. That can't be good. :P

        Are you wearing a dress?

          but no i am not. im wearing shorts.
          they are black.

            I'm envisioning lycra short shorts. Not because I think you are but I hope you are. *dreamy sigh*

              Nah man i dont want to make anyone feel bad about themselves.

      Mainly sunny with a few clouds in the sky. Pretty warm. I'm not wearing any sort of jumper or hoodie because of the heat and my arms feel all naked and exposed.

      And I was just about to make jokes about skyscrapers too :P

      The salty breeze is irritating my freshly shaven face.

      Also, it's quite hot.

    TAY's Movember team, Motaku, was created yesterday! Join/donate/spread the word!

    Is it my imagination or did JB reduce the price of their Dishonored pre-order from $79 to $69? I could have sworn it used to be $79.
    Regardless, I must not forget to preorder this tonight. I'm running out of time and I really like that shirt.

      I think it was $69 last time I checked, I remember being blown away by that! AC3 too!

      I'm still trying to decide between JB and EB.
      I really like the keyring, but I want the other stuff EB's offering too.

    Reading up on those girls who were deported from Brisbane today back to Italy, I have to wonder... if it was the father who abducted the girls and kept them illegally in Australia without the consent of their mother, how differently would this story be portrayed in the media?

      Yeah, you might have a point, but still made me sad all the same. :'( (Although some of the language used in the article was clearly manipulative for the reader! At atleast.)

      Last edited 04/10/12 10:51 am

      I said the same thing to my gran,
      The father hasn't been shown to be neglectful and if he won custody surely there must of been a reason for it. Im not a mother so i don't know what its like to lose your kids but she just went about it all wrong. Imagine how shit the father feels.

      This. A thousand times. Society tries to pretend that fathers have equal parental rights, and although the law recognises this sometimes/often (but not always), social values are still stuck in a deeply traditional rut.

      Edit: News outlets in particular are extraordinarily conservative, especially in Australia.

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        Reading things like this honestly make me think that perhaps the gender roles (as touchy a subject as it is) have been flipped. There's still little equality (not that I'm against disparity, but that's probably for another time).

        With regard to paternal laws and such, what would be the implications of a masculinist movement?

          Women working and men staying at home.

          This is the big one.

          I'd support it but in truth the kids would be better off by a gigantic margin with my wife then with me. Not saying its like this in all cases but mine specifically.

            I'm the same, but in a truly equal society, this choice would be made by individual couples rather than social inertia

              See, I'm not in the same boat as you guys currently. Single male, no dependents. Forgive me if I can't/don't empathize.

              I'm okay with people having differences, and think those differences should be praised. I'm kinda conflicted about 'equality' in that sense I guess. If everyone's the same, it'd just be... boring.
              The social inertia you mention though, that's not right.
              The choice *should* be up to the couple/family, not those surrounding them.

                For the record, I agree that 'equal' doesn't mean 'same' - totally with you there.

            I know as a kid I would've chosen my mum over my dad any time too. I know that's not true for everyone, but was for me atleast. Shouldn't be an absolute assumption, though. I agree.

            Last edited 04/10/12 11:03 am

              See, I was borne into a middle-class life, with heterosexual parents. They split when I was 5, and by age 10, I decided I was going to move interstate to live with my father.
              While I don't regret it, if I were to be presented with the same choice again, I dare say I wouldn't do it.
              Exceptions to every rule ;)

                True enough.

                I've never really had a strong relationship with my dad either, so there's that too.

                Last edited 04/10/12 11:15 am

                  Yeah, I've got an incredibly strong relationship with my mother. She's mum, she's a drinking buddy, I'm her rock, etc.
                  I *did* have that with my father, but no more.

                  :( I'm sorry to hear that, man. Good to hear you have your mum, though! :)

                  Inappropriate admission in an inappropriate place: I've never met my father while he was sober.

                  Oh, I'm not bitter/sour about it. I consider him a friend, and that's about as far as the relationship goes, is all.

                  I really am sad to hear that. Everyone should have the opportunity to build a relationship with their parents.

                Not inappropriate at all. (And if it is, hey, I'm glad you posted. I love that we can post this kind of stuff here and feel comfortable.) That's got to suck, though. I'm sorry to hear it. :(

            Also, I think this is important. A lot of men have supported the feminist movement, and even support the bits that arguably go too far.

            GENERALISATION WARNING: Men are biologically wired to protect and support women, even at the expense of their own wellbeing. They will defer to women far more easily in matters of the family, in part due to their lack of confidence and relative inexperience with the kids (relative to the woman, typically), and in part due to this biological imperative.

            Because of this, a masculinist movement... it's pretty much doomed to fail! :)

            Also, THE MYTH OF MALE POWER is a good book. If you can get past its slightly-too-far polemic, the arguments are solid. Everyone should read it.

            Last edited 04/10/12 11:09 am

              Another big issue in the entire debate is that we are wired differently and as such the results we achieve will be different.
              Taking something like wage disparity seems like a fairly cut and dried thing, men get paid more. However men are also much more likely to ask for a pay rise and when it comes to rewards men are much more likely to choose money rather than time off/flexible hours than women.

                I am curious as to which industries often have that wage disparity. Is it primarily in big-business suit land? I have not personally heard of it occurring irl.

                  Yeah, this.
                  Age has A LOT to do with it as well.

                  A previous female employee here shared the same job title with me, had lesser responsibility and was earning double what I do. Age seems to have a far greater impact in non-suitland than gender.

                  The wage disparity isn't calculated hour to hour. It's calculated over an average lifetime of earnings.

                  That's why it's so flawed.

                  1) Women typically take longer time off to have a child than men. Therefore the career path is truncated.

                  2) After returning to work, women tend to either
                  a) choose jobs with flexible working arrangements (that consequently pay less)
                  b) work less overtime (and thus earn less money)
                  c) turn down promotions because it would mean less time with family
                  which of course *can* put pressure on the male of the family to do these things to keep ends met. Which is why there are so many men on executive boards, compared to women (not the only reason, but I don't think the glass ceiling is the only factor, as the feminists would have us believe).

                  3) Industries with a higher proportion of female employees that have part-time work, family-friendly flexibilities, etc, tend to be low-skill, low-paying industries, (Exceptions are nursing and teaching, both of which are actually underpaid IMO) but are acceptable even for educated women because of the family-friendly perks.

                  Last edited 04/10/12 12:14 pm

                  That makes a lot more sense now that you've broken it down Shane, thanks :D

                  I was always of the understanding that the figures were based on annual earnings, hence the confusion.

                  There is also a wage disparity (May have a different term) between men and woman doing the same job with the male earning more.
                  Which again returns to many of the factors you have listed. But there is a difference between current earnings of men and women in the same roles.

          There are "Men's Rights" movements/groups, who have some valid points but they tend to get overshadowed and radicalised into misogynist derp.

    Current temp: 26.9 degrees C.
    Much nicer inside. you mean that's hot? I'd call 27 nice and warm myself. Hell it is about the same here and I still have a hoodie on.

      It's ~29 outside. I'd actually consider that cool for the time of day/year too.

        ...That's meant to be a tilde, by the way. It's *not* negative 29 in the N.T., don't worry.
        Hell has certainly NOT frozen over just yet.

    Cause we were talking about TV yesterday i think today is music day
    2 questions
    Favourite album/s of the year?
    Favourite song/s of the year?

    1) Jack Whites Blunderbuss, Passengers album self title release, Passion Pit Gossamer,
    2) Laura-bat for lashes, Its not my fault im happy-Passion Pit, Madeon-Finale, Deadmau5 -The Veldt.

    What about you guys?

      I honestly don't think I've bought any new albums this year. (Released this year, I mean. I've bought Bob Dylan, Carole King and The Muppets stuff.) As for songs... uh...

        Why would you buy a bob dylan album. He is a amazing songwriter but his voice makes me cough in disgust.

          Haha! I kind of love the roughness of it. Some of his songs are amazing. Plus, this is going to sound weird, but my cat goes nuts with high pitched noises. Every time the mouth organ kicks in she goes crazy. Makes me laugh enough to justify buying the album just for that. :P

            You are a strange kid DC, i like that :D


              Right back at you Rockets, right back at you!

      Life's a happy song when there's someone by your side to sing along...

          I love that so damn much. Especially how Kermit stays in character no matter what. Amazing!

          Thanks man. I had no idea this existed! :)

      1)Funkoars-The Quickening, Hilltop Hoods-Drinking from the Sun and Boy and Bear-Moonfire
      2)Too many to list I guess, Gangnam style, Rattling the keys to the kingdom, Lordy may, Short Change Hero(before BL2 lol),

        I'd go with Short Change Hero to but that was after BL2. It introduced me to The Heavy and The House That Dirt Built is an amazing album.

          Agreed, I heard a while back on one of the Arkham City trailers and was instantly hooked. When I booted up Borderlands 2 and it started playing, I thought to myself 'I already love this game' :)

        I liked moonfire a few good tracks. The hoods are always pretty good at what they do just nit my style of music.


      Favourite album/s of the year: Having a Beard Is The New Not Having A Beard - The Beards, Handwritten - The Gaslight Anthem and Epicloud - The Devin Townsend Project. I daresay Atlas by Parkway Drive will be added to that when it comes out.

      Favourite songs:
      Dark Days - Parkway Drive
      Why Having A Beard Is Better Than Having A Woman - The Beards
      Save Our Now - The Devin Townsend Project
      Handwritten - The Gaslight Anthem
      Gangnam Style - Psy
      Thrift Shop - Mackelmore & Ryan Lewis
      Same Love - Mackelmore & Ryan Lewis

        I am a big fan of Gaslight Anthem

        Do the beards get better if you actually have a beard?

          All you need is a love of beards. Having your own is an awesome bonus.

        You, I like you.

        I'm pretty confident that Atlas is going to be my favourite album this year. Get What You Give by The Ghost Inside is damn good if that's your thing. Saw them the other night with The Amity Affliction, super heavy.

          Are you talking to me? :P

          You saw the Amity Affliction live no fair i wants to see them too.

            I think I replied to TheLastQuestion, though I could be bad at this new system.

            I wouldn't have expected Amity to be your thing.

              I like lots of stuff. I bought the new amity affliction album and i thought it was pretty good but i like young bloods better.

              I know you were replying to question i just found it hillarious.

                Youngbloods is better, definitely. I miss the extra depth they got from having a dedicated keyboardist. Not that Chasing Ghosts is bad, it just was never going to be as good as Youngbloods.

          I'll have to check them out. I saw the Amity Affliction back when they were just a local band, and I didn't like them all that much. My mate was playing in another local band called Vilify at the time, and he kind of turned me off of them.

      I'm not sure if I've heard a whole lot of stuff released this year or not.

      For albums, Mezzanine has been REALLY big for me this year, although it's certainly not a 2012 release :D

      For an individual song, that's a whole lot tougher. I'm tempted to say Teardrop from the aforementioned album, but I want more variety than that ;P
      It'd be a tossup between Teardrop and Me And You by Nero, to be honest.
      Both amazing tracks.

      (Also WTF?! No metal in my choices? WHATT?!)

      NO LOVE FOR METRIC? You've disappointed me, Rocketwisp.

    Also, The Beards are playing in Brisbane on Saturday. Tickets are still available. My wife, and my hetero life mate are both coming with me. If you're in Brisbane, you should too. You don't need a beard, just a love of them.

      Can i think the idea of beards are okay but practically speaking they seem a bit annoying?

        You can think that because I also think that!


            We really need a like button for comments.

              Nah my head would get as big as blaghs hair.

                C'mon Rockets, let's be honest, your head is already way bigger than my hair. You're like a bobblehead toy, walking around, sometimes scraping it along the ground because you simply can't hold it up.

                  Its not my fault i leave for 3 hours and people go into a frenzy.
                  I guess i am just amazing.

                  Also WHERE WERE YOU LAST NIGHT? I COULDN"T PLAY LoL with anyone because faction went to work. I MISSED YOU.


                  I was out seeing Looper, I got back before 9, and like, nobody was on TS(ok, Bunny, Nob, Jo, Gorzy at times, and a few others, but basically nobody).

                  I will sometimes play LoL! Will feed like a boss but I might play!

                  Yeah i went to watch The american Sherlock thing. It wasn't bad just not as brilliant as the other one. Still for a Crime Drama it will do . JUst wished Lucy Liu would dress less like a hermit oh and also learn to act.

        You can think whatever you like, but beards aren't annoying! They're great! You can save bits of food in them to consume later! Also, if you have budgies, they can nest in it.

          Last time I had the makings of a beard, police officers in London thought I was a drug addict.

          True story. :'(

          Last edited 04/10/12 12:08 pm

          I will take your word for it. as i will never have anything else than the fake beard i bought :P

    Jeez thanks for the 5 cents in interest bank that will really help offset the $370 in bank fees you charged me.

    I got so close to finishing FTL last night, down to the final round, had his shields destroyed and half his weapons down when he killed me. I still think I might have lost because my sound derped out so I lost a number of crew members who I shouldn't have if I got the warning sounds.
    But I did unlock the Kestrel mark 2 so might have to try that out. But certainly think dropping back to easy was the way to go.

      I have only tried like 4 times to finish the game but something dumb always happens. Like i forget to put autofire on and lose my shield systems them my oxygen room. Its quite infuriating when you runout of missiles and my only shield burst weapon is unusable.

      What did you do to attract $370 in fees?!

        The company account so it is mostly credit card transaction fees. But they save them up for the month and ping you the same day as they pay their interest

      Man I almost beat it on normal the other day. Got into the third round but then the flagship teleported all but one of it's crew over and I did not have the manpower to fight them off and repair half my ship at the same time.

        Man, that bit is tough. I was lucky I had a full crew then and they teleported in near my airlock, so I shunted my crew up one end of the ship and just opened the airlocks. They battled through my reinforced doors slowly, and were practically dead by the time I had to intervene with my crew! :)

      Been to the end twice, went down in stage 2 twice. I saved my scrap for the shops in the final sector the second time, then there weren't any. Did unlock alternate engi layout on that run at least.

    Hi TAY!
    I'm going to try and keep this short, as I'm just scoping interest/testing the waters at this stage.

    I know that there are at least two or three TAYbies other than myself who have an interest in pen and paper RPGs. Given the success of the Table Top meats, I got to thinking that it wouldn't be impossible to get some kind of RPG thing going. There were a number of obstacles in getting this going - Location primary amongst them.

    Then I discovered
    This looks like almost exactly the sort of software solution I've been after for a long time.

    So, if you think you'd be interested in something truly nerdy, check it out and let me know!

      That looks AWESOME!
      Mind, I've never played tabletop RPGs, but if people are willing to teach me, I'd love to join in :D

      As someone who has never played a PnP RPG before, I might be interested in this.

      Would I be holding people back if I'd never played anything like this before? It does look like fun though.


      That said it could be something I would be interested in. As above never played so, if you are willing to do a rookie run go for it

      I have played a PnP RPG once and I really enjoyed it. Count me in!

    I watched Toy Story 1 & 2 on Monday. Decided to finish it off with 3 last night.
    I thought that, the second time around, the emotional impact would be reduced.

    Oh, how wrong I was...

      I might've wiped away manly tears during the opening song. :P

      Toy Story 3, man. That was made solely for the tears, I'm sure. Jesus.

      Red Dog was pretty bad for it too. God-damned dog. Ugh.

        TS3: The story in the middle doesn't matter hardly at all. That movie would succeed or fail based on the opening scene and the closing scene, and by god did it succeed. (The middle was good too, but I honestly think it doesn't matter at all)

        Last edited 04/10/12 12:38 pm

          In my opinion the middle is important (and brilliantly done) for a number of reasons. It helps cement the themes of endurance, togetherness, growing up (and change in general), etc, which really give some of the scenes in the final third their emotional impact.

            Of course, this is true. Thematically and practically, the middle supports the ideas at the bookends of the movie. It's almost a perfect film in that sense.

            All I meant is that the movie probably would still have reduced the world to manly tears even if the middle 80 minutes were white noise :P

        That movie was filmed in the outback so it must explain why there was so much dust in the DVD case. So much dust!

        As for TS3, I don't even remember the middle part of the movie

          If you don't remember it, I highly suggest you watch it again.
          If only to enjoy some of the incredible scenes that take place in the second act.

      When I saw Toy Story 3 for the first time I was dissapoint at the ending pan to the sky cause all the clouds where the same and Pixar was being lazy. Then a week later I saw number 1 on TV and realised that the clouds were the same ones from his wallpaper.

      You've got a friend in me, you've got a friend in me. You got troubles? Then I've got 'em too! There isn't any thing I wouldn't do for you. We stick together we can see it through, cause you've got a friend in me. You've got a friend in me.

    Goodmorning Tayters, why you all tayting?

    I haven't spammed about SC2 in a little while, so let's talk about names.

    Pretty much every pro player is part of a team and they use the team tag as part of their handle. HuK is EG.HuK.RC, Nony is Liquid Nony and so on.

    For a while, I didn't think we were going to see any better name combination than ROOT Catz.

    Then Team Liquid signed up a new player. Now there is Liquid Sea. Best name.

    EDIT: Looks like I found a character that TAY disapproves of. Fun.

    Last edited 04/10/12 12:53 pm

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