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    Played my first game of Dawn Of War 2 this morning...



      Multiplayer or single? Also have you played any CoH yet?

    Great news everyone!
    The Mechwarrior Online NDA has officially lifted.
    So let's talk about it!

    First of all, I don't know if it's lag or I am just a bad MWO player but I SUUUUUCK at this game. I love Mechwarrior to bits but the barrier of entry to this game is very high. Also the nature of the beta's 'single death' battles means the punishment for failure is a ten minute wait for the round to finish.

    Now with that out of the way, I am very fond of the Hunchback, there is just something about having a cannon that takes up almost a quarter of the mech's body volume :)

      also I feel so guilty for not playing this game enough :P

      I've played 3 round so far and love it!! Got blown the feth up in one game, though.
      I've been playing in support, which means i don't die all that quickly, thankfully. But i do agree, the hunchback is where it's at. So great.
      I can't wait to get more into it.. i can't seem to work out how to customise my mechs? Is it possible in the beta??
      What gives?

      Still - i'm hoping they bring out nova cats - then i'll be a happy, happy little boy.

        You mean mechanically or by appearance?
        I'm assuming the personalization will be more of a open beta/final game sort of feature.

      Oh I have that, even installed it. Maybe I should play it or something...
      Do you know how the ftp model is gonna work? Reckon it will be unbalanced?

        Not too sure how FTP will work apart from just buying credits, but I hope Pirana set up a system similar to how Tribes Ascend works: allowing you to unlock mechs with cash but you have to earn the upgrades yourself.

          Being forced to pay to unlock new mechs would suck terribly IMO. That would mean the bulk of people have something crappy and the people that sink heaps of cash in have the best mechs.

            I think you get a choice of mechs at the start and then go from there.
            It would make sense to do it that way because how else would you progress in the game?

              A multiplayer game does not always need progressive unlocks. Pre COD it wasn't a must have and as far as I can remember previous mech games did not work that way.
              But a FTP model needs something to charge for so alas, an arbitrary grind to unlock things is in order.

              Last edited 04/10/12 3:25 pm

                Grind for equipment and some mechs but there should be a fair range of stuff available in each class.

                Are they handling mech variants? Maybe it'd be like, the Vulture A is free but if you want the Vulture D it's $$$ or a bit of grinding?

      It sounds to me based off what I've heard (not in the beta) you basically need to be playing in a team with everyone on Teamspeak or similar to make the game work. It's very tactical and your lance needs to be coordinated to win, if you're simply fighting alone you're going to get wiped out pretty fast.

      Descriptions remind me a fair bit of Chrome Hounds from early in the 360's life.

        Yeah, that pretty much sounds like my experience haha.
        Lone wolf is not the most effective strategy for this game (unless you rock an Atlas damn well)

          Doesn't matter how good you are, even an Atlas will go down if you're taking focused fire from a few mechs at once.

      I played a bit right at the start, and honestly didn't play much after that.
      I found it got very boring very quickly during the repetitiveness. I liked the way you used to be able to build mechs from scratch, and this new system seems to be very restrictive. Though it may have changed over the last few patches.
      The construction of the mechs it what really kills MWO for me.

        Remember, this is set before the Clan Invasion, and hence omnimechs and omni-hardpoints aren't in yet. Hence most of the restrictions to the mechs.

      I actually haven't played it much. From what I played it had the big clunky clunky of a mech down and the movement was nice, but it didn't really feel link mechwarrior to me. I think it is just the jump into the same map as a death match, there was no tactics or story line there.
      I didn't really follow the reports and stuff that is meant to be filling in the lore as it seemed totally irrelevant to the game itself.
      Had it been more strategic with objectives, or even had a overall map that you locked your side to and victory advanced your area of control it might have done something for me.
      But with no story in game and apparently no reason to be fighting it was too pew pew and not enough mechwarrior for me

        As the game progresses towards Open Beta and full release, they'll be adding the story-based stuff into the game - for example, you can align yourself with one of the factions and try to take over or defened planets, etc.

          I'll probably give it another try then. Like I said it just didn't feel mechwarriory enough for me at the start.

      MWO is so much fun. I love tooling around in a Gauss-equipped Hunchback, or in my go-faster Commando.
      Super fast troll-mando is fun!

    @alex pants

    I completely forgot abut metric even being released this year i have listened to it so much.
    ALBUM OF THE YEAR is most definitely synthetica


    So who's going to this EB Expo thing? I heard it's about games.

      Im going on Sunday and so is Blargh from what I understand


        By which I mean, "Yes indeedily, I am."

          Count me in for the sunday crowd.

            woohoo! Come and say hello, i like when tay and real life collide!

              Why what are you doing there?

                She's reporting on events on the show floor. Tune in at 11am on Saturday for news on Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2, 11:45 for the Wii U showcase, 1.30 pm for REVENGEANCE and so on and so forth.



                I'm not a creepy stalker.

                  LOL Blaghzy. I think you have it memorised better then i do!

                  I was cheating, reading off this article written by some Community Manager.

                  Edit: Wait, I should have said like "Some Community Manager with ridiculous hair."

                  Last edited 04/10/12 3:10 pm

            But your Saturday. You cant go on a Sunday. ehhehhehheh

              No, normally Sunday goes on top.

              Also, I'm unsure about my choice of handle now. Every time somebody posts "I did [blank] on saturday," I get the weirdest mental pictures.


                There's also a whole litany of creepy lines in the same vein as the ending of "The World is not Enough."

                  I like brosnan, but his era was truly the cheesiest.

                  "I thought christmas only comes once a year."

                  Just horrible. However, it did offer one really good one-liner.

                  "You won't kill me. You'll miss me."
                  "I never miss."

                  They're just so wonderfully dreadful. But I guess it was needed after Dalton almost killed the franchise.

                  Also: 'Aston Martin call it the "Vanquish" — we call it the "Vanish".'

                  Oh man, that car. Over-the-top by bond standards.

                  Also- "TIME TO FACE DESTINY!"
                  *Pulls parachute cord*
                  "TIME TO FACE GRAVITY!"

                  I dunno, the Vanquish was pretty over the top, but I don't think it really beats the remote control car from Tomorrow never dies.

                  Also, so many lines that went straight over my head when I first saw these movies.

                  "James Bond: [Whilst being in bed with his Scandinavian language tutor] I always enjoyed learning a new tongue.
                  Moneypenny: You always were a cunning linguist, James. "

                  Yeah, but at least it was within the realm of possibility and it made for an amusing chase scene. The invisible car served no purpose than to be shot a few times and become visible again.

                  And we could go on all day with Brosnan quotes, the ratio of one-liners to regular dialogue in his movies is too damn high.

      Eeyup, I'll be in Sydney all weekend.

        I'll also be in Sydney all weekend, but probably won't be going to the Expo :P

      You guys should totally meat. It'll make lambo happy!

      ME! I'm going to be there on Sunday.
      Also, I'll have some free time between 4:30 and ~7:30 if anyone wants to have a meat afterwards?

        Quickly! Before everybody seperates, plan a meat!

        .. somebody else other than me!

          So it's settled. There will be a meat and you will all be attending. Fun will be had!

            With special guest appearance by...

            D.C. and his grey eyebrows!

              Hey, I enable meats. Don't go to 'em. :P

        I will be there until Rize decides that he wants to go home. Assuming that he's still giving me a lift, of course...

          Oh yeah, about that...

          ...nah, it's all still good. I have no solid plans for Sunday yet, other than not to rush the morning due to possible tiredness, dehydration, dry eyes, poor balance, and nausea.

            I'm happy to leave very late, though I guess I'd understand if that didn't work for you.

        What if we all go with TAY written on our arms in big letters and then we can try and spot each other. Or we could just meet outside the front doors when its over.

          ... I am actually down for that.

          The tay on our arms. Maybe armbands, I'm skinny as a stick.

            It's funnier when you can't clearly identify each other, then keep looking at people you might know and wondering if you should talk to them. Then, don't talk to them and feel slightly more awkward.

            It's a proven method.

              Which is why I will do all I can to be recognisable.


              Actually, I could bring my cloak.

              Then everyone could just assume that the dickhead wearing a cloak is me...

                Do what you're saying is that there will be many of you there.

              Last year, I think Tadmod was the tallest person in the entire expo. Somehow didn't find him until near the end though...

      I'll be in Sydney but I'm trying to work out if I'm going to be there.

    My eye brows are going grey. :S

    20s! \o/


      Shave them off!


          I don't mind all that much. For now. If any one asks I'll say something scared me real bad like the kid in The Sixth Sense or Nadine in The Stand. :P

          I found my first grey hair when I was in primary school.
          Needless to say, I've been colouring my hair ever since.

      I kinda look foward to the day my goatee goes grey. On a slightly related not I had a woodwork teacher with Silver hair that he always had spiked up like super syain gohan with short hair. (He was in his 40s or 50s i think)

        I kinda look forward to the day my goatee is long enough to bleach and dye the tip pink.

        Haha! I don't know what a super syain gohan is, but I assume it's wierd and awesome!

      Don't worry man, grey eyebrows are a perfectly acceptable

      oh man I can't even finish that sentence I keep thinking that you have regular hair but completely grey eyebrows and it's just pretty funny to imagine.

        You monster. It's only a little right now. Last hair cut there was plenty of grey too. (Everyone remember my self-loathing post? :P) Probably was a subtle, slow process but I never look in the mirror, so was surprised. :D

          It's kind of funny, the only time I notice that my father's hair is going grey is when we go on holidays. So it seems that he enjoys the stress of work, but going skiing brings out all the grey...

          Hey hey hey, I started getting grey hairs when I was 16, so chances are when I hit my 30's I might just be completely grey.

          But seriously, for instance you have black hair but grey eyebrows? C'mon.. that's funny..

          Yeah, I'm a monster.

            I suppose it'll round off the crazed hermit look nicely in time. :P

              Hey, some of the wisest people are crazy hermits. I'm sure you'll be no exception.

      I want grey wings...(temples).

        First step to becoming a super villain! :D

        Me too. Cannot wait for that part of my life, hope it lasts fifty years!

    You see that pic from fabsugar at the bottom of the page? I thought that was a gun sight when I first saw it...

      Me too. It's like some sort of Rorschach test. tomorrow: "Gamers see gun sights in everyday objects"

        (I saw it too :( )

      I would of had no idea what it was if i didnt read the caption.

      Oh man me too! The pic didn't appear when I first read this so I had no idea how Cameron Diaz's face could resemble a gun sight :)

    Awesome. Someone put a metal bin behind my ute where I couldn't see it. Not even a month old and the back is already destroyed.

    WTF is wrong with people?

      Aw, fuck. I'm sorry, man. That's horrible. :(

        There's a council member who lives down the road. Her kids spray painted penises on all the parked cars on the street one day. Among other things they've done. I'd say it was them. Problem is whenever anyone complains or confronts her suddenly they find all sorts of problems happening with their rates and approvals and stuff.

          Corruption at its finest. :S Fixable? You okay?

          Jesus. Did anyone catch the kids in the act with the spraypaint? Because that's the sort of thing that should get escalated to the police, not just to their corrupt mother.

          She deserves to be reported, then. There are places you can take it.

          So many levels of shithouse.
          Hopefully it's easy enough to sort out.

          Ohhhh man. Our local council member's like that too. The road we live on is a dirt road, a real one, council put up a sign on the corner and everything, but they refuse to maintain it, have never done anything to fix it ever in the last 5 years we've lived here and neither us or our neighbours have the money or means to get it fixed so it's fallen into serious disrepair. Our neighbours complained (there are only two properties which use the road), and now the garbage trucks don't go down to their end of the street anymore. They have to take their bins up to the other end of the road, which is about a 600m walk away from their house. We also tried complaining once and the council member threatened she'd do the same thing to us too >:(

      That sucks man, but if insurance covers it, could of been worse. Sucks though.

    Is it Friday yet?

      You overshot it, it's currently 2103.

      And it's Thursday still.

        I read that as you saying that it was 9.03 pm, and I was very confused.

        Is he the doctor

          I'm sorry Rocket, your name may share some letters with Rory's, but you can't hope to ever be as awesome as him. He's amazing, and you're... well... you're pretty okay.

          Sure, just wait, and protect that cube for.. you know.. a thousand years or so at the cost of your humanity and the fact that your hot red head never really appreciates you even though you waited a really damn long time.

          Or alternatively I'm number 9 and the only female around is eternally in love with me which is kinda creepy. There's Jack, but, uh, yeah.

          Last edited 04/10/12 2:47 pm

            Closer to two thousand years, I believe. Since I think it's supposed to be in England, assuming that it's at least approximating our timeline, we're dealing with anywhere between about 50 and... 400CE?

            Oh, I forgot to add "but it's totally worth it because she's bangin'."

            Last edited 04/10/12 2:57 pm

              I guessed, honestly.

              Or I could be number 10. Ahaha, I'm not gonna started on 10 and relationships.

              EDIT: Yes. She is bangin.

              Last edited 04/10/12 3:00 pm

                I like bringing cold hard logic into everything, and generally being a complete buzz-kill. It's quite dull, though people tend to get used to it.

            Amy Pond shits me to tears.

              But... But... Boobs.

              I mean, uhhh... Hmmm... Errr... Yeah.

                Oh, she's easy on the eyes, but her character is irritating to me...and her behaviour in her relationship with Rory is... aggravating.

                  Oh, don't worry, I agree. However it's made up for with the fact that Rory is excellent.

      You know it's going to be a bad week when you're asking that question on a Tuesday.


      Wait, it's the other thing. I can't remember the word. What's the opposite of yes?

    Television, or rather televisual entertainment is found in both a private and public (lounge-room VS cinema) setting, right? Music is somewhat less ingrained into people as something you attend for the sole purpose of listening. Yes, we have concerts/festivals etc, and some have wonderful Hi-Fi setups at home, but the 'typical' person has what, an iPod with the top40 on it, as a background to day-to-day life.
    I realise I'm seriously digressing at this point, but while I'm at it...
    We devote time, attention and money to video entertainment. Music, not so much.
    What about gaming? Do you see the potential for cinema-style public gaming entertainment? Would it work outside of the e-sports leagues, if you consider that an equivalent of this 'cinema-style digital interactive entertainment'?

      The Mana Bar, an extension of LAN cafes might be more suitable to gaming than a cinema type setup. A Star Trek-like Holodeck thing could happen eventually too.

      Last edited 04/10/12 3:03 pm

        While the Mana Bar sounds FREAKING AMAZEBALLS AND I WANT TO GO THERE RIGHT FREAKING NOW I see it more as a nightclub, with alcohol being the main draw, and the music (or in this case, games) being a background filler to that.

          The Holodeck thing might sound weird, but they had a similar 'games' type place in Minority Report too. If that tech was ever developed, I reckon it would take off like crazy.

          Last edited 04/10/12 3:12 pm

            I reckon that augmented reality games are going to be enormous in the future. To really work well an AR system would need to be able to track exactly where you are (sensitive GPS + kinect-style depth cameras). It would need to be able to process what you see in realtime, overlaying game things directly into your vision with very low latency (Oculus Rift, Google Glass etc are the forerunners for this tech). You would probably need kinect-style depth sensing from your viewpoint too. With a couple of depth cameras overlapping in a location and extra information from your own view as well, a server would be able to cross-correlate the location of just about everything and accurately insert game entities with proper collision detection etc. Then it'd be a problem of your input to the world which probably would involve some haptic gloves or similar. We're taking incremental steps at the moment but this is where a lot of the tech converges in 10-15 years IMO.

          The Mana Bar is a shoebox with cocktails and consoles. Don't get your hopes too high.

            Sounds like a decent improvement on the old formula of 'shoebox+cocktails' :P

            Maybe I am a little hype because I've never seen it. I also fear it'd be PACKED with teh hipsters.

              It's only packed with hipsters if you go on trivia night and DAN! is there.

                But I love trivia nights!
                We only have an annual one here. It's AWESOME.
                Except it's all about sportsball. I suck at sportsball.

                  If you're in Brisbane when there's one on, I'm sure we can get Mario Speedwagon back together.

                  Hey, we totally won when I was there!

      I believe what you are looking for is an arcade or LAN cafe.

      Outside e-sports, no, I can't see it. I can see people attempting it, but I can't see it ever taking off.

      Edit: I mean, as Trjn said, arcades and LAN cafes, sure. But I can't ever see it becoming something major like the cinemas.

      Double edit: Actually, now that I think about it, an advanced version of that glasses 3D thing that lets two people play on the same TV with the whole screen to themselves could work. I could possibly see, in the distant future, people going into a room with a giant screen, putting on their glasses and playing a match of CoD or Halo or whatever game is popular at the time, with each person having the entire screen to themselves and only seeing their character. I can see maybe cinema or arcades offering this experience.

      Last edited 04/10/12 3:07 pm

        Arcades and LAN cafes aren't major in Western countries.

        Japan, Singapore and Korea seem to be picking up the slack there. We wouldn't have eSports in its current form if not for the Japanese arcade scene and the Korean PC bangs.

        EDIT: Credit to the Californian arcade scene as well, and I guess New York. Without them, there'd be no MAHVEL BABEY!

        Last edited 04/10/12 3:18 pm

      Thing is games are interactive, and generally only by one person per machine/screen.
      So the only really way that a large group of people could enjoy a game is by watching other people play it, a la Esports.
      Games, in this way, have more in common with sport than a movie.

      I don't think it would really work out side the e-sports league.

      But let's go back a step, televisual entertainment, is, by its very definition about stimulating both your eyes, and your ears, in that sense, it works best as something that you focus primarily on while consuming it. Music is only an aural experience, and so it allows us to focus on other senses while still putting a decent amount of concentration to the sound.

      The thing with games is that when you play one, it's usually affecting your sight, your hearing, and your physical senses. When you remove one element of that, you lose a lot of what playing is really about. That's not so say that playing is a necessity for enjoying a game, look at let's plays for instance, it's just that in general, watching a dude play a game is not all that interesting. E-sports typically escape this by having considerably more than what you can see on one screen going on. So you get high level thought over character or weapon choices, picks designed against a certain player, things like that, and the appeal is there. I guess, it's akin to watching a game of AFL, rather than watching a filmed game of backyard cricket.

        Yeah, I see what you mean.
        I just thought it was a little strange, in that arcades as I knew them have all but disappeared, and every single LAN cafe I've known has gone bust. It's just too easy to sit in the comfort of your own home and play games.

        My formative gaming experiences were never solo play. Even when playing single-player games, there was always 2-3 others watching.
        I guess I just want to see a resurgence in that, although I dare say it's just not feasible.
        Watching livestreams is in a similar vein - I think - which may be the underlying reasoning behind me wanting to try to do a livestream when I get Borderlands 2. Iunno, grabbing at fleeting memories, perhaps?

    New conversation tree because I'm just that evil.

    Looks like Freyr and I are going to be at EB Expo on Sunday and will almost definitely show up to any post Expo meat as well.


      One of those things is a lie.

      It's the finding you one. I'll let you find me. Then I will throw things at you.

        I'll give you my number on TS later tonight so that you can track us down. Forget this finding nonsense, that sounds like effort.

          Pshh. I'll just give you my number here. It's 0118 999 881 999 119 725... 3.

            Really? Mine's just three.

      It's funny, a bunch of TAYbies are going and yet no solid meat plans have been made. Well, maybe on twitter, but I don't peruse the twittersphere so yeah.

      Sunday's the magic day, though.

        Yeah, planning is effort. I vote everyone should just try and find Harli, and hang around her until other TAYbies appear...

        But then, I also voted for the giant penis in the last election, so I don't think my votes are worth much.

          I'll be chained to the GS booth for the majority of it, so I won't be hard to find!

            So you're saying we should bring bolt cutter?

      Should I be getting you two an engagement present or something? :P

      (You're not the only 'evil' one here :3)

        There are a few steps between becoming a couple and getting engaged but I'm not going to turn down presents.

          Cool. So I now have ideas on how to troll 4 of the taybies while at the expo :3
          (Whether or not I actually follow through and put these trollish plans into motion is yet to be seen. I probably won't though :P)

      I'm staying in Sydney an extra night just in case something gets planned last minute. I like things to be planned well in advance! You guys will be the death of me!

      (Nah, you're all alright)

        Just you wait and see, someone will come up with a plan for a meat about 5 mins before the expo ends. :P

          There will be a bunch of us together and someone will say "to the pub?" and the group will echo back "to the pub!"


            ...but I'm still not old enough to go to the pub /o\
            Also, my dad and younger brother will be with me, and I doubt my parents would let me go wandering around Sydney without either of them :P

              "Don't worry! The crowd of over 18s I met on the Internet will take care of me!"

              Always works.

                It works most of the time. That's what Brisbane meats are.

                  No, the only reason I was allowed to go to those was because I told my mum that there was going to be a 30-something mother there as well :P

                  Just tell your mum that your doctor friend will be there :p

    @Rockets I'm gopnna revive your music thread because music is awesome and p.s. we should go see Crystal Castles.

    Fav albums of 2012: Beach House-Bloom, Grizzly Bear-Shields, Metric-Synthetica, Sleigh Bells-Reign of Terror, Tanlines-Mixed Emotions, The Maccabees-Given to the Wild, Efterklang-Piramida

    songs of 2012: Agreed on Laura-Bat for Lashes (so good, as is All Your Gold - gonna be an amazing album), Plague by Crystal Castles, The Fox / Tomorrow by Niki and the Dove, Holland by Cold Specks, Bones by MS MR, Fineshrine by Purity Ring, aaand Make Rain by Super700.

    Probs missing stuff but those were/are amazing imo.

      I seriously reckon The Fox is probably song of the year for me. Listened to it so many times, never gets old. Heard nothing like it before.

      Purity Ring's another BIG one for me lately. Holy crap, yes.

      The lyrics are rather twisted, too. "cut open my sternum and wrap my ribs around you" if I recall correctly. Coming from that voice, it's unnerving :D

        Haha, yeah... but such a captivating voice. Really love how they are combining vocals and electronic synthy stuff, sounds awesome.

          Do they only have 3 songs thus far, or am I just blind?
          I've had Belispeaks and... the other one, for a few months now I think. Heard Fineshrine a little while ago on JJJ, and new the sounds INSTANTLY.
          I can't seem to find anything else by them though.

          Really, really awesome stuff.

      I forgot stuff when i made mine
      Sleigh bells are banging to use young people code and purity ring has a sound that is so strangely calming and captavating. love it. The whole album is brilliant. I love plague but its a hard call saying favourite song this year because its only been out for a while.

        I think i listen to a little to much music, seriously i like such a variety of things my taste ranges alot. I am just remembering even more music that i have loved this year that i didn't put on my list.


      *Kermit arm flailing*

        Yeah, it really didnt grab me at first. I passed it off as a kind of rock album I'd heard before. But you guys got me listening again and, I dont know... something so engaging about that album. Cant put my finger on it, I think its just really solid. Has a great energy about it.

      Listened to the new Ben Folds Five album yet? I'm really really enjoying it so far.

    TAYing while on a conference call...


      I'm setting up a laptop for someone. Not my fault there's nothing to do while everything is updating.

      Watch out! We're dealing with a badass over here!

        Step aside, badass coming through.

        Next thing you know I'll be TAYing while at work.

    My god, I just made the mistake of clicking on the "gun sight" picture.
    A gun sight, with the gun included would be a hell of a lot cheaper. I'll never understand those sort of dames.

      They have large assests.
      They aren't able to be liquidated though. Unless tey have kids.

    How 'bout them ducks, eh?

      Oh, right.

      Thanks to Mr. Serrels for sharing.

        I don't believe in evolution, homeschooled. Makes much more sense now

          To be fair, just because you're homeschooled doesn't mean your some sort of religious fanatic or don't have the same level as knowledge about subjects as regular school children do.

            Yeah, this. I noticed here and on Twitter that the duck thing was bringing out a fair bit of homeschool prejudice.

            I was actually considering home-schooling my son because the Queensland education system is awful and I thought he might have a better chance with home-school. :P

              I don't think it's prejudice, it's just reacting to what's in front of them.
              If a 14 year old comes out with garbage like that, who is to blame? TV? School? Friends? Or is it the parents that undoubtedly drummed this sort of view into their child?
              There is nothing wrong with home schooling, when when the outcome is that 14 year old.... you're doing it wrong.

              Home ec wouldve been the best subjects with Strange as teacher

              Much of it depends on the reason for homeschooling.
              One of the nicest, smartest guys I meet during my high school years was home schooled. If you are doing it because that will give your child the best chance at life then go for it (Not a firm believer but I don't think they should be home schooled past year 9 at the absolute maximum)
              If you are homeschooling them so that they avoid being exposed to world views that counteract your own and want to ensure that their opinions match your own then you are doing it wrong. IMO

            True and I didn't mean to imply that. More that it makes sense to me that you could make that sort of logic without being questioned within an environment that is more controlled.
            That doesn't make sense either but the words, they are hard today.

            To be able to make that assertion with being challenged enough to counter act it is something I think could only happen in a home schooled environment.

              Yeah, I'm with you on this Tigs.
              It's not that I view homeschooling as inherently bad or wrong, it simply allows for potentially unjust/misguided notions to be brought in, without the counterbalance of an open forum.

                I dunno guys, based on my sample basis of "Lambo"(also, some of my cousins), I've come to the conclusion that Home Schooled people are biased against fans. Maybe they're all knowledgeable of the fans future attempts to kill us all, and are trying to protect us in the present, or maybe it's just a crazy bias. I don't know.

                  I'm a huge metal fan.

              I don't think it's something that could only happen in a home schooled enviroment. You can still be in a controlled enviroment with lots of people around. How many children would have their negative views of homosexuality questioned if they attended a private Christian school? How many children of liberals would have their views questioned if they attended a more left wing aligned school?

              If anything, the children could grow up to be more fanatical as their views are being reinforced by many people rather than just their parents.

        Ducks are well known rapists. I'd say we're better off not being like them.

        I'll also point out, when homosexuality stopped being acceptable and Christianity* took over humanity was plunged into something known as the dark ages, and it wasn't until the renaissance and thanks to men like Leonardo da Vinci, who many believe might have been homosexual, that we managed to come out of it.

        If anything we should all try and be more gay. Our society seems to flourish when we are.

        *Nothing against modern day Christians or Christianity in general, but the ancient Christians were sort of dicks (and I guess some still are).

        And I just saw her age being listed as 14. I sort of feel like a bit of a jerk now for my criticism.

        Last edited 04/10/12 4:27 pm

          The criticism is justified, although the target itself probably didn't warrant it.
          It's still a retarded statement, and deserves to be called out. I'm not sure that it's the 14yo at fault here though.

          Which raises another point. I was deemed capable of making a life-changing (I guess? I decided to leave mum and move across the country to live with dad) decision age ten.
          At what point should we be responsible for our beliefs, actions and words?
          To extend upon this, what about the 14yo that was mentioned on the Huffington Post, who's now being charged for first-degree murder over the death of her newborn child?

          Was I ready and responsible for my choice at age ten? Were my parents responsible for it?
          Was this 14yo, homeschooled person deserving of the criticism brought onto her (directly or not) from this statement? Is the criticism itself warranted?

          As far as I see it, it's all on a case-by-case study. This girl appears to have a distorted belief on homosexuality, which could be attributed towards the fact that she was not educated in a government-recognized curriculum. And I don't see you as a jerk in any way, shape or form.

            I agree - You can't blame a child for views like this. It comes from the parent.
            More so, a child who is home schooled, for the simple fact that views like this are allowed to grow and flourish in a "walled garden" environment. Children need to be exposed to, opposing views, other cultures, other religions etc. America is horrible at this, even in state schooling they still manage to screw up general world geography and history.

            Forgot comment on your other points.

            In general, I'd say the age is irrelevant, it's up to the maturity of the child.
            Some children, and in fact this mostly depends on their up bringing can be way ahead of 16,17,18 year olds. This would really have to be evaluated on an individual level.

            Last edited 04/10/12 5:00 pm

          "and it wasn't until the renaissance and thanks to men like Leonardo da Vinci, who many believe might have been homosexual, that we managed to come out of it."
          Let's not forget about men like Martin Luther and the whole protestant movement (although, they had their own bad parts too. *cough* puritans *cough*)

          Also, I think you'll find that homosexuality becoming unacceptable didn't cause the dark ages (that's how I'm reading your statement, correct me if I'm wrong please), it was the other way round and just rather inconsequential in that aspect.

          Last edited 04/10/12 4:51 pm

            Yeah, I probably didn't word that right. I didn't intend to imply that the dark ages were caused by homosexuality no longer being acceptable, I was just being a little snide.

              Also, I don't think you'll find Christianity to blame for the dark ages, just the abuse of it to gain power and control people. Some of the things in Catholicism I don't even know how they got from the bible. Namely, having a pope, worshipping Mary and the saints as almost gods, and penance. (No offence intended whatsoever to any catholics out there)
              Pretty much any religion when used for the purpose of controlling people could cause a dark age, not just Christianity.

          And yet on the other hand, without Christianity (specifically protestantism) we wouldn't have modern science.

          The most glaring problem in the whole thing is the kid's warped view of evolution. We haven't 'evolved' in the last 2000 years. We're not more intelligent. We're still just as human as the Romans were and they're just as human as we are. Transplant an ancient Roman as an infant to modern day and they'd be no more or less capable. This is the same trap that batshit crazy people like the Ancient Aliens people fall into: starting from the faulty premise that the people of more primitive times were less intelligent they assume that the only way they could have built intricate devices or lasting monuments was because of the intervention of a higher power. Rubbish.

          Carl Sagan's Cosmos should be mandatory viewing for all children in school, then we'd have to put up with a whole lot less of this shit.

        Wow... just wow.
        Then again I spend all day reading stuff like this on Reddit.
        Then I go home and weep quietly whenever I think of the future of mankind

        You have to admit though, it'd make a pretty damn good premise for a sci-fi story. The kind that goes on to win multiple awards for 'tackling the issues in our culture today', you know the kind.

          In the year 2152, the Ducks have taken over. The human race faces extinction. Only one man can stop it. He must battle the Ducks and turn as many gays straight in 24 hours as he can, or else humanity is doomed.

          Staring Mel Gibson.

   the Ducks evolved into fairies.

        Based especially on the last part which reads very lighthearted, I'm going to go right ahead and assume it's a joke and nobody can sway me from that because I don't want to contemplate the possibility of it being an actual belief held by anyone. :P

          Don't read any "What's the stupidest thing you've heard someone say" posts on reddit then. Your faith in humanity will be completely shattered.

            Luckily for me I stay away from Reddit. I've heard the US Kotaku editors repost the best stuff from there, anyway....

      It's a good thing she said ducks instead of swans. If it was swans she was talking about, she would have had your full support

        And that hiss. Oh dear lord, I'll never forget that hiss...

      The funniest part is I had written them of as crazy yanks, but then I realise they are kiwis :D

      Wait...we have left and right wings. THEY'VE ALREADY INFILTRATED OUR POLITICS!!!

        I'm going to blow your mind here.

        Okay, so ducks are birds, right?

        What are birds? Where did they come from?

        The answer is that birds evolved from dinosaurs. They literally are modern-day versions.

        More particularly, they evolved from theropod dinosaurs. Most closely related being the Deinonychosauria clade.

        What is the most recognizable creature in that clade?


        Ducks are raptors in disguise. Duck uprisings are very serious business.


    So following on from a most talking about words are hard, is anybody considering doing NaNoWriMo this year?
    I just received the first email talking about it and thinking I might give it a go this year after chickening out (being to busy) last year.

    What do you mean you don't know what NaNoWriMo is?
    From teh website: National Novel Writing Month is a fun, seat-of-your-pants approach to novel writing. Participants begin writing on November 1. The goal is to write a 50,000-word (approximately 175-page) novel by 11:59:59 PM on November 30.

    I get very little in the way of creative outlet with work (or even hobbies these days) so think it would be good to try and do something. I'll probably fail terribly but well better to have tried and failed and all that jazz.

    Last year they had almost 37 thousand novels written, which is a achievement in itself.

      I'd like to do it, but for the past couple years there's just been far too much going on in November for me to give it a go. It's normally crunch time for handing in assignments and taking exams. I wish it was in January, I've normally got a lot of free time in January.

      I'm really not a creative writer, but I'd be interested in reading some of TAY's submissions!

      I'd be more likely to do a couple short stories. Perhaps.

      I tried last year and failed so miserably it wasn't funny. Not trying this year, I just don't have anything I want to write.

        I have a few random ideas I am toying with but nothing that is really concrete coming together with a full story. I have bits and pieces and ideas for things that could happen, or particular scenes and characters but can't come up with the overriding story arc to tie it together.
        Oh well I guess I still have a month to get something sorted.

        Currently leaning towards a medievel era fantasy story set in a kingdom recently conquered by a neighbouring faction.
        Not sure if the primary focus should be on a small guerrilla group or a multiple person story of how different people deal with the situation. Like the idea of a political manoeuvrings kinda story with people trying to take advantage of the new leadership to get up on ancient rivals or new feuds between previous friends as they choose to oppose or support the new leaders (Think greymane and battle-born)
        As for overall arc there is an inkling that perhaps the previous leadership had a dark secret (slavery, resurrecting demons, torture for fun, something) that is revealed to the protagonists somewhere down the track.
        So an emotional crossroads of implementing the status quo with the darkness that is now revealed or aiding the enemy. Also how they can justify their actions (soem of which will not have been pleasant) in the defense of something that turns out to be horrible.

        Not sure, hopefully that doesn't sound terribad

        I know Shane was saying something about self help books about writing. I can't remember exactly what he was saying or if he mentioned any titles. Maybe I'll just duck out and buy a couple anyway :P

          I'm in a similar situation. I've got characters, scenes and a general setting in my mind, but I've yet to come up with an overall story to tie it all together. I've got a few ideas, but I've still got to connect some things together and come up with some specifics.

          "...multiple person story of how different people deal with the situation."

          Oh, Tigs. You sure know how to capture my interest! That is my absolute favourite form of storytelling across all media. Love it!

          (Though obviously it's up to you in the end. But you'd get an automatic A+ from me if you go this route ;D)

      I was thinking about maybe doing it, but then I figured I'll probably be doing a billion other things

      Wow, those are a lot of words. I'd like to do it but I don't think any of the crazy(possibly dumb) stuff in my head can cover 175 pages. Hmm maybe if I do a series of short stories? :-)

        Yeah, I'm much the same mate. All my things tend to be 2-3 pages, tops. More often than not it's just a half-page ramble with 'big' words thrown in to sound like I know what I'm talking about.

          Let's team up and create a series of short stories called,

          The Ramblings of the Amazing Aleph and Marvelous Masha

      I sign up every year. Only won twice out of about eight years. I'll be there somewhere! Sign-up name is canberra_boy_redux

    Can someone please send me a dinosaur card for my birthday?

    That would be amazing.



    Also I think I've only ever told one TAYbie about my birthday because we were randomly talking about birthdays for some reason... I doubt they remember the date though but I remember theirs :P (not creepy). But I only remember theirs cause a few other friends have birthdays then and it's my parents anniversary.

    But I'd very much like that dinosaur card.

    Please? :D

      I like this. 'I want a dinosaur birthday card, but I'm not telling you when my birthday is, also I know things about you people.'

      Creepius indeed!

      Is your birthday soon?

      I've never seen any dinosaur birthday cards but I'm sure TAY's resident dinosaur aficionado, POW, knows where to find some. :-)

      Pow, where are you hiding all the dinosaur cards? Greenius needs one.

        It's in January so a while away :P

        Yeah I don't think I've seen one either but someone on TeamSpeak said they got one so I was mad jelly and envious.

          Btw is it a card with a dinosaur on it or a dinosaur-shaped card?

            Who knows, but I want both.

              I had a roll of dinosaur wrapping that I used for all presents. Little cartoon dinosaurs with speech bubbles that said "RAWR".
              I originally bought it for people with birthdays near Christmas, because they'd always get Christmas wrapping. So I was thoughtful enough to get them something slightly less inappropriate, because I'm a jerk like that.

                Can I please have a dinosaur card wrapped in dinosaur wrapping?

                Dream birthday present right there.

                  It's my bday in January too! Must be a good month for hermits! :P

                  Last edited 04/10/12 7:50 pm

          With some luck, it's possible I might be in Melbourne in mid-January! I'll make you a special dino-cake! (A Woolies cake that has been cut to somewhat resemble a dinosaur. I eat the offcuts.)

            :D dinosaur themed meat!

            Strange is coming down late-Jan too

    Hey Mawt,

    I'm interested in the Roll 20 RPG game you were asking about a page or so back. I've never played the games but I'm willing to try.

    I got bored and started browsing through The Escapist (It's somehow has even more pretentious tools then when I cracked it and left the site) and Shamus Young brought up a good point about Kickstarter.
    "But aside from dishonest people looking to cash in on the goodwill and excitement, there's the wider problem that some projects just plain fail, even when the developer has good intentions. Projects have run out of money in the past, and I'm sure it will happen to a Kickstarter project sooner or later. Then we will find out how many donors understood what they were getting into, and how many were just using donations as if they were pre-ordering a game.
    In business, when you invest in something you can lose money. Sometimes you can lose everything you put in. Investors take the risk because they will get a cut of the profits if the project is a success. But Kickstarter donors don't get a cut of the profits. They just get a copy of the game, if it survives to release. Sooner or later a Kickstarted game will fail, and the backers will get nothing. There will be outrage and bad press and other projects will need to work even harder to assure potential backers they can bring a game to market."

    And it is going to happen. And everyone will scream that they are owed something and the devs are the worst people ever. God help anyone if 4chan or Reddit have backed any of them.

      Also shut up with the old news and the laughter and the get with the times.

      I have no feelings for The escapist either way, it's an average site, I just go there for my weekly Jimquisition and Zero Punctuation videos.

      Good point on the Kickstarter thing though.

    So I am not in the happiest of moods.
    It doesn't help that Mum keeps harping on about the same freaking subject.
    I told her not to worry about how my Aunt is getting to the party, I have left messages on her phone and answering machine. There's nothing more we can do.

      Oh, man. :( I hope you feel better, scree! A party in her honor means she shouldn't stress! :D

        I'm trying to tell her that but she never listens to me

    Our good pal Sughly has put Anna's Quest on Steam Greenlight. Here's the link!

      (Can totally buy it through his website too, in case you've been living off the TAY grid for the past week and a half. I liked it a whole damn lot, I've gotta say!)

      Last edited 04/10/12 6:59 pm

      I did that and got totally ripped off. Something about blah blah mumbo jumbo "This does not mean that your payment has been processed or that your order has been approved."
      But it has totally been approved. If I don't have the creepy postman round soon, imma send Josephine after him.

        Oh, yeah. I had that too.

        There was a twenty minute or so processing thingy. Was getting worried. :(

        You should get an e-mail with a download link. Make sure to check the spam folder.

        (Also e-mail 'em if you think there's problems!)

        Last edited 04/10/12 7:31 pm

    Ugh.... too much.....KFC... I'm fearing an oncoming chunderstorm....

      I had KFC for lunch.

      Didn't have the usual amount of regret though! :D

      I had kebabs for dinner/lunch from a shop near my work. Blergh. They are ok when you're eating them but an hour or so later there is a weird taste in my mouth and I don't remember them being so good.

      The weird thing is that I've had them for three days this week. I think it's because it's on my way home and I'm too tired to cook and the owner always gives me a discount. I need to stop. Note to self, don't eat any kebabs next week. The fat dripping from them as you finish them should be enough to scare you off .

    Sorry about ruining the mood before!
    I'll try to be happier. I'll try. =D

      Scree, you could never ruin the mood! :D

        I always ruin the mood! Oh god, I'm so sorry! *runs off crying*

          Haha! I have the same fear every freakin' day, but in this case I've got some perspective: no mood ruined!

            I worry about everything. Well really, i relax about everything until it gets close to something and then I panic.

              Hope the panic passes, my friend! :D

                Eh, I'm used to it. Anxiety ain't no thang.

                (I say that, but I would probably panic like crazy still ^^:: )

            That D.C. guy always editing and reading his old comments to make sure no one was offended!

            It ruins my mood when he's all scared that he did something wrong but totally didn't!

              No one hates him more than me. :P

                It also ruins my mood every time he rejects an offer to attend a meat :'(

                Are we not good enough friends for him!?

                  If only that was the case! Haha! ;)

                  It's okay DC I can't always attend meats =(

                  D.C always never doesn't avoid meats.

                  He's a broken man who's got his reasons. :D

                  Which we respect, although that doesn't mean we will stop offering (or bribing)

    Today was a good day!

    Also, HI FRONDS!

      That's good to hear! Hope life's treating you decently, buddy!

      Last edited 04/10/12 8:15 pm

    Fellow TAYbies,
    What's something good to do on a Thursday night?

      Play solitaire!
      I think that's just me though

        Finished in 230 seconds.
        Pity that I'm always going for under 3 minutes.

      I take it you've already watched South Park? :D

        Not yet.
        I think we've been capped... :`(

          I see you've been capped - that rules out a couple of my suggestions.

          If you are in Melbourne and you like music, then Thursday is a great night to go to a gig.

          From that list I'd be interested in the acoustic night and 29th Apartment in StKilda if I wasn't so tired. Fun venue.

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