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    OK maybe reading through old material wasn't such a good idea.
    Quick, help distract me with other stuff!


        I may or may not have 81 hours in the game, 96% of the achievements, a level 50 character and a level 37 character.

        I hear the game is pretty good.

          No, it hasn't arrived yet :(
          Still kinda pleased that I managed to score the vault hunter's edition, just gotta wait :D

            Did it come with the Premiere Club DLC? That's what you want since it has an extra character :D

              I... it came with the plastilootchestthing (shit, which one did I get?!) and stickers and a bobblehead and stuff that I really don't need.

                I'm pretty sure you didn't get a loot chest :P, that's the Loot Chest Edition not Vault Hunter. The Premiere Club DLC comes with all pre-orders

                  Yeah, I got the Vault Hunter Deluxe Edition? Iunno man, I'm just gettin' me some damned BL2 :P

          Also... by the time I get it, you guys will be all Borderlandsed out.
          This makes me sad, and does nothing for my sex drive :(

            hey hey, I'm down for a game whenever you needs it. I suspect I'm not gonna get borderlanderized out anytime soon.

      Shit, it was a pageget, too? I was kinda hoping for the forgotten-bottom-o'-the-page post :S
    ^ This sums up my feelings at the moment.

      The last line of the mouseover text. Yup.

      As romantic as the whole thing is, it's one thing to follow your dreams. It's another thing entirely for the majority of us to chase those dreams and still maintain the standard of living we do now. It's one of the greatest catch-22s I've ever known.
      I like my dreams. I love the fact that regardless of the monotony of everyday life, there *is* something, someplace where the grass is greener, and it's all. Fucking. Mine.
      I like to think we've all got that.

      But yeah, I certainly see where you're coming from man.

      That is awesome!
      @Aleph! Get yourself over here and read this. Make sure to read the hover-over text after you've read the comic.

      Edited to say "Doh - too late!" :P

      Last edited 04/10/12 11:11 pm

      Yeah nice sentiment but reality called and it has bills.
      While it would be nice to have grand dreams and spend your life chasing them; at the end of the day it comes down to needing food, clothes, shelter, transport and all that crap. And for that you need money and for that you need a real job.
      But hey, if you are one of the few lucky people who can earn a living off doing what you love then more power to you. The rest of us will be over here doing what we can.
      And spare a though for those of us who do not have dreams to chase.

      (Not directed at you Crazyguy, just the sentiment)

    I've heard his name pop up a few times but I don't really know, or care who Athene is but this was pretty cool:

    Also, she's definitely going to get stalked on WoW now. A pretty gamer who's also a model and whose character and server details were put on a video seen by thousands :P

      I tried watching this video he did on Diablo 3 finishing bosses in record times... he's such an egotistical human and his attitude when in game is not good. The guy loves to trash talk and troll

    OK, sorry to keep you all waiting.
    It's time for Thursday Night Crooners. \o/\o/\o/

    What? It's totally a thing.

      Sorry for raining on the parade, but it's a once-off Thursday Night PSY!

        Wow - that's amazing!!! Why was I not told about this?
        There'll be stern words in the morning with those responsible!

        Anyway - for the crooners die-hard;

      Also, I'm totally in favour of Thursday Night Crooners being a thing.
      I can DEFINITELY get behind this thing :D

    I have suddenly realised that I am super old.

    Like, super duper old.

    My "Classic Hits" radio has started playing songs that I remember from my childhood. Natalie Imbruglia's version of Torn was released in 1997. That's 15 years. That's NOT long enough for it to become a classic hit. Bad radio. BAD! *Starts crying*

      Triple M plays Linkin Park. The whole world is kind of broken.

      If it makes you feel any better blaghsy torn was released LESS than half my lifetime ago.

      So now I'm listening to "Moon River." So now I feel even older.

        Moon River is awesome!

        Come join us on our "Thursday Night Crooners" adventure!

          My problem is that I really don't know what constitutes a crooner...

          Edit: I say that as I start listening to Bublé...

          Last edited 04/10/12 11:57 pm

            Whatever you fancy will do at this point.
            A crooner is any male singer who sings jazz or popular standards - mostly with a big-band/orchestra backing. So anybody from Perry Como, Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra, right up to Michael Buble (urggghh!!).

            Edit just to say I wrote this before I saw your edit :P

            Last edited 05/10/12 12:04 am

              Hahaha, don't worry, I can understand why people don't like Bublé. I blame those in my house without a Y chromosome for introducing me to him...

                To be honest, he's actually pretty good at his craft. He's just... actually I don't know.

                I guess, to be honest, it's just that he's NOT the old guys he is replacing.
                But I should probably champion him for continuing a fading art.
                In fact, the more I think about it, the more I'm all like - "Michael Buble FTW"

                That's it. I'm done with thinking!

      Gosh, you guys are so old.

      Like, super duper old.

        Man, all those people born in the nineties are complete arses, aren't they?

        Why are you still awake? Isn't it way past your bedtime?

          Well I missed your reply because I was in bed. This is not going well

      Damn straight. I was in high school then. So not long ago at all. It's new enough to be cool still. I still am.. Right?


    Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit.

    Um. Okay. Possibly one of the more odd games I've played in a good while. Not sure if I like it or not. Sort of a platformer with a touch of Warioware in it. You're killing 100 monsters because a paparazzi took a photo of you banging a rubber duck in a bath. Then you platform around with some weird spinning blade jetpack drill...thing while hunting down monsters which when you kill bring up a Warioware style mini game. Usually consisting of mash X, then flashy random kill animation. Kill enough monsters proceed to next area.

    So far it's all style over substance but I've only played for half hour or so, maybe if picks up a bit but I'm doubting it.

    Further listening in the Thursday Night Crooners series.

    And with seeing this video, I go to sleep, with a smile smeared across my mug.
    Enjoy, and goodnight :D

    This is amazing


    - Vooks has a new Pokemon Black/White 2 competition up on their site. Only 1 copy to win of each game though but chances are pretty high for winning things on Vooks!

    linkie -

    - Pullblox/Pushmo sequel Fallblox/Crashmo! :D

    - I have been informed that they've installed a speed camera in an area which I sometimes accidentally speed through :/. HOPEFULLY I remember and don't go over the limit. (It's a fairly deserted area and by 'speeding' I mean only a couple-few over)

      Damn Asian drivers nearly worse than women.

        I'm an amazing driver, thank you very much.

        Much better than this country bumpkin who just had to drive around the block for his license! Pfft

          We should race tokyo drift style and see whats what. I know that i gave you the advantage by making it a drifting contest since you would probably be quite good at it. THATS HOW CONFIDENT I AM THAT I WILL CRUSH YOU.

      So much stuff to get excited for! FallBlox and a bunch of new eShop titles (we're finally getting Sakura Samurai :P). Though they pushed back Fire Emblem even further to the 2nd quarter of 2013... :|


        So far all I know of is Fallblox and Pikachu 3DSXL

          Must be too early for them :P Can't find a good summary anywhere.

          Basically what was announced for the eShop: FallBlox, Hana Samurai, Hydroventure (which looks to play similarly to LocoRoco on the PSP), Nano Assault EX, Denpa Men and 3 new eShop games published by LEVEL-5 (each co-created with a different studio, apparently). Sounds good to me!

            Level-5 news! :D


      You should probably change your phone's theme back from pink sometime.

        Perhaps if you hadn't set it to pink in the first place it wouldn't still be pink, eh?

          No, I'm pretty sure it's your fault it's still pink. :P

      Get a real phone ya bum.

    Psy livestreamed a concert on Youtube last night.

    I watched it. I'm not actually sure why.

    The crowd was ridiculously huge. Dude seems to be doing rather well for himself.

      I feel sorry for him, he is more of a joke than a star.

        But he is a rich joke.


            I'm also going to bet that he's incredibly self-aware about this whole thing.

            But hey, if you manage to release a song that gets as big as this, why not milk the bejesus out of it?

        Err no. He's a comedian and he made it to be funny. It's funny, he's known for it and good on him

          I know its a little tongue and cheek but its like people ask him to performance and just point to the stage and say
          " DO THE HORSEY DANCE'
          they laugh and then he doesn't even get to say what his name is.

            Yeah I guess that's true but what Aleph said below is also true. From vids I've seen people weren't all "DO THE DANCE" they were more like "OMG IT'S PSY!!"

            So you saw that clip of him on the Ellen show as well? :p

            That one came off as more of a cultural thing. Koreans introduce themselves, Americans don't.

              Yeah, but still he barely got to say 2 words.

                Cutural differences aside, I think the majority of people already knew who he was and Ellen introduced him saying he was there to do the dance so I guess that's just what everyone wanted.

                Hopefully he's cool and happy with how everything is but from the looks of it, I guess he is :D. Also money, a buttload of it.

        It could be argued that all pop stars are jokes. It's *not* a style known for technically challenging material, nor are the lyrics anything to write home about.

        He draws a crowd, there's TONS of smiles, and I guess that's all that really matters. The people were happy.
        He can't sing for shit, he's certainly not skinny, and he's only really known worldwide for one song. He's not the 'ideal' pop star, sure. But he makes people happy.
        I can appreciate that :)

          Dammit, looks like my comment didn't go through.

          Psy is actually a rather interesting thing. KPop is normally saturated with young boy bands and girl groups. Mandatory military service tends to give these guys short careers and he managed to not only break into the scene while being a chubby, unattractive goofball but managed to keep his career going after being forced to do a second stint in the military.

          He's had multiple number 1 singles in Korea over the last decade, so he's not just some flash in a pan thing. Yet somehow he's managed to do what no other Korean artist has done, break into the mainstream international market.

          We're going to see a lot of imitators in the next few years.

            I think I saw someone compare him to LMFAO, only with Korean lyrics.
            I think that's a fair statement, regardless of which came first actually.

              I made that comparison early on.

              High energy music, tongue in cheek delivery, sold more on personality than quality.

              On the surface, it's definitely valid but I think a better comparison is TISM.

        He's a performer who uses comedy as the basis of his performance.
        So in that regard he is a success, who are you to judge?

        *I suspect I misinterpreted your meaning of him being a joke, disregard previous statement :P

        Last edited 05/10/12 10:41 am

    My tooth has been aching since last night. I've taken panadol but it's only working for a few hours. I can't go to the dentist as it's Mums birthday party tonight and we're all busy with preparations. I just want to make it manageable and so I can eat something.

      Scree your health is more important than a party. go to the dentist it might be serious.

      Last edited 05/10/12 9:02 am

        I can't. Plus, we can't really afford it and I may not even get in.
        Our dentist is a special system where no matter how much pain you are in, you have to wait until your turn.

          I will send you money if its really that bad. I would rather that then you be in pain all day and something bad happen to you.

            They still won't see me. I had an infected wisdom tooth and they were like "oh, we can only see you if there is a cancellation."
            I blame the red skin, I knew I shouldn't have eaten it several days ago >_

              go to the chemist and get some stronger pain killers then. or go to the hospital.

                Yeah I'm thinking Advil for now. Otherwise panamax or something

                  Phenergen, anything with an opioid as the active ingredient too. I think you can still get some stuff over the counter?
                  Sorry for not really helping :S

                  Better then nothing! I'm only going to a supermarket for now. Hopefully a chemist later

                  Also for oral pain, definitely look into clove oil. That stuff is AMAZING.
                  Seriously, best 'bandaid fix' for sore teeth ever, and it won't make you drowsy like painkillers will.

                  I heard that. Thanks Aleph!

      Something that I did when I had some dental issues a few months back was to take aspirin but let it sit in your mouth. Preferably with room temperature water.

      Don't ask me why, but it worked really well for me.

    Mornin' all!
    Quiet as hell day, so hopefully I can disappear early so I get to Sydney before...well, tomorrow...

      THANKS FOR THE DoTA game Rizical. We make the best lane combo :P
      its mostly because i leave you to die then they kill me.

        Yeah, I still feel bad about the amount of times we both ran and they targeted you. Felt like I should be helping you but all I could have done is die with you :P
        I think I may learn to play endurance and buff the crap out of my health, so I can tank and save people.

          First rule of DoTA club
          We all die alot its fine, i dont mind man, we are still both trying to learn characters. Also with all the stuns, its pretty hard to save someone from bots once they have been targeted. We will have to step up to play actual people next hahaha.

        It's a real shame I don't get to join you guys :(

          Hit me up sometime Techy, I have finally got it but have yet to play.
          And it is always more fun to fail with a friend.

          Next time we'll be sure to give you a shout and see if you're keen! There's a fair few people playing it now, so after Borderlands/Torchlight dies down a bit you'll probably get many more chances :)

    Alrighty, it was just AUPost not updating the tracking ID.
    "Accepted from customer" means they've taken delivery of the parcel. It SHOULD now say something like "in transit"... but it doesn't.

    Apparently I'll be getting it next week, if not today.

    Woo Hawken Alpha invite! \m/
    Also NDA so that's about all I can say :P

    I am slightly disturbed right now.
    It's my 3rd wedding anniversary next week and this is a "leather" anniversary. So I decided to buy my husband the sunglasses he's been wanting ever since I've known him and get him a leather case to put them in. But I couldn't find a nice leather case so I decided to buy some leather and make one myself.
    It arrived just now, a dark grey pigskin suede and even though I'm unashamed in my consumption of animal meat (I've even got a pork belly curing in the fridge right to make my first ever bacon) just holding this animal skin in my hands and knowing I have to now cut it up and sew it has me a bit nauseous. I don't get why this bothers me but cutting animals up to eat them doesn't. :S

      because meat doesn't look like the animal. Its the same reason i hate eating whole pig on a spit. It has a face.

        Yeah, I get that but this really just looks like any other piece of fabric. I guess it's my imagination filling in the blanks.

      In Peru we had Guinea Pig once...
      It's a completely normal local dish. Except it's basically a skinned Guinea Pig thrown in a deep fryer.
      It arrives on a plate complete with head, eyes, and little paws.
      Needless to say it's quite off-putting.
      I'm not a massive fan of eating meat that still looks like the animal. I think I draw the line at the head/face.

    Oh how I have missed you all. Despite a public holiday at the start, this week has been a real *insert naughty word here*.
    Also, I had forgotten just how much I hate having to apply for jobs, just gimme the damn job!
    Haven't even touched my 360 since Sunday, man I got the shakes real bad.
    Oh well, hopefully I'll be able to dust off my copy of Borderlands 2, surprising how much dust accumulates in just a few days, and give it a whirl this weekend.
    A quick glance at previous pages shows that lots of TAYbies will be in Sydney this weekend, WHERE'S THE MEAT PEOPLES?!?

      All I know about a possible meat is that there will be people hanging out around where Harli will be at EB Expo. Track down the Gamespot booth and there may or may not be TAYbies there on Sunday.

        Too late to get tickets :(
        I shall wander around outside... a tragic figure... a great bulk silhouetted against the harsh sun... lost... alone...quite possibly drunk... barbarian.

          I bought my tickets yesterday afternoon. Maybe I grabbed the last ones? :p

            So, it was YOU!
            My vengeance shall be bloody, Clubby and non-existent!

              Non-existent vengeance against me is the best kind of vengeance.

    So Torchlight 2 is getting REALLY BLOODY HARD now. Why am I really enjoying this punishment? :D haha. The bosses and champions are really tearing me apart and making me use up all my potions

    Also random question to the TAYbies. Is anyone else interested in making a start on Airmech in the near future? Cuz I'm really contemplating trying it out and it can be a 2v2 team game

      When Diablo 3 got hard in Inferno Act 2 people just bitched and moaned...

        I'm really loving the challenge, I'm actually timing my hammer swings to hit without retaliation and switching to my hand cannon to charge my hammer skill up for extra AoE damage. If I run in and start swinging without though I'll drop in seconds.

        Diablo 3 initially got hard in Inferno Act 1 and people bitched because the gear needed to clear it wasn't available until Inferno Act 2. Only people with crazy glass cannon builds were able to make it through to the point they could farm gear by constantly dying up against mobs.

        They've since drastically altered the loot system (and are about to do it again) to allow people to get the gear they need to progress.

    Anyone still contemplating picking up Borderlands 2

      More places need to offer this kind of service.
      That or steam just has offer comparable pricing...

      Still a bit too expensive to make me bite! I'll wait for Steam sales or something.

        I got it from GMG for $30 the other day using a code I googled...
        Doo eet

    Hey, has anyone here heard of this game before?
    It looks pretty neat.
    Everyone should upvote it.

      Meh. I totally played that game last week. :P

      Totally not worth the ridiculous amount of time i spent on it. *SARCASM*

      ...crap i meant to downvote but accidently upped!

    Morning all! bit of an odd request....

    Ok so im wanting to run a stress test on my connection tonight from 9:30pm - whenever.

    In TAYNAMES, you will see im running 2 x Minecraft Servers (one survival/one creative, offline mode, no whitelist) as well as 1 x Halo CE server (Patched).

    Im hoping to seriously overload my servers so i can do some number crunching. I'd especially like to stress up the HaloCE server.

    So whoever is in, let me know, and email me or skype me (my tag) with any Q's! email @ the!

      couple more things...

      Halo CE is available FREE on the internet, you will however need the Halo serial to install it.

      also i know HCE is ancient but it remains a LAN favourite :) ...that and Halo2 PC is a very bad port with screen tearing galore.... totally unplayable.

      protip: google's first result for taynames is taynames.

      Second result is baby names beginning with Tay.

      in case anyone is curious, the servers are running on 1RU Dual Xeon 3.2ghz servers with 8GB Registered ECC RAM and Dual 120gb SCSI 15,000RPM HDD's

    Re discussion about crooners: Doesn't quite fit the same mould, but Johnny Hartman is amazing.

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