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    I found that eating things with salt doesn't aggravate my tooth. Best excuse to eat irresponsibly? I think so.

      Bring on the pretzels and pringles party food \o/

        I'm currently eating plain corn chips for breakfast =P

          It's no cake but its still good.

            Can't have cake due to it upsetting the tooth.
            And we just got Mums birthday cake too

              You should go to the dentist! Or even the doctor and see if he can prescribe you stronger pain killers if you can't get into the dentist.

              Clove oil.
              It'll get you through today/maybe the weekend 'til you can get to a dentist.

                I will when I get to a chemist \o/

    Deep discussion incoming!!!!


      Euthanasia is sometimes the most humane option, especially when the patient has made their wishes clear.

      I challenge anyone to watch The Sea Inside and then disagree. Had me bawling in the cinema.

        I saw that movie. Damn, that was sad. Really impressive bit of filmmaking, though.

      Damn, I didn't want to get into heavy stuff today.

      First of all, that's deeply sad. There's nothing in that story that didn't tug at my heartstrings in all the worst ways :(

      There are a few sub-issues here before we get into right-to-die euthanasia stuff.

      1) Is removing a breathing tube akin to suicide? I'm in two minds about this. On one hand, the notion that inaction is itself an action is a tricky dichotomy to resolve; on the other, if you attempt to claim that it's not suicide, the line is still blurry. Is the jump that kills, or the landing, or the two in conjunction? All you need is a panel of cardinals or something telling the parents that it's not suicide (if that's the case), and this whole thing could go away.

      2) Things get incredibly tricky when deeply-held beliefs enter into the equation. Notwithstanding the mother's odd assertion that her terminal daughter will get better (which I would suggest is probably quite normal parental grief and denial), the notion that they are protecting her immortal soul over her body is still a deep act of love. Regardless of your beliefs, you surely can't condemn the parents on a moral level for doing what they utterly believe is the right thing. It's incredibly sad that such a choice has to inflict additional anguish upon their daughter, though :(

      3) Obviously, she can't move much: blinking her eyes and talking seem to be the only options available to her. But I can't find mention of actual physical pain. While I wouldn't especially like to be hooked up the way she is, and utterly dependent on care, if there are just a matter of weeks to go... maybe it's an option to just hold on, to end things on the right terms with your parents. I don't know - it's really hard, and I can't say what I'd choose in that situation. But I think that I'd want to have all loose ends tied up as much as possible before I went, and would hate for a court case to separate me from the ones I loved at the last minute. Obviously, it seems unfair that the terminally-ill paralysed patient should be the one to compromise, but someone's going to have to blink, or things will end wrong.

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        Sorry for making you talk about sad things today. But thanks for your input. It's an interesting read. I liked your number 2 point. Initially I was very angry at the selfishness of the parents, but you make a valid point. They truly, deeply believe they are doing the right thing for her, even if it seems crazy and stupid to us. I totally don't agree with it, but I do see the other point of view.
        However I do think it's incredibly disrespectful to the daughter to not consider her wishes. She is an adult capable of making her own decisions, whether or not she shares the same beliefs as her parents is irrelevant.
        I guess this is what most annoys me about people pushing/forcing their religion on others. I have no problem with what you believe in, but don't make decisions for ME based on YOUR beliefs.

      I for one support her decision and label her parents as selfish and shortsighted.
      Tip for all you Christians out there: the Bible does not actually say you will go to hell for suicide, that is just a Catholic myth. In fact saying so is in complete contradiction of Jesus' message of wholesale forgiveness.

        Who goes to hell if Jesus forgives everything?
        Honest question. I genuinely don't know (didn't know that suicide bit either). Not trolling.

          According to the chaplains from my high school(who were left wing hippies), when you die, God forgives you for all your sins. If you choose not to accept his forgiveness, then you are unable to enter heaven(and so end up in hell).

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            ... who on earth would do that?!
            Thanks for the reply, though!

              I think, broadly, the idea is that people who have sinned greatly will be unable to accept his forgiveness. The prideful would be too proud, the guilty too racked with guilt, so on and so forth.

                And the shameless get a free pass :p

                This does not bode well for people with overactive guilt (watch out, for example, scree) :P
                The serial killer whom God told to slaughter folks will make it to heaven, but normal people who feel ridiculous levels of guilt for cheating on their income taxes (like Ned Flanders) will not.

                Or have I missed the point, and the 'acceptance' of forgiveness is not a choice that we make, but an automatic response brought forward by our soul's experience of life?

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                  Buggered if I know. I went to an Anglican School, but my total knowledge of how everything works comes from the chapel sessions that I half slept through, and the RE classes where we actually learned about other religions, and spent half the time "meditating."

                  Pick a denomination and you'll get an answer. Pick another and get a different one.

                  If you define sin as an action deemed immoral by a higher power, then things can get rather tricky before you even get to the whole forgiveness bit. Is it a sin if the person believes that they were instructed by the higher power? Is it a sin if the person is ignorant of the higher power's teachings (think of people from nations that are not taught specific religions or children who have not reached the point where they can be taught)? Is it as simple as committing a sin requires forgiveness or is their some leeway (murder vs killing a man in defence of your family)?

                  Sin is a very tricky bit of a business and you won't get the same answers about it from anyone.

                  If god's telling a serial killer to kill folks, I think you'll find the serial killer's been a bit heavy on the drugs :P

                  Fun fact: the only unforgivable sin listed in the Bible is blaspheming against the Holy Spirit.

                  Matthew 12:31 And so I tell you, every kind of sin and slander can be forgiven, but blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven. 32 Anyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man will be forgiven, but anyone who speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven, either in this age or in the age to come.

          Those that don't accept Jesus's forgiveness (either by denying or defying).

          That's the broad answer. The whole hell thing is actually rather tricky and varies greatly between denominations. Some branches of Christianity don't even believe in hell, others think that pretty much everyone is going straight there.

          I prefer my solution of there being no evidence of an afterlife so no reason to believe in anything that alters what happens in it.

            I don't care too much for the afterlife. It's like, yay I'm saved, I'm going to heaven! That's cool. Now let's work on making this world a better place, because god put us here and he wants us to care for it. Getting to heaven, or doing good stuff just to get rewarded for it in heaven isn't what I want to be the focus of my life.

          I believe that you have to repent your sins for Jesus to forgive you. If you don't repent then you end up in hell.
          Which is where you can get Hitler is in Heaven and Martin Luther King is in Hell from

          It's up to the individual whether they accept the forgiveness or reject it. God doesn't force anything on anyone, he let's us decide what to do with our lives. Of course, there are good consequences and bad consequences to every action we make though.
          If someone was dangling from the side of a building and someone else was holding a rope for them to grab so they can be pulled up, it's up to the person dangling whether they grab the rope so they can be saved or don't grab it and eventually fall to their death. Mind you, when there is a horde of other people standing with the guy holding the rope talking about how they're better than you and that you can't grab the rope unless you follow all these strict rules they have, you can understand why some people wouldn't want to be saved.
          Man, I hate christians sometimes.

            The problem with that analogy is how the person got to be dangling off of the building in the first place.

            Let's not go along those lines though, it won't end well for anyone.

          Yeah that's the thing, it is not well defined.
          The general idea is accepting you have done bad in God's eyes (past and future cause your gonna mess up later being human and all) and that nothing you can do will fix that. Repenting for said sins (pretty much being genuinely sorry and trying to not do bad from here on out.) God forgives you, and you do the best you can knowing that if you screw up it will not lead to instant damnation.
          That said, there is still a judgement part. If you read revelations and probably other parts it suggests that people do not go to "heaven" or 'hell"as such until after the end of all things when God will judge the living and the dead, not just on their actions but their character/soul/motivations/etc.
          Then you get into the question of are you guilty if you don't know you are (Old Testament suggests yes but some of the New Testament stuff (which is the important bit unless you are Jewish) is less definitive.)
          It's a bit complicated, and many concepts are misconstrued or interpreted differently by different people.

          @shane "Who goes to hell if Jesus forgives everything?
          Honest question. I genuinely don't know (didn't know that suicide bit either). "

          The problem with suicide as suggested by some Christians, is that to get forgiveness for sin, one must repent. Suicide leaves the self-murderer in no position to repent.

          This belief led to a bizarre phenomenon in Europe several hundered years ago, where people wanting to take their own life, but fearful of hell, would instead kill a child. Now the child is without sin (so they believed) and will go to heaven. The killer can confess and repent, also going to heaven, and then they will be sentenced to death, also getting their wish.

            What about if you jump off a tall building and take the falling time to repent?
            What if you take the pills and repent as you drift away?
            What if you say sorry before you pull the trigger on the gun in your mouth?

            Do these count?

              Again, not trolling. I've just always wondered about this suicide as one of the unforgivable sins thing.

              Many believed you needed to confess to a priest.
              The first case I heard about of suicide by child murder, the woman had earlier tried to poison herself and confess to a priest before she died, but didn't take enough poison. The child murder was her second option.

              I don't believe in heaven and hell so I have no idea if your examples count. But I suspect you could a hundred different theologians and get a hundred differnt answers.

          Honest answer: Hell is a cage to keep you scared and easy to control while you're alive. It's an idea that has no basis in fact. It's a threat like saying to a child, "If you're bad, you won't get any presents at Christmas time!"

    So, that looks freakin' awesome.

      I find RTS's fairly difficult, Unit management and remembering where who went and what they do and how to win vs certain oppenents daunting. A game where you play multiplayer and 2 peeps control the same peeps but one handles unit management and the other resource management.

        It's mainly where practice comes in though, the more you do it, the more you can watch things happen to keep in mind X and Y while you're doing Z with your strike force for instance.

        You should see Supreme Commander at high level play, you'll get a headache trying to keep up just with spectating it alone with how much goes on at once.

          HAve you seen me play MoBA's i can barely control one unit, I guess i am not cut out to be a starcraft profesional. Dang :P I played a little CoH with TS guys a while ago. I enjoyed that but i only had one strategy and it was the worst cheese ever. MASS MOTORCYCLES.

            You should try out Dawn of War 2 then, that's squad based :)
            I've seen you play MOBAs before (Obviously xD), and you've pulled out some good plays inthe past, remember our Malphite-Kennen ulti combo when you initiated and we tore up three of them with just the two of us? With MOBAs like LoL, yes doing good plays by yourself is awesome, but what's even more awesome is working with your teammates to make a glorious ambush.
            Yes there are times when you make questionable moves, but so have I as you very well know, and everybody else on TAY that plays LoL. The thing that really matters is that you analyse your plays and figure out how you could've done this better, from your skill combo, targetting and timing to which way you went through the jungle and brushes. :)

              Yeah DoW is a good intro into RTS games since base construction and resource management aren't that important.
              I would say SC or Warcraft is a bit trickier in that regard, especially against human players.

                I think warcraft is more tricky than SC2 cuz you got one resource that's requiring you to be in different positions all the time (Wood) and you got hero units to look after as well.

                  Warcraft has gold and wood. Starcraft has minerals and gas.

                  They're functionally identical on the resource gathering (send workers to harvest the resource you need near your town hall) but there are differences with saturation and collection rates that make balancing your income different between the two games (getting more gas in SC requires more expansions, getting more wood in WC requires just getting more workers).

            Install SC2 already and I'll see what I can teach you.

            People really overvalue microing their units. You don't need to fuss about that at all until you're pretty good (although it is fun to derp around with micro). You can pretty much attack move your army towards their base and just focus on managing your economy all the way up to Diamond league in SC2.

    Weird, TAY ate my last post :( I didn't even post any ROT13.

      I was talking about how I hate my iPad because it's slow and clunky and Apple's crappy apps don't work properly and crash all the time, and can't wait for a Windows RT tablet...

        I like my original ipad, i didn't think i would use it much when i got it but i have gotten alot of use out of it. Especially for comic and manga reading, checking emails and watching youtube stuff.

        The pro-apple forces on Gizmodo have obviously leaked into the commenting system

        Lots of tech sites don't like Apple hate, even if it's legit

        Gizmodo might be another one too it seems xD

    Is there anything more frustrating than having store credit somewhere, and nothing to spend it on? I think it's even worse than not being to afford something you want! :P

      I had a voucher for the coles myer group a while back, couldn't find a single thing I wanted in any of the stores.

        What even groceries or games from myer?
        EDIT: or alcohol?

        Last edited 05/10/12 11:43 am

          All the games in Myer and Kmart were shitty or overpriced, even with a voucher, and if it's a gift voucher you kinds want to buy a gift.

          Ended up buying some camping/outdoors gear.

      You could always sell the voucher to someone who would want something from that store....
      That way you get Cold Hard Cash!

      Taking a coathanger off a rail and getting it caught on another coathanger, and, regardless of how simple the task should be to untangle them, you devolve into a reckless creature, born from the fury of a thousand wars, and try to brutally tear them apart, before everything just falls off the rail. Then you take a breath, approach the obstacle with calm precision and retrieve the original coathanger easily.

      I find that more frustrating than store credit.

        This comment is awesome, and helped me put everything in perspective.

    Just to continue pimping this in case anyone missed it - my game "Anna's Quest" is on Steam Greenlight and needs dem votes. I think the vast majority of you have already done so, but if you haven't, help a brudda out and throw and upvote my way!

      Out of interest if you do make it on, does that mean that subsequent installments might be able to bypass the greenlight bullshit and go straight onto Steam?

        That is a very good question. I too, would like to know this.

          I three would like to know this. Though I kind of doubt it. I think maybe I could appeal to Steam, but would otherwise have to go through it again.

      Ok so I'm not one to brag, but imma gon do it right now anyway. I just realised what this graph represents, which is the amount of votes I got for it on day one compared to how many the top 100 games on greenlight get on average. So... freakin... cool. Nearly 3,000 unique visits and 97 faves. I honestly put this on greenlight as a bit of a marketing gimmick, but now I'm genuinely wondering if it can get on steam. So excited right now guys...

        \o/ for you. If I had a Steam account, I'd be voting too.

          I'll just leave this here:

        Yay! Nice work Sughly! Time for drunken celebrations? :P

          YES! When are we all gettin drunk next? This is a very important question! Oh man, if it keeps going like this, I am making you all get SO drunk with me

        That's amazing, man! Let us know if there's any thing else we can do to spread the word!

    Finished BL2 last night at level 33 with interesting ending.
    Started new playthrough straight after...already finding better greens than some of my purples :/

      I'd replaced 3 out of four guns by Boom-Bewm.

        That makes me sad :(
        I quite like my Jakobs sniper rifle.

    Hah, speaking of Company of Heroes previously and me cursing quietly about how I couldn't access my disks at home, it's on sale!
    Are we starting on a CoH kick again?
    Because I could be down for purchasing it on Steam just because.

      Am i allowed to mass motocycles? Cause i am doing it.

      Everyone shall be playing wit ze Germans.

      Holy cow, the CoH collection is cheaper on the AU steam store than the Canadian.

        You already own it on Steam, why do you need to repurchase it?

          I don't. I have physical copies.
          I'm sure there's a way to just download the game by retrieving my CD keys but eh.

      Is Tales of Valor worth getting?
      I see it has 3 different multiplayer modes, are they fun? Also invite me if you are playing ;)

        Nah. It doesn't add anything meaningful to the game, really.
        'cept Kangaroo carriers, but they were nerfed.

        But what's $5 I guess?

    Ermahgerd merstershers!

    Do it. Join. Donate. Share. Grow. Love.

    This is pretty cool:

      Oh wow. Just playing that stuff was awesome enough but to have made the instrument as well is pretty damn cool. :D

    Dammit Cakesmith. You just had to go and post that Borderlands 2 special didn't you.

      I've decided I need to finish all the DLC for number 1 before I buy two, so it is tempting at all. NOT AT ALL

    Look Twitch TV, I respect that you need to display ads but throwing them up in the middle of a team fight during a semi-final pro match?
    F*** you.

      I WANNA WATCH SO BAD. I dont think ican at work though :\

        Yeah, I wont be able to for long.
        Oh hai Own3D, you showing it too? Bye Twitch!

      I know it's stealing and whatnot... but no ads is an enticing deal.

        Twitch have done something that screws up the stream if you use it.

    Once the new DLC is out, would any TAYberinos be interested in doing ME3 Multi on PS3?

    Hi TAY I'm at work!!! *gasp*


      Account make it much harder to post as joke accounts. Just assume that the above message was from your boss ;)

    Screw verbal contracts and anything to do with them.
    Henceforth, I'm having EVERYTHING signed, dated, and provided to me in triplicate.

    Work's not giving me paid leave which I was originally told I was entitled to. Hell, they're not letting up on which dates I can take, either. Oh, and not only have they knocked me back to a flat 38hrs p/w, but they want to LOWER my payrate, too?! If they're trying to cut costs, there's better places to start.
    If they're trying to send a message, it's bloody well working.

      Hard lesson, man :(
      Sorry to hear.

        Thanks mate. Hard lesson indeed.
        I just struggle comprehending the bizarre double-standards that plague this place.

          Name and shame?

            As a general rule, I don't think we should be publicly talking about our employers here.

      Union. Ombudsman. Fair Work Australia.

      In that order.

        Cheers man, I'll be looking to the Ombudsman shortly. I'm not sure I pay union fees, so am not covered?

          If you're not in the union, you won't be covered. You may not even be in a unionised field.

            Union coverage laws are weird. Seriously weird.

            The bit about leave is probably something no union can help a non-member with but the bit about changing the hours and pay rate sounds like a contract renegotiation to me. Might have some luck there.

        The union will tell him that they won't cover people for issues prior to them becoming members. There's a bit of leeway on that one but I doubt most unions will be able to do more than point him to the ombudsman.

        But yes, try a union anyhow. You're either under the AWU or Together.

          If I was in a unionised workplace, I'd be in the union. they take a dim view of this kind of being dicked around.

            Contact the union anyway, even if you join right away
            Since they are trying to change this arrange for a negotiation meeting. have union employee attend. Their presence can make a huge difference.

      A verbal contract is only worth the paper it is written on
      What is your actual employment agreement with them? Are you permanent?
      They are legally required to give you paid annual leave, they may not let you take it when you want but you are entitled to the time and should have that paid out in a lump sum if you leave.

      It sounds very much like a message to me but I don't know the situation. I would never lower somebodies pay rate unless I was trying to get them to quit. Cutting hours is a pain but acceptable.
      If you want an outside opinion on things let me know and we can take it to emails.

      also /o\

        Thanks man. My title is 'administration assistant', however my roles go far beyond the scope of the position. I'd love your opinion on some stuff, if you wouldn't mind?
        I'm... really fucking lost at the moment.

          I work at DEEWR so know *some* things. Happy to also feedback.
          shane at

            Are you able to advise in this capacity? I thought if you were DEEWR you'd have to be pretty careful

              An interesting question, and one I've never thought of before. It seems to me that my comments will be based on my knowledge of WR laws that are freely available to the public. Advising a mate of workplace rights and avenues of redress doesn't create a conflict of interest that I'm aware of. I'm low enough on the totem pole that I think I can be a citizen first, public servant second.

              The only alternative would be for everyone who works in the field of employment or workplace relations (i.e. the folks who know most about it) to never actually talk about workplace rights outside of work, and that doesn't seem right either, as nothing is confidential.

              Aleph, I'll still comment as long as you promise not to take what I said as 'official government' advice, okay?

                Fair Enough. I have professional contact with a guy who works in citizenship and I know he has to be very careful.

                  I understand that (especially given the politically charged and touchy nature of the area), and now that I think about it, I guess I should be a bit careful too. Thanks man!

          Just so you know, I know people who might be able to help out. Send me an email at trjnrabbit at gmail and I'll see if I can get in touch with them.

        Lowering someone's pay rate in an attempt to get them to resign is pretty strong grounds for a constructive dismissal lawsuit, I believe.

      Hey mate, i'm pretty sure not giving you leave is illegal...

        If you're permanent, you're entitled to leave, but not whenever you want. If you're getting paid per hour, however, you may be a casual so you can get screwed over.

          From what i'd read, I assumed he was permanent. Hence the link to leave entitlements for full-time employees.

        If they are talking about cutting his hours it is possible that his actual contract is as a casual rather than full time.
        The legality of it is really going to come down to what he has in the way of documentation

        EDIT: Speelings

        Last edited 05/10/12 1:05 pm

          Documentation? I have two sheets, one signed around a year and a half ago (little over that) stating that I was employed as a casual employee working for X per hour, on fulltime hours.

          The other is signed a year ago stating that my terms of employment will be changed from casual to fulltime, working for X per hour on fulltime hours.
          The rest of it has all been verbal...

            That's something.

            PS: Emailed you!

            Last edited 05/10/12 1:30 pm

            Fulltime means leave entitlements.

              Yep, and *might* have implications for the pay downgrade too. Worth talking to someone in the know, for sure. Fair Work Ombudsman should be one of your first ports of call, if not first.

      Emails sent!
      God-damn you guys are great.

        Don't forget to nom them!
        I can't help in any way, sorry

        Don't have any advise, but I hope every thing goes your way man. You're my favourite person on the entire Groote Eylandt! :D

      Where I am working is switching me to 38h/pw. I will be working more then 4% per year but only getting a pay increase of 3% without any cost of living increase.

        Oh also we are losing our "no forced redundancy" clause and our flexitime. Screw the government ... seriously.

        Are you a Queenslander?

          Sure am

            Kind of sad that when I hear "Loss of entitlements" I immediately think "Queensland"

    All right, who stole my teflon foot and leather needles?
    I've been looking for ages and I can't find them so obviously someone must have taken them. ;P

      Sorry, Guilty. I thought I could combine the two to make non-stick shoes.

      On a seriouser note, Leather stitching is an interesting exercise, I did some for my steampunk gauntlet.

        Yeah, I'm slightly scared because if you make a mistake, the holes are there for good. I chose the pigskin because it was thin and soft and felt a lot like regular fabric so it hopefully wouldn't be super-difficult to work with. I could probably get away with using some of the other machine needles I have that I can find, but I'd prefer the strength of the ones specifically made for leather.

      wouldn't it have made more sense to make the needles out of teflon and the foot out of leather? I'd imagine a needle made of leather wouldn't hold its point very well.

      it was MEEEEEEEEE!!!
      *twirls moustache*

        Best use of a moustache ever! Now I want one so I can become a supervillain, too. :D

      Combining a teflon foot and leather needles sounds like the solution to an adventure game puzzle.

      You get freaked out by the thought of sewing leather but the needles you use for that, are also used for sewing feet? And you don't have a problem with that part of it? Strange indeed.

      I've got a whole drawer full of them in front of me right now. Also have a speedy awl, the big curved leather hand ones and a patcher machine.

      Not helping in the slightest.

        Maybe I'll just visit you at work and get you to sew this thing for me instead. :P


      Me hearties?

        dont mind me, it appears as though im having a moment...... I'm so bored at work got nothing to do so im playing around with an OTDR and two Routers.... AAaaaaaaaarrrrrrrggggghhhhhh.....

      Yeah, that happens when you leave it like that for some time. I recommend just letting it sit for a bit before trying again.

    I hope the resident evil ads don't last long. I really don't need to be reminded that a giraffe is getting more action then me every time I open a page.

      Thanks for that gorzy, really thank you.

      You'd think that after it was noticed as soon as the logo wa teased they might have done a slight redesign.

      Unless that's what they wanted everyone to see. Secret bonus level maybe?

        Hell, if we're talking about it, they've done something right.
        Any publicity is good publicity, etc. :P

        With QuickTime events.

        Mash x to blow giraffe.
        Twirl stick to roll your tou----

        Yeah I think it's time to stop that line of thought.

          Needs more explosions.

          Of what kind is up for debate, but there must be explosions.

            Note to self: stop reading comment threads that begin with beastiality. They never end well.

              Well, maybe just one more comment

        I figured they didn't redesign it because that would be admitting they allowed an official logo to feature furry oral sex.

      Don't hope for it Gorzy... :)
      Something tells me there isn't any left

      Last edited 05/10/12 2:32 pm


    Had a random whim to buy Brutal Legend yesterday, and today I had a similar whim to buy the Riddick game compilation. But DANGIT ozgameshop and zavvi don't have stock of either.

    Anyone know of any other good places to pick up new copies of old games?
    By new I mean 'not pre-owned'.

    I also wanna track down a copy of Jericho, man this can't be good for my pile of shame.

      I can't remember if I have a new/unopened copy of Brutal Legend (360) or not. If I do, you can have it.

        Damn really?
        That's extremely kind of you man, thank you :D

          I'll check tonight (or when I remember) and let you know

      I got the Riddick collection from GOG, still haven't ventured into it. I loved Brutal Legend for the most part. (If I pretend the stage battles don't exist.) Really excellent world, character and story.

      You can get Assault on Dark Athena on steam for $20 which also comes with butcher bay

      Jericho is $5 there as well

        Riddick's cheaper on GOG and DRM-free. Though I understand that Steam offers a whole lot that GOG doesn't.

          I saw that, I was going to edit my post and tell him to go with your link if he wants to grab it

            Thanks guys, was aiming for an xbox version but I think it is time I paid GOG a visit.
            Been meaning to pick up Planescape Torment from those guys for a while now too :)

            Nah, the man deserves options! :P

      Loved Brutal Legend, if only for the awesome soundtrack, game world, character design, script and voice-cast.
      I did enjoy the gameplay too, but it was definitely the weakest link in the chain. The hack'n'slash was fun, but I can't remember having much of a grasp on the strategy component.

        I agree with the gameplay thing, especially towards the end with that strategy component. It was a mix of two good ideas but both were implemented as half as good as they should have been. Great, expansive world though and the atmosphere throughout the entire game is great.

        Yeah I actually feel really bad that I didn't buy it on launch, but I had bugger all money back then and I intended to buy it sooner or later.

        ...turns out it was later, much later :P

        I wish that strategy stuff hadn't been included, it should have been just a straight-up brawler and would have been better received if so.

      I enjoyed Jericho actually, the story was good

        I hear the gameplay vastly improves mid-way through as well, gets all mad tactical and stuff.

          Is this the clive barker game?

          Whenever I'm in a game store I always pick up the game and think about playing it but I never do.

            Yep, always wanted to try it out. I enjoyed the demo after all so why not?

    Don't know if anyone reads this, but here it is.
    The comic itself is actually pretty average and not very funny. But the attached blog posts are priceless. Just read through them and you'll see what I mean.
    For background - they are written by a video game industry employee who has bounced around everywhere over the years, like QA, testing, tech support and retail.

    is it just me or is this posts page HUGE!

      That's what the giraffe said.

        Bad freeze.
        When you get a post that rallies the taybies to help a fellow taybie things get longer.

          ... that's what the giraffe said.. ?

            observe the RE6 logo... picture left half giraffe and ill leave the rest to your imagination...

              I know. I was adding to the in-your-end-oh.

            ............I thought you were better than that Shane.

            I even resisted the urge to add (It can be yours today for 6 easy payment of 19.99)

              I posted a link to a donkey show up above. I'm not better than much :)

    Is anyone else watching Bathurst?

      Why? What have the Bathurstians done now? :P

        It's like watching one of those puerile reality TV shows, seeing how the other kind live

          I showed my wife an episode of Honey Boo Boo after we watched South Park lat night as she had no idea what it was.

          She actually got upset and asked why no one had reported child abuse to the authorities.

            I almost listed that title, but I couldn't do that to the Bathurstians
            I think that show is literally the blurst

      No, not my thing, sorry

    damn what a day to be short on monies....

      See if loops still has a $10 voucher up for grabs

      Thought I had a code, but it appears I've misplaced it.

      Last edited 05/10/12 3:13 pm

        well lets just say im down to Zero on my entertainment allowance till the 15th :) its ok though, cause it would just end up sitting there on my steam list for the next two months as ive only just started playing the first one..... then ive got all the DLC to get through :)

        no gaming breaks for me! I honestly think if games just stopped getting made all of a sudden, id have enough games already to last me two lifetimes. my pile of shame is massive....(thats what the giraffe said?)

          Is that today's meme? I think it will suffice if we can't do better.

            Monday - Coffee talk
            Tuesday - Vidya game talk
            Wedesday - TV show talk
            Thursday - Music talk
            Friday - Giraffe porn talk

            Even listing it out like that it doesn't appear overly surprising

              You forget this is TAY.

    So, earlier I mentioned Jericho and Brutal Legend and Dark Athena,
    these are games that didn't smash the review scores and some would consider 'middle class' games.
    These are middle-class games that I regret not picking up and would like to give another chance.

    Thinking about this, what middle-class games that never got much attention do you look back on and wished you had given a proper chance?

    To get things started, I would also like to add Earth Defence Force to my list of mid-class games I would like to give a chance.


      I got on the Mirror's Edge bandwagon way too late. Last year, I think. Maybe early this year. I can't remember.

      Mirror's Edge.

        I'll agree with this. Still haven't got it and its always fascinated me.

        I'll probably also throw Dark Void in there as well.

          One game I'm happy to have bought on launch. Played it about three times now, so good flaws and all. Hope to see the polished sequel it deserves!

            Yeah I always wondered what happened to Dark Void.
            I went travelling overseas when it launched so it went from 'this game looks awesome' before the trip to 'this game's a piece of shit' when I came home.

      Enslaved: Odyssey to the West and Mafia 2. I picked 'em up, played and I loved 'em, but not on launch unfortunately. :'(

        Mafia 2 was surprisingly awesome... except for those difficulty spikes :P

      Some thinking music!

      Mid-tier games I wish I'd given a chance, I don't know because most of them are probably still in my pile of shame.

      Stuff I wish other people had given a chance though, I could talk about that a while.

      Albion (Blue Byte Software 1995) - Finally got around to it in June I think, incredible RPG....
      A few RTS Games (the genre never really got me hooked?)

      Shadows of the Damned
      Baten Kaitos
      De Blob series

        I never owned a wii so I didn't play the first de blob game, but I played and finished the second one on PS3 and it was surprisingly good. My main quibble with the game was the timer in the levels during second/third playthroughs of a level. I wanted to just roll around painting stuff but it always felt like the game was pushing me forward.

      It took me a moment to understand your picture /o\

      Well I have to go with the perennial favourite in the category and say Psychonauts. Still one of (in not my absolute) favourite games but didn't get anywhere near the acclaim it deserved when it launched.
      I would also have to say the grotesque tactics series. I really enjoyed both of the games but they didn't rate well in any of the reviews.
      Also beyond good and evil is a great game that was overlooked my many.

      Now I suppose you want me to actually answer your question about what I think I should have given a chance. I've recently been meaning to get E.Y.E cybermancy which looked interesting to me but got scared away by review scores. I also picked up Jurassic park recent (but haven't played) after passing over it a few time due to reviews.
      So many of them are languishing in my steam account, when I picked them up for a few dollars but never got around to them, things like legendary.

        I actually bought and played both Psychonauts and BG&E this year.
        They have aged a little bit but you can see why people loved them so much, and I am glad I got the chance to play them :)

          I love 'em both. Bought Psychonauts on launch, didn't play BG&E until years later. (Somehow I didn't even know it existed until after release!)

          I actually bought them both during the steam sales just so I could give them away.
          I still have a copy of beyond good and evil so if anybody wants to play that classic I am happy to throw it your way

      King Kong, the offical game of the movie version. Alas, it was instinctively thrown in the pile of crappy movie games, but then I watched my friend shoot a T-Rex..

        Also, a crap-ton of wii games. Oddly enough, I think out of the generation the wii had the most "decent" game titles.

        Sky Crawlers, for one. Star Wars, the Force Unleashed (Unleash your inner geek with the wii remote, although it serves to do nothing in-game!) Fragile Dreams, although I've already mentioned that on the next page.

        The king Kong game is a but short but really good. The Kong levels have a very prince of persia platforming feel to them and the use of fire and spears in the FPS sections is cool. Also I like a particular puzzle in the game where you can shoot down a flying dinosaur to keep a T-rex away from you.

        Freeze you should play Dark Void. The on foot segments are really bland but once you get your jetpack the game becomes a lot of fun. I'd love it if the game got a sequel to iron out its many issues.

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