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    Company of Heroes stuff:

    I've got them installed but haven't played them yet so I'm keen for a game sometime!

    Dempa men:


      Ugh I don't want no Pageget, especially when PLicks has a more interesting discussion!

      Repost for him:


      So, earlier I mentioned Jericho and Brutal Legend and Dark Athena,
      these are games that didn't smash the review scores and some would consider 'middle class' games.
      These are middle-class games that I regret not picking up and would like to give another chance.

      Thinking about this, what middle-class games that never got much attention do you look back on and wished you had given a proper chance?

      To get things started, I would also like to add Earth Defence Force to my list of mid-class games I would like to give a chance.

        Fragile Dreams for the Wii. Had a chance to pick it up and didn't, but after looking at few walkthroughs on youtube, I'd happily get past any gameplay gripes I had with it before.

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          This is me with basically half my Wii games. Xenoblade, Last Story, Fragile Dreams, Arc Rise Fantasia, Pandora's Tower, Sin & Punishment, A Boy & His Blob... they're all in my shelf unplayed.

          I actually think the only game I finished on the Wii was Muramasa. Oh, and Twilight Princess but that doesn't count because it was the Gamecube version.

            yeah, stay away from Arc Rise Fantasia. Broken and horrible voice acting. I would be fine with just one of those, but..

              Saturday is a cool guy and highly recommends you play Xenoblade...


              Also A Boy & His Blob is awesome!

                Out of that list? Start with Xenoblade and end with Xenoblade. Fragile Dreams is optional, Sin and Punishment another option.

                Havne't played AB&HB so yeah.

              Pretty sure there's an undub but yeah, I had ARF on order for ages because it was a JRPG and at the time there was like 3 JRPGs for all the systems of that generation, and the two Mistwalker offerings bored me shitless (controversial opinion). Checked and yep, Muramasa was the only Wii game I finished. Only other one I came close was Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World but I gave up on that primarily because the way they handled the returning cast irritated the shit out of me (previously insanely powerful characters were fixed level and would be outranked within a few minutes by the monsters you were training)

                Agreed with Tales. Still nice to have it, though.


                But it's still broken as hell (or at least has insane difficulty spikes.)

      I just finished installing CoH the other day and need to give it a go - maybe we should get together this weekend... and... you know.. Show each other our panzershrenks

    Albion (Blue Byte Software 1995) - Finally got around to it in June I think, incredible RPG....
    A few RTS Games (the genre never really got me hooked?)

    ^ Arrgh that was meant to be a reply on previous page!

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    Repost from another page in case anyone missed it...

    Ok so im wanting to run a stress test on my connection and servers tonight from 9:30pm - whenever.

    In TAYNAMES, you will see im running 2 x Minecraft Servers (one survival/one creative, offline mode, no whitelist) as well as 1 x Halo CE server (Patched).

    Im hoping to seriously overload my servers so i can do some number crunching. I'd especially like to stress up the HaloCE server.

    So whoever is in, let me know, and email me or skype me (my tag) with any Q's! email @ the!

    couple more things...

    Halo CE is available FREE on the internet, you will however need the Halo serial to install it.

    also i know HCE is ancient but it remains a LAN favourite :) ...that and Halo2 PC is a very bad port with screen tearing galore.... totally unplayable.

    in case anyone is curious, the servers are running on 1RU Dual Xeon 3.2ghz servers with 8GB Registered ECC RAM and Dual 120gb SCSI 15,000RPM HDD's

    Thanks ALL!

      Woooo! Halo CE!
      Halo CE Pocket Edition doesn't require a serial.
      You ever played the map Yoyorast Island? Love that map. Never played it with more than 2 people though :P
      Sadly, I won't be able to join in on the Haloing tonight though. :(

    Guys. Guys Im tired and bored.

    Therefore ask me any question about anything and I will answer it.


    EDIT: Closed when next page rolls in.

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      What are your thoughts on euthanasia, abortion, holy wars, and how would you make the world a place where no one feels pain or dies before their time? You have 5 minutes... GO

        EUTHANASIA: Must be given thought. I think it's a valid option for people but I'd personally like to be educated in every way possible about my particular position and not consider it immediately if I were in a situation like that.

        ABORTION: See above; also, I'm curious if there's a specific mention of this saying "DON'T KILL YOUR UNBORN CHILD" in the bible, as I'm not very educated in both the new, old, and new coke testament.

        Holy Wars: It's war, but with a aftertaste that's- what? it's exactly the same as regular war? ok.

        Changing the world: I'm horribly cynic in that if I had the power to make a world without pain or deaths before one's time.. I wouldn't change a thing.

        Kill everyone. Solves all those problems*

        * I am not actually advocating this as the best solution.

      The Navier-Stokes equations are the basic equations describing fluid flow. Do these equations have solutions that last for all time, given arbitrary sufficiently nice initial data? Or do singularities develop in the fluid flow, which prevent the solution from continuing?

        2D or 3D?

          3D please.

            Consider the flow along the lines of a Hopf fibration. Let r be a constant radius to the inner coil. One set of solutions is

            p(x,y,z) = 3B over r squared plus x squared plus y squared plus z (zed or z, whichever you want to pronounce it) squared.

            p(x,y,z) = shut up freeze.

        Should toilet paper be placed in such a way as the leading edge pulls down against the wall or away from it?

          Against, because I feel to avoid any incidents, there should be a sliver of extra effort needed in reaching out further to get your toiler paper.

          what the hell do I mean by incidents, I have no clue.

      Wies bars! Mango Wies bars!

        Not even a question.

        Although I have found a source of them. Also I'm getting the desert ones and the three-flavoured fruity one which I cannot remember.

      If it takes 2 men a day to dig a hole, how long does it take 1 man to dig half a hole?

      If the train is moving at 42km/h and the damsel is tied to the tracks 16 km away. How long will the evil monologue last for before the hero rescues her at the last second?

        Depends on form of media, but often the villain will stop within a second or two to see the damsel get killed before she is saved and the villain segues unto "CURSE YOU GADGET."

      Well do you love me?
      Well do you love me?
      Ah do you love me?
      Nooow that IIII can daaaaaaaaaaaance?

      (Watch me now!)

      Late reply is late, but:



        All questions asked will be answered until I close the thread down.

          Then I'm going to have some fun.

          Since we were discussing them earlier, favourite James Bond film, and what is your favourite James Bond scene?

            Hooo boy.

            Alright, I'm a young guy, so that means I've seen them all but my memory's hazy. I'm fond of License to Kill because I felt that Dalton's bond was quite frankly the most badass (and a re-watch proves my point, although I can see why people don't like him) but I gotta say it's my guilty pleasure to love You Only Live Twice. Love the theme, the villains, and say what VOLCANO BASE.

            Scene? the entire end duel from The Man With The Golden Gun, just because even to my kid self I was amused at how outlandish and crazy it was to lead a secret agent through a funhouse for a duel. And I never saw the end twist, too, so props for that.

              I didn't get into watching bond films until Tomorrow Never Dies(which, admittedly, I was like 6 when it was released, and I first saw it on DVD later), so I've only seen some bits of the old Bonds, but since I asked the question I thought I may as well also answer. My favourite scene goes to the ski chase from The Spy Who Loved Me, though it helps that in my younger, fitter, days I parodied it. Also the stunt at the end is magnificent.

              My favourite film would have to go to On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

              Hahahaha, Oh god, I almost typed that with a straight face. Favourite would be Tomorrow Never Dies. I have no explanation for that, since I can say that it's objectively not that great, but I still love it.

              Question number 43: Do you have a hilarious accent that I'll be able to laugh at?

                Hah, I gotta head to teamspeak with a working mic. :P Nah, I'm from the part of Canada so close to america that we sound american. West coast american. So I dunno if that gives you a kick.

                .. I liked the theme of OHMSS. that's really it, I remember jack else.

                EDIT: Oh man if we're talking about chase scenes the boat chase in The World Is Not Enough takes top place in my list. I lost it when he just decides to start driving the boat ON LAND. How does he steer? is it just the rocket propelling him? who cares?

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                  Hahaha, that scene was amazing.

                  And in all honesty, I can have a good chuckle at almost any accent that isn't just Australian. Because Australian accents include "Bogan" which is the worst possible accent in the history of ever.

                  Aaaaannnndddd, I can't think of any questions...

                  Edit, wait, I've got a question: Which of these are you yet to try?
                  Iced Vovo, Tim Tam, Jaffas, Cherry Ripe, Violet Crumble, ANZAC biscuits.

                  I ask for reasons.

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                  All. I'm afraid with money slightly tight and job not yet on the horizion I have to choose wisely. I know what all of those are, at least.

                  Wait, not Iced Vovo. Google tells me I should add these on my list on things to eat.

                  First food purchase will probably be Weis bars.

    Well, it’s nearly time for me to giraffe on out of here. Have a great weekend folks, if I don’t see you. Congrats to this week’s Kudosian. I’m sure you’re an awesome person who deserves the accolades. Fare well you mad fools.

      Lazy public servants, have a great weekend Shane

        LAZY. I'll have you know that I worked a solid 90 minutes today... and then spent the rest of the day faffing around online waiting for quitting time.
        In semi-serious, I started at 7:20 this morning.

          And the two statements are not mutually exclusive ;)

            Take it easy, buddy. Hope the weekend treats you well!

    Movieworld have a Walking Dead Maze for their Fright Nights this year.

    What? You want more info? Hell no. I'm Plunketting all over this shizzit. :P
    (Also I have never watched it but people do)

      I saw the ad before Looper today. Thought it was suspiciously close to your meat. I went to a Halloween one a couple of years back. Was pretty fun for riding the rides at night alone! (Queues were horrible, though!)

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        You mean your first meat.


            Don't make me tell Strange. She will get cross and then EVERYONE will feel guilty and it will be ALL YOUR FAULT.

            Plus, you know, roller coasters.


              Behind you! A three-headed monkey! *runs*

                *stands steadfast with arms crossed as D.C. tries to make a run for it and barrels into her*
                Oh, you didn't notice me sneaking up behind you? Guess all that Metal Gear and Tenchu finally paid off! Now, where did I put that tranq gun? :P

                  Aww I was about ready to blast his leg to stop him from running... :)

                  Whose footprints are these?

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                  Now look what you have done.

                  You alright? I didn't hurt you, I hope! *runs again*

                  Right, I've watched Mr. Strange play Red Dead Redemption, I can do this, surely?
                  *prepares to lasso and hogtie D.C.*
                  *entangles self instead*
                  Awww, mannnnnn. :(

    I spend too much time on minecraft.

    When I saw the pic for this article the first thing I thought was creeper.

      That is a creeper. What are you talking about?

      It's a very nice xbox you have there... it'd be a shame if something were to happen to it...

    Yeah got to level 50 in Borderlands 2. Now i get to use my Super-Mega-Ultra-Rare gold keys.

    Super-Mega-Ultra-Rare Gold Key 1 - Useless Pistols, like pistols that would have been good 15 levels back.
    Super-Mega-Ultra-Rare Gold Key 2 - Useless Relics! 1 gave me like 6% Cooldown (I have 12% and have found multiply 10% ones) & the other was like 10% Corrosive Protection ... really game?
    Super-Mega-Ultra-Rare Gold Key 3 - More useless Pistols ... =/ ok that is just stupid

      Haha. I opened it once at Level 25 and got 3 craptacular pistols that were not even close to the gear I currently had. Now I don't want to use the last 2 keys.


        Just hold onto them forever and see how many you can collect! =P

    I had a weird dream last night (nothing new :P). Me and my twin sister got stranded on a deserted island.

      Do you actually have a twin sister?

        No. That was the weird part :P

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          You're gonna make a therapist very happy some day. :D

          (Also, never change. :P)

          Last edited 05/10/12 5:53 pm

          Ok, I'll be serious here.

          Was she attractive?

          Cause that one question makes or breaks how a therapist is gonna treat you.

            She looked exactly like I do in the dreams where I'm a girl. Which is to say, yes. Why wouldn't I want to look attractive? :P

              ok, when I mean attractive, I mean would you sleep with her?

              *assumes serious pose*

                No. Does that mean I'm sane then, doc?

                  No, it means you hate yourself and have no self-confidence in your looks.

                  YOU LOSE EITHER WAY.

                  Or it could mean I'm gay! :P
                  I think there are quite a few TAYbies expecting me to 'come out of the closet' sometime soon...

                  whoa, out of left field. Not serious, I hope.

                  It would make this conversation slightly funny, but only slightly.

                  Alright, time to flip the tables with analysis!
                  "Not serious, I hope." Interesting. This appears to suggest that the subject may be female and that she may have developed an attraction toward me, hence her hoping I'm not serious about potentially being gay...or it could mean something completely different, but whatever it is, it couldn't be as interesting as the theory I've come up with.

                  Also, I think I should let you know that I rarely have serious conversations. :P

                  Analysis? Fine then.

                  Subject is obviously a serial killer and deranged due to having weird illusions of people's genders.

                  Also, possible fear of bats. Why? Because subject used a smiley face.

                  Ohhh, we're going to try out analysing each other, eh?
                  Well, the subject has brought in serial killers and bats into a conversation that hasn't previously mentioned serial killers and bats. Obviously, this means that the subject was raised by orang-utans and has experienced a traumatic experience at the hands of mashed potato multiple times at a young age when he/she/it was young. Also, the subject may have an aversion to peanut butter due to perceived mutual aversion to smileys.

                  I'm curious as to why you'd be in the closet in the first place. Is that where your family keeps the computer??

                  Fun story. When my family used to live in a caravan, we had our tv in a shipping container (also on our property). Whenever we wanted to watch tv we'd open up the container, run a long power cord from the generator to the TV and sit just outside and watch it. Needless to say, evening/late night tv watching wasn't something we did ever back then :P

                Note: Burn all files related to subject. Call local authorities and highest law agency available.

                Also, subject obviously has a irrational fear of words spoken by mashed potatoes the colour of monkeys.

      That's close to my idea of hell.

      With my sister that is. I'm sure your sister is a lovely person.

      I had a weird dream the other night where I built myself a space ship. Flew to mars and back only to get into trouble from my mum because the only souvenir I got her was dirt. She at least got me a shirt when she went to Europe.

        I'm sure the Smithsonian would've loved the dirt gift. :P

        The last memorable dream I recall having that included my sister involved hearing an odd sound and then looking out the window and it's twilight outside and my sister is sitting on a ride-on mower with the headlights on, driving in a slow circle around our back yard while singing Ievan Polkka.

    I'm going to say something really controversial and I hope I don't offend anyone with this:

    I think that Community Kudos needs to either change or go away entirely.

    I have no problems with it as a concept, calling out people who did cool things for everyone else is great. The problem I have with it is that there is a 'winner' of Kudos every week. To me this cheapens the concept. Especially because if you make a list of people who have 'won', you'll find it's the same people again and again. Which is absolutely not a slight against those people (you are awesome) but it ends up making me feel completely indifferent to the whole thing.

    I have no problems with now and then recognizing when someone has gone well above & beyond the call for something, but I think everyone who contributes something toward our community should be recognized equally. Helping other community members out shouldn't be something competitive or that should have incentives attached.

    Finally, I'm worried that with the same people getting nominated and winning over and over again we are becoming too inwardly-focused and insular. From my fairly extensive experience with small groups online, that can be a dark path that ultimately causes a community like this to splinter or fade away, and no one wants that.

    So can we please stop having 'winner's for Kudos? Let's just keep it a spot for calling out people who are awesome.

      Note: this is not directed at anyone in particular and I have had it on my mind for quite a while so this isn't something that was triggered by a particular event or person or anything.

      I remember back when I was new to Kotaku, hadn't ever been on TAY and had no idea how Community Kudos worked, I'd see the same people winning week after week and it made the whole site feel a little exclusive. Like the editors were playing favourites with certain people.

      Thankfully I stuck around and got to know the community, but it's always in the back of my mind whether there are other non regulars/TAYbies out there who see the Community Kudos each week and have similar feelings to what I had when I first started coming to this site.

        You might have a point. I don't think any one does nice things just to win a nom, though.

          Which is another reason why no one needs to 'win' it.

          Also, not saying that it would happen but it could, imagine if you were someone that got nominated regularly all the time but someone else was always winning instead. Potentially could sour the good deeds and drive people away. Not saying that it has or ever would happen but it's plausible and it would be a shame.

            True enough! I agree, I did feel a little like an outsider when I looked at TAY and the Kudos before I became a regular, but now I just see it as a means of expressing appreciation. Doesn't matter who wins. That warm fuzzy feeling ain't going any where even if no one does. Probably helped with the community building back in the day, but now it's collectively just about feeling the love. (Giraffe style? :S)

            Nothing really different between those who win and those who don't, except for the fact that the winners may get a prize in 20 or so years? :P

        Somebody call for the new guy?

        The TAY community in US Kotaku.. Well, it's not that big, or it wasn't compared to back then because of the site changes. So popping over here and seeing you guys having this community kudos thing, well, it's a refreshing change of pace. However, I also notice that it tends to be the same people, but I see it as the community of TAY being so small and family-like that it's just everybody patting each other on the back.

        That being said, I don't think any of the 'winners' has referred themselves as so. If they're nominated, it's basically "I love you guys too."


          It's not as if it's a massive problem or anything, I just could see it becoming one, or becoming irrelevant.

            Yeah, but that's assuming one of the TAY crowd goes rogue or there's a large enough crowd that people feel left out, but I think the community is humble enough right now to deal with either of those.

            Valid points, though. In the future, who knows.

      Comment of the week would work better. I see some ransoms I've never seen before write some really great and thoughtful stuff before. I thought it was a great idea when it was being done. Not sure why it changed (can't remember) but it seemed to be more site specific and more inclusive of everyone (as of outside TAY)

        Ransoms can't write. They are instead written. I think you are confused, and therefore can be ignored completely.

      I think the winning part is just a way for Mark to give out all the games, t-shirts and general game merchandise that is in the Kotaku offices.

      Maybe if we had more competitions or just a weekly raffles.

      A few people said relevant things but instead of replying to all of them I'll just put a general reply here.

      I agree with all of you to an extent. I know before I was a TAY regular and when Kotaku Community Service Award/Community Kudos first came out, I'd read them but they really made me feel like an outsider. It just seemed like the Kotaku Community were already really tight and it'll be hard to join. I actually stopped reading them for a while but I couldn't have been more wrong. We're a lovely community that's very welcoming but convincing an 'outsider' to make that first step can be pretty hard.

      Community Kudos is one of my favourite posts of the week. To me a 'winner' isn't really that relevant but it's all the noms and who did what for each other that makes it awesome for me. I guess we don't really need a 'winner' to be announced every week and I guess there's a few who keep consistently winning but they're deserving of it because they're awesome and keep popping up on a weekly basis. Nothing wrong with rewarding them for that. I also think it's just a way for Mark to get rid of all the gamer swag he has laying around :P

      It's probably to do with TAY being our main form of communication at Kotaku. TAYbies are pretty much the ones nomming and getting nommed and because of it, others might not feel so welcome. There's been a few noms and winners from non-TAYbies and I know when I first won (still not sure how) I starting becoming a TAY regular (Ynefel also comes to mind). Problem is other people might just skip over it thinking it's a TAY club. I was actually so close to just skipping over Community Kudos like every other week when I decided to just give it a quick look only to have my mind blown finding out I won. Hell I even felt bad because I thought I was 'taking' it from someone else (probably was :P).

      Err wasn't sure where I was going with this (I was bored) but I think it's fine how it is. Sure you could say having a 'winner' cheapens it but Mark seems to be doing a decent job of spreading it around and people really shouldn't look into it that much. Prizes take years to arrive anyway and it's always in the last line where he announces a winner. It's easy enough to just skip over it and consider each nom for each person, equally as awesome :D

      I have a few things to say here, I hope I'm not too late for you to see them, Mr. Negative Zero.

      I both agree and do not agree. I think having a "winner" is good, it's good for community spirit and gives people something to aspire to as well as probably lets Mark get rid of a bunch of stuff cluttering up his workspace, but I do agree it may need to be changed, but I'm not entirely sure how it should be gone about.

      I always try and nominate from outside TAY wherever possible but the fact is, I go through stages where I'm barely having time to keep up with TAY let alone reading comments on other articles. And also nominating them doesn't mean they'll be picked as a winner. But when I do see someone outside TAY being particularly awesome I'll make a note of it so I can add them in my nom email because I've noticed the more I nominate from outside of TAY, the more chance these people will join in more often.
      I have noticed that the same people keep getting picked though and I think part of that is that Mark is not moderating all comments anymore so he doesn't see all that goes on, so he chooses based on what we tell him and based on what he's been aware of. He can only really choose from the people we pick out for him.

      So basically, if you want it to change maybe start mentioning more non-TAYers in your noms, or point out a particularly good comment in your nom email to Mark and then he can act accordingly. If anti-kudos can become a thing, then surely comment-of-the-week can too? You just have to change the way you go about nominating if you would like things to change. Mark can only go on the information we give him. :)

        Anti kudos isn't a thing until Mark chooses both a winner and a loser each week :P

        My terrible secret is that I never nominate (the few times I have, you'll notice I have never called out anyone specific) and only really skim the kudos pages because I feel utterly uninterested and honestly fairly uninvested in it. I'm fairly sure that the bulk of non-TAY readers ignore the Kudos thing entirely anyway. So to me it doesn't matter where the nominations come from, I have issues with the implication that some people's contributions to the community - and by extension, some people - may be considered more important or special than others. Sometimes they actually are in completely unarguable ways, and that deserves special mention, but that person shouldn't 'win' Kudos, just get special mention.

        If the winner thing is just a convenient way for Mark to offload some promotional junk then I think that a separate comment of the week system or something would be a more inclusive way to do that.


      No, actually, I have no strong opinions about Kudos. I think it's currently at risk of becoming too frivolous (some noms are weird, unclear or just backslapping a friend for no reason), which in turn makes it insular and cliquey. Whether that's a good thing or not remains to be seen (though apparently it's still luring folks into TAY, so I could be completely wrong with this).

      I don't mind the 'no-winner' policy. Does Mark even send out stuff anymore? :P I wouldn't mind if it just became a list of nice things people have done for each other... but this might create a dynamic shift that discourages people from nomming each other.

      I don't know - like I said, no strong opinions. I read the Kudos post every week, and don't begrudge the winners a thing, but I don't feel it like I used to. Maybe there's something wrong in the formula, or maybe it's me getting old and jaded.

      Edit: maybe we could encourage a Kudos culture that nominates less frequently for bigger things. Or keep the regular Kudos formula, but only have winners when there's something special happening, like TAYbies giving each other kidneys. I don't know. I'm very tired. I'm going to stop typing n

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    Yes or no, do you like to dress up as an orangutan and dance in the rain?

    Last edited 05/10/12 6:04 pm

      I like being able to edit spelling and grammar mistakes, but as this week has proven -- pretty damn easy to delete posts without giving them a chance too. I say good idea, one that needs a little restraint though.


      Edit: Wait, no

      Edit: Wait, yes

      Edit: Wait, maybe. I don't know.

      Edit: Incase you're wondering, yes, I actually did edit my post for each of those edits.

      Last edited 05/10/12 6:01 pm

      Why would you ask if we've ever fantasized mascots in clown cars?

      The heck?

      In all In all seriousness though, I do love the ability to go back and fix mistakes.

    Friday night things:
    1. Man am I hyped for Sim City 5. I've watched that gameplay video 3 times today... I just love the aesthetic and the interface. Very awesome!
    2. I've completely ditched Microsoft Word as my word processor and just use Google Docs now. The Mac version of Word is just awful (though to be fair it's the '08 version) and it doesn't seem worth it to pay to upgrade. It's pretty cool to have an auto-saving document that backs itself up, even if the Download As PDF is a little wonky.
    3. Denpa (EDIT: Haha, that yellow Denpa Man makes me laugh every time)
    4. I have to go to a group meeting at the Uni at 8:00am tomorrow because it was the only time we could find to meet... *exaggerated groan*
    5. The regular 3DS looks like a little babby toy now that I'm used to the XL.
    6. I'm going to a birthday party tonight. Ahh, social activities!
    7, 8, 9 & 10. Can't think of anything else.

    Last edited 05/10/12 6:48 pm

      I'm kind of looking forward to it (edit: Sim City)but there are few things that put me off. I've heard it has always online DRM, the concept of which I find abhorrent. Also, It's EA which means I'm fully expecting the paid DLC policy to be atrocious.

      Gameplay looks like a step forward for one of my old favourites though so I may give it a go. I'll probably wait until it's been out for a while though to make sure there aren't any nasty surprises.

      Last edited 05/10/12 7:17 pm

        The always online is also because it's like a SimCity MMO. Would be good if they added a single player mode though.

          yeah, the multiplayer part looks cool and I would probably spend most of my time online anyway. It doesn't seem like justification for not having an offline mode though, just and excuse.

            TAY COUNTRY! We should try and make this happen :P

              I would be very interested in this, if that's how the multiplayer works. Especially if you get to see everyones progress.

              /divert all garbage trucks to Lambotown

                I'm considering making a city that's nothing but dirt cheap housing and power plants. I can sell you all power and watch as my citizens die of breathing disorders.

                  Haha, I can only imagine if we all loaded up a game of civilization.

                  I'm totally down for a united kingdom of TAY when the time comes, though.

                I'll make sure my radioactive waste pollutes all the rivers flowing near your cities :P
                Oh man, this could be pretty fun especially if we can set up a region for just plain trolling xD

        Yeah I'm actually really worried about that. I won't be buying it day 1 because of it.

        I heard that they recently downgraded the DRM to an online-check when you launch the game (then I assume you can disconnect freely) instead of always-online, but still. After the horror stories of some other PC games lately I'll wait for the bugs to be ironed out first.

        I just really, really hope they don't go overboard with DLC or DRM or whatever. I want to love this game, EA!

          That's reassuring. I'm much more likely to buy it now. Provided there is enough content to be considered a game rather then just enough to prove the engine works I'm OK with ignoring any overpriced DLC. I'm just worried it'll end up like the sims where the game comes with almost nothing and then you have to pay $5 per shirt or something.

          I'd hate to have to buy each house for my little people to live in.

      That Word 2013 is pretty cool (on windows).
      I like how the text cursor moves smoothly instead of jumping like it does with pretty much every text entry thing ever. Also, if you accidentally leave capslock on and you type a word that looks like tHIS, it autocorrects the word to This and automatically turns capslock off. MAGIC.

        Sounds cool! Honestly I probably would update to the latest if I had the money. It's hard to justify it though because there are free options available. (Plus, the more recent versions only include 1 registration code while the '08 one had 3 for no extra price :P)

          I use word just because it's what I've always used but I have to admit the price is pretty ridiculously unless you can get it at the student/teacher price. My mum's about to retire from teaching so I might have to do my last upgrade for a while soon.

      I had a collection of Denpa music ages ago. I think the definition of the term has changed over time. It used to refer to a style of particularly saccarine Japanese pop music designed to give you diabetes through your ears. Mercifully it fell out of popularity before they could weaponize it.

      Used to listen to it a lot. Not sure why any more. I kind of like some of it still I guess, some is catchy.

      Last edited 05/10/12 11:19 pm

        Oh really? I had no idea Denpa was a thing! I just assumed it was made up word for the game :P The more you know, huh?

    Too many pages to read.

    Quickly, what have I missed?!

    Or take your time. I have nothing on tonight.

      And by on I mean planned.

      I was like ARGH MOMENT OF PANIC when I hit submit.

        Nothing planned for tonight?

        Catch up on TAY :D!

          Too much reading. All I've done this week is read.

      Uhhh, I was declared "greatest man in the universe," and it's now a law that all women have to love me.
      Yeah, dunno how that happened, but hey, I don't make up the rules.

        That seems like a weird law. You'd think I'd hear about something like that on the news or something but okay.

          Apparently they wanted me to inform people myself, so that I didn't get inundated by professations of love wherever I went. Again, I don't make the rules.

        But you said you'd rather stab your eyes out than have me love you :(

      Aaaaaaaand that didn't work at all. Seems it gave me the wrong link.

      Dang it.

        Weird. It's telling me that's the correct link. Huh. Maybe my phone is being screwy.

        Still, of all the random images it could have given, that's a good one.


      That's... Hmmm. That seems a little worrying. What exactly did you do?

        had a blood test because i've been sick for about 2 weeks, i got the test, the lady tells me to hold down a cotton bud, next thing i know i'm waking up to her telling me i passed out, i found it hilarious, other members of family did not.

          Haha, you should've woken up and said a one-liner.

          "Am I.. IN THE WORLD OF TOMMOROW?"

          Bahahahaha, well, since you're okay, I will enjoy this laugh, instead of feeling guilty about it.

          Holy damn, man. That'd be awkward. :D Glad you're okay, though. Hope you're feeling better too.

    Almost finished at work. Had to phone so many giraffes tonight.

      Are giraffes good conversationalists?

      I bet they loved it when wireless phones came out. I'd imagine they'd get some severe neck cramps if limited to those comparatively small telephone cords.

    Not too shabby! I can't say I've played most of the games there but Strange(r)'s Wrath HD on PC for $5 sounds good enough for me! I've bought from them before and they like to add lots of bonuses :)

    I already have it on PS3 so probably won't be buying this bundle unless there's anything else worthwhile in there.

    Just a late reply to NegZ's thoughts on Kudos from earlier.
    I'm not sure it makes much difference having a winner or not. The winner announcement is just one sentence at the end of the Kudos post. Mark lists all noms, comments on many of them.
    It's the noms I pay attention to rather than the winner.
    I would like to see more noms for non-TAY reasons. I rearely send in noms, but I have made a point of nomming comments from regular articles. I know Strange and some others do too.
    I seem to recall someone becoming a TAYbie directly after one of these noms too.
    There's no reason we can't make an effort to nom for great comments. Afterall, great commenters make a great community. But Kudos should stay, winner or no.

    Edited to add - It was reading a particularly nomtastic Kudos post that first piqued my interest to look into TAY. I quickly decided that this was the online community to replace the self-imploding forum I used to frequent daily.

    Last edited 05/10/12 10:18 pm

    Alright everyone, I have a weird confession to make.

    I have 21 unread emails in my inbox. I have had 21 undead emails in my inbox for something like 9 months. That is to say, more specifically, that whenever I clear my new emails, there are 21 forcefed emails.

    I'm not sure why. I think it's just because it makes me feel popular, knowing that I'll check my emails to find streetcred emails there.

      Must be nice, only e-mails I get these days are Twitter notifications. Before that... never. :D

      Last edited 05/10/12 10:38 pm

        All my twitter, facebook, and whatever other things I have that spam me with notifications go to my old email address, which has like 4000 unread emails...

      I have a similar situation. When I get my Gmail inbox down to 95, I know I'm caught up on emails! :P

      My Hotmail account is at about 900 unread... accumulated over about ten years. :S

      I think I only have 596 on my main hotmail account now but up until a few months ago I had 6000+. I had my gmail linked to my hotmail so any emails I received to my gmail one would forward to my hotmail one. BUT THEN I decided to just stick with gmail from now on and linked my hotmail to my gmail. WHICH TRANSFERRED EVERYTHING - even the forwarded gmail ones. Shit went bonkers but I managed to fix it but it considered all my unread emails as read :'(

      Thing is I don't have email notifications for things like Twitter/Facebook/MySpace (lol). I just get emails from places and read the title but if it's not relevant I'll just ignore it.

    I think as an archaeology student it is my job, nay MY DESTINY, MY RAISON D'ETRE to play loosely based history/archaeology games.

    Raid all the tombs.
    Total all the wars etc;

    It'll be like how now when I watch Indiana Jones (the good ones) I want to cry. NO, INDY. STAHP. INDY. THAT'S NOT PROPER PROCEDURE. INDYYYYYYY.

      Hey, the sooner he gets to the artifacts, the sooner they can be put into a museum!

      Oh man, when your units in Rome: Total War do like, backflips over chariots, you know you're dealing with a super realistic game!

      If thats the case, I'm pretty sure I have a free copy of Empire: Total War in my Steam inventory from Xmas last year. You want?

      Note to self: never study archaeology. It will ruin some good movies for you.

    New, early Potaku. Good for the isomniacs!


    It was better than expected... but not much was expected.
    Will keep watching. 3/5

    And I am so bored and unmotivated to work that I'm retweeting tweets I made a year ago to see if anyone notices.

    No one wants to play. Okay, I'll look after myself.

      I'm really listless at the moment. Can't concentrate, and feeling vague and useless. I got smashed in the head with a lamp this morning by my two-year-old.

        A little trick I like to call lambo-style.

          Anyway, I haven't really been able to concentrate well on my writing today. Instead I put up some half-assed blog on why it's awesome to be indie.

   is the link if you're interested.

              I can't decide whether I regret writing it. It's not what I envisioned.

                But then, this vague and listless thing... who knows, maybe my judgement is off. Maybe it's always been off. Maybe not. There is no spoon.

                  Reality is an illusion. Illusion is the new reality. Words shift and blur the boundaries between diametrically opposed concepts. And then they whirl and blur together into a new kind of nonsense. Reminds me of something I wrote once.

                  Here, let me dig it out.

                  While one is in complete and total accord with the honourable speaker that something must be done in the pre-eminent interests of hampering the growth and, if feasible, immobilise the alleged corruption that is, at this very moment, supposedly, one might add, subtly and pervasively infiltrating certain departments of this administration, and while one is indeed inspired by the emotive evocations of the speaker to act impulsively and rashly upon this issue, one feels that the pronouncement that immediate impartial investigation is both required and essential, is, although courageous and well-meaning in theory, is impractical and inadvisable in reality, not to mention premature and ill-considered, and one feels a strong compulsion to argue that although the merit of the proposal is admirable, there are several significant drawbacks which seem to not have been taken into account when considering the alternative pros and cons of such a plan, looking at it by and large, taking one time with another, and looking pensively and solicitously at the bigger picture here, but having said this, and not wanting in the least to appear loquacious, or to prevaricate or stall for time, for one is not generally given to procrastinate or digress from the principal point, around which the current dialogue is currently centred, in favour of superfluous and indeed tangential, possibly even ancillary concerns, or in other words, that is to say, one has no strong predilection for long-winded expression of political and ethical judgement or opinion, so one shall speak as concisely and succinctly as possible, in that one feels that one should put out that nevertheless, without, of course, making any specific reference to any official (and possibly classified) documentation on the matter currently under discussion, the susceptibility of sensitive and delicate information to innocent yet unfortunately calamitous misinterpretation must be taken into consideration when analysing the possibility of proceeding with unfettered supplementary inquisition, which could, not to put too fine a point on it, conceivably bring about an inopportune series of concurrent discoveries and revelations which in turn may very well, when viewed in a certain uncharitable light, create considerable and substantial embarrassment - and possibly even concern regarding physical and occupational security - for several eminent and highly influential individuals, whose authority is not so unassailable and whose security of position is slightly more tenuous and vulnerable than one may have perhaps unwittingly led others to believe in recent symposium - in the strictest confidence, of course - regardless of whether or not the alleged corruption and extravagance of the governmental machine, which is indeed the foremost fundamental aspect of the outrageous allegations pending against this administration, but which is essentially completely irrelevant in this matter, are in fact possessive of a single iota of truth, or to put it more plainly, notwithstanding the fact that this proposal could conceivably encompass certain concomitant benefits of a marginal and peripheral relevance, there is a consideration of infinitely superior magnitude, the consequence of public revelations and relational corroborations, not to mention recriminations of a profoundly embarrassing and ultimately indefensible nature, so, one would urge in the strongest possible sense that ongoing and indeed, precipitate, exploration and enquiries regarding the matter at hand would fulfil no significant purpose other than the disruption and eventual disbandment of the orderliness within the system that has worked so satisfactorily for centuries, and is solely and entirely responsible for the elevation of certain individuals, who are indeed upstanding and respected senior members of the hierarchy, whose monikers shall remain undisclosed for the duration of this consultation, but whose distinctive and unique identities should be immediately apparent to those participating in this present interlocutor, and without beating around the bush or wishing to overstep one’s generally accepted boundaries of appropriate and apposite conduct and demeanour, one suggests as strongly as one’s present authority allows that this detail should be carefully and painstakingly weighed with the interests of, to cite a commonly utilised and exploited epithet, not callously nor unkindly, of course, the masses, towards whom one is admittedly not entirely unsympathetic, whose diplomatic entitlement to elect the leaders of their choice is theoretically inviolate, which automatically makes any upsetting revelations against the representative’s interests against the interest of the general populace as well, something that one feels should be the principal principle in this matter, and this must be carefully weighed against the hypothetical potential achievements of an autonomous unencumbered investigation of indeterminate dependability into the inner workings of a structurally sound organisation whose reputation has remained utterly and totally untainted by allegations of corruption or general incompetence, up until the most unfortunate recent disclosure of certain facts and figures, which can, as one mentioned earlier, be open to other interpretations, to an uninformed body of individuals, who when consolidated, for the sole purpose of informal collective reference, of course, constitute a community, whose limited expertise in regards to the specific issues surrounding this affair is without doubt serious cause for concern, when taking into due consideration the actuality that any hypothetical investigation into this issue is bound to involve them, in one respect or another, and that any final decision will almost without question be within their purview, and one would further suggest that any publicity on this matter is sure not to show favour to this administration, due to whatever conflict of interest and private agendas under which the author of said publicity will likely be operating under, and will in all likelihood deliberately and maliciously generate a negative light on this administration right from the start, with the subsequent consequence that, as far as one can see, any outcome is sure to focus, unfairly and if not exclusively, at least predominantly, one fears, on any hypothetical so-called wrongdoings both within the framework of this officialdom and within the coordination of bureaucracy, administration and dispensation, concerning itself with anomalies within opposition as well as within the power in residence, anomalies which, while they may admittedly be susceptible to less than innocent interpretation, nevertheless contain a sufficient element of indistinctness and ambiguity, so that even though should they be presented an uncharitable manner to an unfavourably aligned individual, irregardless of the apparent reliability, or one might go so far as to say the lack of unreliability, or not, as the case may be, (including such factors as reputation, credibility and level of repute of character) of the author, the results could be unfavourable were they to find their way into the deliberations of an organisation of more than usual sensitivity, the result, which one shall briefly expand upon in due course, would be unwarranted, and not without displaying an unreasonable amount of anti-establishment bias, due to the aforementioned uncertainties of the information available, information that is totally innocent in both substance and demeanour, but which may well have ramifications, which may cause the influence of such near-sighted and biased inspection to spread like a contagion from national to regional governments (and back again, one is certain), due to the relative propinquity of both policy and procedure in these not at all dissimilar forums, which would be an unmitigated disaster in regards to the dangerous precedent set by the investigation, and from that point on, the entire policy of administration, and indeed the concomitant and contemporaneous procedures of administration themselves, would be under constant and considerable public scrutiny, which will in turn negatively affect the effectiveness and efficiency with which officials perform the various tasks and duties for which they were meticulously and conscientiously trained, instituting practices that impose severe restrictions on the appropriate flow and ebb of ideas between officials and will, in all probability, culminate in an inherently detrimental and disadvantageous situation of organisational degeneration and administrative congealing which will render effectively impossible the coherent and co-ordinated dialogue of the function of government and the very essence of governing, and one feels that one should point out at this time that these are results that one is quite sure that no one present here in this grand chamber really desires at this moment in time, consequences, dire, dire, consequences that could bring this fastidious and resourceful, and indeed, let’s not forget highly competent, efficient and professional (and by no means corrupt or extravagant), system to its allegorical knees and make us all wish that the latest cutbacks and reductions in unemployment benefits for redundant positions had, in fact, never occurred, and this is an eventuality that one feels strongly must be avoided religiously, so in furtherance of this cause, one is prepared to instigate a series of informal discussions, involving a comprehensive and candid exchange of viewpoints, out of which will hopefully arise a number of proposals which on closer examination should (if the situation warrants it) prove to indicate certain promising lines of enquiry, which, if pursued, might lead to the realisation that an alternative course of action might in fact, in certain circumstances, be susceptible to discreet alteration, in one way or another, leading to a neutrally-biased reassessment of the original areas of concern and pointing the way to encouraging prospects of significant compromise and co-operation, which, if open-mindedly implemented, with appropriate give and take on both sides, of course, could, have an acceptable possibility, at the end of the day, of leading, rightly or wrongly, to a mutually satisfactory conclusion, in which one feels confident, the eventual eventuality would disclose the verity that as far as one can see, looking at it by and large, in the final analysis it is probably true to say, that at the end of the day, in general terms, it would probably be found that, at this early stage, there probably wasn’t very much in it one way or the other to begin with.

                  I DARE you to read that through. It's one single sentence.

                  I'm worried now about what people will think when they read this. Will they think I've gone insane, sitting here talking to myself, channeling the Blagh, or (more appropriately given the time)our new man Saturday (or is that gal Friday? I can never remember).

                  Nope that's it. Nothing else tonight. I'm done.

                  I made it to the end! Is it wrong that it amost made sense?

                  I sense the "Yes Minister" force is strong in this one :D

                  Last edited 06/10/12 1:12 am

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