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    I feel like I should go to bed... but I don't really want to...

      You ruined my train of thought.

        How dare you bring up Friday! She's still in rehab, bless her.

        Anyway, that was a impressive wall of text. Sure as hell not reading it, but impressive nonetheless.

        Last edited 06/10/12 12:53 am

        I guess it was....

          Maybe if we work together we can get this topic
          back on track

    Good morning, world! *cut to picture of the earth with landmass features*
    "Good morning, Blaghs!"

    Oh god I just killed 300,000 people!

      I think that made more sense in my "just woken up" mind. I meant that the earth moved its landmass features, and in doing so caused catastrophic damage to millions of people.

        I still don't get it.

          ... I hate you, Pow.

    Hey hey heyyy

    Was anyone else considering getting the Pikachu 3DS XL? If so could you find any pics on the inside of it? I've looked but all I've seen is just the top/bottom with the Pikachu design :/

    Also any idea where you're going to import it from (assuming it doesn't come to Australia)?

      It's plain white inside from what I can tell. I love the colour but I don't like the Pikachu art they used (not fat enough! :P)

        D: two toned ughhh!

        I don't really like the design either and it looks like the two cameras are Pikachu's nipples :/ but limited edition! Actually I might just wait for a Zelda/green one :P

        Thanks POW! you saved me money (no you can't have it)

          Pika nips? That a feature not a flaw.

    Went ahead and bought the BL2 special that Cakesmith posted about the other day. Got my Steam Key, went to install it, and "Invalid Steam Key" pops up. Argh! Now I'm waiting on Steam Support to get back to me

      Oh wow I always fear that. Hopefully it gets sorted out quickly!

    Morning people. I should probably get out of bed sometime, nah. It's too comfy in here.

      I heartily agree with this sentiment

    Alright people going to EB expo tomorrow how are we gonna ID each other? I vote for writing TAY on our arms I'm big black letters.

      I trust that everyone will just be able to recognise me...

      (I'm not going to the expo, but...) Most of the Sydney people know what each other look like already. Just let whoever you plan to meet up with know what you look like is probably the easiest way.

        Average height and build. Dark hair.

        Wearing a hat.

      Seeing as i'm the new guy I'll probably sport a TAY armband or something.

      Or.. I dunno, there's gotta be a saner way to do this, but I can't really figure it out.

      I wasn't going but from what I read on Twitter some guys were meeting up near the Gamespot booth since Harli is working there. Also I think Doc and Shiggy are wearing Potaku shirts so you might be able to spot them that way. Plus, they are probably going to be in the Nintendo sections.

      Finally, Fatshady is doing something with Trials Evolution so pop over to the Ubisoft Trials booth and say hi to him.

        Also for Cj and Saturday (I don't think I saw your Twitter handles on TAYNAMES) if you have Twitter accounts follow some of the TAYbies who are going and send them a tweet. Your twitter handles may be different compared to your username on Potaku so just send a message like, 'Hi I'm so and so from TAY', something like that. Then from there I'm sure you guys should be able to organise something.

        Finally, if this does or doesn't work out just have fun and play all the games. :-)

          Alas, I have no twitter-enabled device on me (archaic, I know,) so twitter is not an option. outside of home. Thanks, though.

            Text message!

              True, true. I've also caved in and gotten the twitters, now.

      Well imma still write TAY on my arm. I'll be in a grey hat. 6 foot 2-4 khaki messenger bag with the Israeli paratrooper symbol on it

        I have troll plans that depend on people not recognising me, so I won't be doing that :P

          Lambo your one of the few TAY folk I've seen. You and your YouTube

            D'oh, I forgot about that.

      I just realised that I'm not actually working tomorrow. Is there anything happening outside/after the expo? Or is it just for you cool kids that got tickets? :)

        Well, I do believe that Lambo wishes to do something, so something might happen, and if it does I will attempt to communicate with you.

          And me! :D

      Alright, I haven't actually met you, and this is cray-cray, but my number's zero four 32522145, so if you can't find people and feel like meating me, call me, maybe.


          Giving our numbers online? Such a risk! Well, and this is crazy..

          My mobile's 0423563082. You'd be a welcome change than telemarkters and wrong dials.


    Morning =P

      It's morning somewhere in the world...

        that's true.

        I have nothing else to say ^^;;

    TAY, Is getting the first season of Pokemon on DVD a good thing?



      So thanks to this toothache I have learned not to drink soft drink.
      At the moment, I'm only drinking room temperature water.

        Whoa, bit strong for a saturday night, bud.

        I should know my name is saturday

          Not sure if Saturday knows scree is a woman :P
          (squinty Fry face meme)

          I think you called her Sir once as well ;D. I hear most people mistake her for a guy though and I know I did when I first started posting in TAY. Sorry scree but I just assume everyone is a white male until told otherwise :P

          Also reply fail, scree? Not sure how that's related to Pooogeymans but hopefully the toothache goes away soon and you can drink all the soft drink again! (don't it's bad for you :P).

            Racial profiling in reverse? :P

              (New SHiFT keys available right now, in case you've missed it.

            bud, sir, I don't discriminate.

            Unfortunately it's the same in real life, and women don't take too kindly to being called male.

            I assume the same thing, white male unless told otherwise.
            I posted it in a seperate thing but TAY felt it needed to be added on, so I didn't question it.

          I'd rather bland then pain =P

    Remember TAY pals daylight saving changes tonight so dont let that ruin your morning if your trying to make the expo early. Or anything else you may be up to.

      All it does in Brisbane is make Foxtel show things an hour earlier and live shows on free-to-air TV not be live. :P Stupid lack of daylight savings. *shakes fist*

      Oh hey! Thanks for the tip. I gotta work in the morning.

    Having a BBQ with a few friends tonight.

    Started at 6.

    No one has turned up yet.

      Phone atleast or just AWOL? Sooner cats inherit the Earth, the better.

        Party at D.C.'s house!

          No one knows where I live. I'm almost certain every damn member of the Brisbane TAYbies is on the other side of the city too. Mwhahaha. (*pretends I didn't just reveal I live on the other side of the city.*)

            Hey, if your friends can track you down and surprise you we can too :D

              But they had years of little hints. Years. :P

                Hints to D.C.'s whereabouts:

                - Is in Brisbane
                - Is on the other side of the city to TAYbies


                  Oh, man. Back to the witness protection program. :P

    I just spent $45 on a plush South Park toy, and a South Park wallet to replace my current starting-to-be worn out one...
    Why do I feel so dirty all of a sudden?

      Because you dirtied your pants with excitement!

      What was the plush of?

        It's a limited edition "Doctor Stan" plush.
        It's from the episode "Cartman's Mom Is Still a Dirty Slut".

    I have three gold keys in Borderlands now! This morning I had none. Any one get any thing good?

      Ah.. haha.. ha....

      Yeah, it's really hard to get good stuff from that chest :P.

      I know people who've never had anything good despite using something like 4 keys. I've used it around 7 times and only two times I got something worth while. One time gave me an awesome explosive assault and a slag sniper and the other gave me two shields which weren't very good but were better than what I had.

      I actually recommend using them when you can, rather than just waiting until 50. By the time you're 50 it's really easy to farm loot and there's really no point for the chest. I guess you could save some to use after DLC comes out and the cap is raised but if you have some to spare just use them whenever :)

        :'( I did get a really awesome rocket launcher at level 25 that's still better than any thing I've gotten since. The second time I used a key was Level 35 and it was another rocket launcher... only worse! :P

      ohhh that's bound to kill an hour. A few seconds of buying new things and the rest of myself crying over the terrible loot i will get.

        :( If it makes you feel better, I can't find Donkey Mong. I searched for over an hour. I also have never seen that Michael guy. I search every time I'm in the area.

          I've found Michael twice, also I killed Donkey Mong! \o/

            I've only found them both once, and by accident D:



      Srsly every time I use my keys it's pistols. Yeah, they're better than my regular guns, and I benefit from my Gunzerker skill which lets me use pistols better, but still. So much so that the word 'pistols' is beginning to sound alien to me after saying it so much.

        Oh, man. I was hoping the game would detect what weapon you favor most and give you one. :D

      How do you get more?

        You sign up to the SHiFT thing in the Extras menu. You'll get a free key just for signing up. Then follow the Gearbox twitter feed, they've been releasing them every few hours today. I think they've got more planned for tomorrow!

          Randy also tweets them :) @DuvalMagic I believe.

    I request we all have a nice cuddle.


      Erggh, physical contact? Get away from me.

      I know I'm late, but does 2 people constitute a group hug? If so then GROUP HUG. If not then HUG

    Game Informer gave XCOM 9.5/10!

    Ok, so I've watched the first 4 eps of Six Feet Under. Late to the party I know, but it was TAY that got me to watch it at all.

    First impressions - this show is really, really good!

    Further thoughts - this show, for me, has the risk of being like so many other shows I start out liking, in that it has a limited foundation to build upon, and must become increasingly unbelievable and increasingly dependant on the core story in order to maintain interest.
    The fact that they go with a core storyline right from the start perhaps sets off some alarm bells for me.
    I really liked shows like Breaking Bad, Weeds, Sons of Anarchy, but they all lost me after one or two seasons. Maybe I just have a short attention span?
    Six Feet Under looks to be another show like those, but so far I love it and I'm on for the ride!

    I do prefer English TV, and I suppose one of the reasons is that they put a whole US season's writing talent into half the number of shows (or even less) - which has it's own frustrations.

    Anyway, a huge thanks to TAY (DC and Shane I think?) for getting me to finally give it a go!
    Loving it so far!

      :D That's good to hear! I'm midway through season three and love it more than ever, I love these kinds of long haul character arc stories though. It's a show that isn't afraid to change too, which I like. I hope you enjoy the ride!

      Last edited 06/10/12 10:20 pm

        I hope so too. I can stick with shows with a long arc if there are enough stand-alone stories to sustain me. Think X-Files, House.
        So far The Walking Dead, at 2 seasons, shows no sign of slowing for me. Can't wait to see what the next few weeks brings!

          Hmmm, it's weird because in some ways there's no stand alone episodes cause there's always the arc running through, but almost every episode has a self-contained story. I think you'll be right! Short seasons too, so they keep the momentum nicely.

            If you're talking about The Walking Dead, then yeah - I guess it's a stand out for me as a core-story based series.
            But hey - I'm a complex individual ;)
            Peace out dude :P

              Was talking about Six Feet Under actually, but if The Walking Dead is similar I might have to watch! :D Good night, man!

      Best show ever.

        Out of curiosity Shane, which character do you find you identify with most? Might be best to use rot13. Warn me if you spoil any thing after season three too. :P

        Last edited 06/10/12 10:36 pm

          I dunno, man. Mostly the Fisher kids, I suppose. Each one has stories that just grab on and don't let go. In terms of actual identification, I think I resonate with Nate's perspective in a lot of ways, and find it easy to warm to him. ROT13 now, but no actual spoilers really, just a snapshot into the process of their creation.

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            Going to mourn the show when it's over, which seems apt. :D

            Last edited 06/10/12 10:57 pm

        So it WAS you!
        Thanks Shane.

          I think Virus__ and Maasha are true believers too. :D

    My tooth has been fairly good all day. It's really starting to hurt now DX

      I'm sorry to hear that, Scree. Was your mum's party fun atleast?

        Yes, it was just very loud.

          Did your aunt manage to get there without the worrying that preceded it? :D

          Last edited 06/10/12 11:15 pm

    TAY, I'm a bit torn right now.
    I've found this graphics editing program called ArtRage Studio Professional.
    I've used the demo a bit and am quite enjoying it.
    It's providing a nice alternative to Photoshop for my digital art.
    Also, it is available on Steam and is a small size.
    That being said, however, my one issue is cost.
    ArtRage comes in at $54 until October 10, when it goes back to the usual price of $60 on Steam, and I feel it's a tad steep.
    Should I go with my gut and purchase it, or leave it and wait?

      Incredibly cheap when you compare it with Photoshop, though. :P Hard to say, man. It's good to have proper software that can do the more intricate stuff. I use Photoshop Elements that came with my Wacom Bamboo thingy.

        I do have Photoshop CS3, and ArtRage supports .psd files, so would it be worth it to use it in conjunction with Photoshop?

          Oh, in that case, no. Haha! Unless it's more user friendly?

            It's quite user friendly, and I've finally managed to be able to change brush size with my tablet by assigning keystrokes, so there isn't really a lot for me to say against it.
            It's surprisingly good.

    I suppose I should go to sleep. Good night, TAY. If you guys in Sydney end up meating, I hope you have good times a-plenty.

    Good morning, all. Ready for a nice day?

    I don't care, because I have a expo to get ready for.

      I kid really, I care. Not a full 100% mind you but a solid, 70. 66%, maybe.

      Got TAY labeled on my left arm front and back

        You should just wear a sign saying "AEF".

          There was a time where I almost did buy a custom hat with AEF on it

            I should buy these in case you have another dapper meat!

              Or maybe people would prefer these

      I was born ready!

    Happy Thanksgiving, friends!
    I don't know if that's actually something you wish people because I still don't understand this holiday, but hey, public holiday Monday! \o/

      I don't either, man.

      But hey, turkey dinners! Gotta love them turkey dinners.

    Well I made a miss calculation. Looks like imma be an hour early for the expo

      Oh, CJ. After you warned people to not forget about daylight savings haha

      Better to be early than late though!

        Actually I'd be late if that was the case. Really came down to no coffe shop. Got early train

      Bahahaha, excellent. I'm on a train atm. Woooooo.

        I think my train is on fire or something, we're just sitting at some station... I don't understand this technology thing.

    With this line glad I got here early by mistake.

      Woot. AC3 poster get!!

      I wish I was there now so that I could cut in... I'm not a bad person, really...

        Well, I'm in now. Buying overpriced, bad, coffee.

      So jelly =P

      It's okay, I couldn't afford to go anyway. Tell us all about the wiiU!

        It's everything I ever imagined. Colours pop, it looks wonderful.

          Is this sarcastic Blaghman or for you for cereal?

          I'm interested in knowing how it is too :), post more thoughts if you can :D. Thanks!

            It's mostly for cereal. Ass 3 was only running at 720p though.

          Did they say if Australia would get any special deals (like the ZombU pro pack thingie)?

        Controller is really nice in the hand. Buttons feel nice to press. I'm better the. Blagh at WiiU

          How was the stick placement? It looks like it'll feel weird having the analog sticks above the buttons

            Sounds awesome! Are they showing Aliens: Colonial Marines at the show? (The website says they are, but I haven't heard any one talk about it.)

            Last edited 07/10/12 11:20 am

              Gearbox tweeted about it :)

                Watched the gameplay walkthrough last night. (Something I don't usually like to do.) Looks so damn good, plus it was nice that Randy's commentary was kept to a minimum and when he did talk you wanted to listen!

    Playable CoH2 alpha. Best find.

    After reading the article about Japan hoarding their RPG's (which I totally agree with) I've gone and booted up a SNES emulator and started up Terranigma which got mentioned a couple of times in the comments. I heard about it on one of Extra Credits' "Games you might not have tried" episode and it sounded good. I will report back with my findings

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