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    Oh, man. I already hate daylight savings. All the post times are in the future! :S



    *waits for downloads to finish*

    I ain't got no shame.

    (maybe just a little... ok a lot)

      I also contemplated getting the spin off show based on Snooki and Jwow... what have I become!?

      ...Jersey Shore...
      I just can't watch that train wreck...

        I was forced to watch one episode. I could feel my brain shutting down

          I've seen an episode and I'm pretty convinced it must be fake. I can't won't believe people can be that horrible.

      Oh, Greenius.

    Old school Sierra fans, just thought you should know... crazy sale on GOG today.

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      Arghh, I can't choose! I want at least 13 of those games but I've only got $20 so I need to narrow it down.
      Help me choose. I've only played the Zorks and King's Quests out of that list so what games are must play beside Gabriel Knight?

        Haha! I'd have the same problem if I didn't own most already. Hmmm. To be honest, I think the GK games alone are probably enough out of the Sierra adventures. I think there's some rose coloured glasses stuff happening with the other Quest games and I wouldn't feel comfortable recommending any thing else just going off nostalgia. :P

        Get Interstate 76!
        Cars with guns!

          Vampire: The Masquerade -- Redemption was pretty good too. "Christoph, thy wound!" "Tis nothing, a scratch." (I'm hoping being able to quote it still means it was memorable. Haha!) I liked SWAT 3, but SWAT 4 did everything better. (And isn't on GOG, alas.) I loved the Space Quest games, but can't tell you how they've aged.

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            I was going to get the Space Quest games but I'm not sure my kind of humour is the same as what's in those games.

            My sister and I still quote Zork:Grand Inquisitor. You should grab that if you haven't played it. Although I may have my nostalgia goggles on. :P

              The Zork games look suspiciously like they have Myst puzzles? Would that be true? (I've played some of Return to Zork, can only remember the "Want some rye? Cause you do!" guy. :P)

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                Err...what's a Myst puzzle? I've played Myst but can't recall anything special about the puzzles other than obscure solutions.

                  The kind of logic puzzles that makes D.C. feel like a simpleton. I much prefer inventory and dialogue based puzzles. :D

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                  Well if I can do the puzzles in Zork: GI then anyone can.

                  Haha! With XCOM and Dishonored out this week I doubt I'd have the time to play 'em any ways for a long while, so might hold off. :D

        So far I've narrowed it to KQ 4, 5, 6 and the Zork Anthology as must-buys. Along with Gabriel Knight: SotF. I'm also thinking about Arcanum.
        What's Quest for Glory like? Or Betrayal at Krondor? They're ones I remember being sad I missed when they came out.

          I never played Krondor or QfG. (I played Antara, Krondor's sequel. Wouldn't recommend it.)

          Gabriel Knight 3 is my game of all-time for what it's worth too. (Also happens to have the best AND worst puzzle in adventure gaming history. :P) The second game is pretty damn good too, though suffers from that FMV thing of little interactivity. Though I'd understand if you waited to see if you like SotF first.

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            Yeah, they're cheap enough everyday that I figure I'll just wait and see how I feel about S0TF.

            Think I'll remove those other two from my list, too. I shouldn't even be buying any because this is money I'd set aside to buy quilting fabric. :P
    Good luck getting this out of your head...

    HUuuuurrrr DuurrrrRRrr

    Brian not werk. Jursy Sure mak me stoopidr

    Yet I can't stop watching...

    I think I have a problem.

      Say the word, I'm sure an intervention can be planned.

      Another one of those random stuff posts:

      - This weekend has been pretty average :/. I had one of those "I really cannot be bothered doing ANYTHING" days today. I was just not in the mood for anything and have achieved nothing. I was planning to start work on an assignment due on Thursday but I was too tired after work on Saturday and then today was just a "meh" kind of day.

      - I think I might've had my fill of Borderlands 2 at the moment. A solid effort if I'm only getting 'bored' with it after 92 hours :D. Theatrhythm is fun too but I wish there were more songs I knew/liked :P. The mode with a movie playing in the background (EMS?) is kind of bullshit though since the tempo changes and it's hard to time strokes when you literally don't know how fast it's going to move :(.

      - It's weird having money now :P. There's things I want to buy but know I shouldn't, or that there's no real need for it at the moment - so I don't buy it. I'm thinking of getting a Vita or Wii U at some point and maybe a 3DS XL, but who knows!

        - Weekend ScribbleTaku was pretty cool. I liked how Logan changed the pic every now and then and it totally messed with my mind :P. He also delivered on his word and put the winners' names in a funky font with different coloured letters. I've always sucked at Remember This? and ScribbleTaku since most of the games are older ones I've never heard of or played. I did kind of get one first but the actual winner's comment was in moderation. Mark said we both got it but I'm still not counting that as a win :P. I'll win one day!

          - Oh! I totally forgot Trials Evo DLC came out. Does anyone have it (or played it?), and if so, impressions? :D

          Trials Evo was my GOTY before BL2 but I'm not sure whether I'll get 400 MS points worth of content. DLC on the Xbox is usually over priced and with the announcement of the PC port that has both games with DLC I'm not sure whether it'll be much cheaper on PC. Hmmmmmmmm it's also more fun when more people have it but when it's just FatShady and you, you know you're going to get demolished :P

            Haha! I've enjoyed FatShady's EBexpo tweets, taunting new comers and the like. :D

        XCOM! Dishonored! Assassin's Creed 3! Plenty left to fill the Borderlands void in your heart, Greenius, ol' pal.

          Haven't seen much on XCOM but we'll see how that one goes :D. I rarely play strategy games but I like them.

          I'm waiting for some Dishonored reviews first. It looked awesome from what I've seen but there was still some doubt!

          As for AC3, I'll probably wait for Ass Revs first so I can play through Bro, Rev and then 3. AC3 does look amazing though but I was able to hold out for the GOTY ed for AC2 and I still haven't played Bro and Revs. I can't say I'm a huge fan so I might just wait for a GOTY/Gold/Complete/Sexy edition with all the DLC. Damn DLC complicating things!

          Also it's not so much about the releases but having the motivation to play them... I got a bunch of PS+ games I still haven't gone through and Pokemon Black/White 2 comes out real soon. There's also Tokyo Jungle and Okami HD for me waiting by the end of this month :). THEN there's games which I didn't get at launch but I'm still interested in like Sleeping Dogs and Max Payne 3 (waiting on price drops) and Torchlight II (also waiting for a price drop but seems unlikely).

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            If you're not a huge fan anyways, I'd suggest skipping Rev. Maybe even Brotherhood! :O

              I enjoy the games but not so much that I MUST play them ASAP. I already have Brotherhood and I'm apparently getting Revelations some time soon (if you're reading this - you know who you are - there's no rush!). Ya know I'm not even that into the overall story of the AC series with Desmond and whatnot but it just feels like I'm missing out on something by skipping them.

                Oh, man. I love the Assassin's Creed lore! Especially the Desmond stuff they skimped on in Rev. :P

                I understand what you mean, though. Suppose it makes your October a little less frantic too.

    So if you're a fan of Jet set radio future, can you send me an email on who is your favourite Male and female characters and what two of your favourite songs from the game are to my email address.
    email me at scree(at)y7mail(dot)com

      No one?
      Okay D=

        Don't feel too bad. Weekend TAY pretty much consists of me, who's never played the game. :P

          That's it, you're all getting it for Christmas


              I hope you all have xboxes.
              Otherwise I'll have to wait for it to come onto steam

      Favourite design or favourite to play with?

        My favourites to play with is also my favourite design. Whichever you prefer really.

    Early impressions of Terranigma are very promising. I've just started Chapter 2 and the story so far is pretty interesting. There's already been some very good character moments. Music is awesome. Looking forward to seeing where it goes from here

    Meat was nice. Dunno if that's how meats usually go. I suspect I wasn't in my usual state of mind, but who am I to judge my own sanity.

      I expect a 1000+ word meat write-up essay tomorrow!

      Was there dodgem cars? If not, not a real meat :P

        That, and we weren't there!

        You cannot be initiated into the fold without either a) Harli's oar, now lost to the void, or b) the dodgems at Galaxy World. This is totally a long-standing rule.

          But I've never experienced either of those...

            Hm, that's a problem...

              I'd like to point out that I was here before the Oar. I never felt the sharp ecstasy as it pounded my flesh, the cool feeling of my plasma flowing from my body, the release at the end of the trial...

            We like you too much to risk breaking you. There's no rules once you get behind those dodgems.

      I'm sorry if I disappointed you by being rather sane IRL :P
      But yeah, definitely more of a mini-meat than a full one :)

    Mr. Strange was watching Bathurst today so I didn't get to go to the fabric shop. I ordered my fabric online from the place I would have gone to and ended up getting everything I a bit more. I blame the fact that online shopping means I don't actually have to talk to anyone to get what I need so I don't hold back.
    Sometimes not being able to drive is very inconvenient. Not to mention bad for the wallet. :P

    Oh, and now I'm struggling even more to figure out the most important things to buy in GOG's sale. I thought games were an expensive hobby, but sewing is way more expensive!

    Edited because I can't speel gud. :P

    Last edited 07/10/12 9:00 pm

    I MET TAY PEEPS IRL TODAY!!!!! and played some games. More tomorrow

      Scary! Which TAYbies ended up meatin'?

        Well today I met
        Freyer (is that how its spelt?)
        Lamboman, Lamboman's lil bro minilambo and Lambodad
        Doc Wot... what... ?
        and Shiggy

          Impressive! You've met half the Brisbane TAYbies now too then! :D

    I'm really enjoying Dragon Age II but I'm beginning to see what people mean when they talk about lazy development and environment recycling. I've been to the exact same cave a bunch of times but in different locations. :S

      Avelline makes up for it, though. One of my favourite BioWare party members. So damn earnest. :D

        I don't like her. She's a bit...boring compared to the other characters. At least so far. I hardly ever have her in my party, I use her sometimes if I'm doing a helping mage thing and don't want Fenris to hate me but that's about it.

          Haha! It's weird, I think I liked the contrast to Morigan, my Warden's love interest from the first game. This time Hawke spent the whole game unsuccessfully trying to court her. :D

        I just like that she can be a bro.
        Not everyone has to be romanceable, I think.
        Just having an awesome in-game buddy is enough.

      I'm taking it slow, playing it bit by bit, and not feeling rushed, so I'm hoping I can avoid the feeling of repetition that sets in.

      In actuality, I'll probably avoid it by never playing the game again...

        I've been playing a few missions a week. I think it's worth it though. It's a good game.

          I enjoyed what I played, but I am so bad at finishing games.

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