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    Holy carp but I can't stop laughing at Shooty McFace. I finished the quest and literally said Wut? aloud.

      I did that quest and just stood there for a few minutes, looking around, fully expecting there to be something more. Nope. Just that.
      Very surreal.

        I was scoping out the terrain with a sniper rifle when I first spotted him. Was expecting trouble. :P

    Sorry I dropped the pizza you ordered on the floor and scared your dog Splicer
    Sorry I spilt wine all over your table and ruined Inq's cards

      Haha! The Victorian lamboman! :D

    [deleted, no one wants to read a food post.]


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      You couldn't be more wrong.

      I'd like to make this as an example of something I've been thinking. I don't think you should be able to delete stuff from your posts. Only add in stuff. Too easily abused.

      Not that I'm saying you abused it DC (borderline) but still.

        Yes! This is what I was talking about late last week. Edit for spelling or grammar if it really bothers you, or if you forgot to say something, but no deleting. And stop assuming you know what we're thinking. People talk about food here all the time and I've rarely, if ever seen complaints.

        If people get in the habit of deleting, I'd hate to see what the place would look like after a drunken weekend. :P

        You're right. :)

          I'm still curious about what you were saying about food that you thought was so bad you had to delete it. You'd better tell me what it was so my mind doesn't just keep thinking up more and more disgusting things it might have been....


            To be fair, the self-loathing told me to do it. And when he says jump, I ask from what bridge!

            Haha! Eh, it was an almost word-for-word post I put up last night:

            "Hashbrown/cheese melt, how I love you."

            Then the poster's remorse began. I can feel it rising again. :P

            Last edited 01/10/12 8:43 pm

              Tell your self-loathing to get back in the basement where it belongs. :P

              What did you edit out of this post?!!!!!!! Arghhh...the curiosity is killing me!

                Grammar! Oh, man. I've lost all credibility. :D

                  It must have fled to the basement with your self-loathing. :P

    Food related post since SOMEONE didn't want to include us.

    My dinner: Lemon and chilli chicken, dill potato salad and steamed veges. Was not bad at all. I shall complete said meal with a drink of some sort containing Baileys.

      Sounds tasty. And even better, healthy.

      I had one of (well, half of) those big rib steaks with the bone on, cooked on the bbq. Couldn't figure out what to have with it that didn't involve work so I defrosted the leftover bean chilli from the chilli dog Meat and had nachos. Nachos and steak. Good dinner. :D

        Ooh. I love those steaks. Always have a few stashed in the freezer. The BBQ is just about the only way to cook them properly. The pan just ends up stewing it more than anything.

          If I don't throw them on the bbq I'll panfry them on each side for a minute or two and then put them in the oven for 10 minutesish. Works really well.

        You both had amazing sounding dinners!

        I haven't been to get any supplies so I was running mighty low. Slim pickin's! Ended up chopping some variety of beef up to use with one of those taco kits! :P Plain tasting, but filling.

        Note to self: Go outside and get food.

      I heated up some leftover chips from last night. They were not the best. Reheated chips are never very good a lot of the time. Actually, I don't think I've had any reheated chips that taste good. I guess they are one of those foods that taste better when they've recently been cooked.

      I had some ice cream for dessert afterwards. I bought the home brand ice cream from woolies and it sucks compared to Aldi's. I'll stick with the Aldi ice cream from now on.

      Edited: Some spelling errors

      Last edited 01/10/12 8:48 pm

        Reheated chips can be salvaged with a whole lot of gravy! :D

        Haha! Reheated chips are really not the best. Every time we get any sort of takeaway meal at home I'm always saying "Fill up on chips! You can reheat the rest!" But no one listens.

          I think they're okay if you re-fry them, anything else and they're practically inedible though.

          People should listen to you is all smart and stuff. :D

            But he's a dirty cheat and racial profiler!

              That's the makings of an epitaph or twitter bio if ever I saw one.

              Last edited 01/10/12 9:12 pm

              And sneaky! Don't forget sneaky!

                Known to use profanity from time-to-time, as well?

                  Actually it takes a lot to even get me annoyed, let alone enough to feel the need to swear! I'm like the anti-Hulk.

                  Oh, man. You wouldn't like how my brother and I talk to each other then. Plenty of four letter words, mostly terms of endearment. :P

                  The only person I've met who can consistently make me angry enough to yell at them is my little brother. He has perfected his craft.

      I was out for dinner with some people at a Chinese Restaurant(I wish it was Italian, so that I could sing the appropriate song). I can't remember what I ate.

        Chinese food?

          Well, yes. There was some rice. And some other things. And I ate using Chopsticks, even though I hold them wrong.

        When the moon hits your eye like a big dim sim that ai?


      I had scotch fillet with wasabi butter, some steamed veggies and potato.

    So on the weekend I had family over dinner. I went out looking to buy Munchkin for everyone to play after dinner but could only find Munchkin Impossible. Spies are pretty cool so I grabbed it.

    But everyone was too tired to play it so I haven't even opened it. Guess I'll use it for the next boardgame meet, then.

    HI ALL!
    That's pretty much all I have to say

    This damned release schedule.
    Torchlight 2, Borderlands 2, X-Com, Dishonoured, Pokemon.
    Guys, release something during the nothing months of July or August. Everyone will buy your games because they will be competing against nothing. Ease the burden of choice during the holiday season.

      Don't forget Assassin's Creed 3. If it's any thing like the others that's an entire week gone.



          I can delete my post if you want.


          Last edited 01/10/12 9:08 pm

            Maybe I should just edit my post so it doesn't look like I'm copying you. :P

              Haha after reading both comments, this thought occurred to me too :).

      Don't forget Assassin's Creed III. Too many games! And I'm too busy playing to Pokemon White to worry about them. :P

        Oh yeah, how're you finding White so far?


          I find it very difficult to stop playing once I start.

            That's good! I'm glad you're enjoying it :D

              Too bad she had to start with the ugliest generation of Pokethings!

                /Greenius' (wrong) opinion ;)

                But really, if she ends up really liking the series, she can go back to HeartGold/SoulSilver and experience all the wonderfulness of the best game in the series! /Powalen's (correct) opinion

                  Those are unrelated opinions though! Gen 5 has some pretty bad designs but that's to be expected when you come up with like 600+ of the critters :P (I honestly don't remember how much there are, 693 or something?)

                  I do, however, believe 2nd Gen is best gen so a superior of the 2nd Gen is by far the bestest! Who doesn't love having their Pokefriend follow them around everywhere, nawww

                  /Greenius' (correct) opinion

      Xenoblade came out in August last year ...and nearly no one bought it :'(

      But yes, the end of the year is always crazy with releases. Which is kind of silly since the rest of the year is relatively empty and you might get a good major release every couple of months. I was going to pass on most of them but that probably won't happen :P

        It's not as bad as it seems, though. It sucks for October, but with a couple of exceptions there's barely any thing in December or January. So plenty of time to play your new games. (Unless you're on the Wii U bandwagon. Then it sucks to be you. :D)

          I think there's only Okami HD for me this month. Not sure of much coming out at the end of the year other than Wii U stuff and the release I'm probably looking forward too the most is Ni No Kuni in Jan <3.

          TAY Marketing you will not break me!

            After October I think there's just Hitman: Absolution mid-November for me!

          FAR CRY 3 IN DECEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          I'm really excited about that game. Almost everyday I have an internal debate whether to get it on day one or not.

            Just think how good that colourful tropical island is going to look on your new HIGH DEFINITION TELEVISION!

    So, the next South Park ep is called "Raising the Bar" and, from the looks of the preview, may deal with child obesity.
    Preview below:

    Sydney fronds: I shall be visiting your glorious metropolis in mid October and have absolutely nothing planned on Wednesday 17th or for most of Thursday 18th (busy in the evening). I'm staying in Darling Harbor. If anyone wants to meet up for something (may or may not have my sister with me as well) then let me know.

      Exciting! I'll hopefully be there if something happens!

    Late to the party: a food post.

    Had red meat for the first time in AGES today (stupid living on a budget). We've had a BBQ at nearly-completely-assembled stage for over four years. Today the cover we bought for it back then rotted away, reminding me of the unfinished business I had with it. So I finished it, connected a gas bottle, spent a small fortune on meat, and put together a HUGE mixed grill dinner. Gods, it was epic. Best public holiday ever.

    Good night, folks. Hope this public holiday found you well. (Hope your regular Monday found you well in Victoria too. :P)

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    Completely uneducated, potentially misguided and ultimately pointless post filled with hierophantic delusions inbound.
    You've been warned :P

    So I purchased a book some time ago, '30 second religion'. Interesting little 'bathroom book', if you will. It gives a snapshot into many belief systems and religions throughout the modern world, all summarized and such. In saying that, I understand that '30 seconds' is in no way enough time to describe a religion in its entirety, nor is 30 seconds enough time to learn or comprehend the mechanics and syntax behind it.
    Even so, something in this book really struck me as intriguing. Perhaps beyond intriguing, I'm not sure yet. Perhaps that's why I'm typing this out, just trying to collect my thoughts, with the possibility of sharing them, and getting feedback from a non-judgemental forum simultaneously.

    Anyway, let's continue. I'll try not to digress too much.
    There was an entry titled 'Mahayana Buddhism'. This all seems/sounds a little weird, even for me at the moment. I've never been one for religion (outside of reading holy books and discussing/learning of various faiths for curiosity). I think I just want to learn more about this one in particular, maybe.
    But the reason for it. As bizarre as it sounds, the themes/ideas discussed in the book (I'll write it verbatim below) have long permeated my dreams, my writing, and so on and so forth.

    Taken from "30-Second Religion" - Russel Re Manning
    In Mahayana Buddhism, the historical Buddha is regarded as a physical manifestation of the true body of The Buddha - a formless, cosmic, spiritual body, which is also the ultimate nature of reality itself. Thus, the entire universe exists within The Buddha.
    This formless body also emanates many other intermediary, non-physical divine forms: Buddhas and other enlightened beings that may be contacted through devotional practices.
    These divine forms are also the source of freshly revealed scriptures, sutras, which describe these devotional practices and, also, a new metaphysics. Again and again, reality is compared with a magical illusion or dream. All phenomena are 'empty' - that is, they lack any discernible substantial essence and have no independent existence outside the mind. The spiritual path no longer ends in Nirvana - a state of peace that is the end of rebirth - but involves a continuous return to embodied existence, out of compassion for others, culminating in the achievement of complete Buddhahood.
    Progress on the path involves cultivating this compassion, alongside insight into 'emptiness'. More succinctly, all that is required is to purify the mind, allowing the inherent qualities of ultimate reality - the Buddha nature that exists within all beings - to shine through.

    Mahayana Buddhism delights in paradox and shifting perspectives. Devotees aspire to be reborn in the realm of Amitabha, the Buddha of Endless Light, who actually exists within each person as the true nature of the mind. The path involves the laborious saving of countless suffering beings.
    But, upon investigation, all beings are 'empty'. There are, really, no beings and so... no path.
    Everything is perfect as it is: there is nothing to do except relax


    Now while some of it seems rather far-fetched, there's still quite a lot that... just strikes home. It's weird reading something like that, and noting just how much is already part and parcel of your own bastardized, unique belief of how to make sense of shit.
    I'm not about to go off on some pilgrimage in search of spiritual enlightenment or any of that jazz. But I'll definitely be looking further into Mahayana Buddhism in particular henceforth, moreso than other faiths.

    Also Schnitzels. Beware the Parmigianapocaplypse :D

      AND THEN I FOUND $10

        Also slight attempt at blanketing with humour :P

      Needs more Borderlands.

      Also, I've yet to find any religion/faith that really aligns with my "there probably is something higher power/purpose/toiletries/whatever but it'll sort itself out just fine without my help."

      I do love learning more about others though. Some of it is truly fascinating.

        To be honest, I've never really looked for the purpose of finding answers in that sense.
        It's predominantly been to see what makes us tick.

        Without meaning to offend anyone here (or elsewhere, for that matter) I view religion as a whole to be a manmade construct. It's a way of coping, of explaining that which we question. We've all got our own theories on it, I'm sure. I just wanted to see what some of those theories were :D
        Which is why I felt the need to post the above, considering one of those theories seemed to coincide so well with themes that have been near-constant in my personal life with regard to creative outlet and more.

    God damn. Breaking Bad is good and all, but that episode of Dexter just confirmed why, at its best, it's the superior show. That one episode had more tension and intrigue than an entire season of Breaking Bad.

    Was keen to see how the season played out before it started. Triply-keeen now.

    Feel free to argue if you (genuinely) disagree :)

    EDIT: Holy crap. Just realised I can edit posts now. Inserting a typo in the original just because I can.

    Last edited 02/10/12 12:22 am

      I've never gotten into Dexter. I think it was due to an unfounded hipster belief (yeah, I'm not entirely proud of that :P) that it was ripping off Death Note (seriously, that hardly makes sense to me any more).

      I do love me some Breaking Bad though!

        How much of it did you watch? I seriously can't recommend it enough. Everybody else I know who stuck with it - even those who were disgusted by the initial gore - went on to devour the remaining series as quick as they could.

        Series 1, 2 and 4 are some of the best TV I've ever seen. Legitimate cliff-hangers every week.

        And a Death Note ripoff? A quick google shows that they were originally written around the same time, so probably not. Definitely not reason enough to deprive yourself of this awesome show!

        You know, same. About the never getting into it. Which is odd, because I hold it in high regard and I've honestly enjoyed every episode I've watched.

        Death Note? from what I remember it was more about the situation than the characters, and I never gave a crap about Light. Dexter's all about the main man, and it's a hell of a show because of it.

    Bored. Can't sleep. This could lead to potentially crazy things. Might have to talk to myself.

      You really shouldn't, though. You tend to get bored awfully quickly, if I can remember correctly.

        Silly Saturday. Your time has passed. It's all about Tuesday now, man!


          But srsly nobody likes tuesday. It's like "Oh man, monday's over! Wait shit it's tuesday and therefore have a crapton of days until the weekend." Then it's Saturday's time to shine again, baby.

        Ha, saying that I'm a good judge of character is like saying I'm a good judge of character. Which is to say, not at all. So there.

          ... I'm really gonna start this, aren't I?

            Well, least you said 'I' instead of 'We.' It's not bad if there are voices inside your head, but there's a problem when they start.. well, I forget the saying, actually. See? Sleep deprivation. You're sane enough.

              Sane enough isn't really a good standard to hold to, though.

                And yet it's the only standard you hold, so really, it's all moot.

                  Hmm. You know what I find interesting? In this conversation, you're more or less replying to what I say, and not starting anything yourself- or rather, the image of yourself I hold. If I were really crazy, this would truly be a two-sided conversation, and not a 'bounce-off-the-wall' type of deal.


    Two things of note. One, I like it when the conversation has enough posts to start shifting to the other side of the page. Two, I find that after a certain amount of replies I end up not being able to reply- for instance, the last comment I made I can't reply to. Wonder why.

    .. Also, hey! look! intelligent conversation between myself..ves! or at least half-decent self-reflection, which is also pretty acceptable.

      Bit of a odd place to have a moment of so-called "self reflection" though, mate.

        You and I both know we've had life-pondering moments in weirder locations.

          yeah, well, you and I also know our soberness varied between those locations.


    reminds of the time I cybered with myself for a whole damn half hour just to annoy random people in a chatroom. And then I got bored and started talking to myself.

      I've got higher standards than that, you know.

        Actually, they're kind of low, but I suppose I'm so negative about myself that I can never reach my own standards.

          /Keanu WHOA.

          ... Actually, that's not much of a epiphany , that's just depressing.

          Also, goddamn is epiphany hard to spell.

            Just as hard as finding one.


              But no, seriously, if there's any time to start talking about philosophical matters, the best time would be on a gaming blog forum post in the middle of the night.

              To yourself.

                Philosophy indicates that I have something worthwhile, meaningful, and thoughtful enough to talk about.

                  What, you're so negative that you think all your thoughts are random pieces of disjointed logic until you think hard enough it sounds wise?

    Well, no, what you described was pretty much philosophy.


      .. I just realized. Is it football season? like, american football? I actually give a crap about that.

        no, you don't. Or nowadays, you don't.

          ... well, that ends this particular branch of conversation, then.

    Why is it I gotta be so melancholy whenever I talk to myself?

      er, I thought normally whenever somebody goes into self-reflection they normally end up being melancholy.

      But hey, you know what? we should give each other names. Like, you're saturday 1 and I'm saturday 2.

        .. That sounds odd. I'm fond of Saturday A and you're Saturday B, though. Or Saturday Omega and Saturday Alpha.

          I'd say you're a nerd, but that kinda sounds cool.


          I blame the music. Old Adult Swim bumps are bound to get you into the chill, eternally mind-wandering part of your psyche.

    I wish I could dance.

      You've never tried.

        .. You know, I thought about using "You two" to bring a third me into this, but you know what? No. That's just crazy by my standards.

        .. I got the quote from earlier, btw. It's fine to have voices in your head, but you should be worried when they reply back.

          Right, well, anyway. I wish I could dance. I can do the most pitiful robot in the world. Like, claptrap or wheatley pitiful.

            man, it's all vidya gaems in the head these days. Read books, mang. Watch movies and all that. Get some class and societal education in your head.

              Societal Education? You're lucky I'm not accusing your part of the head a hipster and cutting it out. Anyway, I think my tastes in movies and books are coming along. Not refined, but they're getting better. I wanted to read that sequel to The Quantum Thief, remember? And for movies, I still gotta watch The Artist. And I love Tokyo Godfathers.

              .. and American Gods. I love Anansi Boys to death. Might as well wait for the Tom Hanks TV version. Well, no, I should always check up on the source material.

                Hey hey, don't talk to yourself in one post. Otherwise we might as well cut out the middleman. I'm not sure what the middleman is in this case, but yeah.

                .. You should get writing on that little novel you never finished.

                  I should, but we're actually on a bit of a roll with this little piece of insanity, here. Might as well head straight to the next page.

    Admittingly, I would like to hit some form of personal revelation while we're "on a roll," though.


        oh for fu- No. Just.. like thinking, that's all.

        Although admittingly the internet connection is saying otherwise. I guess the universe doesn't want me to have a quiet cup of "think-about-life."

        So how bout them tee-vees I hears about?

          Oh man, the wikipedias says that Doctor Who's latest companion is the same voice who voiced Melia in Xenoblade.

          That's pretty dope

          also last episode was cool and all needed more rory whatever happened to the father, man?

            This I knew.

            Also she's hot.

            Also Xenoblade.

              WHAT. How did I not pick that up... It's all so obvious now!

              Now it makes me like her character even more!

      You need to get you some Borderlands.

        where were you 15 to 30 minutes ago while I was having a lovely conversation with myself

        And no, I played enough borderlands today. Both 1 and 2, mind you.

    Oh man. I'm compelled to get to the next page, but I'm beginning to hate talking to myself and the infernal force that is my internet connection is against me.

    Still, tally on.


      Also, tally on? The hell man, you're 18.

        i'm hip and cool home skillet biscuit.

        Not sure if that makes me too young or too old. Ah well.

        Man, I'm getting addicted to simcity on facebook. Not healthy.

          It's something to hold you over until simcity 5.

          .. I'm pleased that we haven't just gone straight to random spam.

            Well, by the looks of things...

            Heh. I'd never be able to fill a whole page by myself. Admittingly awful proud of what I got, though.

            Well look at that. A yawn. Saturday's getting tired.

              Only two hours late or so.

              Man, it's gonna be embarrassing if I go to sleep now with a page unfinished and everybody's all like "HA LOOK AT SATURDAY HE FAILS AT HOLDING LENGTHY CONVERSATIONS WITH HIMSELF."


              Ok, I meant.. well crap, I am genuinely tired now, huh?

                Well, now I can use my powers of talking to myself FOR GOOD! aka, for keeping myself awake long enough.

                .... Also, only 2 in the morning? you pansy.

    I'm.. really getting tired. I.. didn't really realize until it hit me like a brick. I'm getting pretty tired.

    You know, if the whole backpacking thing across Australia ever comes to fruition, I'm thinking about making it into a thing. Go across France. America. The Way of St. James. All that jazz.

      I'd like that. Just wander for a bit. Or rather, for a long while. Be a long time till you can do that, though.

        Stories can be condensed into two things- stranger goes to town, stranger leaves town.

          Every story is simply same one repeated again and again over time..

            sequels or remakes, then?

              prequels and side-stories.

                vague enough, I suppose. Or perhaps same universe, different stories.

                  Alternate Universes? Same planet replicated a billion light years away?

    Universe is big enough. Well, no, not really. Read somewhere there is an actual end to the universe. I imagine it's just black. Or a nice lookout with a set of binoculars to stare at the one other universe where everybody wears cowboy hats.

    Or a restaurant, but hell if I know.

    Sigh. You should just give up, you know. That fourth page might as well be hundreds of posts away.

      Vain hopes are all I got to live by, son.

      well, whenever I look up at the sky, it's hard to think there's a end. Then again, I can never make much of it. Just pinpricks of light in the sky.

        you and I apparently look at different skies.

          You look through one eye, and I through another.

          Random note: I'm kinda hungry. Could go for a sandwich, maybe, but hell if i'm not lazy enough to get out of bed.

      heh, never did like that. "Read somewhere..." I find then it can be a good chance of being wrong.

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