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    Only a FLCL fan could talk to themselves for 2 hours straight. Dedicated!
    *Tips hat to Saturday*

      Haha I just caught up. I'm impressed!

      Also, Blaghs can talk to himself for hours :P

    Any last minute feedback for the beta? Closing today!!

      Mobile optimisation? ;)

      Heh, nah, can't think of anything else! It's been great so far :).

        Haha, gotta use my sweet, sweet account on mobile!

        But yeah, I was writing down things as I noticed them but they all got fixed before I could send them in. Efficiency or mind-reading?

      The collapsing buttons don't work quite right! Not sure if anyone's already said stuff about it, but I've noticed that it only collapses the first reply thread for a comment (Win7/Chrome).

      But in conclusions, I like it!

      I sent Rob and email but haven't got a reply yet - I noticed that if you press "cancel reply" the text you had in the reply box is still there at the bottom of the page. Not sure if that's intended or not.

        That's the way it works in the old system too so I suspect it's by design.


    - Dexter is awesome! At least most of it :P. I did find that some seasons weren't as great but it's generally agreed that 1, 2 and 4 are the best. Give it a go Aleph!

    - Satdee u so cray. Also to answer some things, when you can't reply to a comment just reply to the one above to continue posting in the 'thread'. I think each page holds 25 'discussion' comments so just don't reply if you wanted to reach the next page.

    - I saw an ad for The Walking Dead on a bus and remembered I gave up on it after the mid-season break. I also gave up on Mad Men also and didn't watch any of the new season. Are both worth going back to?

      I recently went back to watching Walking Dead Season 2. I stopped about half way through when something better came along.

    Played a disturbing amount of Borderlands 2 on the weekend. Nobfrond and I are near the end of our second playthrough. Turns out the game is a lot shorter if you don't do every last sidequest as soon as they appear. Who knew?

    We've blitzed through this stuff so fast, we're up to missions we were only doing a few days ago.

      You played a lot on Monday. :P
      I was one level in front of you and when I came back you were one level in front of me.

        I spent a good chunk of yesterday lying in bed watching The Wire. I did do a few hours of derping around without you, levelling up in Lynchwood and whatnot.

        Plus I did run through that story mission all the way up to the boss before redoing it with you. That gave a ridiculous chunk of experience. Pretty good loot too.

        Last edited 02/10/12 8:47 am

      We destroyed the shizz out of Bunker

        Correction: You and Bunny destroyed the shizz out if the bunker. I just died a hell of a lot. :P

          Heh :P. Man, The Bee is so OP. I do soo much damage.

          It's fun how much things scale with one extra player.

          Sniping the Bunker is a bit silly though. I put slag on it with my active skill and then do just ridiculous amounts of crit damage hitting it in those giant weakspots. Then corrosion damage still affects it as it flies off.

            Yeah, that guy is a jerk for melee / shotgun guys. Also the fact that I suck at that game doesn't help too.

    Alan Jones is a dick, no two ways about it.
    I sleep very well last night, so i seem pretty happy.
    Hopefully stuff will get done! WHOOOO\o/

      Hooray for sleep!
      Does 'stuff' include throwing a giant ball at Sid's face? =P

        Maybe. I need to take a photo of the ball and Sid =P

      Alan Jones is a dick, Michael Bolt is a dick, so many dicks out there getting paid so much more than nice hardworking people, just for being complete dicks all day and getting away with it.
      The world is a shit place sometimes.

        Oh i agree completely =/
        They're no better then the Muslim leader who claims that women deserve to be raped if they're not wearing a Burqa

      Because misogyny equals violence!

      But yeah, he's a dick.

      Also sleep \o/
      I've not been sleeping well of late, so it's nice to see that it's still the in-thing :D

        Aw, I'm sorry to hear that you are not sleeping well. I love sleep. Almost as much as I love games.

          Sleep is great! No matter how much I get, it never seems enough ;P

          I need to set aside some alcohol-free game and sleep time this weekend. Maybe.

            I feel exactly the same

      Alan Jones is a dick but I assure you that his type of talk is pretty common at Young Liberal events.

        I just think it's cruel to attack someone who is still grieving. Now he is saying that he is the victim.
        It doesn't matter what side of politics your support, it's a horrible thing to say.

          Oh, I know. He complains about the hatred but he comes across as one of the most hateful men I hav e heard. The way he consistently attacks Julia Gillard on a personal level is pretty shameful. That said I'm not even left wing - generally moderate right wing.

            I'm on the fence. I don't really care for either political leader or party.
            I just think it's horrible to attack someone whose still grieving and pretty much say "it's your fault".
            And then tried to defend himself. Sickening.

    Greetings and salutations fellow internet peeps, how's things? are people still all talking about sports? is it safe to go outside? why does siri not know the answer to life, the universe and everything? why won't you talk to me?!?

      Hi you!

        goood morning green one ... so how bout them video games

      I think everyone has stopped talking about sportsball. Apparently there was a big game on the weekend and both teams scored homerun-touchdown-slam dunks.

      All we ever do here is speak of the sportsballs. This is a sportsball forum, after all.

        But ... I can't do the sportsball. I have no arms

        In that case...

        Very exciting AFL final on Saturday. And I usually get bored by AFL. Two equally matched teams locked in an arm wrestle, with Sydney winning seemingly on pure effort.

        NRL final was less exciting, but Melbourne won by having smart strategies and executing them perfectly, while Canterbury's inexperience showed when they couldn't adapt as their regular style of play was shutdown.

        Sadly football is over for the year. Luckily it's only a couple of weeks till cricket starts!

        This new sportsdome thing is awesome. Keep it up!

          You lost me after "In that case..."

          *melts from all the sportsball talk* my goo ... my precious gooadlskjflaksjdf

          good on the storm for winning ... I should probably get indoctrinated into afl now I'm in melbourne.

          I can understand this sentiment, and concur*

          *I have NO idea what's going on.

      Not sure if I've met you yet, so welcome to TAY, unless you were here before me and you're returning at which point I must say I'm sorry /o\

        I be new to this TAY ... I am Tofu, lord of nothing in particular. Please master Scree, teach me the ways of the TAY *bows deeply*

          I can't really teach you the ways of TAY. I generally just apologise a lot. ^^;;

          PS. I'm not a fan of eating tofu either ^^;;

      Hey Tofu! Hope life's treating you good!

        Life is good dc. finished borderlands last night, watched a movie that shipped russell brand and alec baldwin and I have all the whiskey I can drink. How's things for you?

          Eh. Could complain, but I wont. :P I finished Borderlands 2 last Friday. Damn good game. 64 hours played. Some might say that's what game addiction looks like. :D

            *looks at his paltry 30ish hours* ... aaand now I feel inadequate

              Haha! Take heart, you're probably a whole lot better adjusted in life. :P

                yes, let's go with that. I am a well adjusted human worm baby <_< nah, I just get bored easily. so what class did you go through as?

                  Axton! Finished at Level 34. Not too high considering the time I spent with it, but I took my time taking in the sights and sounds. Haha! What about you?

                it randomly decided to not let me reply to your last post. I finished with a level 32 Zer0 ... pumped everything into the sniping tree and critical hit damage. nothing quite as satisfying as making a same level brute explode with a single shot and then having the bullet kill the guy behind him as well

                  I ended up using the sniper rifle as my primary weapon. Zer0 might be awesome for next playthrough!

      Tofu, I don't like you, sorry to say.
      Pez would disagree, but he's a tastebud-less white boy.
      But it's okay, we can still be pleasant to each other.
      Just don't try to make me eat you.

        But how will I ever go on with my life knowing that I can never be inside you Bish? To be honest, tofu kind of freaks me out ... almost as much as ducks

        I don't mind tofu, I just can't think of a situation where there isn't an existing food that does the job better. Even the best application of tofu, soup absorption in hot pot, can be better done by delicious mushrooms.

      She does, it's 42.

    Saw Looper last night. One of the best movies I've seen in ages!

      Going to see it on Friday! No spoilers! (Or atleast, give me the heads up so I can run off screaming with my ears covered. :P) Time travel appeals to me. Can't wait.

        My favourite scene was a when one person wants to discuss exactly how timetravel works and how consequences run through or create time shifts and the other person just tells him to “stfu, we don’t have all week!”.

          :D The best thing to do when faced with time travel is not think too hard.

            Haha, exactly. That said, I think it dealt with the issues pretty well. On face value the logic seemed sound. No doubt the internet will find loopholes.

    Gah, looking for textures that are high resolution and seamless for use in illustrator is driving my mental, slowly.

      wotcha looking for scree? I might be able to help

        Concrete, wood pretty much anything I may use in the future.
        I had a pretty impressive collection but then I had to format my computer

          I normally just get brushes and textures from a deviant art page or here

    I read Aleph's religion post. Good reading. I read Saturdays entire conversation. Troubling young man. :P

      Haha, cheers mate. It kinda got swallowed by the SatSpam onslaught, but I'm semi-ok with that anyway. I was a little hesitant to post it initially anyway :S

        Haha! I know that feeling, when your mouse hovers over the submit button for ten minutes!

        (Glad you did, though. Interesting stuff!)

        Last edited 02/10/12 9:41 am

          I guess you don't have that problem anymore since you can just submit it THEN DELETE IT LATER >:(

          I also read your post Aleph but had nothing of value to add :P

            Hey, I did that twice last night. Only got caught out once. :P

    Yes I made it!! I ended up on page 6 of this weeks TAY. There was nothing there

    Saturday, what the everliving hell were you thinking?!
    That sort of spam may be fine for a weekend but not for a Monday night, when TAY is just starting out and people get scared of how many pages there are already. Especially not on a public holiday where there'll be people trying to catch up on what they missed yesterday,today. Not cool.

      Damn i was gonna say the same thing, now cause i was slow i have to make you the bad guy.

      Yeah its probably not the best idea to spam that much though.

        I thought the same thing, but didn't want to scare Saturday off either. We still like you Saturday!

        I don't even want to think about what it's like on Mobile TAY, either. Eek!

          I was able to view page 3 without crashing my phone browser

            Same! t'was a miracle

          Mobile TAY not so bad these days on Android, splits into the same number of pages as regular TAY.

      To be fair, you can't blame someone called "Saturday" for confusing a weekday with a weekend...

        And I'm replying to myself because I've decided to forget an edit button exists.

        I don't really have a problem with it. I glanced at it and skimmed pretty easily.

          Yep, exactly this...skipping posts is pretty easy to do. Relax Strange, it's harmless. No-one has an issue when Blags does it.

            And besides, how are people going to be 'scared' of how many pages there are on a Tuesday? Most of the country had the day off yesterday, so TAY was pretty quiet anyway. If it's so overwhelming, people will skip it and ask whats new. I think you're over-reacting a bit here.

              Lots of the old guard jumped off the band wagon back in the day, because of how huge TAY got. I think there's just a concern that'll happen again, but you're probably right and it was fairly harmless. :D

                Then leaving TAY is their choice. But leaving TAY for it getting 'too big' smacks of elitism in my opinion.
                TAY is what it is because people can post pretty much whatever they like without people shooting them down for it. A lot of people on here wouldn't even dream of talking to people like that in the real world.
                Saturday-post whatever you want man, its a forum! If you're bored at 3am and it keeps you sane, do it!

                  You're right, I admit I used to feel crappy when people said the TAY I was part of wasn't as good as it used to be. :D

                I'm not sure that's an accurate statement.
                Some people have been spending less time on TAY (or are totally absent) for a variety of reasons. I'd say only a small portion, if any, have "jumped off the band wagon... because of how huge TAY got".

                Half a page of someone entertaining themselves isn't going to do any damage.

                  Haha! Well now I feel like shit. I swear, though, I remember reading plenty of anti-TAY sentiments a while back based on the size. It made me feel bad. :P

                  Last edited 02/10/12 10:46 am

                  Yeah, TAY was definitely getting a bit overwhelming at one point.

      My everlasting apologies and a heartfelt promise that it will never happen again.

        Now, back to more pressing matters: have you had a Mango Wies bar, Pavlova, Lamington or Tim Tams yet? :P

          Is it bad that I don't know what the first two are?

          Also Vegemite is considered 'Australian' but it's got a unique kind of taste. I wouldn't say I like it but I don't hate it.

          But dem Tim Tams... mmmm... ooo yerrr

            Wait... You don't know what Pavlova is!?

              After Googling both, I guess I've seen them around (moreso the Wies bar) but can't say I've ever had Pavlova.

              Sounded like some sort of pasta dish not a cake thing :P

        I wouldn't worry too much about it.

        Yes, it was spam and yes, it was early in the week when TAY is active but people can just skip over it if they wanted to. No one is under any obligation to read anything here and if they see a big chain of someone replying to themselves (whether it be you or that guy with the really long hair) they don't have to read it. I get bored and read nearly everything so I didn't mind.

          I'm not really, I'm being casual about the fact I talked to myself for 2 hours straight. But if Strange has a problem with it, I am obligated to apologize.

          That being said if I ever do that again i'm taking the advice and doing it on a weekend.

      Straaaange, ever heard of this thing called a scroll wheel? Makes moving around web pages a whole lot easier :P

    Oh man with 4G / LTE I can refresh and post in TAY in twice the speed.


    *sits here awkwardly*

    Ummmmm, sooooooo... Borderlands 2 is a pretty cool guy.

      But does it still crash if there are too many posts??

        I haven't had any crashes yet. Although I am using chrome so it may be better the whatever iOS has as default.

      You should get torchlight and tank for me, In fact anyone who plays torchlight should come into my game and tank for me, i feel like all my money is getting used on health potions. yes i die so much i actually have to buy health potions. With gold. WHO THE SHIT BUYS THINGS IN THESE SORTS OF GAMES?

        I have torchlight, I tried it a little but was kinda disappointed. Skills / Autoattacks didn't seem to have the same impact as it did in Diablo 3. When you hit something in D3 you know you did but in TL2 I was constantly questioning wether or not I was hitting enemies.

          i dont need you to hit things. i need you to have lots of health.

        I'll help!

        But I don't have Torchlight :P

          But I like the tank type of melee/warrior types so whenever I get the game (probably not for a while) I'll help out :)

        I can usually help, but I am limited by the uni timetable I now have to follow.

        Sorry I didn't reply the other night, I was sleepin... :(

        At least 2 of my chars are tanks...


    Missed it yesterday but also really pumped for FC3 it's on my 3 things to do at EB expo this weekend. Loved 2 liked FC 1 up until mutant gorillas

    I think I've figured out what my main problem with that Doctor Who finale was. I didn't care.
    The biggest mistake was letting the media know it would be the last season for Rory and Amy. It was talked about ad infinitum so by the time the season started I'd emotionally detached from the characters. So no character interaction this season had any impact on me besides the odd humorous moment .

      Yeah, I'm not a Doctor Who fan, but I hate how leaking spoilers to the media is the status quo for television these days. Ruins that sense of excitement you have when something mind blowing happens. (I remember watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer back in the day spoiler free, that was a crazy roller coaster.) A few years back Ten was weeks behind The O.C., so they decided the best way of combating spoilers was to spoil the finale on the ad with a tag 'How does it end up here!' -- so damn annoying!

      Last edited 02/10/12 9:43 am

        This also is why I really enjoyed Asylum of the Daleks.

      I thought it was good ... mostly because I'd forgotten all the spoilers I'd seen. I did like that the episodes weren't in chronological order and the doctor was just flying around just wanting to spend more time with the ponds

        Yeah, thats what I liked about Amy and Rory the most. The fact that they weren't strictly his companions and never did anything else, they just sort of went along for adventures every now and then.

        Of course, that prevents much of the deep storylines that some of the other seasons had, but I liked it for what it was!

      This is a big part of why last series' episode The God Complex was so good.

      I hated the last episode. What a freaking cop-out. "WE CAN'T TIME TRAVEL BACK THERE. BECAUSE OF REASONS. I'M THE DOCTOR, SO I KNOW WHAT'S WHAT LOL"

      The whole episode just made me angry.

        Yeah I did think it was a bit weird that "we can't go to this year because timey wimey things ... well, I guess they're lost now"but considering that they would've been zapped back about 40 years before that date why not just go pick them up. But Moffat waved his magic wand and made it so ... on the plus side we get to look forward to Oswin being a companion before the doctor has to shove her off so she can end up on the asylum.

          well, fixed time points and the fact that you can't time travel to the victims are part of the weeping angels, been like that since their first episode, so I suppose that particular point is valid. Having one angel survive just to spirit them away at the last second? not cool.

            If you can't time travel to the victims, how'd the tenth doctor get back in "blink" ... he was thrown into the 60's by the angels

              ..... well, shit.

              I remember something like that being explained when I last watched it, (otherwise the people who died of old age in blink could've been saved) but that's a damn glaringly obvious plot hole. I'm afraid I got nothing, buddy. I guess since it's the doctor, as if that could explain everything, but that doesn't explain Martha.

              Last edited 02/10/12 10:53 am

    Sooo ... people should add me on the xbox, my little avatar is all lonely and junk. yes? yes Edgeman1411.

      Throw your details in there, friend!

        Damn you! *shakes fist* Why'd we both say friend too! Weird! :D

        Last edited 02/10/12 9:45 am

        it has been done, my liege. Also, I read your comment in the merchant from RE4's voice

      Pssst, TAY secret, there's totally a list at -- feel free to post your details, friend.

    These Resident Evil 6 reviews are pretty entertaining. Normally, I'm not a fan of X out of Y style reviews, but this list helps sum things up neatly:

    Gamespot: 4.5/10
    IGN: 7.9/10
    Edge: 6/10
    Eurogamer: 6/10
    Game Informer: 8.75/10
    Polygon: 4/10
    G4: 2.5/5
    Joystiq: 2.5/5
    Famitsu: 39/40

    I'm reading the Polygon review right now and it's pretty brutal. Next, I think I need to read a positive review and see how they justify the number.

      I'm so confused about it. I usually base my thoughts on what other people playing think, not reviews but the players seem polarised as well. And then there's the people who started out loving it and telling us all it was awesome but now are calling it a piece of shit game and telling us to stay away.
      I think I need to buy it now. :P

        There are effectively four campaigns, each with rather distinct flavours. People might like one of them and despise the rest.

        I'm so very glad I gave up on Resident Evil. This looks like it would be a rather difficult thing for fans of the series to deal with.

        So for me, this is just entertainment. Like the positive reviews of Steel Battalion that tried to ignore the fact that the controls were fundamentally broken.

      Game Informer I find weirdly inconsistent in their reviews.

        IGN's review was fantastic. Basically says "this part is bad, same with this bit and this but there are good bits too, honest!" Really read like they were trying to justify giving it a decent score, which didn't work for me.

      ooo Gamespot is going to get torn to shreds by butthurt fans

      I tend to not take RE that seriously. I enjoyed RE5 gameplay wise.
      I think I'll enjoy 6, but at the same time I don't want to ruin it.
      I'll get it on PS3, but I'm getting the limited edition so it'll take me a while to pay off ^^;;

        I thought you already had it on layby for Xbox? :P

          Gametraders swapped it for me =D I love those guys

      What that tells me is that Capcom didn't pay enough to Famitsu for a 40.

    So I FINALLY got to check out how my new laptop performs last night, albeit briefly.
    I can FINALLY play Dawn of War 2, and not only that but it runs pretty damn smooth even with almost all the options maxed out.

    I also tested Magicka, and boy-o-boy you guys weren't wrong when you said it is a bitch to run. It now runs ok enough, but there is some definate noticeable slowdown during gameplay, which make me worry about what would happen when the screen fills with spells? Any tips on how to get the game to run a bit smoother?

    Now that i have a semi-proper computer, i plan on picking up starcraft at some point and also maybe trying out some league of legends.
    Also in the middle of installing Mech Warrior Online, so it should be pretty awesome to see how that runs - fingers crossed.

    IS there any other PC-only games that i've really been missing out on? I tend to gloss-over pc-only news, as it's never really been relevant to me before now. lol

      All gaems on PC.
      Exclusives should be the only reason for a console game :P

        I'm still much more of a console person, but i look forward to diving into more PC games! :D

        Also going to dive into monday night combat, as that never worked on my old lappy

      Ah I've sunk a lot of hours into DoW 2 and it's expansions. Being a Nids played online is great cause no one else plays them, or Orcs. Mate of mine was awesome at orcs. Sadly the MP scene for it had faded away over time.

        This is why Kotaku is great - we can organise play dates! :D

      OMG I do have a reccomendation for ya. Go on steam and buy Company of Heroes. All of them, NOW!!! Don't listen to them Starcraftians CoH is the ultimate super fun time yeah!!

        Already have them - i'll be installing them tonight.

        CAN-NOT-WAIT! :D

          Righto then CoH and DoW it is.

        As a Starcraftian, I actually really like CoH and can't wait for the sequel.

        That being said, one of the best CoH players converted to Starcraft 2 and was the best non-Korean player for quite some time. Huk hwaiting!

          Can't i just love both?

          If i get SC2, will you teach me the ways of the force?

            I guess you can.

            I'd actually be willing to play some COH too. Need to scratch my strategy itch.

            And yes, I can try to teach you SC2 but I'm actually kind of shit. Really, it'd be an excuse to play without having to jump on the 1vs1 ladder, which is just far too taxing.

              I have CoH installed but never played it. I wouldn't mind some games either I guess as long as you don't mind teaching me stuffs :P

                Play as either German faction.
                Win game.

                  Please note this only works on maps based in France.

                  ...And Poland. Really quite a few places.

                  Last edited 02/10/12 10:41 am

                Blaghs and Bish are much better at COH than I am, but I'm sure there are a handful of people on TS that would be happy to join in.

                Probably not tonight though. I'm feeling particularly crappy today and will probably just pass out once I get home.

                  Ah that's fine, I didn't mean tonight anyway, just sometime in the future so I can justify this purchase and not have all the regret buying a thing I'm not using :P.

                  Hope you're feeling better soon.

    This one:


      What?! It even had the blue "you are replying to...blah blah blah" box. How did it reply fail?

        The fail is strong with this one. :P

        Yeah, i'm definately going to be picking up Anna's Quest - gots ta support tha surls!
        Plus it looks all sorts of awesome.

        On a side note, did you see the little clips i posted at the bottom of page one? I think you would like them very much.

    Howdy Tayberinos

    I am back at work after a week off, ALL THE INBOX CLEANING

    Turns out, the organisation doesn't fall apart when I'm not there.

    So, a Tuesday Morning Question: Which in-game company would you like to work for, or really not like to work for? Apart from the shady dealings of it's boss and the terrorist attacks, Sarif Industries actually seems like an OK place to work

      Such purdy architecture. The Alliance from Mass Effect or SPECTRES would take you to some interesting places, but might... uh... kill you along the way. :P

      Last edited 02/10/12 10:17 am

      oooh tough question ... I'd probably go with umbrella for the big spacey offices and the metric butt tonne of sick leave you'd get

      Can't really think of many in-game companies but one that comes to mind after playing Borderlands 2 recently are all the gun companies. I would definitely NOT like to work for any of them :P. Too much corruption and shady dealings and whatnot

      There's not many in-game corporations which aren't corrupt or evil or generally going to be shit to work for. Sarif would probably be okay but the downside would be living in Detroit.

    Mornin' all!
    So freakin' happy that was a long weekend. Also happy that I saved a whole bunch of my tax return, so every time I came across something I needed for my new place I just bought it (Need mower? Get mower.).

    BORDERLANDS 2! Still going, still played very little co op, but that's sure as hell gunna change this weekend :D

      I am grateful that my hoarding ways in game has translated well into real life.
      Fresh $2000 in the bank account? Better not spend it! What if I get to the real life monies dungeon, guys?
      The iron golem who stands in front will be all "YOU MUST PAY ME $5000 TO ENTER", and I'd just be like, "Nah, I'd rather not spend the money and just hold onto it thanks" and all would be well.

      tl;dr sometimes I don't know how you guys can spend money.

        I tend to hoard money up until a point, then throw it at life's problems. Hopefully get to use this tactic to get a new bed soon. I've nearly borked my current frame and mattress.

    I did very little on the weekend that was lengthed by the public holiday that we get for pretend ing the queen had a birthday when she didn't.
    I played torchlight 2, i have notched up like 10 hours and i am up to act 3, i am fairly appropriately leveled but i am so easy to kill and when you have a group mob waiting to ambush you in one spot it is very difficult to tank for a second with 20 things attacking you. I think i will need a co-op partner to finish act 3 properly. otherwise i will probably just have to start a new character.

    I have unlocked most of the stuff in Tony HAwk Pro Skater HD some of the more ridiculous score based goals allude me but i still enjoy trying. But when you play for more than a hour. The music starts to repeat itself and it gets annoying.

    How is the rest of peeps?

      Not sure if you saw it but I'll be happy to co-op whenever I get the game (probably in a few weeks) as long as you don't mind waiting :P. I generally play those melee classes anyway.

      Meat on Saturday and Sunday was a whole lot of Borderlands 2 with Pezzzzz. Monday was not a public holiday here so I was at Uni :/


        I've seen worse :P, it was readable!

          Hey, I never said it was unreadable.
          But I just like to think of someone yelling in the street "HOW IS RES OF PEEPS??" like some sort of neanderthal. Or Hulk!

    *Wake up*
    *Impromptu phone interview*
    "Call back in a hour"

    Tuesdays, amirite.

      Here's hoping it went well! :D

        well, no, I just got off the phone call and I'm looking over my resume right now. Never had a phone interview, so yeah.

          Yeah my first one didn't go that well because they're shitty and didn't call me when they said they would and called twice on another day. Good job Holden...

          Second one went fine though and got me an in-person interview which got me the job I currently have :). Whether you went well or not, it's still good experience!

            Haha, I meant that the interviewer is actually going to call in a hour. Good experience all around, but screw that, I need a job.

              Treat it like a real interview, even suit up to get your mind in the zone.

              Oh, I assumed you already had it. Well here's hoping it'll go well. You'll be fine!

    Today I feel the pressing need to shut the fuck up. See you all tomorrow! :P


      Kidding, I like your contributions.

      Who's this guy? What's he done with DC?

      NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO every time this happens D.C. we all say "nah, s'all good, keep posting!" but you don't :(

    Relative of yours? :P

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