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    This lecture sucks so it's TAY time, the whole time!

    So what's the next game everyone is going to get? Mine's either Okami HD or Pokemon White 2. Not sure when the release dates for those are so whichever comes first I guess!

      OCTOBER 11

        Found a place yet? I ordered mine at JB whenever I posted that deal a few weeks ago. I guess I'll know when it's out whenever it arrives in the letterbox :)

          I don't preorder Pokemon :P I just turn up to wherever has the cheapest deal on the day. They always have tonnes of stock. I only leave the house on these special occasions!

            Yeah but if you preorder you get sealed copies with no stickers which means no glue residue! ofcoarse you could always request a sealed copy on the day I guess.

              Yeah that's true. But actually, most big stores around here like Kmart/Target keep all the Pokemon games separate in those alarmed glass cases. Either they get so much stock they couldn't be bothered to manually take out each game card, or people get really desperate for new Pokemon around here :P

            Yeah, I meant have you found a place with the cheapest day one retail price :P

            But ugh! Leaving the house, grossssss

              Still holding out for Kmart's price! They don't usually bother releasing it until a few days before :|

      Assassins Creed 3 for me, I have Borderlands and Torchlight and Medieval Despot Simulator 2012 to sustain me 'til then.

      I'm trying to abstain from purchasing any new games, at least until I get through some of my shame pile.

      Saying that, who knows, I'll probably fail at my quest and my pile will quadruple in size.

      I'll be getting three at the same time Pokemon White & Black 2 and Dishonored.

      Mugen Souls, because I have had it on order for quite a while with NISA.

      I'll probably violate my no-new-games ban for Okami HD too because I <3 Okami.

      Dishonored, though I probably won't touch it until Uni is over.

      oooh question time ... Dishonoured and the unfinished swan are definitely on my grabby hands list.

      Guild Wars 2 - it's going to be my chrissy hols game

    Ooooooo Kotaku got Windows 8-ified!

    Thats just my super technical name for the new stylings


    I have an account!?!?!


    Did Kotaku just bring in the beta for everyone?

    For those of who you just got it, you can click on your name at the top and edit your profile to change your display name so that it can show capital letters/symbols/spaces etc. :)

      speaking of top, I notice above a little thing labelled Tech Network (Goldmember)/theme-technetwork.

      ... woo gold member?

        Yeah I saw that, not sure what that's about but I clicked it and it appears to have taken me out of the beta, but it's still there (I assume the account system has been implemented for everyone now)


    Your new laptop has pretty much exactly the same specs as mine. Make sure you update the graphics drivers (I'm using a beta driver, because of Guild Wars 2 - go here: ).
    You'll be able to run pretty much any game on reasonably high settings, given my experience. MechWarrior Online will run just fine. Such a fun game.

      Ooooo serious!?!?
      Thanks so much, mate!!! Very much appreciated! :D

      Is the beta driver stable, though?

        Has been so far for me. I've been using 306.23 since release on Sep 13, not a single issue so far. If you aren't intending to play GW2, though, it might be better to go for the actual release drivers.

        EDIT: Oh, wait, looks like 306.23 has been certified. Well, there you go, grab it!

        Last edited 02/10/12 11:30 am

          I think these drivers were what fixed my issues in Max Payne 3 and made it playable as well.

          Awesome sauce -thanks heaps for that, mate! :D

    So i just checked out my profile - lets compare post counts! :D

    Lifehacker - 1
    Gizmodo - 38
    Kotaku - 14,289

      Gizmodo Comments
      Kotaku Comments
      Lifehacker Comments

      I normally only post on Lifehacker and Gizmodo on slow news days so I'm surprised I don't have more.

      Kotaku - 8366 (8367 if you include this :P)

      First post March 9, 2009 - MadWorld competition, did you win that :P? I still remember the winner "Abattoir Noir".

        That's really bizare.. mine only goes as far back as June 15, 2009 - but i know i entered (and won) the madworld comp?!

          Omg you won!? Damnit Loops!

          I'm pretty sure I've seen your old posts before but there was no gravatar (indicating another email). If you go to your profile you can add in older emails you might've used and it'll link your comments together to the one account :D

            Yeah i've tried that - i have no idea what else it would be :S

      Yeah, I think TAY posts are going to be an interesting addition to people's totals.

      Wonder if it's better to exclude TAY-totals. Hmm.

      Lifehacker - 21
      Gizmodo - 181
      Kotaku - 6981

      First comment August 25th, 2010: "Nerd :)"

      I've got 33 on Gizmodo, 165 on Kotaku, and only 1 on Lifehacker. NEED TO SPAM LIFEHACKER MORE :D

    Hi Strange!

    Also, hi everyone else. Been (last minute) off the grid for a significant period of time.

    I think there was something about applying for cross-Tasman student visa and grants. IF that's still a thing for...person-I-forgot...let me know.

      Hey voice of reason guy! Welcome back.

      I'm back, in Pog form!

      It's nice not to be browsing using a weird connection on a tiny screen.


    It's been an hour, how was your interview?

      Uh.. they haven't called. I should probably call back.

      ... yeah.

        No, don't call back, you'll seem clingy. You have to wait for them, lure them into your trap(card), get them dependent on you! In a totally not creepy dickhead way.

        If they haven't called you back, give it a little more time then call them. Will hopefully make you look like you're keen on the job.

    Just realised my comment earlier let me post using my usual email and name, but without logging in. I swear that was blocked earlier.

    More late night, low sanity twitter ramblings from yours truly.

    WOOOO, here comes demented lambo!
    Sorta like crazy frog, except not ugly. Also not a lamb, like crazy frog isn't actually a frog.
    I want to shoot toads out of a catapult. Maybe at the people in the estate across the creek from us?
    Maybe I should wait till December whatever-day-the-world-ends-th and set them on fire, then launch them.
    Death to the heathens that would not bow to the fire toad god!
    Amphiflar, lord of the unholy flaming terrors. He sends his minions to devour the world! At least, that's what I'll say when questioned
    Also, I shall need to set up a shrine if I want to convince people. Every dark cult needs its own fancy shrine!
    I'll make it from gumboots and umbrellas. People will fear the mighty image of his toadiness!
    Or maybe that'll just be fear of the shrine falling over on top of them and potentially causing them grievous bodily harm...
    A shrine for his unholy toadiness!
    Only Pastryus, Supreme God of the Holy Order of Blueberry Muffins is capable of defeating The Fire Toad God in battle.
    Pity he's off at war with the rebelling dolphin demigods. Those pesky dolphins, always on about a giant hoop in the sky that'll one day rule
    It's blasphemy I tells ya. There is only one ruler of all, and that's Scrachibus, Lord of Pencil Lead.
    He likes to draw moustaches on everything. The gods aren't that great at choosing their leaders...
    He only became leader because the other candidates where the God of Farts and the God of Off Milk. The God of Pasta didn't run this year
    Pastryus and Scrachibus have a sketchy relationship. He doesn't like how Scrachibus tried to draw 57 moustaches on his wrapping one time
    It's not Scrachibus' fault. She couldn't help it! She has a desperate need to draw. Being a deity made of pencil lead sure has its drawbacks
    Definitely makes paperwork easier to do though.
    Of course, the paperwork does end up with a lot of moustaches on it. But hey, at least everything runs relatively smoothly.
    Except for those pesky dolphins. They'll rebel at the drop of a hat. And thanks to slippery fingers, hats are dropped quite often.
    Perhaps if the gods didn't eat so much oily food, the state of their politics would be so much better.
    They need the fat though. It gets quite cold up there. In hell however, the firetoad sure knows how to keep a place warm!
    Also toasty. One reason he's enemies with the Muffin God. Toasted muffin does not a happy Muffin God make.
    Although, one day he will smite the unholy firetoad with his Sword of Whipped Cream,and then peace shall rule through the lands.
    It won't happen until after the firetoadlings are unleashed on my hapless neighbours across the creek though.
    As it has been prophesied, so shall it come to pass. Probably in the form of me launching globs of whipped cream after launching the toads
    And that's my official story for when I'm brought in for questioning :P

      I don't know what it was they had in the slip n slide you were playing with yesterday but it clearly wasn't just water.

        Laundry liquid and dish detergent. Maybe that messed up something in my head? I thought I was already rather messed up? :P

          or it could have been when you got hit in the head with a sledgehammer.


    [you saw nothing]

    Last edited 02/10/12 11:53 am

      Comp closed at 9AM yesterday.

        Oops, I didn't see that anywhere :P. I guess that's good then since I already confirmed my shifts for work and don't have to think about what would happen if I actually won.

      I would enter but I can't honestly answer "why are you excited for the WiiU?" because I'm totally not excited for it at all.

      I'm seriously gonna laugh if I win.
      And then wonder how the hell it'll work :P

        Wait - what's happening?
        What could we win?!

          Apparently nothing! Comp closed or something?
          They still accepted my entry though.


            *tears hair out*


              I HAVE NO IDEA!!!

              But whatever it is, I clearly deserve to win

                BLOODY LIES!!!


                Last edited 02/10/12 12:05 pm

                  A paid trip to Sydney to attend EB Expo and play the Wii U!

                  And for those in Sydney, they can still win tickets!

                  But alas, comp is closed.

                  Last edited 02/10/12 12:12 pm

                  GORRAM IT CHULOOPA!

                  You were supposed to be the chosen one, to bring balance to the threads ... not destroy them. I will do what I must *raises his nerf battle axe* you will not take what is rightfully mine

    KotakuAU now has the best error screens ever.

      I have not seen them yet, sadly :(

        Well, they blue.

          also GIFS

          Edit: Dammit! Beaten!

          Last edited 02/10/12 12:14 pm

      I still like the new 404 page.
      Now that everyone has an account - go check it out

        My god - that is AMAZING! :D

    So the whole editing posts thing. Call me old fashioned, but it ain't my style.

      With great power comes great responsibility.

      lets hope no one abuses it...

    Recently had to start doing some development at work entirely in visual studio. Used to use Vim and the command line compiler for most of my work because that's how I learned to code.

    Gone back to working on the products that use Vim & command line and now I'm finding it's too late for me. The IDE has already corrupted me and I want intellisense in Vim. :(


      I do a heap of coding in vim, too (mostly due to building for/in a linux env).

      Fora short while I tried to use one of the C/C++ autocompletion extensions, but they were nowhere near as good as msvc's. I've since ditched them and tend to get by with abusing splits, and just yoink/put (yeah, I realise this is nowhere near proper intellisense/autocompletion).

      Most annoyingly, the code-completion stuff I used was based on source analysis (you would know more about this than me, but I understand msvc gets its info via some incremental compilation step cl.exe does?) and pretty much completely failed at anything vaguely complex, and totally failed at templates. There was also a distinct pause/delay (maybe 1-2seconds? doesn't sound like much but gets really annoying) whenever it needed to collate possible completions. This was quite a few years ago (I want to say 6-7, by my time estimation skills are notoriously bad), so it may have got better since then.

      Stuff like this seems like the modern way to do it, but my spirit was sufficiently broken the last time I tried to get it going such that I can't be bothered investing the time in retrying it.




    This was fun.

    I'm going back to Twitter.

      It was nice seeing you here, Nef.

        At least we don't need to suffer him telling Pez to [insert sexual act here] here.
        Nice and peaceful.

          You're so repressed, Bish-friend.


    So I wake up. Phone call. Phone interview. Can't get wits together, so I ask for them to call back in about a a hour.

    Hour does not pass. I wait a bit longer, call them back on own accord.

    Out. (Probably for lunch, I presume.)

    Bless my stupid little heart.

    Major link to Lifehacker in the footnotes is to the "Page Not Found" :P

    I've done a very bad thing. I've decided to take a break from writing this essay I'm forcing myself to finish today. It may be a very long time before I go back to working on it now. Procrastination is oh so evil.

      I hope that wasn't my fault.
      PS: don't check your email... :P

    Hnnngh. What to play, Borderlands 2 or Space Marine? Curse you Loops! :P

    Yay!!!!! TAY is n

      Wow just wow phone. As I was saying TAY is now randomly working on my mobile.

        So how long until mobile TAY gets account thingies. I feel like an old man refusing to upgrade to current technology

        Awesome irony. I love it :)

          I wish I could say it was deliberate. =P

    Thanks a lot TAYmarketing. I now own a copy of Borderlands GOTY to see what the fuss is all about.

      you shant be disappointed. it's a wonderful game. the mad moxxi underdome is probably the weakest bit and even then it's still pretty decent, the rest of the game is awesome

        I'd better not be, or I'm blaming you.

          oh god, the pressure ... I CAN'T TAKE IT!!! *hides in the bushes*

      I have vanilla ed on Xbox - but i want to pick up the GOTY ed as well... now i'm trying to decide between PS3 and PC... hmmm

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