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    I'd like to say things about Dexter 7.01. Anyone interested?

    Rot13d for spoilers:

    Qrkgre nccrnef gb or va svar sbez, jvgu gur erdhvfvgr yriry bs purrfvarff naq fhfcrafr. Gur jnl gurl ner qrnyvat jvgu Qro pngpuvat Qrkgre va gur npg frrzf irel tbbq.

    Ohg gurer jrer fbzr vexf sebz ynfg avtug'f rcvfbqr.

    Qrkgre tbvat nsgre gur Hxenvavna ol uvqvat rivqrapr frrzrq ntnvafg uvf pbqr (juvpu, nf V haqrefgnaq vg, vf gb pngpu gur pebbxf jub gur flfgrz unf snvyrq - fnobgntvat gur flfgrz whfg qbrfa'g svg, naq V qba'g guvax gur fubj vf pyrire rabhtu sbe hf gb fnl guvf vf orvat qbar ba checbfr).

    Naq V ernyyl qba'g yvxr jurer vg'f tbvat jvgu Yn Thregn svaqvat gur oybbq fyvqr. Gung'f whfg ernyyl bhg bs punenpgre sbe ure gb fcbg fbzrguvat rirelbar ryfr zvffrq, naq nyfb bhg bs punenpgre sbe Qrkgre gb znxr gung zvfgnxr (nygubhtu ur cbffvoyl jnf enggyrq sebz Qro jnyxvat va ba uvz?). V whfg guvax vg pbhyq unir orra unaqyrq orggre.

    Naljnl, erfhzr lbhe erthyne cebtenz. Ncneg sebz gubfr gjb tehzoyrf, V guvax vg'f njrfbzr gb unir Qrkgre onpx ba! Vg'f n irel rawblnoyr fubj.

    Last edited 02/10/12 1:50 pm

      V gbgnyyl rkcrpgrq gur svany fprar gb phg gb qrkgre jnxvat hc orsber perqvgf. Riragf frrz gb or ba snfg-sbejneq gb jung V rkcrpgrq.

        Lrnu, zl jvsr naq V jrer ybbxvat ng bar nabgure nfxvat jnf ur nobhg gb jnxr hc! Cerggl tbbq gung gurl'ir whfg phg gb gur punfr V erpxba.

          Gung fnvq, V jvyy abg or vzcerffrq vs gurl erfbyir gung pyvssunatre ng gur fgneg bs gur arkg rc jvgu Qrk jnxvat hc >:|

            Gurer'f n cerivrj bs gur arkg rcvfbqr ng gur raq bs gung bar (va zl pbcl naljnl), juvpu fubhyq nafjre gung sbe lbh :)

      Thanks for ROT13-ing!

        I'm really happy to have editing ability on my comments if only because if I ever accidentally don't rot13, I can go back and fix it! I hate stuff being spoiled for me, so I try and be careful for others.

    My brother hit a hilarious FIFA 13 glitch - the ball was invisible. To fix it, he had to change the style of ball in the game settings. Still, watching him stop a penalty and later score with an invisible ball was sure something.

      Maybe it's an easter egg to recreate those old "find the ball" competitions from British newspapers last century.

        "Yeah, congratulations, you, uh... totally found an easter egg and it is definitely not a bug. Just to reiterate, it's a feature, not a bug." *patched in next update*

        Last edited 02/10/12 2:47 pm

          Did you ever see the EA marketing for the Tiger Woods game that had a bug where he could walk onto the surface of a pond and hit a ball that was underwater? They made a video with him walking on water to hit a ball and added the tagline "it's not a bug... he's just that good".

    @Chuloopa if you go PS3 and want to co-op, hit me up

    Hello TAY!
    I have decided that 7 hr breaks at uni suck. Just thought you should all know.

    Oh, and... The new chatty interface is soooo shiny!

      Wut! Go home :P. I struggle enough with a 1-2 hour break.

    Brisbane peeps (also anyone else who wants to. I'm not gonna snob you just because you live in the filthy south)

    Theme park meat: Movieworld. October 28.

    Yes. No. Change. Suggestions? I CRAVE YOUR FEEDBACK.

      Sounds good man!

      Filthy south? I think that may include you too, good sir!

      But yeah. Wet'n'Wild or bust.

      So you are just snobbing us northerners then?

        Not at all. You northerners with your funny accents are always welcome.

      no themepark, please.

      I think Movie World has about three new rides since I was last there! *strokes patchy chin stubble*

        I can see you now, going on the same day, so that you can look at the TAYbies, but not actually interacting with them.

          :D A special brand of madness that fits my hermit lifestyle. :P

      I don't reeeeaaaally like theme parks. Partly because of my fat arse not fitting on most of the rides :(

    Hey, I'll be in Melbourne around the CBD on the 29th of Oct (in fact that whole week)- anyone keen to grab a meal around then?

      Yeah, definitely do-able...I think.
      Sounds good though :)

      Sounds good for dinner in the city - maybe Thursday night?

    Someone rang the bell at reception a little while ago, I rushed out to greet them but they had already left. But they left a package.

    It was my Walking Dead prize! The one that I asked to be sent to Pyrean.

    Silly Josephine. If only she had stayed around to chat. I'd have loved to be able to have a word with her.

      you would have put her in a pot and made turtle soup you heartless bastardo.

      I got mine yesterday - wasn't it meant to be season 2?
      I got season one...

      Not that i'm complaining as i haven't seen it yet? lol

        I got season 1 as well. Could have sworn the prize was season 2 but I don't mind.

      Also nobody believed that you rushed out to meet a customer, at best you slowly walked out begrudgingly.

        They probably starved to death whilst waiting, and were taken away by a medical team - hence why he only found a package?

        Rushed by my standards. As in I left the chair at all.

    Wow, that latest episode of Family Guy was one of the most dismal yet. I have no idea why I keep watching as the laughter stopped many years ago.

    On the plus side Bob's Burgers is still great.


        Adventure Time's alright ... but it's no my little pony

          GET OUT.

            but ... how will you all hear my witty comments if I'm not here?

            Adventure time is an interesting one ... season 3 and 4 really got mature and dark compared to the first two seasons

              Agreed, but it still makes me laugh.

                Oh it's still crazy funny and they should all be happy that they're making a show that sets so many positive standards for kids without being all kissy goo goo let's shove the moral down people's throats ... hell, the last episode I saw was basically bmo going insane and wanting to be in a noir story.

                That reminds me, have you seen Gravity Falls? it's goooood

                  gravity falls is fantastic, that street fighter / final fight episode was amazing

      I never actually got the appeal of AmericanGuyFamilyDad in the first place. It seemed to have good jokes, but was like a skitshow essentially. Great jokes that a rehashes of rehashed rehashes can only be hashed for so long before they feel... stale. In this case, the second episode I watched (I think?) was enough for me to not go back.

      On the plus side I've never even heard of Bob's Burgers. Except perhaps for a sideways comment from Pez.

        I'm not much of a fan of Family Guy, it has some good bits but generally seems to be stupid slap-stick.
        I do however enjoy American Dad. I think it's a bit more intelligent. The double episode where they get stuck in the middle east is pure gold.

      Yeah, I've stopped watching Family Guy, the last couple of seasons are all the same stuff, brutal nonsensical violence, and terribly lame jokes. Family Guy use to be awesome, I can still watch the earlier seasons and laugh, but the new ones just don't do it for me anymore.

      Bob Burgers, really wish the would do a 24 ep season!!!

      Haven't watched much (any?) new FG stuff. Not because I don't like it (love me some Family Guy), I just haven't got around to it.
      I'm interested to check it out now and see if it's gone down hill. Perhaps I just have poor taste.

    Idiot misspelt my email while setting up account. But its all fixed now.

      Hey Cj, finally caught up with all the previous pages on TAY. Let me know how Far Cry 3 looks and feels when you play it at the EXPO.

    I should be working, but instead am costing tours of upcoming comic conventions in 2013.

    Travel is expensive.

      But also amazing.
      I love me some travel

        Alas, working travel doesn't feel much like fun travel :)

      I'll be hitting up all the Oz Comic-Cons: Perth (Feb 2013), Adelaide (Mar 2013), Melbourne (July 2013) because I am lucky enough to know folks who work for them and get consideration!

      And I am thinking about one or more Supanovas (depending on funds and cost): Melbourne (April 2013), Gold Coast (April 2013), Sydney (Jun 2013), Perth (Jun 2013)

        I like that you are being proactive. You take on the world little fish. You can do it :)

        I'm sure whatever city you choose, the inhabitants would be happy to throw you a meat.

        Last edited 02/10/12 4:02 pm

        You should definitely do the Gold Coast one. Don't mind the creepy guy that will seem to be spending a suspicious amount of time staring at you and taking surreptitious photos of you. He is not an immediate danger.

          Suggestion noted

            Also, if I'm still around the area I'd be sure to visit your booth!

              (Though in hindsight that's probably a deal breaker for you. :P)

    I don't like hating on the editors etc, but that Tina Amini is terrible. Apart from all the spoilerific stuff from Borderlands 2 the other week, she's now posted an article that Bashcraft already covered 4 months ago regarding the 'deep-fried gameboy'. And she didn't even make it an actual article, like Bashcraft did - nowhere does she mention that the 'gadgets' are in fact foam simulacum.

    I'm usually one of the 'don't like it, move on' types, but there really needs to be some accountability for the US staff.

    Thankfully, Mark and co. over here are fantastic. Quality journalism.

      Tina Spoilerina!

        More like Tina Spolierina
        oh you said that. Damn it creepius.
        Speaking of creepy, i has seen a photo of you now.


            Sorry, i thought you were greenius, cause i saw caterpie and he was green. Forgive me pow.
            FORGIVE ME

              Haha, I thought you did. I didn't notice until you mentioned seeing a photo of me and I'm just thinking "Uh... I've met you two times. DID I MEAN THAT LITTLE TO YOU!"

              We're cool man!

                We met on my birthday and you were there when we had ramen that time with bunny. I remember. :D

                no no no... he meant a...'photo'...

                You know... wink wink... nudge nudge

      I was just going to ask them for a job. Clearly no experience required :P

      But yeah, the Aussie team are awesome!

      Does Totilo's h4lo article today spoil the same stuff as Tina's?

      Simulacra. Chrome tells me that's misspelled but it is actually the plural of Simulacrum. Just thought you should know.

        Dammit! I know that simulacra is the plural, but stupidly put simulacrum instead! Stupid brain.

    Next year is going to massive for me, things i hope to accomplish
    1. Move to a new City
    2. Get a new job
    3. Live by myself
    4. Travel Overseas
    That ist looks more and more scary every time i look at it, not because it is a lot to do, it is. It is scary because i am afraid of failure. Moving on with my life is scary. Its easy to fall into a easy yet unsatisfying life. Right now i have a easy job (not insanely stressful and decent money). Easy living situation and lots of free time. I expect next year wont be like that at all. It will probably be quite difficult. But the fear i have is also excitement. Because finally i have the chance to make myself happy and that my friends is worth all the fear of failure.

    This has been a rant by Rocketman, it probably has grammar and spelling mistakes to which i say to you "Ok"

      That's an awesome list, truly. I mean that in the awe-inspiring sense.

      Where are you planning to travel?

        I have always wanted to travel to England, more specifically London. Ever since i was a kid i thought it was a brilliant place. The mix of old and new. I find it amazing. I also want to visit the homeland (siciliy) i kind of want to take my nonna back one last time so she can see some relatives. Also Merica.

        No solid plans yet though. Just a big dream for a little country mouse.

      I know that feels man, and once you hit up the first step, it's all uphill from there. I also plan to head to the UK one day. Stay strong, brother.

      Maybe in the future if you ever feel like heading to Canada I'll hook you up with a place to crash. Complete with bacon, maple syrup, and a goddamn snowman if I could.

        You are okay in my book satman


            What the hell man i call you okay and you punch me?
            Thats not cool. going and punching people for being friendly.

              well punching people is a great way to make friends

              unless they don't punch back

              then that's a felony

      Number 4 is the best!!!
      Hit me up if you need travel advice =)

        All of them are the best for me.
        But thanks man, will do so.

      This looks like a more scary version of NegativeZero's Life Plan:
      1. Buy/Rent new place
      2. Move out
      3. Get cute kitty
      4. ...
      5. Profit

        I'm stuck at #1 currently, and fear getting stuck at #4 after.

          I haven't managed to figure out step 1 yet either. I've made more progress toward step 3 than step 1 research-wise :(

            But puppies

              No. Kitties > puppies. Deal with it. :P

                I like both but i want a dog.

                  I like dogs but they're a lot more work than cats. And smellier. Also I like cats more. Also also, having had 3 golden retrievers over my life that'd be what I'd want to get again, and I simply don't have time to give one a decent amount of exercise or attention plus I can't guarantee I'd be in a place which would allow dogs or where a large dog would be feasible. Whereas a cat is fine in an apartment and stuff.

                  EDIT: Also kitties are softer and more cuddly.

                  Last edited 02/10/12 4:55 pm

            Well who said you needed to fill them in that order? If anything, you should have started with "profit" as the first step.

            Plus, you'd be surprised what takes precedence in your life once a kitty is involved.

              We had to get special permission to have our old cat in my current place, I doubt they'd allow a kitten.

            I've had #2 down-pat, but it's not feasible in my current location. #3 has been slightly modified, yet is crossed off.
            I'm hoping to boost my way to #1 by initiating #0.5: Start a Business, which should also help with #5 :D

      Good luck with your pursuit of happiness Rockets. No one deserves it more!

      Last edited 02/10/12 4:59 pm

        Alot of people deserve it more.
        You, Shane, STrange, Blaghs, bish, faction, freyr, flu probably everyone i have ever talked to here.

          Oh stop being so negative about yourself, Rocketman. You deserve happiness far more than I do. You're nice to people, always ready to lend a hand, and it's frickin' sickening. You work, you talk to your relatives, and you're a nice guy. So stop it, or I'll start spraying you with water.

      Possibly daunting, but definitely an achievable set of goals.

      Whatever happens it's sure to be a year you'll never forget, even if you only accomplish half that. I'm looking forward to experiencing your thoughts on these steps as you make them.

      *insert obligatory "N'aww, my little Rockets is all growed up" and "Why are all you young whippersnappers all more growed up than me?" comments here* :P

    Good Afternoon, TAY.

    This morning I woke up to bad news and to make matters worse I woke up in a great deal of pain. This led to my little overreaction this morning.
    Sorry Saturday, and thanks for being so gracious.

    And yes peoples, I am aware of this thing known as "scrolling". :D

      Is that where you roll dough into a snail shape? I approve of that heartily.

      Also, hope you're okay?

      S' all good. Not very sane actions deserve not very sane reactions, after all. Not to say that your reaction wasn't insane, but... er..


      You woke up in pain? Like, joint pain? That's pretty bad. This normal?

        Thankfully not joint pain...I feel old enough already. And I may very well be insane. :P
        But yeah, I have some health problems that cause pain most days but it's usually manageable. Today is one of those days where it hasn't been as manageable but fingers crossed I'll be okay tomorrow. :)

          That sucks. :( I really hope things look better tomorrow, Strange!

            Me too! My poor kids...I've been yelling and snapping at them all day. :(

      :P Was trying to make a point but still keep everything light hearted.
      /o\ for bad news and pain! Hope everything's better soon.

      that sucks strange, hope you are feeling better and that your bad news isn't unmanagable. Huggasauraus

      If you need to talk you know where to find me. :)

      I'm sorry about the bad news. I hope things will get better soon.

      Thanks for your concern everyone. It means a lot and being able to chat with you guys is an extremely valuable part of my life.

      You're still the butter on our bread, Strange! :D

      ...not in the creepy way....

      :( Hope you get better soon Strange and bad news sucks.

      You deserve a *hugasaurous*

    V whfg jnagrq zber bccbeghavgl gb hfr ebg guvegrra.

    Nyfb, cubar vagreivrj orpnzr abguvat zber guna gryrcubar gnt. qrnq raq. :C frpbaq gvzr jvgu gur fnzr pbzcnal, gbb. qnza.

    Ba n unccvre abgr.. V sbhaq n orttne'f onmbbxn va GS2. Zna, V zvff cynlvat GS2 jvgu n fgnoyr vagrearg pbaarpgvba.

    Nyfb V npghnyyl sbhaq 10 qbyynef naq V'z abg fher vs nalobql jvyy gnxr zr frevbhfyl sbe gung urer. :(

      Lbh fubhyq gbgnyyl hfr vg gb ohl n Znatb Jrvf one, zl sevraq.

      Ubcr guvatf tb jryy ba gur wbo sebag!

      Last edited 02/10/12 5:36 pm

        Zna, V fgvyy unira'g tbg gb rngvat gur qrffregf lbh thlf gnyxrq nobhg. Gbzzbebj, V cebzvfr, V'yy envq gur arnerfg tebprel fgber.

        Nu, gunaxf sbe gur fhccbeg.

        Nyfb yrg'f xrrc gnyxvat jvgu ebg guvegrra gvyy fbzrobql oernxf vg. Naq gura, vs fbzrobql cbfgf "FGBC GNYXVAT VA EBG GUVEGRRA," jr pna rqvg bhe cbfgf! TRAVHF!

        .... nu qnza vz trggvat oberq ntnva, nerag V?

          well, that's interesting.

          And.. creepy. Did I just post Kokaku's secret hidden code phrase for their personal necronomicon or something?

          Gung'f gur xvaq bs penml lbh'er dhvpxyl orpbzvat erabjarq sbe. :C

            jnvg, lbh qba'g frr vg? cneg bs zl grkg raqf hc va n obk naq uvtuyvtugrq erq.


            Bu zna BAR PENML AVTUG BS PENML naq nccneragyl V'z penml.

    Just finished Space Marine. Campaign felt a little short but still a very fun game. That giant hammer weapon was awesome. Hopefully we get a Space Marine 2 one day.

      Thunder Hammer. It's called a Thunder Hammer. Before Loops kills you.

      It wasn't so much the hammer as the jetpack really. Makes you feel amazingly badass.

      They've said they're not doing another one. Apparently THQ are jerkfaces.

        They weren't doing a Space Marine 2 because they were focusing their attention on the Warhammer 40k MMO, which was then changed to an offline 3rd person action game.

        so... yeah Space Marine 2 could technically be back on the cards.

      Campaign is awesome, it's just that final boss fight that drops the ball a bit

        +1 The only irk I had with that game, also power swords? Y U NO IN SINGLE PLAYER?! Got stuck with the power axe, pfft, not the same.

    Howdy folks. Its weird, its Tuesday and this is my first post for the week, that hardly ever happens. Anyhow, I have good news. Phase 2 of Project Nova is now complete \o/ \o/ (That's right, double Steve Holts) At this point it seems fitting to reveal my second teaser. This time its "Hell". For those who missed it a few weeks ago, the first clue was "Dragons". I doubt anyone knows what it is I'm working on (hopefully I'll keep the surprise), and to be honest, the clues aren't really to help you guess, but they are somehow related to it. At least in my mind. I'm rambling now. Phase 3 and 4 are starting now, and will take quite a bit of time.

    PS I also have a new TAYlocke post up

    Last edited 02/10/12 5:52 pm

      Hey Nova. Hope you're well!

        I'm good DC. My weekend starts today \o/ Had to work every day over the long weekend, but I've got a couple of days off now. I was shocked at how busy it was on the Public Holiday. I don't understand why people want to spend a day off at Coles. Even if you normally work and would shop on a weekend, why not keep that part of your schedule as normal and do something special with a public holiday? People baffle me

          If I know people and I think I do, they're all idiots without exception. (Okay, maybe a few exceptions. Mostly people I know. :P) Hopefully you got all holiday rates to make up for it! :D

      \o/\o/ (Is that really double Steve Holts? It looks like boobies to me. )

      Lucky I'm not a cat or you'd be killing me around about now, Nova! :P


        Old lady boobies maybe. :P

          Well, that is the only type I see! :P

          I was more thinking ones in those vintage bras of Marilyn Monroe times that made sort of cone-shaped breasts.

        Just think by the time its actually finished, you will be the Uber-feline. 81 lives :P

        Which will be done first - Project Nova or Strange's Quilt? Place your bets people, great odds, guarenteed prizes*

        *No actual prizes

          Safe money's on Project Nova. I haven't touched my sewing machine in over a week.

            My money's on D.C.'s descent into madness finishing first. :P

      You're getting a full body tattoo of dragons flying around hell?

      Awesome dude.

        Speaking of tattoos, have you gotten part two done yet?

          I was meant to finish it tomorrow but my current financial situation is a little dire and can't quite afford the $700 or so it needs to finish.

            It'll keep! Be sure to post the finished result when it's done, though!

      You're starting a bikie gang called Hell's Dragons!
      What do I win? :P

        Pretty sure that name is already taken. Isn't that what they call the older ladies in Hell's Angels?

        (If anyone from the Hell's Angels read that, I'm so gonna die)

          It's okay, I don't think Faction posts on TAY anymore.

    Ben fixed my account today so I could see both e-mail accounts properly. (Thanks Ben!) Spent the last hour reading old Gizmodo posts and responses that I never got until now. Just like DireWolf's Fallout posts last week. It'll be good when the notifications makes this problem a thing of the past! :D

    Last edited 02/10/12 6:10 pm

      I just constantly check where I've posted.

      Too creepy? Okay.

        But what about...TWO HOURS LATER?

    Starting yesterday I have 3 days off work \o/
    It's because I have a sore back /o\
    Doctor told me to see a Physio, who I saw today. I have stretches to do every hour or two and my back is taped so I can't bend over.
    Walking is good and sitting up straight in the computer chair is good.
    So I decided to be productive while sitting up straight and I've started learning Javascript Fundamentals on

    if (head === dizzy);
    {console.log ("learning is fun"); }
    {confirm "You're full of it" }

      I understand nothing /o\

      Sorry to hear about your back though. Mum's tends to feel pain most days.

      Last edited 02/10/12 6:41 pm

        My Mum has had a lot of back problems too.
        I've seen how much she suffers with it and that is why I decided not to just shrug it off, but see a Doctor early on before it gets too bad. Hopefuly the exercises and stretches do the job.

          They helped Mum to walk, so it should help you also

    Oh man, this new commenting thing is so trippy. I DON'T KNOW WHATS HAPPENING. I AM CONFUSED AND SCARED!

      There there,
      there there...
      Do you need a hug? I'm sure someone here will give you a hug.
      *gives manly pat on the back.

    Sid is coughing and I'm a little concerned that it's a chicken bone. Someone keeps throwing cooked chicken bones on their nature strip and Sid keeps eating them. He'll stop if I tell him, but one minute he was following me and then he wasn't.

      Cooked chicken bones are bad news. Dogs love them but they don't love dogs. :(

      I hope he is okay.

    @DC, so if I come to Gold Coast, you will emerge from hiding? I don't think Strange will let me back out now, even if it means that Freeze will be stalking me.

      :D Makings of tentative plans!?

    Old Skool TAY Catch Up Replies to People Post:

    @Blaghs/D.C. - "I can see you now, going on the same day, so that you can look at the TAYbies, but not actually interacting with them." Hahaha!

    @redartifice - My exams start on the 30th so I won't be there. Maybe next time dude! (shit I just realised how close my exams are... PANIC MODE)

    @Freeze - I haven't watched it yet but it's one of the many shows that have gone downhill. I'm not sure why I download it either, I gave up on it a few seasons ago but got back into it when I ran out of things to watch. At least it gives me something to watch every week. Bob's Burgers is still great though!

    @Rocketman/Pow - :P don't insult me by associating me with that racial profiler

    @Rocketman/Blaghs "Oh stop being so negative about yourself, Rocketman. You deserve happiness far more than I do. You're nice to people, always ready to lend a hand, and it's frickin' sickening. You work, you talk to your relatives, and you're a nice guy. So stop it, or I'll start spraying you with water." <- Listen to this long haired monstrosity!

    Rockefeller you're a pretty cool guy and I wish you all the best in your endeavours, brother! Your grammar was fine too :) (IT'S LEARNING, IT'S ADAPTING! *gasp*)

    @Nova - TELL US!

    @Whoever - Got me first pay check thingy! (I think?) I have an email saying how much money I "earnt" from 11 hours worth of work and it seems like my training paid the same as my normal pay ($22 an hour :D). Woo!

      Haha! Racial profiling is bad, Pow. Is this how you conduct your life? :P

    I don't know why I bother playing anything but Dark Souls.
    Played Borderlands for about an hour and got bored of it. I guess it gets better later on...

      Kind of.
      You get more ineteresting guns which are more fun to use, but you will forever be fighting Skags in brown environments.

      In all honesty, I'm not that big a fan of Borderlands 1. It's much better with people, but that would require... well... dealing with people.

      the main problem that broderlands 2 fixed was that it gave you a motivation to beat the game, borderlands 1 had no story, i never ended up beating it...

      It gets better when you find better weapons and get more skills/levels. But yeah, it's one of those games that should be played with others.

      Borderlands 2 is pretty much superior to it in every way as well :P

      To be honest, I would recommend anyone wanting to play the game to just start at 2. As much as I am enjoying BL2, BL1 is just ... not fun unless you are with friends.

    Setting Sail, Coming Home.
    Bastion Soundtrack.

    Still gives me goosebumps.

      I just realised that Spotify has the Bastion soundtrack. That almost makes up for its atrocious musical collection.

        It also has Bear and Walrus. And Dustforce soundtrack. And assorted 80's and 90's stuff. It's awesome.

          But it lacks some Disney Musicals, and particularly, is lacking the stage version of Beauty and the Beast. I'd forgive them if they were lacking, say, the Australian cast recording of it, or something, but to not have one at all(Bar the "Broadway Cast Company" version, which hardly counts)? Horrifying.

      Oh whats this here to my left? Oh its a signed copy of the bastion soundtrack look at that. =D (I dont have much of anything in terms of "Gamer Swag" but I do have that)

      Have you seen the acoustic version! Mind blowingly good!

      Build that Wall is one of my favourite songs, ever.

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