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    CHULOOPA!!!!!!!! Have you played any CoH yet?

    Six Feet Under time! Midway through season three. So good, although there's a certain crazy character I miss that's still in the credits. Looking forward to their triuphant return! Good night, folks!

      Dexter! (Sorry. Just watched it. Been a tad excited since I realise it wasn't long till it was out )

        Also goodbye to you buddy. So goodbye yellow brick road. Where the dogs of society howl. You can't plant me in your penthouse. I'm going back to my plough.

        Dexter! :D

          Michael C. Hall definitely does have that serial killer vibe about him, even in Six Feet Under.

      I still haven't seen any Six Feet Under. Thanks for reminding me!
      Good night DC.

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        It's probably the best show I've seen in years! Well worth the effort to track down the eps!

        Gonna watch me some Treme and Boardwalk Empire soonish. SOONISH! :)

    Should get some monies soon so...

    PEEPS! (more specifically):

    @Shane - Signed Lesser Evil 3 pls! :D

    @PuppyLicks/Dan/Klutar - still taking monies for Lame Game? I'm ashamed to admit I was too busy with Borderlands 2 to watch but I'll happily donate some money anyway!


    Am I forgetting anyone else? :P (spoke to Pez already)

      "@Powalen - Sending money your way, too! You're DaBest!"

        No, DaBest is 'DaBest' but also a dirty Mario Kart cheating invincible sunavvagun... waitaminnit SOUNDS JUST LIKE YOU!

        You're still not DaBest though.

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        Actually, I can pay for shipping for that like $10 or whatevs? That's 1/4 of Xenoblade!

          Also, I gorgive you.

          (something tells me you'll edit this out)

            Pfft. Editing is for the weak filled with regrets. Freeze don't do that. Freeze looks to the future.

            Freeze also says dont worry about shipping.



      Shoot me da emailz and I send you literarty masterpeace.
      shane at shanewsmith dotcom

        Email shot. Point blank. Twas messy.

        Just a test email first in case I got it wrong. We can work out details shortly :). PayPal transfer thingy would be the best,

      @ Greendudeiusness
      Sorry I couldn't make it to Chaddy the other day - the car shopping took me far and wide but not to Chaddy I'm sorry to say.
      Congrats on having a job and moneys etc.
      Also - how was the meat? I was in too bad a mood after my grand-final day BBQ debacle to do anything, let alone meet new people.

        No problem man. I'm working this Fri/Sat 10-2 so feel free to pop by then :).

        Thanks again, all the TAYbies were really helpful!

        Meat was fun and there's a few write-ups circulating in the previous pages. I saw your post about your friends getting drunk and stuff, hopefully all is well with them and you. I think there was talk of one on October 29th when redartifice comes down so you could always attend that!

      Well that is very kind of you, I'm pretty sure the donation window is still open.
      Head on over here to make a donation :)

    I'm making a chicken burger! FOOD POST! :P

      Sounds yummy!

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        Greenius @greenius October 2, 2012 10:55 pm D.C. @dc OCTOBER 2, 2012 10:51 PM
        I'm making a chicken burger! FOOD POST! :P

        (incase he deletes it!)

        (incase HE deletes it!)

          I approve of this. :P

          Edit: Just saw below... :D

          Last edited 03/10/12 7:28 am

    Watching the Late News. Makes me cringe every time they ask you to friend them on Facebook. :S

      LIES! You said you were going to watch six feet under and you said good night! I even sung you a song.

        I watched it. Then I decided that I sleep when I'm dead. Now I'm making a chicken burger. I appreciated the song, though. Although was confused that you were sending me a message. BUT WHAT!? :P

          Something theme park meat something like a fox!

            Now it all makes sense when you read between the lines!

    October 2, 2012 at 10:56 PM

    Greenius @greenius October 2, 2012 10:55 pm D.C. @dc OCTOBER 2, 2012 10:51 PM
    I’m making a chicken burger! FOOD POST! :P

    (incase he deletes it!)

    (incase HE deletes it!)

    (In case they both delete it)

      Freeze S. Preston Icequire Guest October 2, 2012 11:02 pm [–]
      October 2, 2012 at 10:56 PM

      Greenius @greenius October 2, 2012 10:55 pm D.C. @dc OCTOBER 2, 2012 10:51 PM
      I’m making a chicken burger! FOOD POST! :P

      (incase he deletes it!)

      (incase HE deletes it!)

      (In case they both delete it)

      (In case Freeze likes the look of that deleting bandwagon. Haha! I'll stop now. :S)

      Look at Mr. Mobile TAY with his reply fails and [-] comment hide buttons!

        Interestingly I can't edit the posts made from my mobile. It's like it's two different people. Now I'm having an identity crisis.

    Must get the recipe from you for your famous Hash Brown Cheesy melt thingy.
    I've seen it mentioned a couple of times and I am intrigued.

      Shane's got the patent. I'm just a convert. :D

        How to make? :,(

          Hash Brown

          Or you could be a Crazy guy and put vinegar on it.

          Everyone's got their own ways. One of the TAYbies some how makes a salt and vineger variety.

          Nothing too complex. I cook two Hashbrowns on 230 degrees for 10 minutes. Turn 'em. Cook for another five. Finish 'em off on bread with cheese until toasted. Don't trust my cooking skills, though. Fire alarm literally just went off a minute ago. :S

          Last edited 02/10/12 11:16 pm

            Actually might want to lower that temp, my oven is temperamental. We've got to adjust it higher.

      Yeah, there's not much to it. Using your preferred method (oven, frying, whatever) cook your hash browns, add them to cheese sandwich, then chuck the whole monstrosity onto a sandwich toaster.

    So I've never played a Resident Evil game (sue me). But!

    Resident Evil 5 and Bulletstorm are this months PS+ games. Might download RE5 (and add it to my pile of shame), what kind of game should I expect?

    I also played Bulletstorm, which is a game I did not like, for many reasons. Mainly the dick jokes and reptitivenessness of the game is what bothered me.

      A solid action game with great replay value that is in no way representative of previous entries in the series. It's also much less frustrating playing co op with another human.

      I'll probably grab Bulletstorm to see what it's like and Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit had me as soon as I saw the title ages ago.

      Sweet! Been meaning to re-buy Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition on PS3 for the DLC since I lent my Xbox copy to a friend years ago. Turns out the DLC wasn't that long/good so I decided to pass it up but at least it gives me a chance to play through the vanilla game again :D.

      Bulletstorm was one of those "get when it's cheap" games and this is the perfect price.

      PS+ is proving to be awesome and my sub doesn't run out until 2014 :/

      EDIT: I should read the link before posting :P. Turns out it's the Gold Edition! Woooooo! I'm keen for some co-op!

      Last edited 02/10/12 11:56 pm

        Yeah PS+ is great. Doesn't run out until Nov 2014 for me!

      I guess if it's free then RE5 is okay. I wouldn't want to pay more than $5-10 for it.

      If you only ever play one RE game it should be RE4.

    TF2sdays was awesome.

    I've taken to purchasing two meals every Tuesday night. This is a double-edged blade. I sate my both my appetite and my palate, yet my wallet cringes.
    Anyway, tonight was spicy lamb + tzatziki pizza topped with a veal schnitzel with acvodad and garlic sauce.
    Yes, it was as unhealthy and indulgent as it sounds. I got funny looks.

    Also TF2. Rize, Numbers, Numbers' brothercousin (I think?) and I ended up playing a couple rounds of bog-standard TF2, followed by some medieval, and finishing with MvM.
    Let's just say that a fully upgraded Blutsauger is AMAZING. Also, being a combat medic really pisses some people off. But yeah, fully upgraded Blutsauger = invincible, yet somewhat useless (in the sense of healing/support) Medic. I love it. LOVE IT.

    Also also, I'm looking at broadcasting a blind playthrough of BL2 when I get my copy with Pez and Fatshady. Should be good, although I'm slightly worried about connection issues as it's coming up to wet season here, which typically means rain. Which typically means I unplug ERRYTHING in fear of frying it all.
    But yeah. Aside from that, anyone interested in watching Aleph play BL2 for the first time, live?

    What've I missed here, too?

      .. waitwaitwait.

      There was a TF2sday?


      Also that pizza sounds.. amazing. Funny looks? more like envious looks.

        Are you part of the Kotaku Steam group? There was an event notification thingy :P

          I saw, but- but I didn't know how to join up and-

          saturday is sadurday.

          (edited for first sentence, not the gold that was my pun)

          Last edited 03/10/12 12:31 am

            ... I am very impressed by myself for that little bit of wordplay, honestly. It's not even all that great.

            I do really like that pun :D

            I'd like to get together with a bunch of people next Tuesday too.
            I *did* see you playing TF2, just as I logged off :S
            Sorry mate, I didn't send you and invite :(

              For shame, Aleph! For shame!

      I didn't have schnitzel (cue gasp) but I did eat a crapton for my size (173cmish and 65kgish). A Big Mac, Quarter Pounder, regular chips, small chips, 6 nuggets, 2 regular drinks and I wasn't even hungry to begin with since I had a pretty decent lunch :P. Now how's that for unhealthy!

      If it was 'nos/nosrepsomething' then it was his younger brother.

      Can I play too? :'(

        65kg? That's crazy! Although I'm probably the 6'2 version. 79kg and as scrawny as a mofo.

          5'6", fluctuate between 49-54kg here.

          Dinner was amazing :D

            Sounds like it! I made a chicken burger just before. Had eight Milky Ways. A chicken burger at lunch. Hooray for self-destruction.

        I invited any/all TAYbies I've got on Steam that weren't otherwise occupied with games. I believe you were playing BL2 :P

        Care to try for next week?
        It's just crazy enough that it might work!

      I would watch part of your playthrough, most definitely! I tried to do a Tex Murphy live stream thing last month, but it was too damn screwy I tells ya!

        It's an interesting little piece of kit, that Xsplit. VERY friendly from what I've seen thus far, aside from the crash it had the moment I installed it.
        But yeah, the biggest issue will be whether my 'net connection will be able to handle the stream + multiplayer gaming.

          From what I hear BL2 is pretty laggy at the best of times. Part of the live streaming fun, though! Your descent into madness! :P

            'from what you hear' is just me and my internet sucks for unknown reasons...

    Treme is a pretty solid show. It has a huge ensemble, though, just when they get to an interesting character story they smash cut to a not so interesting one. Show wouldn't be the same without that style. Just something that you've got to accept. :D

    Last edited 03/10/12 12:43 am

    Oh god, I just started playing Game Dev Story for the first time. Well, I say "just" but it was like an hour ago. SEND HELP!

      And I'm still playing it...

        I only played it for like 10 mins... I need retina support!

      It's pretty fun! Pro-tip: Save up to hire from Hollywood agent only!

    Just ran in to wake my wife up.

    Why did I have to do this you ask? I'll tell you. It was because of the invasion of a Cthulu Spider into my living room. Yes. Yes that's true. I had to get my wife to kill a spider for me. To be fair I'm pretty sure this thing would have eaten my cat, dogs, fish, children and the entire right side of my house.

    I don't handle arachnids very well...
    Almost as manly as Blaghman.

      "Almost as manly as Blaghman."

      Bahahahaha. So true. :/

      Pics or it didn't happen

      ..... Maybe it was for the best that you shaved off your beard... :P


    My new laptop runs mech warrior online SMOOTHLY! :D
    I know we signed the whole "we will not speak to people about the game" thing - but screw that - this game seems really awesome! :D
    ...Now if only i knew what the hell i was doing....

    Also thanks to Cracks for telling me how to update my gpu drivers yesterday - it's all done! :D

      Yeah IF I had access to that game I WOULD say that I suck balls at it :P

    Best video clip ever or best video clip ever?


    How did that happen... I was so excited as well! Wow... I need brain medicine.

    Last edited 03/10/12 8:08 am

      Im guessing cause you were busy catching them all?

        Oh man, I had to stop trying to catch them all because I feared I would neglect my kids! I'll pick it up again on the weekend when my husband's around to pick up the slack. :P

    I'm enjoying a superhealthy breakfast of corn chips and coke zero whilst I psych myself up for craft day with the kids. Craft days always go either really well, or really disastrously. I'm hoping for the former. :D

      May i ask what craft day is? do you use your son to help you make swishy dresses? Does he have to model them. My sisters made me wear dresses and platform shoes. I think thats why i am scared of heights also women. :P

      have fun strange.

        Craft day is a day where I let my kids make a hell of a mess, all in the name of making stuff. Sometimes painting, sometimes collage, that sort of thing. For this time I went to one of those art and craft shops on the weekend and bought them each a kit. My daughter will be weaving herself some woodland friends and my son will be making a felt dinosaur friend.

          Oh man that sounds like fun! Craft meat? :D

          I loved art as a kid but rarely did the crafty stuff at home. I don't think I ever did an art attack :P


        With that and lambo's sister making him dress up and pretend he's a girl, I'm kind of glad I didn't have to suffer the torment of an older sister :)

          I had older and younger. I watched anime with my younger sister. So she is my favourite :P

      If it's the latter, make sure you record the madness.

        Exactly. That way, you can keep them in line while putting together the celebratory vids for their 21st birthdays.

        Win now, or win later. The Mother's Code.

    Mornin' all!

    Had an awesome time with TF2sday last night (ignoring the slightly unbalanced Hoodoo match). First time in a long time that I've played medieval mode, and it was a great match!

      Aw you played Medieval! D: I love Medieval!

      Candy Cane Scout is so much fun on that map. And Gloves Heavy. Who needs Demoknights/Legolas Snipers, really.

        The top-ranking demoknight over here disagrees :D

        Better question would be "who needs spies?". Seriously, no fun in medieval when spies are involved.

    Watched the latest How I Met Your Mother last night and they tried to pull off a "one of these couples won't be together by the end of the episode" thing.

    This show has a serious problem about dragging along storylines that it has already told you the ending of. Robin was out of the running as the mother since episode one and they wasted seasons on her. In the first episode of this season, we were told what was going to happen to each of the main characters in those three couples. There was no "geez, I sure hope these guys don't break up" last night because we already knew if that was going to happen.

    Why do I keep watching this show? Either get on with the plot or make with the funny. don't half ass both of those.

    EDIT: Yes, I spent pretty much all of last night watching sitcoms and Starcraft. I'm up to the bit in Malcolm in the Middle where Dewey starts to outsmart everyone and MC managed to win against Flying 3-1 in the OSL Quarter Finals despite not knowing about Flying's hidden base in game four. He kept almost scouting it and turning his units away at the last second.

    Last edited 03/10/12 8:55 am

      Speaking of e-sports the World finals for LoL are on this weekend. I am probably going to watch that for the entire weekend. I want to pick a team to go for but there are so many good ones i just will watch it all.

        If SC2 is any indication, you tend to go in with a team or two that you like and end up supporting one or two others that put in a good run. I'd back Azubu Blaze/Frost to win this thing, the top US/EU teams tend to get stomped by the Koreans and I can never remember the names of the other Korean teams.

          Yeah i am sure that one of the korean teams will probably win but CLG europe has Froggen and M5 is wildly unpredictable Well as unpredictable as following the exact same meta can be)

            The meta isn't stagnant at all! Sometimes there's a lane swap now!

      Dewey slowly becomes one of my favourite characters in that show. They did a really good job upgrading him from the 'cute, small one'

      Last edited 03/10/12 9:04 am

        Dewey and Hal are two great characters.

        Dewey is a goofy kid who happens to be a lot smarter than everyone gives him credit for. He doesn't make a big deal about it, he just does his thing and makes things work out well for himself. It's a good contrast to Malcolm, who is smart in the more traditional sense of being able to process things quickly, but has obvious blind spots that means that things almost never work out well for him.

        Hal is the opposite, he's the goofy dad who turns out to be amazing at some truly strange activities. Seriously, a regular subplot for him is: Hal does something unusual (rollerskating, DDR, power walking) and in the end is godlike at it. Things go wrong for him all of the time because he's not that bright and is very goofy but because of his positive attitude, he makes things work for him anyhow.

        Character dynamics are fun. Early on, everything plays off against Malcolm. Characters are either contrasts or compliments to him. As the show progresses, people evolve enough that they can have interesting subplots without him, letting their own personalities work (Craig and Hal is probably the easiest example of two more minor characters getting together).

        I wasn't kidding when I said I watched a lot of this show.

          We just finished our second complete watch-through. I already want to go back and start it again. It is seriously a great show, and very underappreciated.

      Also i am the same for HiMYM, like i sort of really like Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segel they are hillarious but the rest of the show kind of makes me want to go to the writers and start kicking them.

      Nobody cares about Ted anyways.
      Barney and Marshall is where it's at.

    Morning guys, anyone else playing WoW?

      Yes, though not as much as I'd like. My servers had a 2 hour queue to get on ever since MoP launched so by the time I get on I'll only play for half an hour before I get off because it's either too late to be playing games or there's something on TV I want to watch.

      I am. I'm really enjoying MoP. Moreso than I enjoyed Cata. Pretty much the same as I enjoyed WotLK.

    I don't really have anything else to say D=

      Make something up! :D

        Would saying I'm too tired be a legitimate excuse?
        I sure do hope so.
        Oh, I know. I was forced to get up early because a neighbour is building houses and has had at least 3 cement mixers and a pouring crane. Since about 7 am.

          oh no 7am thats is so early

          been up since 5 sister. :P

            I'm used to 8:30.
            I usually get up before Mum, but after the show and then mowing and stuff I was pretty tired

          7am... That's a luxurious sleep-in for me, and one I haven't had in months!

            I can't imagine what you're going through with a new baby and all. Have you had any sleep?

              New baby sleeps fine. The two year old gets up with the sun :P
              Also, 6:15 is alarm time for work on weekdays.

      Its funny cause you always seem to have something to say on TS.

      if you apologise i will make it my personal duty to hunt you down and throw greeting cards at you for a full day. We are talking not even relevant cards like happy 5th birthday and congrats on making the basketball team.

        It's because I hate the silence D=
        Although I think I might've spent most of my time forgetting I was on TS and singing

    So I decided to suck it up and restart Torchlight 2 in Elite mode... I'm barely through Act 1 and getting my shiny metal arse handed to me quite a lot by the bosses. I'm having to now strategise with using ranged weaponry to charge up and then switching to my hammer for flame hammer spamming until the charges run out, rinse and repeat, all while kiting. It's making it much more exciting though and I can never just run in and swing my hammer! I keep running out of potions at the worst possible times though /o\

    Gooooooood morning TAYpeeps, while I sit here silently trying to jedi mind trick everyone else in the office into wanting coffee now I wonder what you've all got in store for this glorious hump day ... come on, regale me with your plans

      Bowling's up tonight for me, then some more torchlight 2 elite mode :D

      Work less than I should. Return Borderlands to EB at lunchtime. Work even less in the afternoon. Go home. Eat dinner. Wrestle the kids to bed. Watch Gruen. Profit.

      Last edited 03/10/12 9:34 am

        returning borderlands? not a fan I take it?

          I only played it for an hour, but it's not Dark Souls, so it's not really my thing. :P
          Also, my credit card screamed to relinquish even those $20, so I'm giving them back.

            I have brought dishonour to my family for falsely saying you would love it ... damn

            One of these days I'll actually get the courage to play dark souls

              It's not your fault. I struggle to find motivation to game these days anyway. Something has to be pretty stellar for me to stick with it. I even put aside Dark Souls for three months.

    I decided I'd buy Tokyo jungle but I can't seem to find it on the PSN.

    When I search Tokyo jungle I find a few bits of DLC, a bunch of avatars based on the game and a handful of completely unrelated stuff but not the actual game.

      I saw a Giant Bomb quick look of that game the other day. Looks amazing. Where are all the other wacky Japanese games?

      Damn I was hoping I'd get some first hand opinions in it. It looks like it'll be interesting at first (animals! :D) but I don't know how long it'll last before the stupidness of it wears off.

      Do you want me to see if I can find it?

        I finally found it. I clicked on all the different bits of DLC and then looked a the "if you liked this you'll also like this" stuff. Most of it was apparently random and completely unrelated. The game wasn't in there anywhere.

        However when I gout of there back to the PSN home page I noticed it flash though on the ads on the right. I waited a few minutes and it came back again. Now I've got a whole new problem.

        It's $20 for non PS plus members, $15 for members. fine.

        I would like to pay by credit card, OK.
        would you like to pay with credit card "123abc"

        I used that one years back and has since expired so no.

        Then it assumes that means I don't want to by anything

        would you like to pay with credit card "123abc"


        "unable to add funds"

        I know. I want an option to add a new credit card...... I have no idea where to find it.

          I just buy top up cards. Much simpler.

          Also, don't know if you saw but somehow that Walking Dead prize I promised Pyrean has ended up in my hands. It's still his if he wants it but it's season 1 of Walking Dead, not season 2.

          OK, I found where to change that with the help of google. Have to get out of PSN store completely, go to account settings. I was looking under transaction settings but for some reason it's under system information.

          Now I'm stuck trying to remember what password I set up for this three years ago and used once.

            Damn, sounds like a lot of trouble :(. A lot of people run into the "I forgot my password..." situation since the PS3 has that remember password/auto log-in system :P.

            Hopefully you don't get too frustrated with the process and give up on buying the game!

            I got the PS3 years ago and stupidly put my real age (it was under 18) so I couldn't play online. I also had to set up a master account which isn't my main account at the moment and things get complicated when I try to buy things since I'm not the master account :P


              I reset my password, singed back into PSN, updated my credit card. Went back to PS store.

              Tokyo Jungle is no longer in my shopping cart. I have to find it again.

                OK, took a little over an hour but I've got it downloading!



    (Also, Hi.)

      no ... I doN't WaNNA CAPS LOCK! ... BALLS

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