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    This is pretty interesting (As Shane is probably aware):

      From now on, STFU is part of my everyday vocabulary.
      Lesson learned.

        And... done. In my own eloquent way, of course.

        One of the PMs here used to shut down arguments in meetings by saying "I think you should Schedule Time to Follow Up on this issue."

      "OMG, my life is totally worthless and I'm going to kill myself."
      "You are absolutely right and everything you are feeling is va-"

      It's not always the right way.

    I'm sorry if I've destroyed TAY today! How 'bout those video games?! :P

      God DC, you're like the 4th worst person on this site.

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    MY new album is out next month, Its called one with the animals and each track has me pretending to be a different farm animal with some heavy bass cut in. here is the album cover for all you cool cats who are super eager for this to drop

      If that ain't an iTunes number one, I don't know what is! :D

      Should have titled it animal farm and made all the tracks equal except that the pig track is twice as long as the rest of them.

    I'm disappointed I didn't get in on that TV talk on the last page. My thoughts are:

    Old TV was pretty cool. They had some really good comedy shows. Also nerd shows like Star Trek and Xena.

    New TV is pretty cool. There's a lot of trash but there's also some really good drama. Cartoons are a lot better today than they were when I grew up.

    I like that shows now a days have over arching plots, but at the same time I don't like it. My favourite episodes of House, NCIS, Castle etc are the episodes where they're just doing their job and it's all contained within the episode. I'm not a fan of the episodes that deal overly much with House's drug addiction, some major terrorist plot in NCIS or Beckett's mother's murder in Castle etc. I generally find those episodes just aren't as good as other episodes.

    Final thought, they need to make a new Star Trek.

      I find network TV doesn't do arcs properly. Doesn't fit with the 22 episode order. The best arcs are shows clearly designed around a serialized story. 11 episodes of Game of Thrones that are just about the arc, no filler. 13 episodes of Six Feet Under that's just arc, no filler. Those are the best. (Though there's plenty of good arcs on the networks too.) The problem with NCIS I find is they're so successful that they haven't done any thing to shake that status quo in years, just like the old days. The arcs just lead back to where they started. I needs to stop generalizing today. :P

      (And arcs like The X-Files designed to pad the story ain't good either. Haha!)

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        Shows like Supernatural (particularly seasons 3 and 4) did a pretty good job of handling the arc while still having breather episodes.

          So did Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Oh, man. I miss that show. :'(

            Stuff like Lost too. Some didn't like the actual arc, but it was told pretty well. :D

            (Except for the Nikki and Paulo episode. :P)

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              No lost did putting suspensful music and cutting away quickly at a vital point well. Everything else was meh.

          *resisting urge to go on 4 page spiel on Supernatural*

          The arc was never really finished. Each new arc is caused by and related to the previous arc. I quite like it. Just a bit.

          That said they don't really seem to know where they are going with the latest one. It's kind of meandering around with no real clear goal.

            I specifically mentioned seasons 3 and 4 because that's where the show hit its stride and actually knew what it was doing :p After they went into season 5 (the planned end), they got renewed and that screwed up all of their plans.

            I stopped at season 5 and don't regret it one bit.

              I think that tends to be the case with most shows. Season 3 - 4 are normally awesome but if they go longer than that they'll usually start to suck. There are some exceptions of course. SVU managed to be good for many, many seasons, though the post Meloni stuff hasn't been as good. Doctor Who is another good example, it's still going strong, but I have to admit I haven't been enjoying the latest season as much as I have past seasons.

          And the best shows are capable of creating episodic television that fits into a larger story without succumbing to the clumsy and artificial constraints of character/story arcs that dovetail perfectly with season breaks.

          There are no perfect examples that spring to mind that aren't Malcolm in the Middle. But Six Feet Under is a reasonable example of this. Gilmore Girls and The West Wing are better examples.

            I don't think I can agree with you on Malcolm in the Middle.

            That show has great character development. That's not necessarily the same thing as story-telling as character development doesn't necessarily require resolution (neither does story-telling but shut up).

            I'm generally in favour of season length story arcs. I don't think it's any more artificial a constraint than a book. You have this much time to tell your story, there might be smaller subplots interspersed but it gives you a clear point to end things on.

              Yeah, I agree. I don't mind mind if they complete a season arc as long as it has consequences. (Changes the characters, effects the next season indirectly.)


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        She was Xena, a mighty princess forged in the heat of battle.

          Hercules > Xena

            If we are talking muscle mass, then you are correct

              But strangely not if we were talking about cup size. :P Hercules had massive man boobs some might call pecks.

      Going to politely disagree with you on the cartoons being better these days, so much of it is just trash. There are some highlights in modern cartoons (Avatar springs to mind) but for pure class you can't look past the 80s.
      Transformers, TMNT, he-man and Dino riders.

      As for you final thoughts, they don't need to make a new Star Trek, they need to make an old star trek again.

        I kind of nostalgic towards 90''s and 00's cartoons but i enjoy alot of newer stuff. Adventure time, young justice, legend of Korra are all wonderfully brilliant. So i think i have to balance nostalgia vs actual brilliance.

          For instance i was watching the gummi bears last weekend when i was drinking with a friend cause he saw it on my hardrive. Too me it is a sign of my childhood and each episode is a memory and i find the jokes funny but he thinks its the biggest piece of crap show ever.

            The theme song to Babar to this day brings a tear to my eye. :S Don't know what it is...

              Because he is a elepehant price with a heart of gold. Don't watch new Babar you will throw tables.

            Bouncing here and there and everywhere. High adventure that's beyond compare, They are the Gummi Bears.

        Animaniacs (including Pinky and the Brain but not the stuff with Elmyra), the DCAU (Batman, Superman, Justice League and Batman Beyond), a good chunk of the Nicktoons (Doug, Rugrats, Angry Beavers, Spongebob and so on), The Simpsons, Futurama, the pre-cancellation seasons of Family Guy, Archer, My Little Pony, Fairy Oddparents, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Daria...

        It's easy to find a whole host of awesome cartoons over the last few decades.

          Fairly odd parents resonated with me. probably my favourite cartoon series of all time.

            Oh man, I love Fairly Odd Parents. Especially Mr. Crocker and his twitches


        ... is the new old Star Trek? If that's what you're saying, I concur... except that RDA didn't have sex with aliens.

          Deep Space Nine and Battlestar Galactica had pretty similar tone too. (Helped that Ron D. Moore was on the writing staff of both. :P)

          In Stargate Atlantis they kinda did that with Joe Flanigan at times :P

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            RDA had sex with Joe Flannigan? Glad I stopped watching before that happened!

              Must've given into the slash fans. :P

              uhh... wha?

                See, what I did was make a joke out of your imprecise usage of the pronoun "they" to make it seem like you were talking about RDA still.

            The young guy in Universe too. (I liked Universe, it had the voice of Mulan in the cast!)

              I hated that guy... everyone in Universe I just hated, except for Doctor Rush, he was awesome.

                Rush was the only one I hated. :P I liked T.J. the best, though. Sucks the hand she was dealt, though. :'(

                  She always looked like she was about to cry, all the time!

                  That resonated with me. :'(


                I liked Rush too. He was a jerk but he was also a really well written character.

        Relevant :) You see this yet?

          I always thought it'd make a good party based RPG.

            And it'd make a good mod for F.T.L :)
            Wouldn't you want to command your own Prometheus or Daedalus or even an Asgaard ship!?

              That's an awesome Idea.
              Although TBH I think I'm going to move on from FTL now. Played it enough, and it's too random to unlock the other ships (I've got 5 in total and both layouts of each one).

                Rogue-likes, human. It's not meant to be easy to get the playthrough you want :P

          Sure have! Couldn't agree more with the official games all sucking, too :P

          EDIT: FYI, best Stargate gaming experience I've ever had was in Gmod. Epic gates and awesome weapons!

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            Or cancelled. :(
            As soon as I saw the mounted staff weapon I jizzed in my pants

    A separate but related discussion to the whole TV thing going on.

    Best single episode of TV you can think of.

    I'm going with Two Cathedrals from The West Wing. The season 2 finale where Bartlett swears at God in Latin.

    It's either that or I cheat and have Half Measure/Full Measure (penultimate and final episode of Breaking Bad season 3) but even then I think it has to be The West Wing.

      That West Wing episode was amazing, especially when Brothers in Arms by Dire Straits kicked in. I really hope Sorkin can reach those heights in The Newsroom some day.

      Last edited 03/10/12 3:12 pm

        My favourite moment is when he puts his hands in his pockets, looks off to the side and smiles.

        Edit in response to your edit: It's not going to happen, nobody in The Newsroom is Martin Sheen.

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          Sheen really had the presidential thing down. :D

      I really liked Kobal's Last Gleaming in Battlestar Galactica. Passion/Becoming in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. So much good TV. Can't pin point it down. It's like that best song predicament all over again.

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        I normally hate the whole "best" idea, but I think it can spark an interesting conversation. Especially seeing as we're obsessing over TV thanks to you.

          It's weird, cause I can't pin point one exact episode for Six Feet Under and Mad Men in particular. Those shows tend to be more than the sum of their parts. Speaking of M*A*S*H, Goodbye, Farewell and Amen was pretty spectacular.

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        What Angelus does, possibly the evilest thing I've ever seen on TV.

          I liked the show before that, but season two really took it to a whole new level.

            Oh, man. Totally forgot about The Body. And then The Gift. And then Once More with Feeling. Damn good show.

      The american office season 5 episode called stress relief.
      Never have i laughed so hard at any one episode of TV.
      Dwight starts a pretend fire that sends the office into a panic
      Stanely has a heart attack ( non serious)
      Michael hosts a roast of himself.

      It was aired directly after the super bowl in America and still to date is the best episode of that show ever to have aired.

      There are so many.

      The last episode of Six Feet Under. Just because.
      The last episode of MASH. Of course.
      Season 5 finale of The Shield.
      Farscape miniseries.

      I need to think. I reckon I can come up with better.

        If you can do better than that, you're doing pretty well.

          The flashback episode of Gilmore Girls "Dear Richard and Emily" was also pretty amazing, and while I'd put it alongside the others I mentioned, I wouldn't elevate it above.

        Farscape! Now there's a show I want to watch, seems we've got pretty similar tastes too.

          It's funny. I try to rewatch Farscape, but there's so much mediocrity mixed in with the brilliance. It especially took ages to find its feet, and then proceeded to shake things up (with limited degrees of success) in each subsequent season.

          The post-cancellation miniseries is pure TV nirvana though. It is by a huge distance the most EPIC thing I've seen on TV, and one of the best-written.

            That was my impression from Season One actally, the only thing I've seen of the show. I had a friend who was obsessed, though. I loved the surreal feel as well.

              It's worth perservering, purely just to see the Peacekeeper Wars miniseries. Seriously, I cannot recommend that enough. Seriously. You'll get some amazing moments along the way too. Farscape KNOWS how to do a season cliffhanger - oh man, that's something they never got wrong.

                And once they committed to a love-story focus, things sort of clicked. And kept clicking as long as that was the focus :)

                  I'm a huge fan of Claudia Back. Seems like something I'll have to commit to eventually. (Six Feet Under was on that list for a long while, I'm sure glad I got to it.)

        That iconic M*A*S*H scene where Col. Blake leaves must be up there somewhere!

          That final scene is simply amazing. The episode itself is a bit meh.
          But yeah, it's somewhere up there.

        Breaking Bad have had some incredible individual episodes that are so rich in subtext that I've got no hope of totally unravelling them. Those really impress me, even if the enjoyment factor is occasionally lower :P

      You're going to make me talk Fawlty Towers again aren't you.

      Waldorf Salad.

      I don't know about best, but I really liked the episode of Torchwood where Jack gets thrown back in time and meets the real Captain Jack. The scene where they dance together is one of my favourite TV scenes ever.

      Two Cathedrals is very, very good.

      "Peter" from Fringe is pretty devastating

      Oh, oh! On the Beach. ER. I cried.

      That's pretty tough, but one definitely springs immediately to mind. The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings, the original series finale for Futurama, is the best 22 minutes of television I have ever watched, and repeat viewings maintain its brilliance. Speaking of Groening, Last Exit To Springfield is the best episode of The Simpsons, but Futurama beats it out by a small margin.

      There are also a few episodes from How I Met Your Mother that have been pretty good, but they're more like specific moments instead of entire episodes (Marshall's outburst at a funeral in season 6, Robin's Christmas woes in season 7). I really felt invested in those moments, but the episodes around them were often fairly unimpressive.

        Jurassic Bark, The Sting, The Farnswoth Parabox and Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles make that season Futurama's best by far! :D

          Futurama? Obviously the bestest episode is Time Keeps on Slipping, or perhaps The Late Philip J. Fry. A solid sci-fi concept with enough twists to entertain any nerd, combined with the lovable plot of romance with humour thrown in it all around.

          Jurassic Bark is hella close though, just for the feelings.

      My favourite episode ever would be the Firefly episode Out of Gas (the episode with all the flashbacks). Love how they set everything up for that episode.

        Oh, yeah, that was amazing. In fact there's only one episode in the entire run of Firefly I didn't like. (That would be Shindig.)

        Edit: Accidently said Bushwacked. I LOVED Bushwacked.

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          Now, see, I enjoyed Shindig.
          My least favourite Firefly episode was The Message.

      Best single episode in an animated TV series made outside Japan: Code of Hero, Transformers: Beast Wars Season 2.

    Your donation tipped us over the $7,300 mark.

    Thank you kindly good sir, you are a gentleman and a scholar :D

      Woo! But you guys are the real gentlemen and scholars, putting your mental and physical well-being on the line (and even sacrificing Borderlands 2 time!) just to play some lame games for charity.

      Well done :D

    Ok, so the alliterative effort didn't really work.

    Either way, join Motaku today!

      You're a good man, Aleph!

        Haha, cheers mate :D
        And thanks for the awesome suggestion on the name!

          Haha! I'm sure that one was already out in the ether from last year. :D

      Done. I'm in. My wife is going to kill me. How does one acquire funding for this?

        Well, I'm assuming your wife won't help with the funding :P

        From what I gathered last year, people can either fund you personally (you should get a unique link to spam everyone with once you register) or they can fund the entire team, too. I'm unsure on the specifics, but I think that's the gist of it :D

      I'll be slowly yet surely adding to the team page, mainly filler text and shite, but I'll also be annoying everyone I know to donate munniez too :D
      Any suggestions for bits'n'pieces to go on the team page are welcome!

      What if one already has a moustache?

        Shave it off, start again. :P

        Them's the rules, home-skillet!

        I guess you *could* be a sly dog (geddit?) and simply state that you grew such a fine monstrosity all within the confines of a month. But do you really wanna do that, tarnishing the good and pure name of Motaku?! DO YOU WANT THAT ON YOUR HEAD?!

          (Be sure to film the shaving off process too. :P)

          Hells no I'm not shaving this thing off. I've been growing it since January.
          Surely there must be some loophole, can't I represent Movember and raise money with my magnificent moustache as it is? D:

            Perhaps... if you were to shave something else in lieu.

            Or you could just keep growing it, and raise money, and join the team anyway! :D

            You could shave someone elses mo off by force!

              preeeeeety sure that's called assault in most places :P

                Only one way to find out, my friend!

            Just donate to other people's efforts

              Yeah I might have to do that, I ain't shaving this thing off in a hurry :P

      I've always wondered how stupid I'd look with a mo but work requires me to be clean shaven :(. The campaign does end mid November though so maybe I can let it grow out over my massively long Uni holidays.

      I also saw that Beavwa joined. Bringing back the porno mo? :P

      I remember Kotaku did something like this... last year? (or earlier?). I forgot about it but looked up "skinny tim schafer" one time on Google and PuppyLicks came up :P

        It was last year, every week I made comments that they looked like sex offenders. I was worried they all hated me. :P

      i can barely grow a moustache, and it'll look pretty terrrible, so uh yeah i'll probs be in :P

    I just finished mowing most of the lawn. I'm so tired and hot. Bloody weather is not helping.
    Imma gonna go cool down then I might do colouring stuffs!

    I can't wait for James Bond 23 - Skyfall, but I think it lands in Australian cinemas a month after the U.S premiere! Maybe 007 Legends will satisfy my James Bondian anticipation for the meantime.

      Skyfall looks great, but it's weird with Bond, sometimes I'm extremely psyched and other times I'm not. Unfortunately at the moment I'm not really into it. That could change, though. :D

        I know what you mean, but try this 'Ultimate Trailer' here: It tipped the scales for me a few weeks ago.

      I need to rent Blood Stone. Somebody on TAY (I think McGarnical) used to say it was an ok game a few months back.

    Question for you intelligent people. What makes a good trailer? 2 wheels or 4? A rear gate to sit on? Something to cover your load?
    No wait, wrong sort of trailer. Game trailers. What are some of your favourites? Mass Effect has had some awesome trailers, especially the Launch trailers for 1 and 2. Kick ass music, gives a taste of the characters and setting without giving away too much. Short, sharp and to the point.

      I dislike trailers but the Finish the Fight campaign for Halo 3 was beautiful. Gears of War's Mad World trailer was great but not representative of the game.

        So I may have edited in a handful of links into my comment below. It's now in moderation. Go look up the SF4 trailers.

      Bugger, was all ready to discuss the pros and cons of dual axle trailers and their single axle counterparts!

      Yeah I don't really do trailers for games. They rarely feature in-game footage, which is what I'm after when looking at a new game.
      I save the cool cinematics for in game. Like Diablo 3 - damn that had some awesome cut-scenes.

        Save the gameplay for video reviews, I say! Trailers are for stirring up hype!

      Gearbox know how to do a decent trailer.

      I like trailers that don't have any narration (though you only really see them at announcement events and things). One of my favourite recent ones was the Sim City 5 trailer. Covers the basics quickly and makes it all look fun.

        Also, this early LA Noire trailer was fantastic (I'm not even sure if it was official or not? :P) but it really got into the noir feel. It's just that it's too long and not informative enough to be a proper trailer, but I wish they'd kept the feel. The official release trailer borrowed more action movie tropes.

        Last edited 03/10/12 4:28 pm

        I remember really liking that sim city trailer. I also like the effect at the end where the name Sim CIty is made from the towering buildings.

      The original GTA IV Trailer with Philip Glass (Pruitt Igoe) set the tone of Liberty City very well

      While I enjoy seeing gameplay, and watching dev diaries, etc, I find the atmospheric reveal trailers to be thrilling.
      I'm thinking
      Old Republic -
      Assassin's Creed Revelations -
      off the top of my head.

      Assassin's Creed trailers. Because whoever it is that does them has really interesting musical taste.

      Trailers with a great song often do well.
      Assassin's Creed 1, 2, Bro and Revelations come to mind, as well as the Dark Souls Bartholomew and Fall of Cybertron trailers.

      Metal Gear Solid 2 had some frickin awesome trailers back in the day. Lost count of the number of times I watched them!

      The only game trailer that has gotten me hyped up in recent years would be South Park: The Stick of Truth.

      I have to agree about the Mass Effect trailers, they have that cinematic feel to them. Uncharted 3 had an equally awesome trailer, I recommend checking the launch trailer out. You want a trailer to capture the feel/pace/excitement of the game, give a viewer a taste of the story and show some strong action, comedic, or dramatic moments, set to a song that both encapsulates the feeling of what we see and heightens the excitement of those scenes.

    Why does no one pay attention to scree =(

      Scree! How are you? How's the costuming?

        Costume? I finished it -for now-.
        Mums birthday is where it's at now.

          Ah, cool. My Housemate makes a bunch of costumes for various cons etc, she's got a wardrobe full of them.

          What are you making for mum's birthday?

          I kind of want to make myself a Danbo costume but I think it would be difficult to get the proportions right and actually be able to fit into it.

            The only character costume I have the parts for is a Riddler one I did a few years ago, but I've cobbled together ones for various steampunk events

              Danbo would be a little more complicated than the Riddler. :)

      *leers at scree*

      Wait no. That's bad attention.

      *casually and indifferently glances at scree*

      No, too far in the other direction.

      Uh. Er. How about stuff?

      What's up Scree?
      Also the colouring after the mowing of the lawn. In the heat... ewwww.

      Yeah, sorry about my lack of interaction (with everyone) this morning, the connection's only really picked up in the last hour or so. I'll make it up to you, I swear!

        No one is talking in TS. I'm talking but no one is responding, so boring D=

          Waaaaait. People are on TS at this time of day?

            ?? 5pm isn't that weird of a time!

            Morning TS is usually deserted though. There was some activity when the unemployed club went on but I haven't checked lately :P. I assume it's the same though.

      Did someone say something? I swear I heard a voice asking us to pay attention to them. Must've been imagining things.


      But what are you talking about? I talk to you!

      Hi Scree! How's things? Are you colouring ALL the things?

      Isn't it a little childish to ask for attention?

        =( I suppose it's also childish to be bored?

        Last edited 03/10/12 5:35 pm

          We pay attention to you, just dont always have stuff to say. we arent a eloquent bunch.

            I feel like I'm just annoying everyone

    Livestreaming kittens.

    Livestreaming kittens.

    You're welcome.

      Truly a golden age for humanity! :D

      You know what we need? Cat cafes. Normal cafe where you can go and get yourself a latte or whatever, except the place is full of kitties to cuddle.

      Probably would breach Health & Safety laws I guess. :(

        There's one of those in Japan. Think I saw a article about it a while back.

          Yes, it is not an original idea. But it is an awesome idea.

            I need to go to one of those. Kitty cuddles used to be a major stress relief for me. My husband is mean (aka a dog person :P )and won't let me get a cat.

    Borderlands 2 PC friends:

    Can you help me find an "Area of Effect" grenade mod? I don't think I've ever seen one but I need to kill some enemies with it for the cheevo :). Been killing the raid boss a bunch of times and still haven't found one.

    I be hunting them cheevs and I'm 4 off from 100%. 3 of them are class related ones so they shouldn't be too hard to get over time and the fourth is getting level 1 done in all challenges (hence why I need an area of effect grenade mod)

    Thanks in advance! If you're using one as your main I only need to borrow it for a few minutes so I'll get it back to you safe and sound :D.

      Do you mean like the corrosive or singularity kind?

        Nah, it should be its own type called "area of effect".

        There's challenges for the different types of grenades like singularity, mirv, bouncing betty, transfusion (probably more I'm forgetting) and area of effect

        Might've seen one earlier on but I haven't seen one recently so can't really provide much info since I don't know about them :P. I rarely use grenades so it was never something I actively looked for (until now)

          Oh, no dice then. If I've encountered one, I obviously didn't pay too much attention. Good luck, Greenius, old friend! :D

      Most of the incinderary and shock grenades are. They won't say so. Just equip them and try them out.

        Also anything with corrosive cloud. Which I get friggin constantly. I prefer slag and transfusion personally. Currently using a Slag transfusion with 7 child grenades. Awesomesauce. (Not what your asking but still)

          I love the singularity kind. Makes up for my crappy grenade aim! :D

        So it's just normal grenades that aren't one of the types mentioned above? I usually use Singularity grenades but I'm fairly sure I've used normal ones with elemental effects before but nothing has counted towards this challenge so I think it's actually something different.

        For example a Mirv grenade would be something "ABC Corrosive Mirv Grenade" and I assume an "area of effect" type would be something like "ABC Corrisive Area of Effect Grenade".

        The Wiki says there's no explosive or slag area of effect types and most standard non-elemental grenades would be explosive anyway so I think it's a different type.

        Again, I haven't actually seen one so can't confirm but my kill count for area of effect grenades for the challenge is 0.

          As the wiki says, corrosive cloud, fire burst and shock.... something. Won't actually say area of effect.

            Not shock. Tesla.

            They are all classed as area of effect. I got that challenge with the fire burst.

              Ah thanks. Haven't seen them either though :P

              I hope the cheevo is just for normal challenges and not all the ones like "get all the vault hunter symbols" etc. I guess it does add a bit of value if I have to track down all that xP

                I hope not either. It probably will. I usually don't care too much about them but I feel obliged since borderlands is one of two games that I've platinumed.

                There's some crazy location specific ones too, like shooting all the turrets or outhouses in specific locations.


      Found a grenade and did everything I could... but no achievement! :P. Apparently there's some hidden ones that require level 5 in certain challenges so that'll take a while to get. Thankfully by "level specific challenges" they don't mean level 50 etc. but the levels/areas/locations themselves (so all those ones like find all the vault hunter symbols don't count)

      I guess this is why it's the least obtained achievement :)

    Got excited about the 999 sequel's demo, then realised it was for PSV.
    I was sad for a second until I realised I'm probably going to have to play through the whole game a bunch of times anyway, so a demo is just going to make me have to repeat parts of it even more.
    So I'm not sad any more. Definitely adding the game to my list of "must buy"s, though.

      Hey Strange! How went the craft day? :D I've never played a Japanese adventure game.

      Last edited 03/10/12 5:25 pm

        Craft day was not bad, apart from the fact my son made me do most of the work. :P He did a fair bit of stitching but got bored so I had to do the rest. He really enjoyed stuffing it and putting glitter glue on it, though.
        My daughter made three woven animals and now wants to buy more materials to make more, so I'd call that a success.
        And I even managed to work on some of my own projects this afternoon. Finished piecing the first panel of the quilt I'm making for my grandmother, so I'm pretty happy all up. Good craft day. :D

          Oh, and also 999 is really good. I think you'd enjoy it.

            They all tend to be on handheld consoles, though. I've never had one. :'(

            Hooray for a successful craft day. Hope you were feeling better today too. I know you were hurting yesterday! :)

              Today was the best I've felt for weeks! Thanks for asking. :)

              And I have handhelds you could borrow. I have two PSPs, a DS and a 3DS so that pretty much means when my daughter isn't using my DS and my husband isn't using my PSP I have a spare DS and PSP just lying around getting dusty.


                Thanks for the offer, but I've never been a fan of the handhelds any way. I suspect they'll just end up gathering dust in a different location. Occassionally the iPad gets some unexpected Nintendo ports. I'll most definitely check them out if that ever happens. :D

              Just enter competitions for them and hope you win :D

          I have put pictures of some of the things I accomplished today on the Twitterz, if you are interested in seeing them. My son's glittery dinosaur friend is a highlight.

      3DS TOO!

      Edit: I wanted to quickly post so you wouldn't be all unexcited and sad but then I re-read it and now I'm pretty sure you just meant the demo was only for PSV and not 3DS (3DS might have a demo but I'm not sure).

      My post referred to that it's also coming out on 3DS. To be honest until that article I wasn't even aware it was also coming out to PSV (either that or I forgot) now I have to decide which one I want to get it on... ARGH!

      Last edited 03/10/12 5:28 pm

        I'll be getting it on 3DS but the article didn't mention a demo for 3DS, just PSV.

        Edit: damn you peoples and your itchy editing fingers! :P

        Last edited 03/10/12 5:36 pm

      That's very true!

      I'm just glad it's not coming out until November here. I'll be neck deep in Pokemons for at least a month (though almost certainly more :P)

      Virtue's Last Reward is being released for 3DS and Vita both though.

    EB Expo bracelet came in mail. Hazzah.

    Also, bought strawberry field tic-tacs. No tim tams or weis bars, yet. I'll probably go all out and post a snacktaku post on TAY.

    So yep. that's my day.

    EDIT: Well, not on the tic-tacs. I'm not sure they warrant a whole post. No pictures, either. Who am I, Mike Fahey?

    Actually, I might just buy a crap-ton of food native to australia and make a actual thing out of this.

    Last edited 03/10/12 5:54 pm

      Oh, man. I can't wait. If you've got the means to record yourself eating them... wait this post is sounding creepy... :P

        Ha ha, you have to go to a meat first D.C before you get any footage of people eating stuff :-)

      Oh they ship you ticket bracelets? Maybe I won't be able to get a last minute ticket the day before after all :P Oh well, I'll likely be in Sydney this weekend anyway so I'll be able to go to any spontaneous Meats!

        You can also buy the tickets at any EB games as well (reading off the website.) But yeah, a meat should totally be in the works.

        I'm not sure we're organized enough for one now, but yeah. :P

          Be sure to post a Melbourne style group shot!

            And we'll subtitle it with all of our names!

            ...under the wrong faces >:D

          Ah ok. Doesn't sound like there's anything major being organised though so I probably won't end up going. Good to have the option though!

            :P we shall see. We shall see.

            But probably not no.

      Don't forget pavolva, vegemite, dim sims and Milo.

        oh and pancakes for lunch or dinner. Apparently it is only in Australia that we eat them for all three meals instead of just breakfast

          Had vegemite, kind of fond of it, I've had Milo in a number of places, pavolva are on the list. Dunno about dim sim.

          Also, Pancakes. Not sure what to say about that. I like pancakes.

   Here is Dim sims. As oyu can see, it is an Australian thing only.

            Also, try a hamburger with egg and pineapple/beetroot (I don't think they usually have both) on it. Drool worthy!

              Speak for yourself.
              Bacon, egg, pineapple, beetroot, cheese, meat, mayo, chilli sauce. Tomato if you have no class or taste.

              Best thing ever.

              ^ What he said. (I think they can have both. Although two low-friction ingredients are going to have that burger sliding all over the place)

              I think if you go to a fish and chip shop you can get egg and beetroot or egg and pinapple but you can always ask for the pineapple to be added

          Never heard of that pancake thing.

            I don't remember where I read it, but I checked wikipedia and it seemed I was wrong. It's eaten at different times of day depending on the region

          Pancakes for lunch and dinner?

          Isn't that a Dutch thing?

            Is it? I've no idea. It might just be America that only has them for breakfast or something

          I used to only ever eat pancakes for breakfast and was really surprised when I learned people also ate them for other meals.

      I found you a more comprehensive list

        Ahaha, oh man considering i'm low on funds i'm beginning to regret taking up the challenge of doing Australian Snacktaku.

        Still, no regrets. :P

          We would help if we could. Well, I would, but I'm not near you

          We should have a 'Introduce Saturday to Australian food' meat. Everyone can bring one type of food and we can all sit starving as we watch Saturday gouge himself :-)

            I approve.

            So much.

              The makings of a cautionary tale when you return back to Canada. :P

              Last edited 03/10/12 7:41 pm

                "Hey guise wanna hear a story bout how I ate so much food provided by random people on the internet I ended up barfing all over somebody's kitchen and/or pet?"

                I dunno, that type of story does sound nice to have in case of drunken ramblings.

    Also, depending what state you're in, you might try a Pie floater.

    But yeah - get with the Tim Tams, weis mango bars, and jam lamingtons first.
    Anzac biscuits are also great if baked by someone who knows how to make them not be crunchy.

      Oops! This was obviously intended as a reply to Saturday above.

      PLAIN lamingtons ;)

      But yeah, the anzac biscuit thing is a good point, dry and crunchy is horrible. They're not that hard to make yourself!

        Plain lamingtons ONLY if baught fresh from a bakery.
        ALL other lamingtons need jam.
        This is the truth.

      I've never tried that. It looks both terrifying and amazing. I want one.

        That's...possibly the most disgusting thing I've ever seen ^^;;

        Your description is apt. The pie floater is indeed both terrifying and amazing. :P
        I've never had the pea soup version - only the mushy peas version, eaten in Sydney I think?

        Later I worked at a supermarket that sold cans of mushy peas for 99c, and meat pies for 49c.
        I discovered that for $1.50 I could have a hot lunch that was simultaneously hearty and patriotic, and also disgusted my co-workers. Fun times!

      That looks horribly delicious. I'm just outside of Sydney, so next time I head into town I'll pick one up.

        A pie with mushy peas is easy to find around Sydney. Can't remember the last time I've seen that pea soup monstrosity though (I don't like peas :P)

    HI TAY!

    I don't think I've said anything this week /o\

    You all look fantastic. Did you do something different with your hair? Because it is WORKING.

      I washed it. Thanks for noticing. :P

      Also, today should have been a really crap day. I had work which is always a nightmare and I'm cramming for an exam but then I had these awesome revelations and life is pretty good.



      What happened to the Spam Jugsy we once knew and loved

        Jugsy? What an odd thing to say!

      Sup Hellstra?

    This is what I'm colouring!
    It feels unfinished, but I'm not sure what to do.

      Yellow shorts for the guy on the left with red trim.
      Red Tee for the girl with aqua trim.

      Disclaimer - I know nothing about this so ingore everything I said!

      Add something to the background! The winners of these sort of things always go all out!

        Yeah, I was going to add a mountain, grass and trees, but somebody else has already done it. =(

          Put a mutated pokemon in the background about to maul 'em good and proper!

          Last edited 03/10/12 8:44 pm

            Wouldn't that scare the kiddies though? This may be displayed

      Aren't those for kids? :P

      Good luck!

        Why does everyone on here keep calling me a child D=
        This is the 3rd time day. D=

          I didn't call you a child/kid, I was just wondering if those colouring competitions are aimed at the youngens. I haven't seen them often but the ones I have seen have had younger winners.

          It looks good though!

            Oh yeah. But a few older people are participating in this one.
            I wasn't going to enter, I just wanted to practise my colouring. A GT staff member told me to enter

              Oh fair enough :). If they told you to enter, then you should! It's good enough to win.

              You're tight with the staff too so that might increase your chances of winning. Free game! Even if you don't like Pokemon you could always sell/trade/give it away.

                I entered one of these competitions at a local video store when I was in primary school. I totally came in 2nd place and won a big tub of mixed lollies. So good.


                  Best prize ever?
                  What should I put in the background though?

                  Some sort of environment and fill it up with Pokemons!

                  I guess so. Grass environment it is!

    2: I had windows trouble shoot a problem and it found a soultion and it worked and all I did was click twice.

    Hey fronds, went and saw Looper today, trying to work out the exact mechanics of its time travel, it's quite interesting.

    Also, bought an EB expo ticket/bracelet thing for Sunday, so uhhh, yes.

    Also also, I am still addicted to Game Dev Story.

      Oh em gee imma be ther Sunday. Lets have an exchange where we see each other walking towards one another and then just nod as we pass.

        Haha! You Sydney folk meat in style! :P

        I'm going to see Looper on Friday. Looking forward to it!

        Yeah, I was thinking more that I'd follow you around like a puppy, desperately craving your attention.

          Well I can tell you right now. Ill be in a grey hat, a goatee and most likely jeans. Khaki messenger bag and Ill be around AC3 FC3 WiiU and looking for this indi dev

      My first game that sold enough to get an award was a Romance Sim.
      Go figure.

        My studio is obsessed with robot shooters. Something like 10 of its 25 odd games are robot shooters. Including game #25, which was a hall of fame game, and game #252, its 2nd place for GOTY sequel.

      Was the movie any good? I was thinking of maybe seeing it this weekend. Got some Event Cinema gift card cash to splash.

        Definitely. Its pacing was a little odd at times, seemed almost Tarantinoesque at times, though that may not help you. But its action was well filmed, it had some great actors, and I really like Time Travel.

      I want to see it but...


        Bribe someone to go?


          How would YOU like to go to the movies with ME to see Looper? You're paying though but it's an honour since I'll be there."

          Who could refuse that?

        Save your money, buy a plane ticket to Sydney, Hire a car, Drive south for 2 hours, Knock on my door, Say hello, Cry with joy, Take me to my local cinema, Buy us movie tickets, Watch the movie, Go home.

          Save your money, fly to Sydney, meet me at the airport.

          Save your money, drive north for 2 hours, meet us at the airport, say hello, cry with joy, take us to a cinema, we'll get our own tickets, watch the movie, go camping.

            Camping? Whaaaa?

              There was mention on the twitters of a NYE camping trip! FOR A WEEK! \o/
              This is most excellent because cheap.
              Cheaps is excellent because flights aren't :S
              Also accommodation. I don't think I can afford too much of it in the Syd of knees.

    Question time.

    Wtf is with all those meta critic bomb reviews of RE6 screaming "ansha Abdul"? I'm pretty sure I'm missing something here.

      i'm gonna guess 4chan or reddit maybe? coordinated stupid stuff usually comes from them (no offence to anyone on here who frequents those sites...)


        I used to frequent one of them. None offence taken whatsoever. It IS co-ordinated stupidity.
        Kinda impressive seeing it happen though :P