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    Did you guys see the EVIL that was weekend scribbletaku? IT'S EVIL!!!!

      So evil!

      Did you notice the image's filename? :)

        Also notthedig and maybeitisthedig

    Hey, hey, all. It's DJ Saturday with your first morning post, maybe. Even if it ain't, I still wish you all a good morning and a good week as we kick off with a solid beat.

    ... I if had music to recommend, anyway.


      Hi Scree!

      How you going this morning? Still have problems with your tooth?

        Yeah, I have to ring up the dentist and hope I get in.
        I'm not getting my hopes up though, the place is crap. And even then I wouldn't be surprised if the filling fell out. If I could afford private, i would go private.

          Good Luck =D

            I can't get through -_-

              =( Sorry!
              Did they give you an estimate on when you could be seen?

                I got this message "sorry, this mailbox is full. Please try the number again later."
                I didn't even get to speak to someone

                  That's just stupid. Do they never check their messages? You should try again in an hour or two.

                  I tried again, same thing.
                  I rang a private company but it starts at $180 and goes upwards.

          Ouch. I'm sorry you've got to go through this. I had my wisdom teeth out earlier this year and got a first hand glimpse at the horrors of the dental system here in Australia. Hope things work out, pal!

            Oh yeah, our system sucks. Luckily it's not a wisdom tooth this time. That was hell.

            Having grown up in New Zealand where dental care involved going to the school dental nurse who would always be a hateful, horrible old lady that enjoyed making children cry... I'm not sure whether dental being under public health is such a good thing.

    *Looks at watch and notices its only 7:30*

    Ohmigad my time machine worked!

      I was going to say "you didn't move your watch forward" and then I remembered that you're in Queensland.

      I am from the future, and I urge you to invest all of your money in bacon before it is too late.

    Morning everyone.

    First, some TV talk. The new Ben 10 series is disappointing. The new art style is horrible, they've written off two of the main characters and the whole thing has just gone really childish. I mean, I know it's a kids show and all, but it used to be one of those kids shows an adult could still watch and enjoy. Alien Force and Ultimate Alien were cool. This new season is more like the original Ben 10 and I don't like it at all.

    I hadn't realised the Doctor Who episode on Saturday was the season final. They only showed like, four episodes. I guess cause last time they had it on they finished mid season or something. I can't even remember. I hate it when shows do that though. Show half a season and then you have to wait months for the second half to get shown. NCIS recently did this too and it sucked.
    I'm sad that Amy and Rory have left. They were my favourite companions. Unlike previous companions, it didn't feel like they were completly hopeless and needing the Doctor to hold their hand for everything. They, particularly Amy, could actually go off and accomplish things on their own. Hopefully his next companion will also be able to handle herself on her own.

    Now for some non TV talk. I drove inner city for the first time yesterday. I am never doing that again. I think I'll just stick to the train anytime I need to go into the city.

      I loved Ben 10. After they changed his clothes from yellow to green I stopped watching the show. I usually love most iterations of any media but I think for me the original seasons were the best. The earlier shows had a lot of humour and the aliens were better. I even noticed that they started bringing back fan favourite aliens in the Alien force and Omniverse series. For example I think I saw cannonbolt in one the later series.

      I think I just loved Ben's playfulness and naivety in the original 4 series. He saved the world but had fun doing it.I follow the show sparingly nowadays, watching a show as I'm channel surfing on Saturday mornings, but my excitement ended a long time ago.

      I really hope that when Ben becomes an adult he goes back to his fun loving and yellow-and-white costume wearing ways. Actually, they must, because I think there was an episode in the future where Ben met his future self( who looked awesome btw) and he had his yellow and white and green costume.

      Damn, I've written a lot about what many people consider a kids show :-)

      I loved the show though. Not so much nowadays.

      By the way, have you played the PS2 game Protector of the earth? It was an average game but it's the best of the Ben 10 games so far. The cannonbolt levels were really fun as well.

      Also I'm sure you've probably guessed this but Cannonbolt is my favourite alien followed by Wildmutt and Upgrade is third. Although I feel like they never really used upgrade as well as they could.

      What are your top three aliens?

        There's been a few different future versions of Ben. I'm not sure if any of them are considered canon versions as none have had his current version of the Omnitrix. There was an episode of Ultimate Alien that said the future version of him with the Ultimatrix was the canon future version and the other versions were only possible futures, but then Ben lost the Ultimatrix at the end of the season so who knows what they're planning on doing.

        As for favourite aliens, Big Chill, Humungousaur and Swampfire, in that order.

      As a fan of the Classic/Original series, and a fan of the Russel T Davies revived version - I am not liking the direction that Steven Moffatt is taking the new series.

      He doesn't seem to care how it fits into the already massive Doctor Who universe.

        How??? I disagree - What canon has he changed? Whilst I think he is a better writer than series runner - I am at a loss to see how he doesn't care??? In fact original who continuity is a joke - look up the destruction of Atlantis for starters.



      You sound like my son. He's finished his breakfast so he's now sitting next to me as I eat mine declaring he's hungry over and over again. :P

    Morning folks, hope this day finds you well. Still finding it disconcerting everything being time stamped wrong. Guess it's something I'll have to learn to live with. :P

      It's all just part of being a time traveler.

        Yup, it is a burden we have to live with.

        True enough, friend! True enough! :D

        Do you think a Time Lord looks at clocks and watches as silly and inaccurate contraptions?

          Maybe a Time Lord thinks of them more as compasses.

          I imagine their watches are clock faces with like 20 hands.

          "This one is the minute hand, this one is the hour hand, I think this one records our position in space-time, and I'm not sure what this is for but it dings every time the toaster is done."

          Inaccurate maybe, but silly? I guess it would depend on the Time Lord and what they think about the other species of the universe. I imagine the Doctor would see them as usefull devices for measuring the perceived passage of time relevant to the species that made them (the clocks and watches). The Master probably thinks they're stupid, but that guys a jerk so who cares what he thinks.

      I love daylight savings because TAY and Twitter are all active when I wake up so I have lots of interesting things to read before I run out and have to get out of bed because I can't use them to procrastinate any more.

    There is only a Dr who (half) season due to two things. First = Sherlock. 2nd = the fact that its 50 years of Dr who - NEXT YEAR. MOFFAT is getting ready for the biggest year of Dr who ever!!! Stop complaining LOL. If u can't wait till next year - go to the doctor who concerts at the opera house. Two new shows recently announced.

      I wish they did one of those Doctor Who shows in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney get all the fun. :(

        I predict we will get the doctor who stadium tour next year. The melb shows were a 'test' to see viability etc. I urge all fans to see the show if they can. I went and saw it in Melbourne and have tix for Sydney. The Melbourne show brought a tear to my eye. It was amazing.


        Yeah, I'm looking forward to more Sherlock.
        I also have to watch closely to be able to check out Sherlock's coat. Mr. Strange wants me to make him one. Not sure what he needs it for seeing as we live in Queensland though. :P

          I am a massive crime show fan and went into watching Sherlock very apprehensively. 10 minutes in I was hooked and had a giant grin on my face through all of the shows. Definitely a top 3 tv show of all time for me.

    Morning all TAYbies!
    I sooo had daylight savings jet lag this morning...

    My cure? COFFEH!

      BEST CURE!

      That my, oh god I have to get up cure every morning

    Good morning TAYters! I had a decent weekend, hope yours was good!

    Spent the weekend in Sydney with my Dad (I'm still here actually :P Where's my train timetable?). Didn't do much though! Finally got around to watching The Hunger Games, which was... alright. I was hoping it would be faster than the book (which I thought was really slow). I hate to be one of 'those' people, but Battle Royale is totally better ;) I should re-watch/read it sometime.

    I also managed to finish one of my many un-read books. Next by Michael Crichton, which I really enjoyed! It's all about genetic engineering and I loved the way it was written. Mini chapter stories scattered between a few bigger overarching stories that intertwined with each other. Love it.

    And as always, I played Pokemons! There's a few new TAYlocke stories up as well. I don't like Voltorb Flip!

    Happy Monday!

      I'm alright at it

    I finally unlocked a new ship in FTL!
    Engi Stealth ship \o/\o/\o/
    Then I ran out of fuel, but worth it!

      I still need to unlock the Rock ship, the Slug ship, the Mantis Ship and the Unknown ship, which is apparently quite a beast. I got close to the Rock ship last night but I accidentally killed the guys I was only supposed to survive against... I wrongly assumed I would get a dialogue box if I beat them that would interrupt their demise. :(

        I'm the same. They are the only ones I'm missing.
        Crap thing is, I actually got all the required events before, but because I didn't know it at the time, I either chose the wrong option, or didn't have the required equipment/crew.
        Sometimes randomness like this sucks balls.

          I watched a video guide to get the Unknown Ship and it's randomness cubed... as in, you have to hope for three random events to happen in the right order.

    Anyone else not getting the achievement to pop when they kill Terramorphous in Borderlands 2? My wife and I have killed him twice and it's not clear why the game has decided we haven't earned it yet. Do you have to kill his tentacles first or something? I noticed they kept respawning so we were sitting around killing them hoping the achievement would pop that way, but they always came back.


    Also, the EBEXPO was fun! We should be (Hopefully) posting the video tomorrow!

      Yay! I'm looking forward to it. I can get the experience without having to brave the crowds and interminable lines. :D

    Just got word my boss isn't in today, which is good news. Don't get me wrong, my boss is a great dude, but I am tired as hell because I only got 3.5 hours sleep and I am not in the mood to pretend to work hard today.

    Morning all.

    While I am fairly early in Borderlands 2 still (running multiple characters at once will do that to ya), I have to say the Shooty McFace is the best mission EVAR.

      I don't know, that claptrap one where he makes "cold" and "freeze" puns is pretty great. Plus the bandits wear ushanka's

        That one was best one.

      Oh, the Statuesque one is pretty great just for Jack's raging at you.

    Dentist update
    Can't get through at all, so I'm just going to have to bear with it for today.

      I would keep trying ever hour or so. They have to answer the phone sometime, surely. =(

        I keep getting messages. I can't get through. It's not as bad is it was on Friday. Panadol should suffice.

    Am I the only person who likes Tiny Tina in BL2 and finds her amusing? She's getting a lot of hate around the traps...I think she's hilarious. Also, sniper rifle/railguns are awesome...ricocheting rounds around corners=great fun.

      See the last questions' response to puppylicks

        And that's what happens when I just barge in on a monday morning and say my bit...someone beats me to it.
        I'm going back to bed...

          It's alright, I have plenty of time to memorize things that people say. =P

      Nah, I loved Tiny Tina as well! Made me laugh a whole lot!

        Climb that bridge,
        to the train,
        or you'll go insane
        Wut wut

      She was nowhere near the best character but she did make me chuckle a few times. It's weird that some of the criticism of her is that she talks like a 13 year old girl. I wonder why...

        Not the best character definitely, but I think she brings a little something to the party.
        Crazy teenage girl, living out in the wild instead of Sanctuary, some of her lines and Scooters are fried gold.

      I think the idea is amusing but it comes across as trying too hard to be funny.

        That's part of her appeal, to me. I mean she's gonna say what she's gonna say, and since your character doesn't actually ever respond with dialogue you decide how you react. Are you in on the joke? Are you staring at her blankly? It doesn't even matter because Tiny Tina doesn't care anyway. She has more stupid dialogue.

        She's not at all self-concious, which was refreshing. I mean all the other characters tend to say whatever's on their minds, all the time, but even then they seem rather reserved in some ways.

      I wouldn't say I hate her. I think she is a really well designed character and all the jokes she makes fits around her age bracket (12 Y/O).

      I like her. Some of the stuff she says kinda makes me want to facepalm but that's just the character. She's great.

      I think she's straight up awesome.

      Also, Badonkadonks. Awesome word.

        Heh, I like when you are collecting the "badonka

          Goddamn phone. Anyway as I was saying. I like when you are collecting the "Badonkadonks" and she demands the bandits give it back. Then one of the bandits say "What the hell is a Badonkadonk?".

    I'm never eating chilli again :(

      but Chilli is GREAT!

        It does have a strong and compelling attraction, but it is a harsh and unforgiving mistress.

          It must be a boy thing. That or I have some weird super-power where my innards neutralise the heat before it reaches the exit. :P My husband and I can eat exactly the same chilli and I'm fine the next day but he is not.

            Suddenly my gender is called into question. No matter how much it burns going in, I never had a problem with it coming back out.

            I only ever has one chili based exiting problem. And that was when I first got the Scorpion Strike sauce. I was making everyone try some and, when they did, I had some too so they didn't suffer alone.

            That night I pooed water. Or, possible, my stomach melted. The latter seems more likely.

            SO! LUNCH TIME, EH!?

      Did a coyote tell you to find your soul mate?

        I love that they had Johnny Cash voice that coyote. Completely awesome. Also, 'I hope I didn't brain my damage!'

          Wait! That was Johnny Cash!? How come I've never noticed! :'(

          (That's awesome, though!)

    Been playing more of them Pokemons. My only complaint is I'm limited to six at a time. I want to take them ALL with me! They're all in little balls, surely my backpack's big enough for at least a few more? :P

      That's actually a really good point. It does frustrate me that you can only take 6. I try to get one of each type so i can defeat majority of trainers first go.

      Oh and I'm finding it fun that I know absolutely nothing about anything. Having no idea how my Pokemon are going to evolve makes everything a surprise. And every time I see a different one it's awesome to me because I have no idea if it's a common one or one that's more rare. Well, at least until I start seeing the same ones over and over again. :P

        I wish I could have that feeling again! The last time that happened was with Gold/Silver in 2000 :P That's most of the reason why I've been avoiding all information about the new games! (that come out this week! Ah!)

    spent so much time at the EB Expo this weekend that I fell asleep before 8pm last night. I'm STILL tired... Can't... Stop... Yawning...

    Does anyone know some sort of online community for Australian video game collectors?? Or some sort of Amazon equivalent or "Game Traders online" or something for Australian video gamers? I've been relying heavily on ebay, which is fine, but I was wondering if there was anything else out there.

      Gametraders is online at the moment.
      You log in and you can buy games which are then sent directly to your letter box.
      Is this what you were after?

    Scored this laptop off Lenovo over the weekend:

    Processor: Intel Core i7-3632QM Processor (6M Cache, 2.20 GHz)
    Display type: 15.6" W HD (1366x768)
    System graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT 635M Graphics with 2GB VRAM (WWAN or mSATA capable)
    Total memory: 8 GB DDR3 - 1600MHz (2 DIMM)

    Valued: AU$2,161.01
    Sale Price: AU$894.00
    -15%: $759.90


      Wow, decent!

        I have not been part of the master race in so long, I'm excited!

        Also, it upset me that I kept seeing some awesome bargains in TAY and I would just miss out.

    Lots of new faces on TAY this morning, I like it! Welcome aboard, folks. So... what's your story? :D

      Want some rye? Course ya do!

      Last edited 08/10/12 9:58 am

      Oh yeah, I noticed that as well. Welcome guys and girls. Have fun, be polite etc.

    Howdy Tayberinos (Including at least 3 names I've not seen before, double welcome)

    I had a quiet weekend taming the forces of nature in my backyard (using a lawnmower), before heading to a Bathurst BBQ on Sunday. Not being a motorsport enthusiast, I followed along OK.

    So, a Monday Morning Question: Are there any games thet you really enjoy even though you aren't into it outside of games? I love me some Tony Hawk's, but I've probably spent a cumulative less than 5 minutes on a skatboard in my life.

      SSX! I'm not opposed to snow boarding in real life, but I've never actually seen snow so not something I've ever tried.

      Any game that involves shooting?
      Is that a fair response?

        That is a good response- I've no desire to shoot anything (which I'm aware is odd given I work in the defence industry) but I love quite a few shooty games

      Pretty much any game involving killing stuff. :P

        I love me some killing. :P


      Banjo-Kazooie. But if there WERE shiny puzzle pieces and adventures everywhere, I probably would be doing the same thing IRL.

      Probably most games fall under that category. I know I don't spend a lot of time irl shooting people, slaying monsters, casting spells or racing super-cars.

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