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    Greetamanings TAY!
    What up?

      I am still in bed. Today will be awesome if I can stay here as long as possible. :D

      How is everything in Barbarian land? Clubby behaving?

        Hi Strange!
        I wish I was still in bed, damn sleep apnea is worse then usual and I feel like a dead man walking.
        I think I may need to add Zombie to my title somewhere.
        Don't get me started on Clubby, damn thing out at all hours :P

          You tell that Clubby to stay in line or you'll replace him with a mace or something. :P

    Good morning folks.

    Hope you all had a good weekend!

      Good morning, Smither of Cakes. My weekend was okay. I hope yours was great!

      Gut morgen Cakesmith!

      Good weekend was Good. And slightly blurry. But always good.
      How about yourself?

    Morning Fronds
    I had a pretty meh weekend. I was sick for most of it. Dishonored is a pretty cool guy.

      ermahgerd I am sooooo freakin sick D:

      Didnt sleep at all last night, can barely swallow water my throat is in that much agony :'(

        Nooooooooo! :( I tried not to germify you. I really hope it's not my fault. I feel terrible for you.

          Haha, nah Helene's been sick for ages, I reckon it was her. Maybe you just contributed some assistant germs? But you know, Kid Icarus/beer, I forgive

          Suddenly I'm feeling better about not going to the meat. :P

          Seriously, though, that sucks. I hope all you Brisbane folks feel better. :(

            Not the Sydney or Melbourne or any other ones though, screw them they can all be sick

        Well, I hope you get well soon!

          Hey, you're back! Haven't noticed you around here for ages! :D

            Every so often I try to come back. But then I get so busy... :(
            This morning I woke up early, and there was a fresh TAY, so it seemed like a good opportunity to try again.

              Yay! So how have you been besides busy?

                Beside the busy, I've been pretty sleepy. :) And, anxious to play more video games... they are starting to pile up!

                How are you?

                  I am good! I am also very busy but procrastination is my master so I still hang around TAY. :P

            Yeah! I was like whoaaa my coloured squared bretheren is back!

              Hey there, coloured-square buddy! How is life treating you?

      Aw, not good. At least you were well enough to play Dishonored though. :) *hugs*

        I'm feeling better(ish) now! Just in time for work!


          But also hopefully better by tomorrow/Wed when new BL2 DLC is out!


      I don't know why, but I am finding Dishonored to be a bit... meh.
      It is a cool concept, and the powers are nifty, but it just hasn't grabbed me and consumed my life.
      In fact, I ended up starting a new game of Fable 2.
      However I think that this may indicate that there is something wrong with me and not the game.

        Fable 2 is great! It is the best Fable in the series (yes, even better then the first).

          It is good, but with Dishonored, Borderlands 2 and SKYRIM! to play... I find it odd I spent a lot of the weekend chopping wood, hammering swords and sacrificing monks to the shadows.

        I think it's the fact that it's not SKYRIM!

        Oh wow, that's fun to say/type! SKYRIM!

    Hey guy! So we launched last week!

    What it's about:

    So we have the TAY NAMES list as an actual page! That's handy, right?

    There have been a few spin-offs from TAY over the years such as the Tales of TAY tumblr. Can people shoot me links to anything they want up on Potaku?

    We're also looking for anyone who wants to write articles for us. All you need is a Wordpress account so we can credit you properly and junk. We can also repost your own blog entries and link back.

    Also, if there's anything you guys would like to read about, let me know! :D

    Edit: added details

    Last edited 15/10/12 8:45 am

      To which guy are you referring to? And is only that one guy allowed to look? :P

    Morning everyone. Spent quite a bit of the weekend playing Pokemon. I've only got two badges so far. Why haven't I progressed very far you might ask? It's because my trainer decided to put his quest to become a Pokemon Master a side and instead focus on his other great passion, acting.

    I don't normally do the non battling stuff in Pokemon, such as contests or the musical from the last Black and White game, but I decided to give the Pokestar stuff a shot. It's fun, but it's also a bit annoying because of how much it relies on chance. If a Pokemon gets a crit or becomes confused or what ever it can screw up the whole movie. I thought I'd unlocked all the films, but as I found out late last night when I looked it up I've still got three more to unlock. Turns out you can unlock stuff by getting weird endings to your films, which I would have never found out myself as I always aimed for the best possible endings.

    I also managed to set up wi-fi in my house over the weekend. It's pretty weak, so unfortunately I can't connect my PS3 that's in my room to it, but if you're in the room were it's actually set up it works fine, which is good because it let me connect my DS and get Genesect, which is the reason I set it up in the first place.

      Good lord, I really hated the acting thing.
      I am aware that ultimately I am not really their target audience, and that I just play the game because I appreciate the mechanics, but that 10 minutes where I was forced into the movie studios? It was really painful for me.
      I kept trying to weasel my way out before giving up and submitting and saying Yes to acting.
      I want that 10 minutes of my Pokemon life back.

        I have to agree with you on that. The way it was forced on you wasn't good. They should have included the option to tell the guy you just didn't care about it and to leave you alone.

    Good morning everyone!

    I had an alright weekend! Nothing really happened. Got to play lots of Pokemon though, so there's that! Not really much else to say... have a good week, all!

      POKEMANS \o/

    Found a video of the space jump, so rad

      Thank you!

      I've been trying to find an official one for the last ten minutes... I have no idea why Red Bull wouldn't have one on their own youtube account :P

        Yeah was a bit tricky to find it, hence why I posted it! Stupid area restricted videos and privacy and blah blah, JUST SHOW US THE VIDEO >:(

        They did! Sort of. It was a live feed, I watched it!

          Yeah I know! I mean why didn't they save that live footage so I could watch it at a time when I wasn't sleeping! Silliness, that's why!

      Oh, man! Amazing stuff. Terrifying just waching the first minute when he's just sitting. :S

      Don't forget the man who pioneered this jump back in 1960, long before the kind of technology that is available now (and not to mention the safety measures): Colonel Joe Kittinger (US Air Force). Felix Baumgartner jumped 128,000 ft in 2012, but Joe Kittinger's record of 102,800ft stood for more than 50 years. In fact, Joe Kittinger, who is 84 years old, was mission controller for the project that saw Felix Baumgartner break the old record.

      Videos of Colonel Joe Kittinger's jump:

    Non Potaku stuff----

    I BOUGHT DISHONORED BECAUSE STRANGE TOLD ME TO! (That's how I remember it anyway) \o/ ...I didn't get to play any because I ended spending the weekend drawing/watching movies/editing /o\.

    I missed TAY last week :( Did you miss me? DID YOU!? DIID YOOOUUU!???

    Oh! I was looking for stuff on the PSN and saw Sonic Adventure 2 was out! I MISSED THAT HAPPENING! I bought it and listened to that rockin' musics then went back to doing other stuff...

    I was actually looking for some fun 2D platformer games. You know, like the indie ones that get released ever few minutes on PC. Any one know of any on the Playstation?

      Oh man, Sonic Adventure 2 is already on PSN!? When did this happen!?

        I KNOW, RIGHT!? I only found it because I was trawling for 2D platformers and was all "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!?".

        Downside is, they're repeating what they did with Sonic Adventure/Sonic Adventure DX. Sonic Adventure 2 is out now, but the Sonic Adventure 2 Battle extras are coming later as DLC. :(

        Still, LOVED SA2!


    Pokemon Black 2 or White 2?

    (I still don't have Black 1 or White 1 yet)

    Also RIP to everyone else starting the HSC today

      I get the impression this is the one time you should play the previous Pokemon first, but I've played White and after that I feel like I wouldn't care for the gameplay in White/Black 2 (same location, same Pokemon, with a bit of a mix-up).

      It Don't Matter If it's Black Oooor White. Hee hee. Shamon! etc etc etc

      Good luck with the HCS, man. The QCS wasn't fun back in the day, so I sympathize. :P

      You should really play Black 1 or White 1 first! It's not absolutely necessary, but the games do assume you've played the originals already (ie. Returning characters, flashback scenes, etc)

      Also, good luck with your exams! The key is to not stress too much!

        Oh I'm not stressing, I just haven't prepared much :D

      If you haven't played the first ones, I'd recommend Black 2 because Zekrom > Reshiram.

    Wonderful weekend of not having anything planned due to money demands turned in to weekend of looking after my sickly other half and spending money on drugs. Close enough!
    Finished Borderlands 2 and had a freakin' awesome time doing it!
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      Oybbqjvat :'(

      My Zer0 is also meleed spec so I struggled with a lot of bosses :/. That and since I power levelled to the high 30s, I still had fairly crap gear.

        I didn't get rid of my Law and Order till after PT1 :)

        I just need to remind myself to hold off on getting them again till I can get the L50 variants.

        EDIT: Oh, and I didn't really have any boss issues as melee, but then I was abusing Law's heal like mad :D

        Last edited 15/10/12 9:05 am

          Does it make that chung-chung sound when it fires?

            Special property on Order is called "Chung-gunk!" :D

    Totally unexpectedly, Ricky Gervais’ Extras has stirred up a lot of stuff in me that I thought I’d dealt with ages ago. It’s got me questioning whether I even want to be a writer. Questioning the choices I’ve made, the compromises I’ve agreed to, and the direction I’m heading. It feels like everything I ever knew or believed about myself is slowly unravelling.

    Not cool, Ricky.

      I'm sorry to hear that, man. Hope the soul searching will serve you well in the long run!

        Cheers. I'll be all right. And I'm sure that whatever happens, I'll emerge with a clearer direction for myself, so it'll be good :)

        Last edited 15/10/12 9:10 am

          Seems to me that this constant battle with yourself is proof that you are a writer, man. It means you care enough! Doubt just goes hand-in-hand with that!

      Just don't be a dick to any close friends! Wasn't that the moral of the show?

      Ricky Gervais is a dick. Don't question yourself because of anything he wrote.

        I think it's good to question yourself, so you always know whether you're on the right path. Won't be making any knee-jerk decisions, don't worry! :)

      Was it the bit where David Bowie sings a song about him? Is that what did it!? YOU ARE NOT A PATHETIC LITTLE FAT MAN!!!!

        Kind of you to say so, but I know the truth.

        I really enjoyed that episode.

      Mr Shane, did you ever email me again? It was about two weeks back that you posted on TAY that you'd sent me an email, but the context made it look like you were joking so I waved it off. But now its two weeks later and I'm thinking 'maybe he did send one...' but if you did I never got it! And if it was all a lie and I'm going crazy, that's cool. *nods*

      A lot of buts in that paragraph. It's a but kind of Monday.


      Last edited 15/10/12 9:18 am

        I did send an email. I think. I hope. If not to you, I wonder who I sent it to. :|

        Hold on.

          Okay, email resent. Can you please advise if/when received? Cheers my friend!

          Last edited 15/10/12 9:24 am

            Nothing over here! Not even in the junk folder!

            Try sending it to my fancy new email, alexander(dot)cavenett(at)potaku(dot)com

    The State of TAY will be posted at 4pm EDT give or take, if you can't stay caught up through the day! (Hopefully on all weekdays at that time too!)

    Last edited 15/10/12 9:13 am

      Is this state one of those funny states that don't have day light savings?

        It's a state of child like wonder that lives in our hearts and minds!

          Eugh, too joyful for me.
          I'm out.

    Morning all! hope everyone is well! So no gaming for me over the weekend, I spent my weekend doing God's work... and by that i mean i spent it repairing:
    1 x Super Famicom Disk Drive
    1 x Sega Dreamcast
    1 x Sega 32x
    1 x Neo Geo AES Console
    1 x Nintendo DS
    1 x Nintendo DS Lite (<------ Pain in the rear!)

    If there's any techies among us that can assist me with something that's been puzzling me I would gladly appreciate it... The Sound quality coming out of the speakers is APPALLING in comparison to other DS Lites im not sure if the problem was pre-existing or if i did something because the unit hadn't been powered on for about 3 years prior to repair... Frankly im suprised the battery still holds charge like a champ!

      Are you a magician?

        A million times this!

        I'm actually kind of interested in this. What sort of resources do you have on hand for repairs? Did you acquire blueprints/schematics from the Internets that helped guide your way? Or do you tinker with electronics as your jerb? Or has it been a hobby for some time now? I'd be very afraid of opening up an old console - I fear I'd break more than I'd repair.

    Okay, happy post.

    My daughter is a natural actress. As a favour to a friend, my wife volunteered the 2yo for a role in a small independent film. She only had one line, but apparently she nailed it (she was getting distracted by the presence of the parents, so we had to clear out. Then she was good as gold. We heard the applause.)

    And she got so into it that she wouldn't even let us change her clothes - she insisted (with horrible full-on tantrum) that her on-screen mother be the one to change her. What a diva. :P

      Haha! You can't mess with her process, man! Method actress!

      I'll keep her in mind for Julie VS The Dead 2!

        Expect to pay. We've done our freebie, and now we know she has mad talent.

      Haha, thats rad! Yeah we borrowed kids from all over the place in film school, you guys (ie parents) were like little goldmines we hunted down.

    Morning all.
    I got four whole hours sleep.
    I spent most of my night playing Tetris because I couldn't sleep due to my tooth playing up. I had to take pain killers last night and this morning. =(
    Hope everyone else's night was better!

      You've got a dentist appointment this week, right? Hope all goes well!

        yes, thank goodness. Wednesday and it can't come soon enough

      What is goin on wit dat tooth!? Is it gettign extracted or anything? This is crazy!

        It just needs filling, but public dental system is terrible

      Morning 4 hr sleep buddy
      Glad you are getting that fixed, public dental is hard

    Morning Scree!

    Tooth pain is the worst. I need to see a dentist, but I'm afraid.

    Not of the dentist. or the drill. It's the BILL that gets me... *shudders*

    Reply fail or another rebel trick!?

    Edit: REPLY FAIL!

    Last edited 15/10/12 9:23 am

      Personally, I was off-put by the strange man who wanted to put his fingers into my mouth. :P

        ... you said you liked it

          Well, I lied okay? *runs off crying*

            What else have you been lying about?!? IS OUR RELATIONSHIP BUILT ON A FOUNDATION OF LIES? Do I mean nothing to you?!? *goes and mopes in the corner*

      Yeah, if I could afford it, I would go private, but I can't so I have to wait. It's pretty horrible the price they charge. For a small filling is $180. Mine would probably cost $300 at least

        shit scree, what area u in? my wife had an infected tooth which rotted into pieces (which is weird cause all her other teeth are perfect) so she had it cleaned, treated and got a sizeable filling done for about $230.. no waiting time either, got an appointment within 2 days.

          Maribrynong in Victoria. it's a poor/rich area. It's kind of weird.
          I had an infected wisdom tooth and that cost $500 to be extracted.

            im in craigieburn, you really should check out our dentist... at least give them a call? its easy to get to on public transport if you're not driving.

            2 Hardy Avenue Craigieburn VIC 3064‎
            (03) 9333 8519


    I caved. I bought Pokemon W2 for myself and B2 for the girlfriend. Only about an hour in but since I played the heck out of B1 I'm thinking I'll mix things up this time and am putting my Oshawott starter aside and focusing solely on non-starter pokemans.

    Should be fun :)

    Also, Halo 4 drops in 3 weeks, ermagerd.

      How was Oktoberfest?

        Bloody epic.
        Pretty sure I drank all the beers.

        Kinda glad this only happens once a year ;)

    Greetings and salutations TAYbies, how are we all on this monday morning? I am a very happy tofu today because I finally managed to finish a poster I had lost most of my progress on when my computer died a month ago and I now have a companion cube plushie from armageddon on saturday and I got to meet Charles Martinet ... it was a good weekend ^_^ Oh and I come into work expecting a buttload of things to fix in the help desk and there's only a few. So my day's going awesome, how's yours?

      I demand Armageddon write-up! Splicer went too! (Man, that guy is awesome. He went to see my uni friends in artist alley. Good guy!)

      Last edited 15/10/12 9:40 am

      i want a companion cube... :(

        Gametraders has them by the dozen >_>

          but mine is oh so fuzzy and squishy and adorable

    The houses in my complex (it's a bunch of townhouses bundled together) are having the exterior repainted. I woke up this morning to the sound of trademen arguing about some three foot something or other.

    Didn't particularly want to get out of bed but I don't think listening to people painting is conducive to a good morning of not going to work.

    Steam just froze when I tried to buy the 53-Metacritic rated Game of Thrones Genesis game. Maybe it is trying to tell me something, but I don't care because I still think the idea of a Bastard child unit is hilarious.

    Bunny's delivery service!

    A co-worker asked me to give a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey that they'd borrowed back to the person they borrowed it from. In the lift, I opened it up to see what the fuss is about:

    "Are you going to hit me again?"
    "No, not tonight."
    "So," I prompted.

    That'll do for now.

      That'll do forever! :P

        I literally opened to a random page and that was the first thing I read.

          Oh it gets worse. I've only read a review for it and was pretty much put off by the trilogy.

      Woah, easy there Trjn ... you've got me all flustered from that. I think I need some air

      Don't forget to scrub your eyes with detergent.

      For the good of the world, "accidentally" light it on fire. One of the few times I not only condone book burning but actively support it.

      Your hands are forever dirty. Never read my writing again please, just in case the stain has settled in your eyes, too.

      Much better when Duke Nukem reads it out loud.

      .... this is now the cue where you get on the youtubes and search for it.

      My coworkers keep trying to get me to read it.

      Not going to happen.

      A lady friend and I read through about the first 2 or 3 chapters for poops and giggles. It's really so much worse than you could ever believe. Really, it's incredibly bad. It genuinely reminds me of the way kids might have written a story in grade 7 English... er, if it wasnt, you know, about sex. But srsly, so freakin bad.

    Rollin' around at the speed of sound.
    Got places to go, gotta follow the rainbow.

    I now have this song stuck in my head since I was informed SA2 was available on PSN

      Can't stick around have to keep moving on
      guess what lies ahead, only one way to find out

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