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Talk Amongst Yourselves

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    • I am still in bed. Today will be awesome if I can stay here as long as possible. πŸ˜€

      How is everything in Barbarian land? Clubby behaving?

      • Hi Strange!
        I wish I was still in bed, damn sleep apnea is worse then usual and I feel like a dead man walking.
        I think I may need to add Zombie to my title somewhere.
        Don’t get me started on Clubby, damn thing out at all hours πŸ˜›

  • Hey guy! So we launched last week!

    What it’s about:

    So we have the TAY NAMES list as an actual page! That’s handy, right?

    There have been a few spin-offs from TAY over the years such as the Tales of TAY tumblr. Can people shoot me links to anything they want up on Potaku?

    We’re also looking for anyone who wants to write articles for us. All you need is a WordPress account so we can credit you properly and junk. We can also repost your own blog entries and link back.

    Also, if there’s anything you guys would like to read about, let me know! πŸ˜€

    Edit: added details

  • Morning everyone. Spent quite a bit of the weekend playing Pokemon. I’ve only got two badges so far. Why haven’t I progressed very far you might ask? It’s because my trainer decided to put his quest to become a Pokemon Master a side and instead focus on his other great passion, acting.

    I don’t normally do the non battling stuff in Pokemon, such as contests or the musical from the last Black and White game, but I decided to give the Pokestar stuff a shot. It’s fun, but it’s also a bit annoying because of how much it relies on chance. If a Pokemon gets a crit or becomes confused or what ever it can screw up the whole movie. I thought I’d unlocked all the films, but as I found out late last night when I looked it up I’ve still got three more to unlock. Turns out you can unlock stuff by getting weird endings to your films, which I would have never found out myself as I always aimed for the best possible endings.

    I also managed to set up wi-fi in my house over the weekend. It’s pretty weak, so unfortunately I can’t connect my PS3 that’s in my room to it, but if you’re in the room were it’s actually set up it works fine, which is good because it let me connect my DS and get Genesect, which is the reason I set it up in the first place.

    • Good lord, I really hated the acting thing.
      I am aware that ultimately I am not really their target audience, and that I just play the game because I appreciate the mechanics, but that 10 minutes where I was forced into the movie studios? It was really painful for me.
      I kept trying to weasel my way out before giving up and submitting and saying Yes to acting.
      I want that 10 minutes of my Pokemon life back.

      • I have to agree with you on that. The way it was forced on you wasn’t good. They should have included the option to tell the guy you just didn’t care about it and to leave you alone.

  • Good morning everyone!

    I had an alright weekend! Nothing really happened. Got to play lots of Pokemon though, so there’s that! Not really much else to say… have a good week, all!

  • Non Potaku stuff—-

    I BOUGHT DISHONORED BECAUSE STRANGE TOLD ME TO! (That’s how I remember it anyway) \o/ …I didn’t get to play any because I ended spending the weekend drawing/watching movies/editing /o\.

    I missed TAY last week πŸ™ Did you miss me? DID YOU!? DIID YOOOUUU!???

    Oh! I was looking for stuff on the PSN and saw Sonic Adventure 2 was out! I MISSED THAT HAPPENING! I bought it and listened to that rockin’ musics then went back to doing other stuff…

    I was actually looking for some fun 2D platformer games. You know, like the indie ones that get released ever few minutes on PC. Any one know of any on the Playstation?

  • Pokemon Black 2 or White 2?

    (I still don’t have Black 1 or White 1 yet)

    Also RIP to everyone else starting the HSC today

    • I get the impression this is the one time you should play the previous Pokemon first, but I’ve played White and after that I feel like I wouldn’t care for the gameplay in White/Black 2 (same location, same Pokemon, with a bit of a mix-up).

    • You should really play Black 1 or White 1 first! It’s not absolutely necessary, but the games do assume you’ve played the originals already (ie. Returning characters, flashback scenes, etc)

      Also, good luck with your exams! The key is to not stress too much!

  • Wonderful weekend of not having anything planned due to money demands turned in to weekend of looking after my sickly other half and spending money on drugs. Close enough!
    Finished Borderlands 2 and had a freakin’ awesome time doing it!
    V jnf zryrr fcrpprq nf Mre0 fb V gubhtu V’q unir n penccl gvzr jvgu gur jneevbe, ohg orpnhfr bs gur nqqf V unq znffvir fheivinovyvgl. V jbhyqa’g fnl vg jnf rnfl, ohg V qvqa’g fgehttyr. Nyfb, fgvyy fb znffviryl fhecevfrq ng ubj zhpu gur fgbel ratntrq zr, rfcrpvnyyl jura rirelguvat jrag onq sbe rirelbar.

    • Oybbqjvat :'(

      My Zer0 is also meleed spec so I struggled with a lot of bosses :/. That and since I power levelled to the high 30s, I still had fairly crap gear.

      • I didn’t get rid of my Law and Order till after PT1 πŸ™‚

        I just need to remind myself to hold off on getting them again till I can get the L50 variants.

        EDIT: Oh, and I didn’t really have any boss issues as melee, but then I was abusing Law’s heal like mad πŸ˜€

  • Totally unexpectedly, Ricky Gervais’ Extras has stirred up a lot of stuff in me that I thought I’d dealt with ages ago. It’s got me questioning whether I even want to be a writer. Questioning the choices I’ve made, the compromises I’ve agreed to, and the direction I’m heading. It feels like everything I ever knew or believed about myself is slowly unravelling.

    Not cool, Ricky.

  • The State of TAY will be posted at 4pm EDT give or take, if you can’t stay caught up through the day! (Hopefully on all weekdays at that time too!)

  • Morning all! hope everyone is well! So no gaming for me over the weekend, I spent my weekend doing God’s work… and by that i mean i spent it repairing:
    1 x Super Famicom Disk Drive
    1 x Sega Dreamcast
    1 x Sega 32x
    1 x Neo Geo AES Console
    1 x Nintendo DS
    1 x Nintendo DS Lite (<—— Pain in the rear!)

    If there’s any techies among us that can assist me with something that’s been puzzling me I would gladly appreciate it… The Sound quality coming out of the speakers is APPALLING in comparison to other DS Lites im not sure if the problem was pre-existing or if i did something because the unit hadn’t been powered on for about 3 years prior to repair… Frankly im suprised the battery still holds charge like a champ!

      • A million times this!

        I’m actually kind of interested in this. What sort of resources do you have on hand for repairs? Did you acquire blueprints/schematics from the Internets that helped guide your way? Or do you tinker with electronics as your jerb? Or has it been a hobby for some time now? I’d be very afraid of opening up an old console – I fear I’d break more than I’d repair.

  • Okay, happy post.

    My daughter is a natural actress. As a favour to a friend, my wife volunteered the 2yo for a role in a small independent film. She only had one line, but apparently she nailed it (she was getting distracted by the presence of the parents, so we had to clear out. Then she was good as gold. We heard the applause.)

    And she got so into it that she wouldn’t even let us change her clothes – she insisted (with horrible full-on tantrum) that her on-screen mother be the one to change her. What a diva. πŸ˜›

  • Morning all.
    I got four whole hours sleep.
    I spent most of my night playing Tetris because I couldn’t sleep due to my tooth playing up. I had to take pain killers last night and this morning. =(
    Hope everyone else’s night was better!

  • Morning Scree!

    Tooth pain is the worst. I need to see a dentist, but I’m afraid.

    Not of the dentist. or the drill. It’s the BILL that gets me… *shudders*

    Reply fail or another rebel trick!?

    Edit: REPLY FAIL!

    • Yeah, if I could afford it, I would go private, but I can’t so I have to wait. It’s pretty horrible the price they charge. For a small filling is $180. Mine would probably cost $300 at least

      • shit scree, what area u in? my wife had an infected tooth which rotted into pieces (which is weird cause all her other teeth are perfect) so she had it cleaned, treated and got a sizeable filling done for about $230.. no waiting time either, got an appointment within 2 days.

        • Maribrynong in Victoria. it’s a poor/rich area. It’s kind of weird.
          I had an infected wisdom tooth and that cost $500 to be extracted.

          • im in craigieburn, you really should check out our dentist… at least give them a call? its easy to get to on public transport if you’re not driving.

            2 Hardy Avenue Craigieburn VIC 3064β€Ž
            (03) 9333 8519

  • MO’NIN

    I caved. I bought Pokemon W2 for myself and B2 for the girlfriend. Only about an hour in but since I played the heck out of B1 I’m thinking I’ll mix things up this time and am putting my Oshawott starter aside and focusing solely on non-starter pokemans.

    Should be fun πŸ™‚

    Also, Halo 4 drops in 3 weeks, ermagerd.

  • Greetings and salutations TAYbies, how are we all on this monday morning? I am a very happy tofu today because I finally managed to finish a poster I had lost most of my progress on when my computer died a month ago and I now have a companion cube plushie from armageddon on saturday and I got to meet Charles Martinet … it was a good weekend ^_^ Oh and I come into work expecting a buttload of things to fix in the help desk and there’s only a few. So my day’s going awesome, how’s yours?

  • The houses in my complex (it’s a bunch of townhouses bundled together) are having the exterior repainted. I woke up this morning to the sound of trademen arguing about some three foot something or other.

    Didn’t particularly want to get out of bed but I don’t think listening to people painting is conducive to a good morning of not going to work.

  • Steam just froze when I tried to buy the 53-Metacritic rated Game of Thrones Genesis game. Maybe it is trying to tell me something, but I don’t care because I still think the idea of a Bastard child unit is hilarious.

  • Bunny’s delivery service!

    A co-worker asked me to give a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey that they’d borrowed back to the person they borrowed it from. In the lift, I opened it up to see what the fuss is about:

    “Are you going to hit me again?”
    “No, not tonight.”
    “So,” I prompted.

    That’ll do for now.

  • Rollin’ around at the speed of sound.
    Got places to go, gotta follow the rainbow.

    I now have this song stuck in my head since I was informed SA2 was available on PSN

  • Howdy Tayberinos

    I had a quiet weekend, went and saw Taken 2 (not really worth it, see my blog if you care) with friends (totally worth it). It’s a sign of true friendship when you can have a ball in any surrounding- we ended up drinking coffee in a servo till 2am.

    Gaming wise, I am still Borderlanding- Gaige is cool, but I’m having trouble maintaining my anarchy stack, think there’s something fishy going on there so I might switch tree.

    Anyway, a Monday morning question: Best gaming friendships? I reckon Ratchet and Clank have a pretty cool thing going

  • Morning TAY,

    I hope your day has started off well. I’m Ok, nothing new on my end. I’m just preparing a shopping list since I’ll be going shopping after lunch.

    Anyway quick question, does anyone here have experience transferring data from one PS3 to another? What data transfers? Have you had any issues with game saves and trophies? Finally, what do you do if you have multiple accounts on the same PS3 and want to transfer those accounts to another console?


    • Buying another PS3?! πŸ˜›

      I think it was as easy as getting a cable (can’t remember what type!) and connecting one to the other and then transferring it from the menu. It’s actually more of a copy and pretty much duplicates your PS3 to the new one. Profiles and all πŸ™‚

      • Oh, I also have a question about PS3 data transfers. The twist is that my old PS3 won’t turn on. So does anyone know if there is an easy way for me to get profiles and save data off that drive?

        I was hoping to throw the hard drive straight into a new PS3, but I’ve been informed that that will likely wipe the data.

    • Yes! I transfered data from one PS3 to another. It took 2 days. When it was done, some save data hadn’t transfered and was lost forever. πŸ™

      Trophies are okay as they are backed up elsewhere and aren’t transfered anyway.

  • At first I was like “NEW TAY!!!!!”
    Then I was like “I’ma be active and post and comment to ERRYWUN and they’ll love me!”
    Then I started commenting, and it was good.
    Then I kept commenting, and it was good.

    I think I got to 3 comments and saw the scroll bar. WAT.
    It’s page one. It’s 8:20am.
    It’s… yeah, wow.

    I can’t keep up with you folk /o\
    But yeah, did everyone have a good weekend? I hope you all did.
    Mine was filled with drunken Gangnam Style (seriously, they put it on the jukebox up here… good god) and Jimmy Barnes. (My voice really seems to warm up after about 3 hours of shouting over the music, and after a few too many beverages. Gets it nice and raspy, just like Jimmy!)

    I took my brother to the pub on Saturday night. Poor bloke didn’t get out of bed at all on Sunday. Oops.

    Anyway, I think I’ve got this thing called work to do.
    Love to all!*

    *Love may or may not include herpes.

  • Goooood morning, ladies and gents!!
    How was everyone’s Weekends?

    Bee went to Adelaide for a couple of days to see her mum as of yesterday, so after i got home from seeing my family, i spent the rest of the night watching The Walking Dead, playing saints row 2 and painting minis!!

    The Walking Dead: I have watched the first 2 episodes so far – and holy crud are they ever brilliant!! They are, so far, all i could ever want in a Zombie show! Although i’d be happier if there was less love-drama. I realise it’s only going to get worse as time goes on, but at the moment i’m very happy with the show.

    Saints row 2: Have finished all of the Ronin and Brotherhood missions and am more than half way through the Samedi. One thing is for sure, though: the Samedi missions are EASILY the hardest of the bunch. Also, i couldn’t help myself and i’ve used the code to get the Tornado Helicopter – i’m playing on PS3 so there really isn’t any negatives. Judge me all you want, i don’t care, i got an awesome chopper! πŸ˜€

    Painting: Deceided to paint my chaos dudes a dark purple, but am yet to decide on the trim. Maybe i’ll look into it tonight after i’m done doing more termies.

    On bee being away: Last night i had tuna bake for dinner. I also had it for breakfast. I also have it for lunch. I’m also more than likely going to have it for dinner again tonight. So much left overs.
    I forgot what it feels like to be this lazy/efficient. Maybe i should celebrate with a beer?

    How is everyone else doing?

      • My favourite part:

        “if I ever, ever ever have to hear/read the words “inner goddess” again, I’m going to construct a pyre out of tampons and maxi pads, light it, and toss unsuspecting women into it. “

  • I bought Sleeping Dogs over the weekend. This is honestly the best gaming purchase I have made in a very long time. Rockstar should pay attention.

      • The controls are complex but feel tight. The combat mechanics are extremely fun, there is some challenge but it also manages to be cinematic. The real clincher for controls for me was the pressing the L stick to switch through objectives. Not a lot of things are spelled out for you (like how to do some of the minigames), but they all have a logical path. The city looks awesome, the language used feels genuine and as I was playing I realised my friends band was playing on the radio (24HERBS).

  • Im totally a master race person now.. i have a graphics card that makes my computer do a marginally better job at displaying the same images that my old card did. but kinda pumped to use it so if you are keen for Borderlands 2.

    Galaxy GeForce GTX 660 if anyone is interested. $249 and totally worth it though as its just so damn Purdy!

    Also best home page ads ever on KOTAKU!!!


    2 Hardy Avenue Craigieburn VIC 3064β€Ž
    (03) 9333 8519

    only about 20 minutes from you too…. at least just call them.

  • @Shane
    We all aim high to realise our dreams, desires and ambitions for our own personal fulfillment. You write because you’re passionate about it. Its about making the choice to not succumb to a life of slavery for the dollar. It’s about consciously making so many sacrifices for something that completes you as an individual. Sacrifices that may seem to be in exchange for very little in the eyes of many; whilst i have never had any work published out of fear of rejection, the sense of pride and satisfaction that I feel by allowing my mind to indulge in fictional possibilities, must pale in comparison. You live & breath for these moments. That’s what makes you a writer my friend.
    And if you one day hit it big, consider that a bonus!

    • Thanks for the kind words.

      I used to hold writing and artistic pursuit up as the most romantic of endeavours, the only true fulfilment, etc. I’m honestly not sure if I still feel that way or not. I still need to write, but sometimes it feels that it’s a junkie’s need for a fix, not for actual benefit or wellbeing but rather just to stay level, and that’s not necessarily a good thing. Also, now that I’ve been published, there’s been a dynamic shift to an attitude that demands I’m always working on publishable stuff, or I’m just wasting time. I never switch off, never relax, and I’m incredibly hard on myself, like never before. Also, I’m not getting the level of satisfaction from publication that I thought I would, which makes me concerned that whatever commercial success I might attain in the future, I might never be happy with it (this one really concerns me).

  • I’m going to be madly refreshing Popsugar every 5 minutes until they announce the winner of the Nokia comp. THIS CAN ONLY DO DETRIMENTAL THINGS TO MY BRAIN.

    • So, did you hear that Liam Hemsworth got a tattoo of a Theodore Roosevelt quote on his arm to match the one Miley Cyrus has? How sweet.

      • Yes I did. May or may not have clicked on that article out of curiosity. Didn’t do the “guess who” poll though πŸ˜›

      • I was more surprised by the fact that apparently Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are back together, despite the fact that she broke his heart all those months ago(I think this was on one of them a week ago).

        • Probably for the sake of finishing off the Twilight Saga more than anything else IMO and the two main actors being split up having to act like they’re lovers on screen, that’d be the most awkward thing to pull off…

  • Hey so, just looking at booking my flights in January to Sydney for a concert with Rockets and just wondering… any tay sydney folk gonna be in town on the weekend of 18th/19th? Concert is on 17th which is a Thursday, so before I book flights I was thinking I’ll make the return on Sat evening if people are keen to help me organise a meat on Friday the 18th! What say you sydney folk hmmm?

    EDIT: For January next year, that is. Long way off, but thought it might be worth attempting to start organising it now (so people cant worm out of it)

  • Morning TAY!

    I finally managed to get started on Pokemon and I’m in over my head /o\

    I thought I was ready to fight the first gym when the guy that gives you hints told me about the Riolu out at Floccesy farm. I finally caught one, but now it’s seriously underlevelled, and it doesn’t learn it’s first true Fighting type attack until level 19.

    Also, Work Up STAB Normal is worse than the Retaliation team in BW1 Normal Gym.

  • Potaku Podcast Stuff

    18th Oct Episode 18 – Mega Man
    25th Oct Episode 19 – Scary Games
    1st Nov Episode 20 – Mega Drive VS SNES.

    Does anyone want to hop on skype and take part in any of these discussions? Anyone at all?

  • So that Amazon Square pack looked like it was awesome value, too bad they ran out of keys πŸ™

    If it they manage to get the key issue sort I might have some games to give away, but figure that it is worth the $10 even if I half half the games already. If I can give spares away that is just a bonus.

    I went to the gym for the first time in about 2 years on the weekend, After signup and tour type stuff it turned out there was a spin class in 10 minutes. Jumped straight into that. Man that hurt, so glad I took it easy and squashed my natural competitive drive.

    Other than that the weekend was ok except for lack of sleep last night. Played board games on Friday night which is always enjoyable. A friend is moving to NZ so we played a couple of the games he was taking with him for a last chance to play.
    Citadels and 7 wonders was what we played if anybody is interested. Then we went home and did some online window shopping but I do have close to $200 of ganes in my cart on amazon.

    Vidya games wise I have been getting back into blood bowl, I really wish they would release the new teams as DLC rather than new games. I already own 2 versions of the game and i really don’t want to buy another, install a new game and start from scratch again.
    Also a bunch of torchlight 2 was played and the joint character I play with Mrs Tigs is getting close to where she is up to.
    *Checks steam activity: Currently In-Game: Torchlight II *
    Make that was getting close to her

  • Finally got around to finishing Bastion.

    A good game with a very good sound track. Controls are a little bit punishing on keyboard though, especially near the end. I nearly bothered to get up off the couch and plug a controller in.

    • I lasted a grand total of two minutes before plugging my controller in.

      Okay, maybe it was slightly longer but not much.

      Great game and I did like how the ending gave you a story option that justified New Game Plus (which I jumped straight into).

    • Yeah that game was designed to be played with a pad. I did find I swapped to keyboard for some specific challenges though. Eg the rocket launcher challenge was too hard to aim without a mouse.

      • I gave up on a few of those challenges. The hammer, the pistols and the rocket launcher. (rocket launcher mainly because I just wanted to finish the game)

  • So sick today. So very sick. I just want to go home. It’s not helping that every second customer is trying to get warranties today without receipts or for stuff we obviously did not do. I ant even palm them off to the manager because that’s me now. Seriously, it’s every second person so I’ve spent all morning arguing with people while dealing with a headache and dizziness.

    I think I’ll put this nail gun to my temple soon.

    • I recommend you vomit your guts out on the very next person who tries to claim a warranty under false pretenses. Then no body will say anything when you have the rest of the day off.

      • Usually when people go for a refund the first thing they will say when challenged is “I want to speak to the manager”.

        • So you just need to get all CSI on them.
          If you are sure that the work was completed here, instead of a receipt we can use or Laser Ambient Spectrographic Occlusion machine that will read the grooves made by our cutting tool and can determine if that was done here.
          Unfortunately due to the cost of the supplies need to run the chemical laser if the work wasn’t done here there will be a $50 charge for the use of the machine.

    • Big sign:


      Then you don’t have to say anything. Just point to the sign.

      • Reminds me of the sign I used to affix to sound boards:


        Never had a problem after that.

    • Oh, man. That’s four Brisbane TAYbies down and out. :S Hope you feel better, Freeze! If it makes you feel any better, you’re doing exceptionally well in my XCOM team!

    • What’s really funny is that people just never get that they get a lot further by talking nicely rather than being dicks.

      Sorry to hear you’re not feeling the best, buddy. Hopefully one of the morons will spontaniously combust, providing you with no end of entertainment.

  • Sorry for all the Potaku posts. Hope it’s not too annoying. If anyone has a problem with it, let me know and I’ll cut back, okay?

      • Well, there’s been a little bit of backlash about it on Twitter, so I’m making sure you guys are okay with it. πŸ˜€

        • I’d blame the Potaku twitter account for that, not you. Because ambiguity. Or something.

          Seriously? I appreciate being inundated with updates. It’s like advertising, but I’ve chosen to see it πŸ˜€
          Stress less, all good as far as I’m concerned man!

    • God Doc, not only do you clutter up the last page with all you Potaku talk, now you’ve gone and started the next page with it too. You are the Worst!!

      Its cool. I’m totally not working on an article for the site right now, thats how cool it is. πŸ™‚

    • I’ve emailed Potaku with an official complaint.

      No, wait… what’s the word?


      I offer you my submission.

      No, that’s wrong too.

      Anyway, get it in ya.

    • I think there may even be more posts about Fifty Shades in this TAY than Potaku ones, so I don’t think there’s a problem. πŸ˜›

      I do wish you guys would just hang out with us a bit more though. I miss you guys!

        • There’s a fanfic called Fifty Shades of Emma where people just google pictures of Emma Watson then hypothesize about how they’d sexually fulfil her in every way. You can read this in a very exclusive location on the internet called fricken anywhere.

  • WTF. Reloaded the TAY page, had a big red box at the top of the page saying couldn’t post comment due to error, check comment box at bottom of page, and there’s a whole bunch of text in there that I didn’t write about Sierra or something. I am so confused.

    • I don’t think that that’s nearly enough.

      Who wants to make some ads with me? They’ll just be a mishmash of Australian stereotypes, designed to sell pads to women. Well, it makes about as much sense to me as the current ads…

    • which brings the ultimate question, do you guys here say g’day in real life? because i say it all the time, it’s my number 1 greeting. even at work i said it to a customre and they went “g’day, that’s so australian!” i’d like to note they also had australian accents….

      but yeah, g’day? yay? or nay? Okay TAY? (i went too far)

      • I use “G’day” as a greeting all the time.

        Well, less often now than I used to, but it’s still relatively common. It helps that I’m a little bit occa.

      • I never really use g’day … I usually go for the more theatrical “How fairs ye on this, the grandest of days” People tend to stare at me silently after that and I get to have a giggle.

      • I don’t really say it. My husband doesn’t usually, either but I’ve noticed when we’re in a different country he’ll ALWAYS say it. And not even as a joke, it just suddenly becomes his regular greeting. And he starts calling everyone “Mate” too. It’s funny.

        • People feel the need to embrace their home culture more when abroad. So many Scottish people who go NUTS for tartan EVERYTHING when they live abroad but at home, would never even have considered it. My mum owns dishtowels with the Scottish flag on them.

        • Kingston’s a pretty solid brand. I take it you’d be going for the bright and shiny gamer styled ram with each stick having it’s own heatsink?

          • If I can find any in stock that are compatible with my motherboard. but realistically I installed SQL server on my system at home and finding my RAM is a bottle neck for work. So the sooner the better.
            Also I’m maxing out my RAM since I installed the high def textures for SKYRIM! so another reason to upgrade.

          • Ooooh, shiny … both to SQL and high def skyrimming action

            I’d assume that you’d be running a decentish machine with 1333MHz/1600MHz DDR3 ram? if so ram shouldn’t really be an issue

  • Just had a beef and beer pie with mashed potato, peas and gravy. Started to feel better.

    Then I had an ice break. Progress lost. Kept sliding past where I was.

    So much regret.

  • so now that my uni semester has finished, and i only have one exam, i now have a lot of gaming time… but i think i’m overwhelmed and can’t decide what i want to play!


    oh, and i can safely say that there is a character in DOTA 2 that i’m actually quite skilled at, so yay for progress!

      • well, i don’t think i discussed this on TAY, but i actually switched my course after the first semester as i was really not enjoying (depression and the such) so i’m going for a digital design major now, which has been much more enjoyable.

        and uni itself is alright, i now understand the people who are like “i miss school i wish i could go back” as it’s tough getting used to, but at the moment i feel good and want to continue with it, so that’s all good!

      • playing a support Shadow Shaman, had a captains mode game with my friends last night, there were tri-lanes and other pro sounding stuff happening. but yeah he’s the only character i have above 4 bars on the skill-o-meter, that shackle is an absolute beast.

          • either it’s because i don’t have you as a friend, or it’s because i usually play late at night WA time, which is even later for you easterners, so you might be in beddy byes.

            but yeah i play a ton of dota, got over 250 hours so far, god i love that game

  • Hi guys some PS3 questions.

    1. With the new Super slim models, does the 12GB version have a SSD drive with the option to add your own HDD or is it just a small 12GB hard drive?

    2. Can the slims’ lower power consumption be a justification for me buying a new console?

    3. With the PS4 possibly releasing around late 2013 is it even worth it buying a new console, even if it means I’ll have to live with my noisy Fat model? Maybe I can save the money for the PS4, but then saving my money and buying a PS4 early means I’ll have the ‘fat’ version of the PS4 which will likely be replaced in the future with a slimmer PS4

    Aargh! The indecision!

    4. Should I just suck it up and live with my noisy PS3. It’s ok most of the time it just irks me sometimes, enough to stop me from playing anything. It’s mostly after i’ve had a long day and I’m tired.

    5. The cheapest PS3 slim is about the same price as a VITA maybe I should buy a Vita. But the VITA price cut is coming soon,

    6.Is it worth it me doing a data transfer and having one or two save games not transferring?


    Basically convince me to keep my console or get a new one.

    • 2: Probably not unless you have many other issues with the fat as well.
      3: How long would you be willing to hold off on the PS4?
      4: Do you really have enough disposable income to buy a console you already own?
      5: How many games would you actually buy for it?

    • Answered some on twitter, but:
      1. 12gb super slim hyas flash memory.
      2. it has lower power consumption than the original Fat PS3 but you’ll need to run your own figures depending on your usage
      3 & 4: I don’t expect the PS3 to disappear on day one of PS4- Sony supported the PS2 for some time and in fact are still selling it
      5: your choice
      6: Get PS+ and save it all on the cloud, then d’load it.

    • The first thing that comes to my mind is “don’t bother considering the age of the console”. Save your money for the next big thing. If your console happens to fail though, go for it! Also, doubt the power consumption difference would mean much, financially, unless the phat PS3 had serious power issues.

    • Unless you’re having issues with your current PS3, I wouldn’t bother.

      Also, I’m not expecting the next generation of consoles to be “fat”. While there will undoubtably be re-released versions down the like that are slimmer, more efficient and have greater storage, I think the first batch are going to be pretty slim themselves and come with decent storage, unlike the start of this generation where they were all massive bricks with barely any storage at all.

      • I’m not sure…the disturbing trend with both PS3 and 360s latest is to have a model with next to no storage that is the most promoted.

    • Thank you for the answers guys. They were very helpful.

      Based on your replies, I think I will keep my current PS3 and just put in a new HDD. I can save the money and maybe look into buying some decent headsets(even though they make my ears uncomfortable) if the noise bothers me that much. I could even use the money I saved to buy a game or two.

    • Hey mash!

      I for one LOVE the new ps3 design BUT, for less money than youd pay for the 12gb one, i HIGHLY recommend getting yourself a sweet deal on the 250gb SLIM.. 12gb doesnt get you very far… im approximating that out of that 12gb, only 10.5 will be useable… and considering many games require an install that can range from a few mb to 7 or 8 gb, you’re not exactly left with much room for game patches, updates, and if into it, DLC. to give an example:
      * MW3 with map packs and updates about 1.5gb
      * MGS4 – 4.5gb install
      * MVSC 3 – 3.5gb install
      * Heavy Rain – 7.2gb install (2 seperate datasets)

      so yeah thats just me stating ones that i can roughly remember, but most games require an install. some do it silently while your playing so you dont even notice it.

      also you can buy a new HDD for the 12gb model. about $65 for 320gb SATA.


      1. No – the 12GB is flash storage. different to SSD. think usb stick storage style. nowhere near as quick, and im guessing the storage will probably only allow gamesaves.

      2. Definetely not. you wouldnt notice it in the long run. maybe a $5 a month saving which would take you 5 years of ps3 gaming to justify its expense.

      3. stick with your fatty…. ive had one for years (80gb model) still running great… unless the noise is THAT bad… do you know whats making the noise? ie fan, bd-rom, or is it the same noise level that every fat owner is accustomed to? Im planning on getting a launch ps4…. itll prob be through JB so i can at least get an extended warranty .

      4. Hint: Turn the tv volume up, or if a bit techie, replace the fans… replacements from

      5. My vita is gathering dust.. if you’re itching to spend the dough yes buy a vita; be warned there is a serious lack of games. im giving mine till christmas, else im selling it and getting a 3ds xl…. i absolutely love the crap out of the hardware, but damn there is just nothing to play.

      6. game saves dont take up much room… just transfer them all…

  • I just realised something quite upsetting and rather disgusting:

    It’s still Monday.
    *deep breath*

  • Afternoon TAYfolk. What’s everyone been up too? I’ve been at the vet. A bunny licked me and the I watched it get castrated, now I’m having lunch.

    I saw Masha make a comment on another post about Skylanders not having a jump button. Let me say this. Every game need a jump button, every game. Even those ultra realistic folk lift training games should had jump buttons.

    Anyway prolly won’t see replyes to this till later so have fun? Maybe idk

    • I had no idea that existed. It’s sort of creepy. Maybe it’s just my messed up mind, but it has a very rapey feel to it.

      • Okay, so reading up on it, this is currently the version that’s ingame and was made to announce Portal 2. That would explain the being dragged back thing. I thought this was the original version and it was patched so that this doesn’t happen because of how sinister it seems. My mistake.

        It also made me realise that I never once questioned how Chell ended up back in the testing facility.

    • hate to agree with nova but yeah, this was common knowledge xD

      but an awesome thing to do, it also tied it to the comic that valve released.

    • I can’t watch whatever the video is, but is this changed or added extra to? Was this when they added the radios in each puzzle with secret portal 2 info?

      • About a 5 second difference at the end of the game, so added to.
        Can’t remember if it was all in the same update, but it was around the same time.

  • *crashes through wall*

    I IS EXCITE! Just got approved for finance on a new car! Week = made!!!

    Oh yeahsomethingsomethingsomething no time for games sorry something… How is everyone else?

  • Walked into Impact Comics during my lunch break and offered to sign the copies of The Lesser Evil they had on the shelf. That took a level of social courage I didn’t know I possessed, and I feel pretty good now. I realise this clashes in a lot of ways with what I wrote earlier – I have no explanation; it’s just weird.

  • Speaking of jumping in games, Dishonored has one of the oddest jumps in games. It’s like a short, truncated hop that just feels wrong. It is more of a realistic jump but compared to other games it leaves a weird incomplete feeling.

  • RK. Strange was killed in action in XCOM. That wasn’t acceptable. I quit the game and lost an hour of progress. I was right to do it. πŸ˜›

  • TAY Sydney campapalooza 2012-2013.
    27th Dec – 2nd Jan.
    Meat errywun.
    $10 per day, $7 per car.
    Showers, firepit and river available. I won’t say what each is designed for (personally, I’ll be washing in the river, relieving myself in the fire and staying warm in the showers. Up to you, really)

    Freeze S. Preston Icequire and myself will be arriving in Sydney on the 28th, by which time we’ll need to be held apart from one another due to sitting next to each other for however many hours it takes to get from Brisbane to Sydney. This could be due to an unrivaled hatred that has developed over the course of the trip, or the fact that there will be super-disgusting public displays of affection from each other. Again, this is open for debate.

    Now, onto my personal little bit. I’m off the Eylandt for a month, from the 14th Dec through to the 13th Jan. I’ve NO idea what I can do/where I can go in this month, aside from the road trip with the aforementioned travel-buddy, and the subsequent camping trip. As flights to/from the eylandt are… not cheap, my budget is somewhat limited in that regard.
    But I also want to meat as many of you as possible. I think I want to stay in Syd a little longer than just for the camping trip, as there’s restaurants and ‘city-stuff’ that I want to get in before I get back here. Would anyone like to join me for various meats in that light?
    I also brought up accommodation and such a while back. I know it’s a bit of a stretch even asking, but would anyone be willing to house me for a bit while I’m wherever I am? (Again, I still don’t know where I’ll be, hence I need suggestions :D) I can provide financial and domestic reimbursement if that’s the case, too.
    Also tattoos. I want to get my tattoo over this break. Thoughts?

    Much love* and stuff,

    *I swear it doesn’t contain herpes. I had it checked out.

      • What’s that, DC? You want to be kidnapped and brought along for the meat-a-palooza in Sydney?

        Anyway, all of it sounds good to me, but I’ll need to check my schedule. I mean, there’s a whole lot of nothing in the months ahead for me, but I gotta make sure just to be safe.

      • If I can find somewhere to stay in Brisneyland, I’d love to meat the Brisvegas TAYbies!
        As it stands now though, I’m flying into Brisbane on the 27th, and Freeze and I are then heading to Sydney from there.
        My arrival date is subject to change though, so if anyone’s got plans/ideas, I’m all ears πŸ˜€

        • I was thinking since I’m coming up to get you that night we should organise a dinner or something that night because screw working all day then driving all night. Leave in the morning.

          • Sounds awesome man!
            The Brisbane TAYbies I know of are… yourself, Strange and DC? There’s more than that, I’m sure. Meating for dinner and leaving the next day could work wonderfully.
            I’m good to go with the flow for the most part πŸ˜€

          • Trjn, Nob, Lambo, TheL4stQuestion, Jimu, Virus and someone I’ve probably left out.

          • Don’t think Alephs been around long enough to remember Enduwolf. Hell I think that was before I used the name Freeze v

    • I’m keen for joining in over New Years, so I’ll have to start sorting out family Christmas plans to see if I can make it there πŸ˜›
      I’m also keen on the tattoo part…I keep meaning to get something, and this way neither of us would back out!

    • I’ll probably be at the camping thing, F4ction’s happy to drop by Canberra on his way up(what’s an extra hour in a 12 hour trip?) so I don’t even need to worry about buses(insert “hurrah” here)!

      And as much as I’d love to say “you’re welcome in Canberra!” You’d have to come to Canberra for that, and my house is undergoing renovations, so you wouldn’t be able to stay here.

      Not that you’d want to.

      Because it’s Canberra.

      • I am sorta fond of Canberra πŸ˜›
        Renovations suck. If I find an alternative, I’ll let you know so you can escape the renovation nightmare for a bit!

        • The theory is that they’ll be done by Christmas.

          If this was the builders we used last time we did major renovations, that would be Christmas next year (it took them 16 months to do what they said would be a 6 month project), in actuality, it should be done by February. It’s also not too bad, as they’re not touching my room, my bathroom, or the kitchen.

    • Hopefully I’ll be able to camp. Can’t be sure until it gets a bit closer though. Even if I don’t, I’ll definitely come meat you before you leave! Unfortunately I can’t offer you a place to stay, but still! Fun!

    • I will be down for a city based meat. Camping is too much of a time commitment for me (I am extremely time poor).
      If you need accomodation you can sleep on my couch (my couch is one of those ones that half of it looks like a bed).

      • Thanks so much for the offer Phlaiman!
        I’m kind of keen to spend as much time in the city as I can, if only for the reason that I live ~5 minutes away from camping spots as it is. There’s… different forms of entertainment and such to be had within city limits.
        Like traffic lights.
        And double-lane roads.

        And roundabouts!

        (man, all I’m thinking about seems to be the differences in traffic management.)

    • Oh man I forgot about this trip! I’ll be in Port Macquarie when youre trippin to Sydney, which is basically the halfway point… very tempting to meet you guys on the highway if its possible. Only I’d be leaving Sydney… then flying back in on the 17th. Hmmmmmmmmm… sounds pricey…

      • Yeah, that’s my thinking at the moment too.
        Currently I’m looking at around $3k in flights, so I’m trying to skimp on as much else as I can!

        If I go to Cnb/Melb too, well, there’s added costs in flights for that too /o\

        Man, we’ve got the worst timing with our trips, eh?

  • Loopy da loops
    I have new RAM so hopefully I can play DOW:R now. I installed and tried over the weekend but it was a 5 minute load between missions, results, edit team.
    I still have no idea what I am doing but if you want I will stand with you. Til the last

  • Tempted to take a page of Fifty Shades of Grey and replace all the character names with TAYbies. But I’m also terrified by the potential result.

  • @harli – not a magician…. i know, sad days πŸ™
    @Mawt –

    Old-school consoles where suprisingly sturdy… they werent built using complex chipsets that produce a ridiculous amount of heat; which is one of the number one killers. Another important aspect is the solder that was used… old electronics used solder that contained led. whilst not very environmentaly friendly, it responded very well to heat. nowadays, lead free solder is the cause of the 360 RROD and PS3 YLOD as well as many many laptop deaths. it creates dry solder joints from constant heating/cooling which means that eventually the cpu/gpu doesnt make proper contact with the motherboard….

    old consoles survive the test of time very well if they’ve been stored in a decent environment. main problems arising end up being leaked capacitors which are easily replaced, or even fuses blowing… if a capacitor leaks onto the mainboard though it can render it useless….

    long story short, if you cherish your old consoles, store them at a decent temperature UPSIDE DOWN. that way if a capacitor leaks or something, it wont damage the mainboard and can be easily repaired.

    the 32x suffered some track damage and as a result and i managed to retrace them. luckily it wasnt too bad….

  • THE STATE OF TAY — 15/10/2012

    — Seems there’s an epidemic of worrying proportions in Brisbane, only days after Sughly’s meat! Coincidence, I think not! Strange, Freeze, Ser Nobulus and the host himself are all sick. Can expect a visit from the CDC if Stephen King’s The Stand has taught me any thing! (The rest of us should start making our way to Boulder, Colorado or Las Vegas!) (pg1)

    — Dishonored, Borderlands 2 and Pokemon are still being played like crazy! Folks have shared stories and thoughts on the games: some good, some bad, all entertaining! XCOM has also entered the fray, with squads being built around TAYbies!

    — There was a space jump linked! SPAAAAAACE! Awesome as it was terrifying! Not exactly in the highest of quality yet, but still damn heroic all the same! (pg1)

    — Doc’s posted more about Potaku, calling for contributions and the like! (pg1) Later on he also put up a schedule for upcoming podcast topics, looking for willing participants! (pg2)

    — Shane’s daughter made her acting debut! Seems she follows the method approach! He’s also been soul searching about writing, we wish the guy well and he deserves only good things! (pg1) The man then worked up the courage to sign his stuff at a comic store. Makes a hermit like D.C. proud! :’) (pg3)

    — Scree continues to have a tooth ache, she has an appointment with a dentist on Wednesday! Zetrox has offered her some pretty great advice. A man for the ages! (pg1/2)

    — RedArtifice pondered a question. What are the best gaming friendships!? We answered. (pg2)

    — Loops had the place to himself this weekend. Tuna bake! The Walking Dead! Painting! (pg2) Fatshady joined the ranks of the master race. We wished him well! (pg2) Puppy Licks world has been turned upside upon hearing Valve changed Portal’s ending! Pixel’s been approved for finance to buy a new car! (pg3)

    — Sughly and Rockets will be in Sydney on the 18/19 January. They put out a call for a meat! (pg2)

    — Masha has some PS3 questions he’s contemplating. If you can help him out, it’d be appreciated. (pg3)

    — Aleph’s elaborate December Sydney plans are beginning to form good and proper! He wants to meat as many TAYbies as possible, so if you’re interested let the man know! There’s a camping trip planned too and he’s also looking for some logistical help! He wants to get a tattoo as well, so if you know any one good… (pg3)

    — There was some talk of Fifty Shades of Grey, but let’s pretend there wasn’t, okay? *shakes fist at Trjn* (Though AlexPants has an amusing plan to replace character names with TAYbies! Disturbing!) (pg3)

    Now you know and knowing is half the battle…

    Suggestions on formatting and content encouraged!

  • Looks like the place where my parents’ new house is being built will have NBN ready-for-service in four days time. Which means NBN when we move in early next year.

  • @Masha – NNNnnnooooooo! You just bought a new PS3 HDD, why would you ever consider a new PS3 after that :P, bad! Well you know what I’m going to vote on :).

    If you do decide to buy a new one (BAD!) and do a transfer, I suggest deleting everything that can be easily obtained again to help streamline the process. My 40GB died and when I temporarily fixed it, I immediately deleted all the installed games and game data I didn’t need since I could always re-install or re-download it. Because I pretty much only had my save files the transfer only took a few minutes and it all transferred over perfectly (even my Dark Souls saves which is copy protected). It is quite literally a whole transfer of everything so the more stuff you have on the HDD, the longer it’s going to take.

    @syv – Still here? I feel bad for checking back and seeing two of your replies to me that I didn’t respond to. D: sorry mate was at Uni! As for your PS3 question, you need to have a working PS3 for the transfer to work. Although it’s still on the HDD they’re stupidly linked to that specific PS3 so simply putting it in a new one won’t do anything and you can’t access it. What’s wrong with your broken PS3? YLOD? There’s a few quick fixes you can do yourself to get the console temporarily working. It could damage the PS3 though but if it’s already broke, why not try it first?

    @EVERYONE – I’m so keen to do something crazy like go interstate with a bunch of older people I barely know that I met on the internet. Nothing dodgy about that at all! It’ll be fun going to a place I’ve never been before and just hang out :D. Who wants to give me a lift? πŸ˜›

    • Do I detect sarcasm in that last paragraph? πŸ˜›

      You really should join us though. It’ll be awesome! Just gotta remind everyone of the ground rules that were discussed previously.
      No hatchets, axes or chainsaws.
      *nods sagely*

      • Nah man! I’m actually really keen for it but not so sure about flying out randomly to a city I’ve never been to before so would much rather road trip it up with some people or something :D. Ya know, try to save as much money as possible.

        Last massive Uni holiday I had (November last year to Feb this year) was so incredibly boring and all I did was sit at home and I did absolutely nothing. Doing nothing is usual for me but to do that for 3 months was almost unbearable! So I’d really like to do something like travel and whatnot.

        But I’m glad that boredom made me I start posting in TAY though :D!

    • Ever since daylight savings I’ve been extremely tired every day even though I was still getting the usual 7 or so hours of sleep. I even had to take a nap on a few days which is something I rarely do. I’d say I’ll take a nap like twice a year or something, really rare for me to be that tired that I really need one.

      I was up for ages yesterday working on an assignment and probably only got 4 hours sleep. Yet oddly enough I’m feeling more ‘refreshed’ and less tired than usual. WUT?! I don’t drink coffee or energy drinks either and I don’t do anything active so it’s really weird that I’d be so ‘awake’ :/

      Human bodies be weird yo.

    • Still here.
      When I try and turn the PS3 on, the red light does some flashing, and then the console turns off again. The situation isn’t dire. I have most of my saves, just not all of them. I’m a little nervous about opening the thing up myself. Maybe I’ll give Sony a call… see if they charge much for repairing this kind of thing.

      Also, missing my replies isn’t something to feel bad about! I’m not particularly prompt with them.

      • This is what happened to my Phat the last time it broke. I haven’t had it fixed yet though so I have no words of wisdom for you.

      • Yeah sounds like the YLOD type of thing I had. I heard it was a bit pricey for a repair so decided to just have a crack at it myself. Do you have a fat original PS3? I know this method works on it and you don’t need to open it up but it COULD damage it more :/

        Basically once you’ve taken your HDD and any discs still in there out (have you done that? there’s a way to do it even when the PS3 is broken), shove the PS3 into a box (I just used the PS3’s one) and then get a hair dryer and just start heating the thing up for a while. It took me like an hour or so of on and off hair dryering but I finally got my old fat 40GB working. I hear it’s a temporary fix though and the PS3 could break within a few days, weeks, months but last time I checked, mine still works. This allowed me to quickly set up a transfer and I transferred everything to the new Slim PS3.

        • Yeah, it’s old and fat, thanks for the advice!
          I’m not sure I could take a hairdryer to the poor thing… I also don’t own a hairdryer. But it’s worth considering.

          • A heat gun would work too but hairdryers are something most people would just have lying around.

            I know nothing about the technical stuff but I assume it melts something a rather to get it working again. But in doing so it could melt other things :/ I know the plastic vents are definitely a bit warped but nothing too noticeable or bad.

            Let us know how it goes πŸ™‚

      • Wow, you really understand what makes a good story. You should be a writer!

        (I re-read this comment and realised that it sounded a little snarky – but it’s meant to be light-hearted I swear!)

    • Ouch. Hopefully it turns up eventually. Or some kid might find it in the next flight and think “Bonus!”

      Did you at least find $10?

      Hope you get it back somehow mate, and maybe there will be about 10 international flights worth of streetpass hits on it too?

      • I’m going to ring the airline tomorrow and I may still be lucky. I know exactly where it was (just sitting on the seat next to mine) and SF airport is pretty easy to get to.

        If I do get it back then it makes the story even more exciting!

        If I don’t get it back, then screw you Nintendo and your region locking – because I may have to wait till I get home agan to buy a new one. Or just buy it here and import everything in the future. Hmm…

    • πŸ™ Did you cry? I would have sobbed my heart out.
      But don’t let that black feeling in the pit of your stomach I’m assuming you’re getting every time you think about it ruin your trip. *hugasaurus rex*

      • No, I didn’t. And it’s not going to ruin anything, really. Because in the scheme of things, it’s not that big of a deal. It could have been my wallet, or my passport, or my phone, any of which would have sucked a whole bunch more. This is just annoying because it was sheer stupidity (and exhaustion, I guess) that made me leave it behind.

  • It’s really strange (hi strange!) that Plunkett manages to be both my favourite and most hated KotakuUS writer.

    • Thanks for the reply man. The site you recommended has some good deals. Unfortunately I’m not techie enough to replace the fans. I actually need to clean my laptop fans but I have no idea how to open it /o\

      The console noise is regular I think, so I’ll just take up your suggestion and turn up my TVs volume. I watch my movies on my laptop most of the time so the PS3’s noise will not be as much of an issue.

      The reason I was considering the 12GB was so that I could get it then put a new HDD in there. I guess that’s not important any more since I decided to stay with my current PS3 and just upgrade its HDD. I have a 1TB drive which I am planning to put into my PS3. Having PS+ and being a demo addict makes space management hard. πŸ™‚

      Actually, as I type this I’m in the first stages of doing the HDD upgrade. I am currently backing up my data onto an external drive which is estimated to take 3hrs and 9min. It’s currently at 49%

      • 250GB is more than plenty! Delete yo things!

        EDIT: not sure if you saw my reply on the last page but I’ll copy/paste it here

        @Masha – NNNnnnooooooo! You just bought a new PS3 HDD, why would you ever consider a new PS3 after that :P, bad! Well you know what I’m going to vote on :).

        If you do decide to buy a new one (BAD!) and do a transfer, I suggest deleting everything that can be easily obtained again to help streamline the process. My 40GB died and when I temporarily fixed it, I immediately deleted all the installed games and game data I didn’t need since I could always re-install or re-download it. Because I pretty much only had my save files the transfer only took a few minutes and it all transferred over perfectly (even my Dark Souls saves which is copy protected). It is quite literally a whole transfer of everything so the more stuff you have on the HDD, the longer it’s going to take.

        • I saw your reply. Thanks for the info.

          I think I’ve made my decision and I’ll keep my PS3 and just upgrade it. Actually I’m stuck with my decision now because once I upgrade my PS3 I’ll need a 1TB external drive if I ever have to buy a new console and I don’t own an external hard drive that big.

          I’ll just keep the money for a later day. I’ll be buying Far Cry 3 on launch and I can save the rest to pay future bills.

  • @Blaghsie – What’s happening so far with you and F4ction? I assume he’s on TS at the moment but I’ve been busy lately so I won’t be able to talk with him any time soon, can you bring it up with him next time you’re both on? :D. I may get to go to two States/Territories I’ve never been to before, exciting!

    As for driving I’m not sure if I can since there’s something like “no more than 1 passenger” but I think cause he’s on he’s full licence I should be able to? Who knows. I also have no idea about interstate driving lawz (I’ve also never driven more than 10 minutes away from my house by myself :P)

    • I liked the Blades. I’ve never been able to find anything easily in the updates so I always just press the guide button and use the interface there that’s pretty much the blades anyway.

      • Yeah, I agree. The blades was a concept that needed some tweaking, but not thrown out. The dash has never been worse than it is right now. :'(

      • Yeah the blades were pretty good, I liked the NXE as well but once the metro-themed interface dropped searching through the interface for what you wanted just felt like work

  • @Tigerion, Rize and Techy
    That’s great news!!
    How about we get a game in tonight if any of you chaps have the time?!

    We could play last stand!! If all 4 of us are free to play we could play an actual versus match where none of us know what the hell we’re doing! πŸ˜€

  • Man, the people in the Pokemon world are so friendly. Break into someone’s house and they give you a free TM or berry. Arrive in a city for the first time and a clown gives you a bike. I feel this is a service all major cities should adopt.

    • Think of it this way. You’re breaking into their house in the middle of the night with 6 snarling, powerful Pokemon. No wonder they are giving up all their possessions. They just want to keep their life.

    • I can see it now.

      Dusk creeps upon the town, children running home for tea after playing in the afternoon light.
      A Stranger meanders through the streets, relieved to have survived the trek to civilisation. As he turns the corner, a father and child wave at the Stranger from the comfort of the living room, lit by the warm glow of the fireplace.
      But they’re not waving.
      It’s not a fireplace.

      An army of clowns, riding atop glorious tricycles screech as they throw themselves upon the town. The flames engulf the family that were screaming to get the Stranger’s attention, as their home burns to rubble. Fueled by the fear and death that plagues the very soil they wheel over, the clowns descend upon our hero.
      Heroes die too.

      But yeah. Clowns = NOPE.

    • It does get a bit ridiculous sometimes. I was walking through one of those gateway things and the chick behind the counter just pulls me over and gives me a bunch of Great Balls. No reason, just ‘HERE HAVE THESE LITTLE KID’.

  • Stephen Fry posted Gillard’s speech on Twitter.

    One particularly great exchange in the replies:
    “Most cringed or sat openmouthed in disbelief at her lies. Where’s the proof of Abbotts mysogyny let alone sexism?”
    “All the quotes she read out”


  • Just hot given orders to complete a full store stocktake by Friday. Not sure how I’m supposed to do this since this is the busiest store on the Gold Coast yet it’s the only one they refuse to put two people in. What makes it worse they are imposing penalties on our bonuses for every day it is late.

    What the fuck is wrong with these people? They literally have no understanding of how a store works.

    • Y’know how we were discussing customer-management options earlier?
      I think we need to move on to management-management (alternatively, ‘metamanagement’) options. I feel that the path of carving a key relief into their hands would serve as an equal motivator for both clients and upper-management.

  • Just got my tickets from the Expendables 2 competition finally!

    Because it’s so late they’re free tickets to any movie I want. Still wish I hadn’t missed Expendables 2 though…I would have paid to see it, even. But still: free movie! πŸ˜€

      • I don’t want to see Looper. Everyone’s been talking it up way too much. There’s no way it’ll live up to that. That’s what happened with Inception. Everyone was saying it was the most awesome, clever, twisty movie ever. And it so very much wasn’t. If people hadn’t talked it up so much I would have enjoyed it much more.

        • Looper is the worst movie, My god. It’s just .. so bad … like the worst movie ever!


          *I have never seen Looper*

        • πŸ™ If it helps, I didn’t like it as much as Inception? It’s somewhere between an indie movie and an action blockbuster… (Haha! Sorry if I’ve contributed to the hype train. Something I’ve been trying to hold back on ever since my Spec Ops ramblings. :P) Next movie I want to see is Frankenweenie, Tim Burton’s black-and-white stop motion dealy. That looks awesome!

        • Whooa whooa whoa. I understand that Inception isn’t deep, but it’s still quite the thrill ride, and I’ve watched it multiple times. Robbing yourself of an fun experience, now matter how less enjoyable it is because of hype , would be a shame. And I think Looper hits up the category of at least being a good way to waste time, out of current movie offerings.

          EDIT: Ok, I don’t even know what I said, so basically, even if the experience is diminished, Looper is one of those movies where you’re guaranteed to have at least a tiny bit of fun watching it, and robbing yourself of that sliver of fun would be a shame.

          • Yeah, I don’t think Looper tries to be clever like Inception too. It’s got an interesting hook, but it’s still a fairly standard sci-fi action/drama. (In a good way.) More like an episode of The Twilight Zone…

        • I’ve got no idea if it’s a really good time travel movie. The only time travel movies I’ve seen are it and BTTF. But as just a movie I thought it was pretty cool. It had a different feel to it than most movies. Most movies sort of feel like shoot/punch-fest actioney ADRENALINE type things, where as this felt a bit more, mellow I guess? Felt like it had some actual substance. Don’t really know how to describe it, plus I’m tired, so shut up πŸ˜›
          But yeah, apart from the violence and nudity (which I’ve mentioned before that I don’t really much like) I actually rather enjoyed it and would definitely put it on my list of best movies of this year, maybe first even (gotta wait to see how good The Hobbit is :P)

          • Haha! I went to see Looper with my mum. I felt so uncomfortable during the nudity scene. πŸ˜› It was tasteful, but still…

          • Well, because of my beliefs I don’t really find any nudity tasteful. But anyway. When I saw it I was with a bunch of friends from church. Man that was funny. All 7 of us looked away during that scene. That would have been a sight to behold, 7 twenty-something males (and me) sitting in a row all looking away from boobs xD

          • I was raised Catholic and still have that ol’ Catholic guilt thing to this day in similar instances. I know it’s different, but still. My suggestion to you, lambo… never watch HBO… πŸ˜›

          • That was meant as a reply to Greenius πŸ˜›
            I think I’ll just stick with kids shows. That’s where all the good stuff’s at! Clone Wars, Tron Uprising, Adventure Time (which I’ve still only ever seen one episode of…). Although Halo Forward Unto Dawn is pretty awesome too. Oh, and Sherlock.
            Man, I can’t wait to get my hands on the Halo Forward Unto Dawn DVD.

          • Oh hey, does that mean the only Adventure Time episode you’ve seen was the one I linked?

            Wizard Battle I believe?


          • Yeah, the one you linked me to. Haven’t watched any others yet. Maybe one day I will. Maybe I’ll also one day watch My Little Pony too. Actually wait. I don’t think the latter would be good for what little mental health I have left πŸ˜›

    • Would it be like Ebbew? Ebbwee? Ebbaw? I don’t even /o\
      Wait. Ebbiwayaya. That’s what I’m going to call it from now on. Just because.

        • I was trying to find an image of a cartoon female whale to make a terrible joke but failed miserably.

          Fun fact: if you type in female whale into google the first suggestion is female whale genitalia. I don’t want to even begin contemplating why that is so.

    • I googled it, only to be lead to Wikipedia which lists a Ebbw Vale in Queensland. Nearby Ebbw Vale, QLD is a suburb of Ipswich named New Chum which made me laugh.

      And then I found $10.

  • Hey YOU!

    Yes YOU, the one reading this right now.

    You’re pretty awesome, keep it up!

    I’m fairly happy today. I wuv you guise n galz

      • I’m OK. I had a better day than you by the sound of it.
        I’m attempting a backwards speed-catchup of TAY. It gets confusing.

        I think I have time off at new years, and no plans. Aleph’s camping/Sydney meat looks interesting, but I’ll probably have no moneys, due to buying a car somewhere between now and Christmas.

        • It’s camping. How much money do you need? You totally should come. The whole reason we’re coming down is to meat everyone we can.

          • I’m in Melbourne, so there’s getting there and back, plus I’d want to check out Sydney while I’m up there, so accomodation etc, although I’m happy in a backpacker hostel. I’ll have to see how I’m doing for funds a little closer before I decide.

            I just read about you having to do a full stocktake this week. On your own. That sucks! Can you tell them you need an extra person for a day so you can get it done?

          • Oh. Sorry. For some reason I thought you were in Sydney. But myself and Aleph are still kicking around the idea of heading down to Melbourne for a bit after. Meat all the people!*

            ( WA people not included. :()