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    Morning all. Hope your weekends were good. I'm exhausted. I worked on the ACT Election all weekend, and although it will probably mean an extra $700 or so for the hours I put in, I still kind of wish I didn't have to do stuff like that...

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      But wasn't it great to take part in Democracy?

      Hahahahahaha. Hahaha. Ahhh, I almost said that with a straight face.

        Completely off topic, but I lol'd at the comment post you posted in the previous TAY.

      Happy couple-o-days after your birthday!

      I hope you have a happy alternate birthday. Or else.

      But when you are President of Australia, it will all be worth it!

      You have MY vote!

      Well, you would. But I'm not Australian and can't vote. But it's the thought that counts, right?

        When I am Emperor of the World, I will let you vote in Australian elections... if I decide to retain them in the system.

          There's a campaign slogan for you... "Vote For Shane In 2013... And You'll Never Have To Again".

      Whoaaaaaa, 700$! I need to get me a piece of this election pie

    Morning TAY!
    Almost a week off work sick (interspersed with XCOM and Borderlands 2), I'm finally back to start catching up on the work that piled up while I was away. Except there isn't any.
    ....OK, not questioning it, just moving right along.
    After finally finishing season 2 of Game of Thrones, I've started slamming back in to Skyrim again (after piling on more mods, of course). At some point I should finish the storyline, but it's just far more fun to do whatever comes up.

      I found that derping around was so much more fun then the main story quest.

      lucky you, when i go on leave, i kinda wished i did overtime at work instead.

      I've decided to go the other way with Skyrim, take off all the mods, I tried to play the Dawnguard quest line but just couldn't get immersed in a world where Space Mauureens can ride horses and not kill them.

    Morning fronds!

    I had a pretty nothing weekend. Played Vidya Gaems and that's about it. Played a hell of a lot of Borderlands 2. Finished all of playthrough 1 doing all the quests possible except for the final mission and I'm level 35. Also played some DayZ with glahmang and Faction. They both got shot and died so I looted all their stuff. I'm a good friend =P

      Should probably mention that the playthrough is on my Mechromancer.

      I may have to start with a new character, as having lost all my badass ranks and Golden Keys, I have just lost all motivation with my current playthrough.
      However, I am hoping; New Character, New Motivation!

        Wow, that freakin' sucks...what platform you on?

          360, this was due to the patch for the latest DLC.

            Has this issue been re-patched? I haven't been on BL2 since before the mechromancer was released. Don't want to lose those ranks.

              They are looking into it, but no word so far.
              However it does appear to be random, a lot of people have not been affected so... I just tend to have really crappy luck when it comes to these sorts of things, any game that has an issue, I am most likely to experience it :(

                Aw okay. Might risk it and try the first dlc this weekend. However I did exactly what puppylicks did and played the xcom demo, now I've ordered that also!

        I had the less severe version where it removed the badass rank points and skill points, but I just had to reallocate them. I'm fairly certain that the golden keys are locked to your profile and not individual characters, so it'll be cool if you get them back. If you need a hand with the end of gamey stuff, let me know

      You guys better still be playing when the standalone DayZ comes out!

    Reposting from the weekend (because I can :P)
    FTL Adventures! USS TAY: Crew: Lambo, Greenius, Cakey: Ship blew up in Sector 3

    USS TAY II: Crew: Pants, Ruffleberg, Aleph: Ruffleberg and Aleph died from suffocation, thanks to running out of oxygen. Pants survived by staying locked up in the cockpit. He made it to the next sector before blowing up thanks to not being able to maintain the entire ship by himself in the heat of battle.

    USS TAY III: Crew: Pez, Chuloopa, Strange: Perished in battle in Sector 1. I blame Pez.

    USS TAY IV: Crew: Blaghsy, D.C., DAN: D.C. died after catching a disease that had wiped out a space station in Sector 2. Capt Blaghsy was the first captain to think of fleeing a battle. It worked. Dan sneekily took over the ship while Blaghsy was busy repairing the weapons. Dan flew the ship into an asteroid field in Sector 4 and was destroyed when attacked by an AI rebel scout.

    USS TAY V: Crew: Sughly, Bish, Freeze: After jumping into a nebula, the ship caught fire, disabling the O2 supply, and the crew died after running out of air while trying to do repairs. They only made it to Sector 2.

    USS TAY VI: Crew: Pixel, Powalen, Rize: Pow sure is good on the weapons. After picking up an awesome hull destroying gun from some dirty pirates, he can take out ships with only a few shots. Being jumped by a rebel ship, and with low hull strength and no places nearby to repair, the ship is destroyed in Sector 4 after the shields, O2 and engines are taken out.

    USS TAY VII: Crew: Harli, Freyr, Batgirl (girl power!): After making it to Sector 2, the ship is attacked by a hostile Engi ship and they are boarded. Captain Harli decides to open the doors and suffocate the Engies…except Engies are robots. They don’t breath. Nice one Captain Harli. With half the ship now without oxygen, the Engies take out the door controls, then destroy the O2, Engines, and Batgirl. Freyr tries to repair the doors but dies from lack of oxygen. The Engi ship is taken out however. Harli tries to do some repairs herself after the battle, but she ends up dying too. Laaaame. But still better than Pez :P

      Wooo, I was part of the crew that got furthest \o/

      Don't ever mess with Engis, human :)
      I finally managed to finish that game last night! \o/

        \o/ good work Techie
        Final round of boss fight is as far as I have manged to get

          I never got past the second round until that night. I managed in the default *shudders* human ship the Kestrel. What I want to do is use the Engi Type B model where you start as only one Engi on one Engi ship. This'll be me, struggling to survive and push on, alone as a mechanical being of destruction with a lot of drones at my disposal! :D

      Dammit Pez! lol
      Wow... we were like a ship of red-shirts :P

        That's how it is usually, it took me 30+ playthroughs to finish the game on EASY! :P
        My next challenge is going the Tech Knight Engi ship playthrough, where I'm the only one on the ship in the beginning.


    hope we all had a magnificent weekend.

    \o/ Winrar! for the extra $700
    /o\ for having to work through your birthday... hope there was something awesome waiting for you at home to make up for it!

    DONT THROW OUT THAT BROKEN GAME GEAR!!!!! I will gladly take it off your hands!

    My one hour powernap on friday night, which lasted from 7pm till the next morning COMPLETELY wrecked me for most of saturday. Still managed to get a short Borderlands session with Wolf & Sat! damn that Moe and Marley right guys???? I kept constantly running out of ammo i had to keep killing smaller skags so i can get more ammo! Good effort though considering we were all pretty underleveled!

    This weekend was a good relaxing weekend. Friday night I finished Borderlands 2 with my girlfriend, she's not very good at shooters so I'm very proud that she stuck with me all the way to the end. She's now an accomplished lvl30 Siren badass :)

    Saturday night we watched Star Wars episdode IV and V too, great to see those movies again as it has been over ten years since I'd last watched them. Yeah they're still great but DAYUM I did not notice just how much of a crush Luke had on Leia. Very awkward for him later on I'm sure.

    Also I tried the XCOM demo, dangit now I wanna buy XCOM.

      Ten. Years.
      I cannot comprehend how it has been so long.
      Just... Sigh.

        Hey at least I watched the original version and not the 'remastered' versions :P

    Just wondering, is discussing endgame bosses in BL2(not quests) considered a spoiler? Finally maxed out Zer0 yesterday and i'm playing through the endgame content...rot13?

      I'd say so, just because some people aren't up to it yet

      Yeah, good point, my brain still isn't working properly, it's monday morning.
      **Possible BL2 spoilers ahead...
      Fb V qbjarq gur Jneevbe(yriry 52) ynfg avtug naq jbbubb! Ur qebccrq gur Pbasrerapr Pnyy fubgtha, gung guvat vf sernxvat BC! Gura V jrag bss gb snez Uhagre Uryydhvfg ntnva naq yb naq orubyq, Ur qebcf Gur Orr ba gur 3eq gel! Qbhoyr jva!
      Jvgu gurfr 2 vgrzf va unaq, bss V jrag gb frr ubj zhpu qnzntr V pbhyq qb ntnvafg Greenzbecubhf. Nf fbba nf gur svtug fgnegrq, V cbccrq Qrprcgvba naq guerj zl Xhanv gura bcrarq hc jvgu Pbasrerapr Pnyy...
      Greenzbecubhf qvrq va 10 frpbaqf syng.
      V jnf fghaarq! Fb V snezrq uvz 5 zber gvzrf orsber tbvat gb orq, sbe gur Yrtraqnel Pynff zbqf ur qebcf.
      Njrfbzr, abj V arrq n arj envq obff gb orng.

        bbbu fuval pbasrerapr pnyy fubgtha ... V'ir cvpxrq hc gjb bs gurz sebz gur jneevbe, fgvyy hfr gur yriry 30 cenpgvpny bar nf n yriry 41 whfg sbe gur nzbhag bs ebhaqf vg chzcf bhg. V ernyyl arrq gb fgneg snezvat fbzr bs gur obffrf, nal unaql gvcf sbe jub gb tb nsgre?

          Depends on what you want. Those two items should be good enough for most things but other bosses will be easier with other legendary weapons.

          Also "Green" in rot13 :D

          V xabj gurl ernyvfr ubj BC Gur Orr + Pbasrerapr Pnyy vf fb bar bs gur QYP obffrf jvyy qrfgebl lbh vs lbh hfr vg. Vg'f fgvyy cbffvoyr ohg gurer'f orggre yrtraqnevrf gb hfr ntnvafg vg.

            Nyfb jul v'z nobhg fgneg snezvat sbe gung yrtraqnel ebpxrg ynhapure gbb :)

          Jryy, trggvat Gur Orr(Nzc fuvryq) sebz Uhagre Uryydhvfg vf fbbbb rnfl gb snez, vg'f gnxrf nobhg 2 zvahgrf cre eha. Vs ur qbrfa'g qebc gur fuvryq, fnir naq dhvg, gur whzc onpx qebccrq ba zl 3eq gel.
          Nyfb, jura qbvat n frffvba gb snez Greenzbecubhf, qba'g yrnir hagvy lbhe vairagbel vf pbzcyrgryl shyy bs guvatf lbh jnag gb xrrc. Xvyy uvz, ybbg uvz, fnir naq dhvg, erybnq, evafr naq ercrng. Fnirf lbh 4 Revqvhz naq nobhg 10 zvahgrf ehaavat nebhaq rirel gvzr lbh qb guvf.
          Nyfb, nccneragyl Vapvarengbe Pynlgba qebcf n jvpxrq Ebpxrg Ynhapure. Jbegu snezvat uvz gbb.

        Lrnu, vg'f xvaqn fnq ubj rnfl ur vf gb orng. Jngpuvat Crm qb vg nf yiy 50 Mrexre, gnxrf Green nobhg 2-3 frpbaqf sebz rzretvat sebz gur ubyr gb qrnq.
        Nygubhtu, jvgubhg tvivat nalguvat njnl, gur envq obffrf va gur QYP *ner* n yvggyr gbhture...

        Adding this sentence cause my full rot13 posts tend to get eaten by the filter.

          Just a little :P

          Zerker is OP because he can wield two :/

          Glad to hear i just gotta get on to the DLC. And level my Mechromancer :)

        woah, what level are you?

          If it's me, I got a level 50 Zer0 and a level 12 Mechromancer.

            Ahhh righto.
            V gevrq gnxvat ba Green ng yriry 31, onnnq vqrn :C

              Unununun lrnu, ur jvcrq gur sybbe jvgu zr orsber V tbg gung fuvryq naq fubgtha.
              Jung cyngsbez ner lbh cynlvat ba?

        I hit 50 last night with my Siren & then decided to farm for The Bee. It dropped on maybe the 5th run?

        though I dig the damage amp, I'm not a fan of its low shields (~23K). Some I've seen are about 50K. Is it possible to get it to spawn again?

        Either way, it makes doing the final boss soooo much easier :)

          I'm going to look up today to see if there is a beefier version. The extra damage you dish out though more than compensates for that. I just specced so for minimal shield downtime and a quick recharge rate, seems to work ok for me :)

            actually, I just looked it up on the borderlands wiki. seems ~23K is toward the top end for sheild strength it'll spawn with. therefore, I am happy with it :)

            anyway, if 23K is too low, I respec to a healer build & get the health & sheild boosts there.

            what platform are you on, by the way?

    Morning, knights of the round TAYble.

    I had a weekend full of watching Ultimate Spiderman, playing doom and failing to murder the leviathan in Captain Scarlett's DLC ... before I quit to finally get some sleep I'd lost something like 45 million because of respawns. I was not a happy camper ... but yesterday was my little sisters birthday and seeing her trying to struggle through the day after her eighteenth was gloriously fun

      Ultimate *ahem* Spider-Man!

      Ultimate Spidey is one of my fave comics, I kinda wish they'd stuck even just a lil bit to what made the book amazing instead of making it so childish.

      But it's still fun! :P

      THWIP *swings away*


      Your friendly neighbourhood Spidey obsessed Doc.

        ... you and your hyphens. Bah, I say!

        I wasn't sure I liked the whole harry being venom thing, but otherwise I liked it


          My only real problem is they should have called it something else. Kids will watch this and go out and possibly get a parent to buy the Ultimate Spider-Man comic and get something, well, VERY different.



    You only had shapes for the first time over the weekend?! :O

    What about Tim Tams? At least tell me you've had them!

      Yes, no need to panic. I have had Tim Tams before. :P

        Speaking of which I forgot I had some in the pantry! I haven't had them for months :D






        etc etc etc etc

        *Just ignore the Scotsman foaming at the mouth and running in circles. He'll calm down eventually*

          But we normally ignore Mark anyway!

    DayZ Adventures: Volume 1

    I log in and spawn near a barn. I did a quick check of my area and headed towards the barn. Wrong move, 5 zombies start chasing me. I run into the forest to try and lose the zombies. Too afraid to turn around I kept running until I came out to a shore line.

    In the distance is a Lighthouse and just at that moment glahmang says he is also near a lighthouse. We find each other and glahmang leads the way to some town (Cherno I think?) and the looting begins. We split up into some apartments and a hospital to build up our supplies.

    Finally Faction meets up with me and needs a blood transfusion after taking out 5 zombies with a hatchet. After our successful loot of the city we head out (to the north I think?) and then everything went wrong. A bullet lands right near us and faction yells "receiving fire". We make a run behind a tree and scan or the origin of the shot. Before we know it BAM glahmang takes a shot to the head and collapses. Thankfully we were able to avenge glahmang.

    Faction and I start dividing up glahmang's gear. We get the uneasy feeling that we are being watched. Once again without warning a shot is fired, faction and I retreat to a few trees and return fire. Unfortunately Faction takes to many bullets and collapses. Shortly after our assailant dies from blood loss. I search factions corpse for some helpful loot then get the hell out of that area.

      Can't wait until DayZ gets a proper release, can't really be bothered dealing with the buggy mod version.

        There are still as many hackers as there was when I stoppe playing \o/

    Morning, TAY. Stuck on a bus in traffic WHOOOO
    Bribed Batgirl to hang out with Cake and I on Friday night with 500 monopoly dollars. It worked! And then drinks were had and my twitter got a bit weird.
    And then on Saturday I went for slurpees in the park with some bearded people. Except Shiggy's friend, he wasn't bearded. Slurpees!
    Also, assignments, but we don't talk about them.

    Hope Monday is treating everybody else reasonably well! :p

    “WHY YOU NO HAVE A PORK BUN IN YOUR HAND?!” asked the pork bun merchant. “Good question”, I thought to myself. So I turned off my xbox and went to china town and ordered the biggest pork bun ever. It wasn’t nearly as good as it was going to be in my head, but the pig ears made up for it.
    Anyone else get insanely hungry playing Sleeping Dogs?


    Hello, I might sTAY a while!


      That was terrible, Shiggy.

      Get out of my house.

        You cant OWN property man.

          Yeah, but I can own you.

          With a zinger.

          Like, a joke, that rips you apart. Because uhh, you're a... stupid face.

            chillax bro!

              You chillax, non-literal brother. How dare you tell me what to do?

              Edit: Dammit, should have said "chill-and-relax."

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                EXCUSE ME?!


      Who's this guy?

    Digital Camera get this weekend! \o/
    One more piece of the puzzle to complete preparations for my overseas trip - a SIM card meant for overseas only, which I'll be looking into today :)

      Where are you going and for how long? It may just be easier to buy a SIM card when you get there e.g. I bought a T-mobile card in the US for $50 unlimited calls, text and data, and added $10 for unlimited Australian landline calls and mobile texts.

    Dongcopter Pirate was taken off Youtube :(

      I'm in a wonderful position of knowing exactly what you're talking about, but have not seen the video. I'm OK with this.

        I'm in the less wonderful position of having seen it, but I'm not exactly scarred by it either. I just don't understand what the hell it actually was.

    Howdy Tayberinos

    Hope you all had a good weekend, mine was pretty quiet. I played more BL2, got my Maya up to 50 on Playthrough 2- I just need to beat the final boss so I can start the DLC. Got my mechromancer up to 18, so I'll soon be able to take her through the DLC. I've also been playing more Crusader Kings 2, although the new DLC for that has made some tweaks that have thrown me a little- I did discover that I could sentence prisoners to blinding, which was interesting.

    So a Monday Morning Question: What post-launch change to a game has affected you the most?

      Damn TF2 and the damn hats..... took all the fun out of the damn game.... also too many weap[ons to keep track of! i feel the game has become way too unbalanced.

        Same here. I miss being able to play vanilla-ish TF2 (stock weapons plus achievement items).
        The game has changed so much that it's effectively a completely different game. Fortunately for me, I learned to love what it is now :P

      Dark Souls. The game really did get far easier after the update. Not that it got easier but actually being able to level your character up once in a while was a nice touch.

      *puts on hipster glasses* Still finished it before it got easy.

        I mostly don't like that they got rid of "YOU DEFEATED". It lost some of its charm without that. :(


    1. Happy belated birthday, Shane. Sorry i completely forgot to say this on the weekend even though i said i would remember.
    God, i'm the worst person on this site.

    2. Finished season one of the Walking Dead over the weekend. *not bad Obama face* Not bad.

      Should be ashamed of yourself loops! :P

        I am.
        Self-flagelation shall begin sooner rather than later.


    I am at tafe. I feel like I'm probably gonna fail. I haven't failed anything before. Not that this is super important. But thinking of failure makes me stress the shit out. I have not been dealing with this well. So if I have said anything mean or unkind. Please let it be known. It's the stress talking. I'm usually not such a ass. Well I am but I usually am nicer about it. Have a good weekend everyone?

      You can guess how mine was. But will you really fail? I doubt it. Learn some lessons from George Michael. You gotta have faith.

      No stress Rockets, i know exactly what you mean. Im currently doing an after hours beginners programming course... 14 weeks into it then we are told we have six weeks to pair up and create a working game from scratch. the thought of failure is constant but every week we get one step closer, theres a small sigh of relief. just take it one small step at a time.

    \o/ a pleasant surprise waiting for me at work. Looks like IT finally got my new computer in and installed it on the weekend. Maybe now I can draw a cube in AutoCAD / inventor without my computer crashing. Plus windows 7!

      Oh yay! When I connect to the Citrix server it makes my virtual desktop windows XP ... This is going to take a bit of getting used too.

        Previous AutoCAD versions seemed to have a lot of issues with the changeover to 7, and considering the price to get a newer version I'm not surprised you're stuck on XP :P

        Also, Citrix /o\

          Oh no, I have a "hybrid PC" which is basically short for "PC with graphics card & Citrix". I have all my AutoDesk products installed on my c drive and everything else is supposed to be on Citrix. I hate Citrix with a vengeance so I just install everything to my c drive. =P

            Just wait for them to upgrade Citrix so you can do your autocad work through the VDI.... I've been looking into it and it looks like it could be decent... virtualised graphics processing..... any VDI guys wet dream really

      Actually being able to do work is the best. When I got my work computer my productivity for the first 2 days was like a billion % better. Then for the next 3 year I run on about 50% :P

    I finally managed to begin playing Torchlight II over the weekend and instantly fell in love with it. My laptop does not love it, though. Poor thing chugs a bit with lots of enemies. I've barely begun the game so I hate to think what it will be like later on.

    Also, we acquired a copy of Pokemon Diamond because my daughter wanted to play after seeing me engrossed in White all the time. She loves it because there's loads of things ie: Pokemon she can draw.

      Maaan, I used to love drawing Pokemon :D
      Heart Gold/Soul Silver would potentially be a good one for her to get should she want another game. It has 252(?) Pokemon in it (most of which you can get without trading) so there'd be tonnes of options and a good variation of things for her to draw.

      Torchlight II is an ARPG done right (take note Diablo.)
      I'm doing my second playthrough with my Engineer & damn. Its still so much fun :)

        Two handed hammer and Hand cannon on Elite difficulty is what I'm doing on my Engineer atm, so much AoE knockback kiting :P

          Two handed hammer, heaviest armor I can find, healing spells, healing bot, force field thing, the passive that randomly generates force fields, heavy armort training, pet with heal all & summon minions (read: meat sheilds) spells. & an axe & shield for when things get hairy.

          Man, my guy is such a tank. just wailing on everything with a two-handed wrench shrugging of all damage. I just need to get 100% knockback resist. that would make things easier.

          I think I'm going to give the bezerker or outlander a go next....

      Now you will have to buy her all the Pokemon games so she can draw them all. Gotta draw em all

    Hello Kotaku, hope you are enjoying this wonderful Monday.

    Have a question regarding the upcoming Pokedex 3D Pro application for 3DS, can anyone tell me how this app can justify it's $19.50 price tag?

      This tale stretches a long way back, it may be best if you get a nice drink, sit in a comfortable chair, and prepare yourself. Many years ago, when the world was a littl- LOOK OVER THERE!

      *Runs away*

      Honestly don't know, man. This feels similar to the Gamecube storage box "game" (can't remember the exact name) that just gave you a whole bunch of storage boxes for extra Pokemon.

        So I just got excited for extra storage, but after some investigation I don't believe it has that sort of functionality. It seems to be just a Pokédex and quizes. :(

      You're telling me. I'm quite stunned at that price, to be honest (Though to be fair it looks to be much more feature-rich than the original Pokedex 3D was).

      I was mildly hyped for it in a 'it's-Pokemon-so-I-have-to-get-it' way, but now I don't think I will. Way too expensive for something that I can get online for free.

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    I feel like you'd enjoy this. The Amity Affliction's cover of Born to Die.

    Also, hi everyone.

      Dude me and blaghs were talking about how we hadn't seen you around and how we were sad cause you are awesome in a very straight way. I will check out the song when I get home tonight but if that is Lana del ray song done by amity affliction I'm pretty much already sold :)

        It is. And it could well be the best thing to come from Chasing Ghosts.

    Morning TAY!

    For this XCOM vet, the new XCOM instantly wrote itself into the pantheon of great gaming moments when on my 4th attempt Classic Ironman (no save scumming!), I was doing well when an attack on a grounded large UFO turned into a Charlie Foxtrot... a group of Mutons came up from behind my squad as they were taking up positions to enter the main part of the UFO. Two guys critically wounded (and my medikits used up stabilising them) and my #1 guy, Colonel Sasaki, down to 1 HP. We pressed on. Another Muton got a lucky shot on a rookie in full cover and killed her, and another guy panicked and got himself killed too, but Sasaki and the other Colonel (a heavy, Petrov) mop them up.

    This now feels like my first alien base attack in X-COM 2 where two guys limped through the end of the inner stage in the base hoping to find the last aliens before the aliens found them- and won. I have to press on.

    A group of Thin Men is next. This is bad- Sasaki can't afford to get poisoned and has to stay out of sight completely. A minor hit on Petrov (with bags of health to spare) but he kills one Thin Man... where did the others go? I correctly guess that they're circling to flank me, and Saski runs-and-guns to nail one but gets locked into a corner because he can't exit through the poison cloud upon the Thin Man's death. That should still be OK: overwatch, plus two of the room's exits are within 4 squares (close quarters combat perk = bonus shot). The 3rd Thin Man comes through the 3rd exit, overwatch shot misses NO LUCK!, and being in the open saves Sasaki: the Thin Man shoots instead of using a poison cloud, and he misses. LUCK!

    Sasaki runs the hell away rather than rolling the dice on a 60% or so shot, Petrov circles behind and kills the Thin Man. We regroup at the door to the UFO's command room, overwatch and then open the door on the next turn. Two Outsiders. Sasaki blasts the one he can see and now he's safe. Petrov shoots and misses but it takes the alien's cover. His Bullet Swarm perk lets him go again, and he kills the Outsider... end mission. Commence jumping around the room going "WHOO! YES! IN YOUR FACE GAME! WHOO! YES YES YES! WE DID IT!"

    Nerve-wracking. Especially all the turns where Petrov was hunting that 3rd Thin Man and Sasaki was moving around trying to spot the guy while ending turn in places where he'd have a good chance to shoot the thing if it moved into line of sight before it could poison or shoot him. And all the minutes I spent trying to decide whether to abort mission (believe me, if I could carry unconscious squaddies the way I could in previous XCOM games, I was out of there after the original Charlie Foxtrot, but I figured 4 guys still had a shot and I really wanted to save my unconscious sniper Major since the game seems extremely unwilling to give me new snipers).

    Now I have Titan Armor and more plasma weapons, and it's starting to seem a bit unfair for the aliens... I guess mind control is about to make an appearance to make things interesting again. Fantastic game, though. Even if every turn in Classic Ironman is an exercise in "don't blow 20 hours progress!" nerves!

      I never even touched the original XCOM, but fell in love with EU after about 5 minutes. Currently well in to the story meaning that everyone has plasma weapons and high end armour, but I still have some pretty hairy moments (mostly when my sniper isn't positioned well :P ).

      EDIT: One thing that helped me fall in love - everything is funnier and more awesome when my team is made up of TAYbies. Like that time Pez blew up a petrol station, or Greenius repeatedly used the Archangel suit to get shot up a bunch.

      Last edited 22/10/12 10:32 am

        What difficulty are you playing?

        My friends who are playing on Normal seem to have been playing a completely different game to me. Classic Ironman is a bugger for the first couple of months... took a few attempts to really get establised. One of the key things for me was really putting safety first and really valuing high cover and using Hunker Down in low cover a lot more. Another thing was making an Africa start and prioritising engineers so I could make satellite uplinks and more sats sooner (inability to find engineers at all screwed up my first, otherwise good attempt). And another was accepting that you're going to lose a few countries, and just deal with it.

          I'm actually playing on Normal Ironman, but I'm taking the opportunity to find my style before attempting to go to the highest difficulty. At the moment I can't help but play big risk for big rewards, which can sometimes pay off and sometimes result in 5 people injured for a week...
          I lost Nigeria fairly early on (with no real chance to do anything about it) so kinda ignored Africa after that, which meant I now have sats on all other continents. This probably helped me in the long run.
          My biggest weakness is that I suck at losing people. When someone dies I tend to blow the crap out of the alien responsible. More importantly, it means that, until I realised and did something about it, I had a very limited selection of backup soldiers, resulting in a few messy missions.

          Haven't failed yet, though, and think I'm close to the end!

        I have the Archangel under research at the moment. The Skeleton suit has been hella fun though. The ever-amazing Sasaki escaped a Muton Berserker a mission ago on a large supply UFO by grappling from one side of the roof across the gap to the other side. Charge across THAT! If I'd had it earlier would have considered giving a sniper the Damn Good Ground perk, because pre-Skeleton it was just too difficult to get anyone onto high ground most of the time. Maybe if I finally get a new rookie sniper I'll have him take it... on the last terror mission it let my two assaults get up quickly to an upper floor too and save some civs.

      Incidentally, while I disagree with a couple of design choices in the strategic portion of things (it feels a bit dumbed down compared to the originals, and things like not being able to hire engineers directly- except for being able to get some for free by building a workshop- and not being able to sell off surplus human-built equipment are just weird, and I'm not a huge fan of the way funding relies exclusively on sats: especially since funding is the limiting factor on sats early on) the designers have done a great job with the turn-based combat, with getting you to care about your squaddies and with the atmospherics, all the key stuff that made the originals great.

      Bravo! There needs to be more XCOM write ups. That game is fast become one of my favourites.

        When I get XCom I'm gonna name them all after my favourite NBA players.

          But forever remembering the weird default names is part of the fun!

          Actually, the nicknames in this are a genius way to get you to remember and care about these guys. I will never forget the time in the early game where an assault and a heavy got promoted at the same time and the game nicknamed them "Hulk" and "Smash". HOW COULD I NOT CONTINUE PAIRING "HULK" AND "SMASH"?

            I use custom names for the characters but stick with the stock nicknames (once they're given them) cause it makes it so much more fun!
            Off the top of my head, my medic is called "Santa", I have a heavy specced into explosives called "Boom Boom", and, with amazing coincidence, my long range sniper is called "Zero".

        I'm trying to convince myself to throw something together while going through the later stages of the game, but I lack motivation and ability.

        Two other great missions from this playthrough: one was a few days later, so the only "A Squad" guy available was Petrov, and we got a council escort mission. Petrov, a couple of mid-rank guys and a couple of rookies vs something like 20 Thin Men. This mission had one of those "NO! YES! OH HELL NO!" moments as a group of Thin Men reinforcements landed in position to flank and overwatch a rookie who (while in good cover) was being suppressed. A rocket intended to take out the guys behind her somehow killed one but left one standing (he was on top of the truck I hit with the rocket, and the game is a bit inconsistent with explosives against guys at different heights) so I had no choice but for the rookie to run and take her chances with the two reaction shots... and both missed. Then she got killed by a crit in full cover. COME ON! But the mission succeeded anyway, in large part due to Rookie Chazan who got six kills and acted as point man for the civilian being escorted all the way across the map... and promptly got assigned as a support rather than an assault or a sniper, FFS. Also due to Petrov, who probably got six or more kills himself.

        The other was the 2nd terror mission of the game, in Lille, France. The Chryssalids got a massive headstart on killing civilians at the back of a multilevel building while we took out a Cyberdisc and drones at the front. We ended up killing 12!!!! Chryssalids and a couple of zombies who we actually got to before they spawned (only 6 civilians survived, although my team didn't so much as get scratched). There were a few turns where we were basically just camped in cover at the corner of the building blasting every Chryssalid we could see and hoping to get a chance to reload. That was pre-plasma weapons and I'm not even sure that everyone had lasers yet.

      Dayum I want this game, even though it would probably kill me :P

      What's the playthrough time of xcom? Ordered it, should be arriving Thursday, but I want to "finish" or at least feel like I've finished it before AC3 is released.

        On Normal I believe you could do it in 20-30? (especially if you don't play it on Ironman, so you can afford to play fast and reload if you really screw up). Classic is much longer, I've put about 20 hours into this playthrough and I think I'm about halfway.

          Yeah I don't have really any experience with this genre, but the demo made me want to buy the game, so ill likely try it first on normal. Thanks!

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