Team Meat Unveils New Project, Super Meat Boy on iOS Put On Hold

Super Meat Boy was a pretty popular game around these parts and is pretty much as good as 2D platforming gets. Now the game's co-creator Edmund McMillen has announced Team Meat's new game: a "totally out of left field project" they're calling Mew-Genics!

It looks as though Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes are putting the iOS version of Super Meat Boy on hold to work on this new project. Just until they "squeeze this little kitten" out of their collective "loins" as McMillen put it on the Team Meat Blog.

Not too much is known about Mew-Genics, and McMillen was pretty light on details. "We don't want to spoil too much here," he said, on the blog, "but we can say the game will be randomly generated, strange and involve cats."

The sub heading on the first piece of artwork released for the game states that Mew-Genics is "a game about cats... kinda."

McMillen also stated the team would be able to start talking release dates, platforms and features pretty soon. Watch this space.


    TBH i didn't get into Super Meat Boy much, but I loved Binding of Isaac. Either way I'm a fan and I look forward to checking this thing out.

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