Teenage Mutant Ninja LEGO Debut At New York Comic-Con

Teenage Mutant Ninja LEGO Debut At New York Comic-Con

Reborn and raised in the sewers beneath the city that never sleeps, Raphael, Michelangelo, Donatello and Leonardo make a rare above-ground appearance today as LEGO reveals its upcoming line of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle LEGO sets.

Cutest turtles ever.

Based on the newly-launched Nickelodeon animated series, the new line (ninja) kicks off on January first. Today LEGO reveals not only the look of the fab four in minifig form but the first playset in the series, The Shellraiser Street Chase. Priced to move at $US59.99, the set includes the turtle’s Shellraiser van, a pizza truck and five minfigs — a Krang, Leo, Mikie, a Foot Soldier and a character named Dogpound that my wife things is the cutest thing ever (she’s odd).

LEGO teased the news yesterday by sending out slices of buildable LEGO pizza. The box it came in was designed and printed by Casey Jones LTD. Sneaky.

Fans at the show will be able to enter a raffle on Thursday, Friday and Saturday for a chance at winning an exclusive TMNT minifig. You have no idea how badly I wish I was there. LEGO will also be showing off the latest Star Wars, The Hobbit and DC and Marvel Super Heroes sets at the show, while I sit here, looking at pictures and holding back the tears.





  • That particular set isn’t all that appealing, the new turtle van looks horrible.

    The minifigs do look pretty sweet, though I am now awaiting the eventual LEGO TMNT video game, that is something I will be all over!

    • Only two turtles in that set, very sneaky.

      I can’t wait to see a Technodrome set, complete with Krang, Beebop and Rocksteady.

  • Wait, that is Krang?? Further pants.

    Oh, I just noticed it says “nickelodeon” before the TMNT title. Makes sense.

  • there have been some really awesome customs lego TMNT that I wished for a licensed set so badly! and wow it happened! but it wasn’t the original cartoon series like i had hoped for…

    shredder looks badass though.

  • Bebop and Rocksteady haven’t shown up in the newer versions of TMNT, but they have been given a few nods. Like a Rhino character meeting a Human in Rocksteady’s clothes and complimenting his style.

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