Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Must Scrub A Mention Of Allah From The Floor Of Its ‘Saudi Arabia’ Stage

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Must Scrub A Mention Of Allah From The Floor Of Its ‘Saudi Arabia’ Stage

The “Saudi Arabia” stage of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 features some Arabic script on the floor. The Arabic script is the name of Allah.

This is an incredibly bad thing, because just showing someone the soles of your feet in Middle Eastern culture is considered rude. Walking all over a representation of something communicates severe disrespect — I’m thinking of the hotel lobby in Iraq that had the mosaic of the first President Bush. So Tekken fighters dancing back and forth all over the name of God, you can see why many in Saudi Arabia might have a big problem with that.

When it was pointed out to him by a Twitter user (who tweeted that image above), Katsuhiro Harada, the game’s producer, immediately vowed to correct the stage art. “We didn’t know that. We will change stage design data as soon as possible. We couldn’t read that.”

Harada’s promise to fix things seems to sit well with those who brought it to light. “Thank you for the reply 🙂 we really appreciate it! Long Live Tekken :D” said the guy who snapped the picture.

Tekken Tag 2 to be modified due to use of ‘Allah’ in Saudi Arabia stage [Original Gamer via Joystiq]


  • Oh jeez… Really? Nice of Harada-san to so easily comply, but really, I doubt there’d be much of an uproar if there was a Catholic church stage with bible pages on the floor with the words “Jesus Christ” written on them. In fact, no one would even notice!

    Who are these people that have WAY too much time on their hands to be print screening and uber zooming on things like a painting frame in Favela map in MW2 and torn papers on the floor in TTT2…

    Talk about extremists… Religion blows.

  • how the hell.. does that dude find out about that? He had to screen shot + massive zoom in and read the word in bad pixel. High chances its not even that word and just a case of bad pixel mixup.

    Next up is a bible found in a prostitute room in GTA?

  • Isn’t this like the 4th game to have this happen? Starting to suspect some copycat graphic designers at work…

      • A little conspiratorial, don’t you think?

        I think it’s a simple issue of people not being able to read arabic, putting it in a stage/level/evironment for aestethics without checking what it says.

        • Well I think the previous instance being in MW3 above a toilet is a bit less conspiratorial. CoD4 was banned in some countries due to “negative portrayal of Arabs”.

          • Still a conspiracy to deliberately insult Islam. The script in the picture frame, I would bet, was an example of not checking what it said. The idea there are graphic designers in the games industry intentionally trying to subtley insult Islam seems absurd.

            As far as negative portrayals go: Russians should probably have the most to complain about, they’ve been the “baddies” in games forever.

            And zombies. Those guys really get a bad wrap. [¬º-°]¬

        • I can’t believe graphics designers would just google “arabic” and copy the first thing they see without even running it through google translate or looking at the context it’s copied from. Now that would be just stupid.

  • Yes I know that a small group of complainers doesnt represent a whole people. But I have to wonder, if this were a bible bashing Christian group from Alabama would publishers be so quick to please them? Face it, the only way they get away with this is because people are shit scared of getting blown up by a fringe group.

    • Different horses for different courses, guy.

      Really though, in this instance the issue was brought up by one person who noticed an offensive graphic, brought it to the attention of the game producer. Between the two there was an understanding of appreciation and respect, this matter wasn’t handled in an inflammatory way.

      So there should not have been a problem. For some reason, whenever the media presents a easily handled non-issue like this, every racist self-contented mongrel comes out to spout words of inequality, fear and anger.

      Have some respect for other nationalities and the beliefs of their constituents. It’s not a difficult thing to do.

      • The fact that you had to point out this issue was handled rationally (as rationally issues concerned with religion can be handled) suggests a lot, doesn’t it?

        As far as respect goes, isn’t it a bit bullshit to demand one culture restrict its beliefs or values, e.g. freedom of speech or expression, in order to appease another one? Or do civil liberties end when religious outrage begins?

        Just askin’.

        • FFS, why do these arguments always get made whenever Islam is mentioned? Despite the similarities, there’s no 1:1 comparison between Christianity and Islam. There’s an even greater gulf in etiquette, ethics and cultural mores between the ‘East’ and ‘West’. It’s childish to say things like ‘this would never have been taken out if it was Christian text’ or ‘I don’t see anyone leaping to bash Islam, only Christianity’ or ‘why don’t they just get over it?’.

          As noted in the article, it’s incredibly offensive to walk on a depiction of God in Islam, so the devs took it out. It’s simple good manners; nobody was setting out to offend Muslims, and changing it has nothing to do with fear of being blown up. I’m sure if the phrase “how awesome is abortion!” was inadvertently inserted into the game it would be removed as well.

          Really, the only thing news-worthy about this whole thing is how culturally ignorant so many people still are, even after a decade of such heightened scrutiny of the Arab world and Islam.

        • My statement suggests the readership of Kotaku is generally incapable of handling subtlety and must sometimes have things arranged clearly for them, not that this is an exception as far as religion is concerned. Please don’t conflate the reported matter in this article with poorly constructed media views of Islam.

          Looking again at the article, the source of this discussion, where was it demanded that the graphic be removed? It wasn’t. Creating misconstrued arguments such as the restriction of cultural beliefs – how again is the placement of a culturally insensitive graphic a cultural belief or value? – is bullshit.

          You’re right that it is unfair for one culture to demand restriction of another, so perhaps it is appropriate that we recognise we do not live in a just world, and that by presuming this matter to be a restriction on your culture or the culture of Namco Bandai, you are calling for the restriction of another culture.

          This interaction here, it is not an infringement on civil liberties. There was no religious outrage leading to the removal of the graphic. You have extrapolated that from previous representations of Islam. What we saw was a civil interaction that was reported and leapt on by any person who doesn’t like the idea of any culture but their own having views or power. That to me, the gradual and deliberate refocusing of an entire culture to disregard the ideas and beliefs of another, is the erosion of civil liberties.

          When will civil liberties end? When individuals stop caring about them, which is unlikely to happen any time soon, or by the interjection of any one religion.

          • These people are not listening. They are ignorant and stupid. We can not help them. Leave them. They will slowly die.

          • That has to be, by far, the biggest and longest string of incoherant drivel I’ve ever had the displeasure of trying to decipher. Nice work.

            This issue was handled calmly and rationally, that is what surprised me. Not really the MO of muslims who find things that offend god or the Prophet, is it? I wonder if the makers of this game refused to remove it, how would that have went down?

            Or what if a game dev, say an indie, put into their game something critical of Islam as a political or cultural statement and they refused to remove it? Why do I get the distinct feeling you wouldn’t be particularily interested in defending that person’s right to freedom of expression?

            This discussion isn’t simply about this one particular issue, it brings up the point of game content and the right, or expectation, of fans to have things removed that they don’t like.

            Forgive me for trying to expand the conversation beyond the immediate topic at hand.

          • The problem here is the issue is only being viewed in two ways, on the left moral absolutism does not allow a rational analysis of religious beliefs and on the right reactionary views of the world abstain from rational analysis also but for entirely different reasons.
            Jellyarrow is merely highlighting the need for a rational analysis of the subject matter.

  • Christian missionaries in 1600 Japan were forced to step on the face of Christ to repent or face death by suspended bleeding- END OF USELESS TRIVIA

  • Good on em. And minor censorship like this doesn’t bother me, they made a minor unintentional graphics asset, and when they realised it was offensive to some people they got rid of it. Even if it’s unintentional doesn’t mean that the designers want to exclude certain groups from playing their game..

    • Minor censorship should offend you. It starts at minor things, suddenly minor things are acceptable. Then minor becomes insignificant. Medium becomes minor. Large issues become medium issues, Huge issues become large. Everything gets scaled backwards. Next, it happens again… and again… and again…

      • This isn’t censorship. There was nothing deliberate about the name of God being used in that asset. The devs didn’t make a conscious choice to include something offensive in their game, only to change their minds out of fear of backlash. They made a mistake, and when it was brought to their attention the mistake was rectified.

        Censorship would have been if the devs had actually WANTED the asset to include the word ‘Allah’.

      • Read the article. You have jumped to several conclusions – all of which would seem to indicate a distinct prejudice. There is no censorship at all. Just ignorant posts.

        • Removing this because it offends a vocal minority? It’s the very definition of censorship. You accuse me of leaping to conclusions the leap to one of your own indicating ‘distinct prejudice’. Nice one.

  • I think at the end of the day Developers, or artists are just going to say “you know what? it’s not fucking worth it, no Arab content in my game” If we have to go through and vet every pixel, then it’s just not worth the hassle. Then an entire group of gamers will have no representation, which is bad.

    I think if the Arab populace wants to be included in the world, it’s the WORLD these days, they are going to have to relax a little and let these minor things go. It’s not intentional, it’s harmless, just take a deep breath, then like the other 3 billion people on earth do… forgive and move on.

    • And women and animals!.. actually women don’t count to the brownie frownie car bomb club.. so just animals.

  • One person scribbles in mspaint on a zoomed in and pixelized bit of a screen shot and claims its the name of Allah and suddenly the game developers are jumping to attention and changing graphics in their games.

    I usually use this line as a joke, but its becoming truer with each passing year… ALL HAIL OUR NEW MUSLIM OVERLORDS!!

    I know the word or actions of a small group do not make the majority, but in this case, the extremists have won. Today’s overly politically correct society are frightened that another 9/11 will happen if they piss off the Arab culture or the Muslim religion (since governments cannot tell the difference between the two) that they have created an environment where everyone is taught to bow down to anything that is said by either group.

    • But you just repeat the same ‘joke” over and over again. Every time someone mentions the word Islam – you REPEAT the exact same thing.

      • agreed. @mase you constantly repeat this mantra. It’s not very nice.

        I would also agree that images.google.com does not supply a great plethora of appropriate “random” arabic writing. This is like the 4th game this year doing that.

  • Why do people suck up to people like that. It seems they get more respect than more “respectable” religions.

  • In other news, easily offended religious type goes out of his way to find something offensive to his religion. More news at 6

  • It’s ironic that Mulsims ask for people to be respectful and tolerant to their religion that is one of the most intolerant religions when it comes to accepting other people’s ways of life.

      • Wow – what is your issue with Christianity?

        There is a commandment: Thou shall not use the lords name in vain… yet everywhere you see instances of “God” and “Jesus” being used as mild profanity – does the Christian faith (or any particular denomination of relgion) hunt down said “blasphemors” and force them to change their art/movie/game

        Do you even remember “Piss Christ”? Sure, the Christian faith was very upset about it – but no one died and the artwork still remains…

        So chill out about laying it on the Christian faith all the time – countless comments in this thread from you all repeat the same “comment” over and over again.

        BTW I agree with most of the rational posters on this thread – how can a skewed, pixelated image ever be clarified as being legible text, let alone mysteriously representing the word “god”? I personally would want to see the original artwork reviewed to see what it actually says before someone makes a potentially outrageous and unquanifiable claim (as someone pointed out, minor censorship)

        You reap what you sow, and this is turning into a dangerous precendent

        • Yes. I remember Piss Christ. Perhaps you choose to ignore the fact that death threats were sent to the artist. I suppose you also conveniently forget that gallery officials were also sent death threats and hate mail. The catholic archbishop tried to stop it from being displayed!!!!! Further ‘Christians’ tried tp steal the artwork and two TEENAGERS actually attacked the artwork with hammers. Christian protesters actually destroyed the painting in France! Great example!!!

          • Fair enough, and thanks for highlighting issues with my example


            I dont recall anyone actually being murdered for the artwork, I dont recall mass genocides, car bombings, video beheadings, threats against an entire community’s way of life or any other extreme force. Just some death threats and hate mail

            BTW – what was the need to capitalise “TEENAGERS”? are you trying to claim that Christianity brainwashes teens into doing things? Hmm.. interesting, but I am pretty sure that not exclusive to Christianity.

            I know two wrongs dont make a right, but protesters, as you said, destroyed the artwork – they didnt firebomb or car bomb the building or do any other form of extreme attacks

            Also, when Christians protest, people dont tend to die (with the extreme examples of North and South Ireland – however thats Christians taking on other Christians and keeping it in their own country – they dont threaten the rest of the world, so dont use that as your example) – however http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jyllands-Posten_Muhammad_cartoons_controversy – third paragraph: 100 reported deaths, bombing of buildings, burning flags etc

            And yes I remember the whole thing about Resistance as well, thanks for reminding me of that – also remind me how people died because of protests over that? Oh wait.. no protests…? Interesting… Also, wasnt the claim more to do with Copyright Infringment and “was inappropriate of Sony to allow players to fire guns in a city with a gun problem” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Resistance_fall_of_man#Controversy_with_Manchester_Cathedral

          • Look below – army of god. 🙂 people don’t die? From Christian protests? You seem to be very selective with your memory. BTW the artwork does not remain. I am merely answering your questions. BTW – what Muslims are protesting about this game? Who has been killed? A lot of rhetoric but no thought in your replies. Regardless of the reason – the resistance and the conveniently forgotten mass effect are perfectly valid answers. Seriously – i could list Christian intolerences of others for hours but that was never my point.

          • I wouldn’t say the argument isn’t that Christians aren’t violent. It’s that, if there was something which christians found offensive and voiced out. People would not be going ‘oh, we should respect their beliefs, I mean, we should put effort into ammending/removing this content which is offensive to christians’, the general consensus would be ‘whatever, we have a free right of speech, etc. other arguments that people are arguing for this same issue (not necessarily this situation)’.

            It’s about the glaring double standard we have for being politically correct with Islam, not just in video games but in the general mood right now. I’m not saying we shouldn’t be tolerant of their beliefs, but in the case of this issue, when they are offended by something, we’re all too eager to amend anything they demand for no matter how minuscule the original problem is.

            This problem isn’t about video games, or changing some small graphic, it’s about the double standard in general. This situation is just another reminder of that double standard.

            So for all those people who are unhappy about this, remember it’s not about ‘not being respectful of their religion’ which we should be, but instead how to be respectful at the same time not having this weird double standard special treatment which some Muslims seem to demand.

          • Look up the counter – reformation. Christians painted over the nudity depicted in the paintings they created AND COMMISSIONED!!!!!! An amazing DOUBLE STANDARD.

          • You’re taking the comment completely out of context.

            I’m not speaking of a religious internal double standard. I’m sure you could put some in any religion, including whatever you think you believe in.

            It’s a religious double standard, in which offending muslims is far more taboo than offending other religions. There are some Muslims who think that their religion demands special treatment above and beyond others in the special considerations department.

        • The COE objected to the use of Manchester Cathedral in Resistance : fall of man and the evangelical movement tried to ban Mass Effect for non existent “rape and sodomy”.

      • Yes, absolutely as opposed to Christianity.

        When was the last time you saw a Christian machine gun down a woman for being an adulterer?

        When was the last time you saw a Christian stone a gay man to death?

        When was the last time you saw a Christian ask for a cross to be taken out of a game?

        More Christians are martyred today than in the Dark Ages so yes, absolutely as opposed to Christianity.

        Christians can be very opinionated and closed minded and dogmatic but they’re generally harmless. They generally harbour closed minded perspective but they do not enforce their opinions with the death penalty. In Islam the penalty for homosexuality and adultery is at least public flogging and at worst death and just a few years ago I knew a Christian family who was burned alive in their car for preaching Christianity. Islam is the epitome of intolerance.

        So once again, yes, absolutely as opposed to Christianity.

        • Back in my uni days I would regularly walk past an abortion clinic.The reason I know it is an abortion clinic was because of the Christians protesting outside. Clutching rosary beads and a 2m high picture of Mary. These people would regularly hurl abuse and have their young children kneel before the picture. How many people have been attacked by these protestors? Look at the states!

        • In response to your questions – i have seen these things done in uganda – the US – look up army of god – india and most famously many innocent people were murdered in Northern Ireland.

          • Saw all those things with your own eyes? Must have been traumatic

            Technically, why arent you up-in-arms over all regilions? Why are YOU just specifically targetting Christianity?

            BTW this topic is boring – religion causes issues, whats news? Lets get back to the games

          • Umm. I am still at a loss as to why you think I was specifically having a go at Christians. Re read what I initially said !!!!! I am ‘up in arms’ over all religions. I was saying their are idiots in all religions not merely Islam. In regard to me having not actually seen this acts – did the person asking see Muslims doing this? Which is actually irrelevant – fallacious logic. I answered your quetions – would you like to ask any more? By the way – nice way to get out of an argument YOU LOST. This is boring – you started it.

  • Can someone please tell the muslims they do not rule the world and we should not be treating them as such.

    Im not against your religeon and I am friends with many TRUE muslims.

    They laugh this off…… yet the hardliners get offended by this.

  • news flash…

    most muslim people dont care / know about it until someone points it out to them and up in arms with pitchforks and torches

  • Would any of you muppets like your name, address and bank details displayed in a game? What’s that, you would take it personally if someone did that?

    So it’s only OK when YOU get upset?

    Note I am talking to myself as it’s the only way to get intelligent conversation when there’s nothing around but bigots, fools and people who are unaware of how illogical your allegedly logical arguments are.

    • Wow, I’m glad you pointed that out. Having read the article, I missed the part where someone’s name, address and bank details were displayed in-game. That’s absolutely deplorable.

      • This is about private information being public with no consent? That’s terrible. An absolute travesty. Here in my bigoted and foolish ways, thought this article was about a video game being altered to be respectful to someone’s requests. I obviously should have RTFA.

        • Let me guess, you two live in your parent’s basements, have massive neckbeards and suffer from extreme autism spectrum disorders that cause you to read everything literally?

          Or you get the point but are too gutless to admit it and instead post feeble passive aggressive swipes because you can’t refute the simple logic?

  • @weresmurf – Actually they removed it because they were not aware of it. There was no literary MERIT to it. It was not integral to anything. It was unintended. They have not ‘caved in’ to anyone. nothing was censored because of beliefs or threats. It was REMOVED because it was a mistake!!!! Like when you fix a bug in code!!! I still stand by my statement.

  • Thanks to everyone who stood on the side of the Muslims and the Arabs and respected our religion we appreciate your labor and your efforts and thank you also to those who stood against us and I dont think that Islam is offended in one day for any other religions .. I really appreciate that you have done for the Arabs and Muslims .. Some people in other countries think that Muslims and Arabs hate them .. This is a mistake we antagonize of Ieddin and love of loves us and we wish good for those who wish for us .. Sorry if brought the information wrong way .. I’m not very good English and I tried as much as possible .. Thanks again <3 ..

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