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I'm quite excited by the news that David Fincher and Tim Miller are involved in producing a launch trailer for Halo 4. I know it's a little bit silly to be excited by a trailer, but I can't help it. It got me wondering — what are some of your favourite video game trailers?

There are obvious ones — the Gears of War 'Mad World' trailer (I didn't like this one, for the record) and some of the earlier Halo trailers — but my favourite was probably the Lonely Souls one for the original Assassin's Creed. I just love that track, and I was so excited for Assassin's Creed at that time.

What about you guys? Feel free to post links in the comments below!


    Really liked the AC: Revelations one with that Woodkid song.

    I really like the trailers you get for MMOs. DCUO, TOR, WoW and it's expansions. They've all been pretty awesome.

      Oh yeah, I remember the WotLK trailer being particularly cool.

    Lonely Soul trailer for me as well. Also thought the AC Revelations trailer with the Woodkid song was really good too. Another one that sticks out was the original Macworld 'trailer' for Halo.

    Obviously Dead Island but as we all know the actual game never lived up to the hype. Also, the original Ocarina of Time ads back in '98 had me salivating.

    I think the Spaceworld trailer for the future Zelda on GameCube was pretty spectacular, even if Windwaker ended up nothing like it. Also, now that I think about out, the announcement trailer for Windwaker rocked too.
    I think my all-time favorite, though, would have to be the E3 trailer for Metal Gear Solid 2, which I downloaded

      *in 30 second chunks over dial-up from IGN.

    I loved the Pruitt Igoe trailer for GTA IV, and the Doomsday Trailer for Borderlands 2. The original Mirror's Edge trailer was also pretty cool

    Street Fighter 4 had a great series of trailers. Aside from Ryu vs Ken (linked), there was also Chun-Li vs C.Viper, Akuma vs Gouki, M.Bison vs Seth and Guile vs Abel.

    Get hype, son!

    Mario Kart 64 - with Tim Ferguson I think.. "I can still feel my legs"
    Driver - "Man don't be a (draws square outline with hands), be a driver"

    The launch trailer for Mass Effect 2:

    It's overwrought, it's over the top, but it's also really good.`

    The launch trailer for Starcraft 2 (not linked to avoid moderation).

    Overwrought, over the top, and a lot of fun.

    The "Destiny" trailer for Dragon Age 2. I was mostly sold on the music. Also because it's over the top, overwrought, and a sequel, which seem to be my requirements for trailers.

      Starcraft 2 trailer for the curious.

      "Hell, it's about time."

      EDIT: I guess they made this early in the Wings of Liberty alpha because Marines should not have such a long build time.

      Last edited 11/10/12 11:26 am

        Oh, I meant this one:

        As nice as the shiny graphics are, this one's more... everything else.

    Dead Island trailer had me so pumped... shame haha

      I also love Rockstar's "infomercial" style trailers they did for GTA4, RDR, etc...

      That guy's voice is buttery smooth haha

    The My World trailers for Deus Ex -

    Probably not the most brilliant ever but the music/voiceover combination was awesome.

      Actually the "They can't stop the future" one too..

    I can't remember half the trailers I watch. Though I do remember watching the Final Fantasy VIII trailer a lot. Liberi Fatali just made it feel epic. More recently, I liked the Borderlands 2 launch trailer. The Siren bro-fist just pulled it all together.

      I played a Siren because of that terrorist fist jab.

    Bioshock Infinite! I dont even play Bioschock and I've seriously watched that trailer 100 times. So well done.

      Of course! That Infinite trailer kicks arse, as dies the original reveal trailer for the first Bioshock. Amongst the best in the industry.

    i wonder how much richard ashcroft made in royalties on the back of that song. or is it the UNKLE guys that make the money - i imagine it's been played lots

    The Halo: ODST (aka Halo: Recon) trailer is probably my most favourite in recent memory. That was thrilling as heck and I remember being pumped about getting to play as a Helljumper instead of a Spartan - I never failed to get chills as the music swelled right as the Halo Recon/ODST logo faded in at the end.

    Some people think the game didn't live up to expectations but I thought it was great (apart from the completely superfluous Nathan Fillion/Tricia Helfer romance plot - it does amuse me, though, that they apparently recorded all their dialogue seperately because they'd actually recently broken up in real life).

    The only trailer i say ever really stuck with me was the first AC trailer. Got heaps of air play on TV, and actually made a lot of non gamers excited too. Even as a COD addict, i cant really remember any of the trailers that well. Although i will say the Blops II trailer least interesting.

      oh silly me. The trailers for hawken are up there, but only because they are recent, and for a pretty awesome game.

    I really liked the Syndicate trailer. I know since then it's become hip to hate on dubstep, and the game was not for everyone, and we didn't even get it here, but it was a bloody good trailer.

    I loved the Overstrike trailer. Pity they changed the direction of the game to a Mass Effect clone.

    Killzone 3 had an awesome trailer. My favourite by far.

    Im a big fan of david fincher loved girl with the dragon tattoo and fight club and seven im really looking forward to this

    Mass Effect 2 Launch Trailer was heart stopping.
    Deus Ex: Human Revolution Directors Cut (5 mins worth of CG Cyberpunk bliss)
    SW: TOR CG trailers were better than the game itself.

    Rockstar usually make great trailers. I remember the GTAIV trailer which finally showed the game/engine off with the timelapse of the city being sped up and slowed down while synced to the Phillip Glass song, was nothing short of amazing indicating the new tone/direction of the series.

    The Gears of War "Mad World" trailer. Granted, I think that was really just the power of the song more than anything, but hey, it still sticks in my mind.

    Yeah any of the Assassins Trailers using lisenced music. Also the one for Brotherhood where it sounds like hes gonna start rapping.

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