Tell Us Dammit: The Business End Of 2012

We're about to hit the business end of the hectic Christmas release schedule — Halo 4, Black Ops 2, Assassin's Creed 3 — and we were wondering: what are you guys and girls looking forward to most over the next few months, and do you expect anything to make a serious dent in your game of the year list?

Personally, I am very much aboard the Assassin's Creed III hype-train. The sheer amount of resources being put into this game alone is enough to get me excited. I get a real impression that this a swan song for the series, so I'm expecting great things. Halo 4 excites me, as a fan, but I do have worries, mainly circulating around the fact that Bungie isn't involved.

What about you folks? What are you looking forward to in the coming months?


    Halo 4!
    pew pew pew

      This sounds absolutely insane when I say it out loud, but no joke, I am considering purchasing an Xbox 360 console just to play this game. Pew pew, indeed. (I enjoyed Halo 1 and 2 via PC.)

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        Nice! Isn't there a halo-themed Xbox 360 + Halo 4 bundle you can take advantage of?

        I've got an X360 I'll pay you to take off my hands

        I'll even pay you to take the un-used still-in-the-box Kinect

        Ha Ha I bought an XBOX 360 console in May last year, just to play all the Halo games. I'd been playing the original on a Mac for years but there were fewer and fewer people online to play with so finally bit the bullet - and glad I did. Over the course of 6 months I played through CE, Halo 2, Halo 3, Reach and ODST. I haven't been playing reach much lately as the multiplayer takes too long to find a match and it annoys the hell out of me. Here's hoping there will be plenty of Australian servers/players for Halo 4.

    WiiU Pro bundle, and AC 3. And Paper Mario 3DS. That is all.

    PAXau, It's a long hype train trip
    As for what I am looking forward to the next thing I'll likely get is dishonoured once I get through my xcom phase.

    I think I must have been at the wrong station or something. Completely missed all of the recent hype trains.

    Really hyped for Halo 4. Also starting to get hyped for AC3. Wasn't really interested in it for a long time, it was always one of those games I'd play eventually but I wasn't particularly hyped for it, but recently my interest in it has grown.

    Also interested in how ZombiU and the Wii U in general will turn out.

    Wii U, BLOPS2, AC3, Halo 4.

    Concerns? everyone of these releases except BLOPS2 worries me since they all seem to be taking a new direction my only hope is they decide to be original or not stray to far from the formula.

    Sooo, apparently Medal of Honour: Waarfighter is not doing well.

    As a hardcore halo fan, I think I've done well to avoid every trailer and bit of news that has come about this year. Would rather wait until a week before to get excited. AC3 I havent read anything about, got bored after AC2.

    For now i'm content with xcom and forza horizon - an unexpected new fav of mine. It's amazing!

    AC3 looks incredible and comes out a day after final exams. Have the Freedom edition preordered.

    Will also be playing Halo 4, looks much larger and to have more variety than previous instalments. And also Black Ops 2. Seems to have a bit of originality if nothing else, will be looking forward to see if it is a worthy successor for the first time in the CoD franchise.

    No one has mentioned Far Cry 3 yet? That is definitely a day 1 purchase for me and let's not forget Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition for iPad.. and of course the final episode of The Walking Dead :)

    All over AC3, Far Cry 3 and Black Ops 2.

    Just Far Cry 3 as far as I can remember.

    I'm going to buck the trend a bit and say Persona 4 Arena (if they actually fix whatever issue is holding up the UK/Aus release) and Zone of Enders HD. I was originally excited about AC3, but it just doesn't excite me anymore. The series hasn't really gone in the direction I'd hoped it would so I'll probably just pick it up if it goes on sale next year.

    I've just realised that there's nothing much I'm looking forward to for the end of the year, which is a bit unusual. Dishonored was the last thing I was looking forward to this year and then there's a gap until Bioshock next year.

    There'll probably be one or two under the radar things to fill the gap but none of the big titles have really grabbed my attention. AC3 vaguely interests me and I might end up picking it up, but I haven't played any of the rest of the series up to now so I'm not overly excited for it. (skipped the first in favour of other games at the time, then avoided Ubisoft like the plague during their DRM BS phase over the last few years)

    I'm actually quite calm about the future. I'll be picking up ACIII, but will be approaching it with the same detached Well-I-came-this-far mentality I had with the last couple of games. I'll pre-order GTAV when it becomes available. Can't think of anything else I'm really awaiting.

    I can honestly say this is the first time I'm not terribly excited for any games at this point of the year.

    AC3 - Not really, still haven't touched revelations
    BLOPS3 - It's still just CoD in my eyes.
    Halo 4 - While it looks interesting, it just hasn't grabbed me.

    ACIII - I'm expecting this to be exactly like the previous games, but in a different setting. I'm okay with this and look for to the resolution to the Desmond story arc. I'm keen also on Liberation.

    Hitman : Absolution - Still concerned about this, there was a preview somewhere recently that mentioned it was the same Hitman style game, but updated with modern elements (checkpoints, hints, etc...), so still on the fence. So it's new user friendly, but hardcore at the same time, really has an identity crisis.

    Need For Speed : Most Wanted - Again, still unsure as I would prefer a real Paradise sequel, but I think there will be enough Paradise in this to justify.

    Okami HD - Hopefully it should be next week on PSN, best Zelda trilogy ever! ;)

    For the year, Sleeping Dogs & Borderlands 2 are out in front for the retail games I've had the most fun with at this moment. Journey, Motorstorm RC are leading the digital list.

    There are still a few games I need to start, but I doubt I will have the time before the end of the year.

    2012 and the game everyone is hyped for is about shooting aliens. Makes me wonder if we have really come that far since 1978 :P

    I am all aboard the wii u hype train. First stop zombie u - last stop Colonial Marines @transcentral.

    I will buy blops II its my guilty addiction.

    But you forget Hawken. Seriously, this is my most anticipated release, sure, its coming up against MWO mercs, but i genuinely think Hawken is going to be a brilliant addition to the F2P market.

    *takes breath*

    Halo 4
    Far cry 3
    Wii U
    AC3 and Liberation
    Most Wanted and vita version
    CoD ( don't judge me)
    Sonic racing transformed

    So yeah...

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