Tell Us Dammit: You Have $200 Million To Make A Game. What Do You Do?

Okay here's a question: you are given 200 millions dollars, but there is a caveat. You must use that money to create a video game. You can make any video game you want — anything. In addition, you are allowed to keep 20% of the net profits that game makes. What do you create, how do you do it? How do you manage the funds?

Tell us dammit!

Personally, I have no idea what I would do. Maybe I would buy a license, and spend the time and money making a great game based on that license. That might be the safest route. But would you want to play it safe? Would you create a new IP.

What would you do?


    Sequel to Jurassic Park operation genesis

      That game was awesome! Just imagine what an proper developer could do with Jurassic Park these days - you'd think Spielberg would actually build an proper Development house for Jurassic Park games alone.

    A next-gen version of Uridium; Uridium 3

    A free roaming deus ex games that begins before the original on the timeline and continues through, changing and being altered by the choices you make. And maybe if you play a certain way, invisible war might not exist...( its not that bad haha)

    id remake ff7

    lol isnt it obvious once gta V is out pay rockstar to make gta VI i am sure 20% of the profit from that will do me :)

    So you're given 200 mil to do whatever you like and half of you still go for sequels and remakes?

    I would make a chain of ridiculous simulator games, Bee Keeper Simulator, Call Centre Simulator, Dole Bludger Simulator etc etc.

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    Hookers and blow.

    Always hookers and blow.

    Dark Souls meets DayZ.

    Like DayZ it would be feature permadeath, and be completely unmoderated, so anything goes (player ganking etc) – but with a large enough world that you wouldn’t spawn anywhere near other players. Like DayZ, there are no character levels, it is purely equipment based, and like Dark Souls, it would have a focus on melee, which would make it possible for even an underequipped but skilful player to have a chance at defeating a well-equipped player.

    It would have randomly generated environments and monsters and loot. When you start you’re given a randomly generated character with a basic weapon, and the aim is to collect as much treasure/souls as possible and deposit it in special collection points scattered throughout the map (whose location is visible to all players) that warp the treasure/souls to your permanent collection. Other players may camp near these collection points to try and steal your treasure/souls, or ask for a toll to be allowed to deposit there. The treasure/souls in your permanent collection can be spent on upgrades and better starting equipment for when your character eventually dies.

    had a big think about this (dammit now I'm on the 2nd page!)

    I would make a non-linear, non-chronological story (think "Crash" or "Go"); with a revolving cast of playable protagonists and antagonists, set across varying periods of time, from the end of world war II to the near-future; about the end of mankind.

    I would attempt to assemble a AAA-dev team who had work on varied genres of games, and hire Richard Morgan to help my pen the story (see Altered Carbon/Market Forces for reasons why.)

    The game would be first-person, and gameplay would vary depending on the playable character at the time. Not all characters will be good; some characters will have the player commit selfish acts, which would later be revealed to cause heartache, pain and even death to other protagonists

    Gameplay elements would be inspired from Deus Ex, Mirror's Edge, Half Life, Battlefield 3 (still currently the best FPS in my mind) and Uncharted. But overall, would be an FPS action-adventure.

    The game would pose the overall question:
    - Will the human race truly hide/ignore its own self-induced destruction, even up until the end?

      oh wow, I totally didn't read the rules!! haha

      I am no why qualified to handle $2M for a video game... I guess first, I would go back to school.

    Hopefully no big execs of game companies come and read this thread and steal our ideas. I'm planning to come into $200 million one day and make a game with it, but first I need to find a rich, old widow...

    Anyway, if I had this kind of money, and access to all the best resources then I would invest heavily in research into technology that properly emulates human interaction and emotion in reaction to events and the actions of other people. Using this technology, I would create an open world sandbox game set in a techno-fantasy world that worked similar to a MUD (or really, any modern MMO) in that while there was an overarching storyline to follow, administrators could run events, introduce characters, modify the base world and do other actions to keep everything fresh while maintaining a sense of the server having its own uniqueness. NPCs in it would have their own feelings and emotions towards the players based on what they did, how they acted, rumours that had been spread, and so forth, hopefully giving a feeling of a living world.

    It would have a once off purchase fee for the client and another fee for the server and editing tools. There would also be a sort of online store whereby items, assets, stories, quests, NPCs, etc created by users could be sold for use in your game (basically something like Etsy for a game) with a cut being taken out by my company.

    PC + Xbox360 + PS3 cross platform modern FPS, 2 teams, fight for huge grid like terrain that remains permanently owned until the other team regains it

    "Hi, DoubleFine! Please make Psychonauts 2 & Brütal Legend 2! What's that? 30 million dollars each? Here ya go!"

    $140m left to play with. I think I'd also need to fund Wet 2, Mirror's Edge 2, pay CD Projekt Red to port the first Witcher game to their new engine and maybe bribe LucasArts to bloody get on with making Star Wars Battlefront 3.

    stuff the games company, $200mil = a lot of hookers and blow to get me through the next month or 2!

    I would make a game similar to monster hunter (but in much bigger world) and link ps3 and x360 players together if that's possible.

    Attention Mark, you 'maginary moolah maestro, what I'm about to suggest shall go down in history as probably about the 7th best idea posted on this thread.
    Essentially my idea, is a side scrolling beat em up, in which random elements literally scattered throughout, branch the story in huge amounts of secret/tangent levels. So for instance, one boss might plea for mercy on his last fragment of health, with a lengthy five minute monologue of him wailing like a kitten under a moped, only for him to suddenly lash out and kill you, which instead of having a conventional game over screen would seamlessly send you to hell (maybe even heaven depending on your past actions...though Heaven might be a boring level for a beat-em-up). Or another level might see you opting you use your power attack, which would blow up the earth so you then proceed to fight on blown up chunks for a while.
    And on top of that idea, the game has an in depth, but accessible modding component. And one of the modders inadvertently cures world hunger using it. He thanks me in his Nobel Prize speech. It's pretty awesome.

    I'd steal 2 indie devs ideas. Combine them into one. Then buy a yacht and retire.

    Open World Discworld game.

    Rich setting, built in audience, light tone with slices of crushing darkness, and whenever you die you have a dialogue with DEATH.

      It's genius. Eric Idle as Rincewind, please.

      I love this idea!

      I can see this being like a modern version of kings quest. Discworld would have the right mix of humor and darkness to make an awesome atmosphere.

    A stand alone Fallout, built on the skyrim engine, set before all the others, spanning the west coast from Canada to Mexico.

    I've always wanted a "casual game" similar to Animal Crossing where after a long day, you can simply sit down and play something that's both stimulating and insanely casual. It'd be on Wii U because the tablet is actually useful in this situation.

    So, first off, It'd be a RPG, but in the loosest traditional sense. There's a fighting system, but it takes backseat to the exploring/crafting. Think instead of being a knight in a RPG world, you're a scholar. A explorer. A craftsman.

    The world would play out much like Minecraft's (But you can't destroy nor craft anything- just wander the land.) An endless world with multiple biomes (deserts, forests, etc.) Aside from those, you get scenery you'd find in your usual fantasy world; floating islands, crystal trees, poison swamps, etc. However, there are also a crapton of landmarks throughout the land to find, which takes up a chunk of the game's premise- exploring. They range from oblisks to pyramids to castles of ivory inspired by european and middle eastern sources alike. A logbook records all that you've seen. Aside from set pieces, there are also landmarks that activate in-game quests when you explore them- for instance, a downed aircraft in the distance has a mention of a group of survivors going out into the wilderness to find help, and you follow their travel.

    Honestly, I've spent so much time on thinking about this I could go on for pages, but that's the gist of it.

    Mirror's Edge 2.

    Because no one else will, damn it.

      I take it back. Ad (above) has already mentioned this.

      In that case, I would probably develop a new IP. Something undeniably awesome. The gameplay would be developed alongside the storyline, which doesn't exist yet, so the whole thing is just a little bit of a secret...

    Make cheapest possible flash game.
    Flee to Tahiti with rest of cash.

    Or i'd buy the Metroid license from Nintendo, and make a game set after Fusion. Instead of playing as Samus, you'd play as a bounty hunter who was hired to hunt down Samus. Everything about your hunter would be completely customizable, from the helmet to the boots and everything in between. You could have your own ship, and opt to take side missions such as smuggling cargo, attending pirate raids on corporate fleets, etc.
    And then when that's done, your completely customized hunter could be taken online. I know "Metroid" and "Multiplayer" don't usually go in the same sentence, but Metroid Prime Hunters showed it can work; especially when you won't know what abilities or upgrades your online opponents will have added to their suits.

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