Tell Us Dammit: You Have $200 Million To Make A Game. What Do You Do?

Okay here's a question: you are given 200 millions dollars, but there is a caveat. You must use that money to create a video game. You can make any video game you want — anything. In addition, you are allowed to keep 20% of the net profits that game makes. What do you create, how do you do it? How do you manage the funds?

Tell us dammit!

Personally, I have no idea what I would do. Maybe I would buy a license, and spend the time and money making a great game based on that license. That might be the safest route. But would you want to play it safe? Would you create a new IP.

What would you do?


    open world 4 player coop for ps3 and xbox (can' be bothered upgrading my pc).
    A new fantasy sci-fi ip i've been working on that doesn't involves orcs or zombies.
    Character and campaign customization. No levelling or grinding.
    Combat similar to action movies or those Blur games trailers (e.g swtor, dao).

    Homeworld 3. Pretend homeworld 2 never existed canonically, use the original story for it [HW2] by Peter Watts, blow minds.

    A sandbox MMO with GTA gameplay and destructable environment...

    ...but I might need more than $200m.

    FF 7 remake. You have a classic mode (text speech bubbles, exaggerated movements, turn based). Then you have a more modern version, with kotor kind of combat, voice acting, etc. DLC would be Zack's story

    An AR game that had an In-Game API so it could be manipulated and further developed by players within the constraints of initial game mechanics, new game mechanics could be developed only by those that had gained certain achievements in-game and recognition by other players (As someone that would not troll for example). Guilds, Clans and Family's would all be permitted, however matching different factions against each other in a PvP would require they be of the the same level and have the same amount of members.

    -Sword Art Online
    -The Matrix
    -Accel World

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    I would split it in half - one to get the band back together and make de Blob 3, and one to make House of the Dead: Overkill 2.

    Age of empires + total war

    Id make a game that was like STALKER but set here in Australia but not in a capital city like sydney or brisbane or even darwin. It would be set in my home area of the shoalhaven which stretches from Batemans bay to Berry (for all intents and purpose). So it would be able to capture that sense of beauty but also emptiness that you feel in STALKER.
    Mechanics wise the Game would feature the ability to climb not just trees, but also buildings and cliff faces provided you had the proper gear, but you wouldnt be able to jump in the typical FPS fashion only leap.
    Vehicles would be usable s well like boats, SUVs, Sedans,Trucks etc as well as certain ADF vehicles like Unimogs and landrover 110s and Bushmasters.
    Weapons would range from melee weapons like spears and knives to Guns like F88 Aus Styr and F89 Minimi and Mag58, there would be no sci-fi weapons like guass rifles or lazers etc.
    Wild life would in mutated and non mutated versions (there would be no giant mutated Funnel Webbs though) as well as mutated and non mutated Flora.
    Human would consist of bandits, Survivors, Local Aboriginal Tribes, the ADF and UN Forces, and a Private consortium thats trying to cover up their tracks.
    The bandits are always hostile, Survivors and Tribes are Netural the ADF and UN Forces are Friendly and the Consortium is Hostile but joinable.
    On the first playthrough of the game you would start off as a Surivior but then as you continue along through the game your choices and actions would also unlock other game starts like being part of the ADF or UN or even starting as a member of the consortium.
    the game would also feature Achievements but those achievements would unlock rewards in the game but be extremely challenging.
    Co-Op would also be put in the game but the game would not be built around it, but you could take advantage of it by having one person acting as sniper cover while you sneak into a guarded enemy camp where playing by your self you wouldnt have sniper cover.

    Spend the usual $700,000 to $2mil making the game and invest the rest..

    I would create a Open World Zombie MMO where it is sort of like The Walking Dead with groups of people surviving in a huge world.... be a cross between the mechanics of GW2 open world quest system, Arma2 survival aspects and some korean MMO where u can build towns, homes farms and all that....

    No real 'levels' but more focused on being in teams (like guilds) to succeed in surviving, raiding and stuff... and at the same time fight of hordes of zombies that can attack your town / camp at any time... even when you are offline.

    that would be epic, not sure the best details but 'could' work

    A jade empire sequal,. Actual or spiritual, either way!

    I would put money into the game script im writing, but Id go to Nintendo and give it to Retro Studios.

    Or Bioware.

    A new open world prince of persia game. Love that series

    We haven't had a decent surfing game for a while..... Kelly Slater was the last one and that was last gen....

      or build a crappy game like most company's and pocket the rest!

    I'd make a proper comedic videogame, the likes of which have not been seen since the 90's. Contemporary, intelligent, and satirical.
    I don't care what it is or how it comes about, I just haven't played too many games in the last few years which have been consistently funny, and I miss them.

    Music based MMO, with special guest stars of all current and past music greats.
    Have quests to seek out music greats from foreign lands (ie: where they come from in real life)
    Add in special events (ie: eisteddfods & eurovision - even classical events)
    Plus tie in other music festivals from around the world as they happen....

    hire 200 hookers for a month, fuck the games.

    I'd make a Judge Dredd sandbox set in Megacity 1 during the notable world-changing events in Dredd's career such as the Block wars, The Apocalypse War, Necropolis, and the Mutant Rights Crisis. With over 800 million people initially populating Megacity 1, the body count from these events would be massive and millions of lives would hang in the balance of the decisions you made.

    Megacity 1 would be gigantic and multi-level, the lower to ground level you get, the more polluted and seedy the world looks. After each major story event, the appearance of the city would change, becoming battle scarred from wars and decrepit and abandoned when large numbers of people died.

    There would be unlimited random events to complete as you rode around the city, such as hostage situations, riots, and lone crazed gunmen, as well as story-based detective missions where you'd have to solve murders and fight organized crime, and bizarre sci-fi cases like The Screaming Green Head Farm taken straight from the pages of Dredd's comic.

    There would also be interval sections where you'd step into the shoes of other characters from the Dredd universe, such as Chopper or Dirty Frank, or just random average people put in life threatening situations. Like in the comics, the lives of Megacity 1's citizens are tragic, miserable, pointless, and short. This would help to flesh out the world and really immerse the player in the living breathing universe of Megacity 1, giving them an emotional connection to the hapless citizens.

    The combat would be a mixture of Batman and GTA, with Dredd dishing out "applied violence" with his baseball bat sized daystick and his boot knife, and gunslinging with his Lawgiver. The more enemies on screen, the more violent and merciless Dredd's combat style would become, a couple of enemies at a time would only recieve punches to the face and some broken bones, while a small army would get stabbed, bludgeoned, blown up, and shot in brutal ways.

    Dredd's primary vehicle would be his Lawmaster motorcycle, but he'd be able to commandeer any vehicle on the road. As the game progressed the player would unlock summoned deployables such as air support, stumm gas, and riot foam, as well as upgrades to his weapons, armor, HUD, and vehicles. There would be a Multiplayer mode where you could join someone else's game as another Judge, accompanying Dredd through some (but not all) of the missions.

    Easy. I'd give it all to Yu Suzuki and AM2 to make Shenmue III. Whether it profited or not.

    Buy the rights to MERP. Give money to MERP devs for equipment. Enjoy an actually good LOTR Game.

    That or a new HOMM which is actually good.

    I wanna make a FULL open world FPS MMO zombie game similar to Day Z but the realism factor to the max like the open world is actually the entire earth (so you can take boats to other countries), have NO HUD at all so and you must use your mic to communicate. You can train your character by killing zombies or doing things. There much more things I could list but it would take ages to type

    a proper samurai/ninja 1970's like kung fu RPG. like way of the samurai but detail of skyrim! (atleast)

    It's called:

    "These Cats Will Mess You Up Bad."
    It's a platformer action game where you play as cats in a city overrun with stupefied and aggressive humans. To take them down and save your litter (team) you must use both skill and ingenuity to get at either their neck or their face to deliver a killing blow!

    Story is simple: Aliens made an administrative error when they were inspecting earth, and some middle-management sectoid accidentally swapped intelligence and self awareness between humans and domestic cats.

    Absract: Think Shadow of the Collossus on a smaller and more repeatable scale, with movement akin to Batman and an absurdist story like Psychonauts.

    Perfect timing. I’ve been thinking along the lines of this question a lot recently.

    I’d make a game that was part rpg part empire building – with dragons.

    I don’t have time to go into details right now but he idea is you can walk around town and build relationships with other characters and chose how to build up your city(s). There would be multiple levels of karma (not visible to the player). Your reputation on the global level, your popularity in particular towns and individual meters for key characters. The choices you make affect your relationships, the types of armies you can recruit and the technologies you research causing large changes in both the way you play the game and the story.

    There is also a strategic element to it where you go to a world map where you plan your moves in a style similar to Total War. Decide what alliances to make, who to trade with and which cities to attack.

    Then there’s the battles where you get to pit your armies against the enemies in massive battles. Oh, and you also get a dragon. You can sit in you pavilion commanding your troops or just make plans to leave for one of your generals to carry out whilst you ride your dragon lay waste to the enemy personally.

    I also have a story planned to go with this but I don’t have enough time to lay it all out here.

    Anyway, who’s got this money for me?

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