Tell Us Dammit: You Have $200 Million To Make A Game. What Do You Do?

Okay here's a question: you are given 200 millions dollars, but there is a caveat. You must use that money to create a video game. You can make any video game you want — anything. In addition, you are allowed to keep 20% of the net profits that game makes. What do you create, how do you do it? How do you manage the funds?

Tell us dammit!

Personally, I have no idea what I would do. Maybe I would buy a license, and spend the time and money making a great game based on that license. That might be the safest route. But would you want to play it safe? Would you create a new IP.

What would you do?


    Freespace 3
    Shivan smashing time.
    So going to reinstall FS2 now fml.

    The One I always wanted to create was the X-Rifle - a first person shooter where you can wander the streets of cities with your X-Rifle (The Ultimate X-Box) and wearing your Display Visors conduct a War with other Gamers in a world mapped over the existing one. It would use GPS to determine the position and orientation of your weapon in real-space. Like you were wandering through your own personal Game or wage war in the Multi-player space.

    Of course that will never happen unless you want tales of gamers being gunned down by criminals and cops alike and hit by cars and falling off rooftops...

      Open world FPS with Permadeath. Good idea but there's already a more immersive franchise with multiple titles already out there called "War". Catchy title too.

    An AFL game actually worth playing, that doesnt look and feeel like it was made by a 12 year old.

    Buy an office with a marble inlaid entrance and glass ceiling. Perhaps nice cars, throw some fancy publicity functions, Give some to UniLoc because I called home one night. Then I'd use the last of it to make some concept art for a kickstarter about... well I'm not telling. I actually do have plans on publishing it ;)

    I think that the ideal game would be a multi-player online event where you get to drive one of thousands of small spheres the size of baseballs across the lunar surface. The Lander is the solar powerstation and comms array but it deploys the spheres on landing and because they are routers in a communal network the spheres transmit not only control data but transmit electrical energy between each sphere -through the router network. it should cost 150 million for the launch and Lander plus ten thousand dollars for each of the thousand mass produced spheres.

    It becomes a Multiplayer -Explore the Moon Game - and because one sphere can relay control data and electricity to the rest in the network you could park on top of a hole and transmit to a sphere positioned at the bottom and transmit to other spheres positioned along the tunnel all the way down into caves and tunnels in the Moon.

    Come up with a concept, entice people to make it.

    When shit comes to shovel, bail with the money.

    I would spend the money building a real Augmented Reality rig that fits on you hip with the visor looking like sunglasses (semi transparent amoled display) and then develop an AR SDK for developers to build content.

    So basically what I am already doing but with 10000x the budget.

    Also I would open source that shit.

    I would simply hire an indie team, and all the other money goes to charity! YAY!

    I am a total fable fanboy who has been more and more ashamed as the games come out. What I want to make a new fable game where you play as the Archon fighting against the old jack queen and king of blades. these characters have been hinted at in the past and we know they are powerful, so to start with we have 3 gradually progressing bosses. note that i want this game to have proper difficulty levels you chose at the start and get no forgiveness, seeing as the Archon was the first "hero" you will have no problems gradually introducing abilities or dealing with being initially too powerful as in fable 3. spells would be integrated into suroundings e.g. if there is a storm you would chose lightning or water as they are in abundance (im seeing what is essentially an elements system lets say 5 elements like in the original Naruto series with combinations e.g. earth+fire makes lava control but you still need lava to do anything) this would lead to players being more strategic at higher difficulties secondly nerf guns and swords late game as they would be realisticly less useful when you can call down lightning also limit the amount you can use magic and reduce the avaliability of potions etc i miss the old days of a dedicated manna pool. seeing as you are the first hero there will be no guild-master or Theresa shouting down your ears "do you have any potions or food" just a skyrim esque mission system when you do things for money or because you want to (some missions will be locked until things are done so the plot makes sense as in you must kill jack before queen before king)
    tl:dr I want a fable that isn't shit someone else can figure out the finances

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