Tetsuya Nomura Says Square Enix Is Working On Final Fantasy Versus XIII

Tetsuya Nomura Says Square Enix Is Working On Final Fantasy Versus XIII

Didn’t see Final Fantasy Versus XIII at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, did we? Nope! Well, Square Enix’s Tetsuya Nomura is here to say the game is still being worked on.

“We’re continuing work on Versus,” Nomura apparently said in an upcoming issue of Famitsu.

“Because all staff is hard at work on the game,” he added, “please wait a little longer for a follow up report.”

Nomura also said he finished up doing work on Lightning’s and Snow’s new outfits for the upcoming Final Fantasy XIII game, Lightning Returns, so hopefully that will mean he can get down to business on Versus.

Earlier this year, Nomura seemed ready to talk Versus and give new info about the game, but suddenly said, “Because of a totally unrelated reason, there are circumstances in which that info cannot be released.”

This past August, however, Nomura released a Versus XIII character drawing, with a note that read: “Please wait for his turn!”

The keyword here? Wait. At this point, gamers should be good at that. They’ve doing it since, oh, 2006.

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  • Now confident that they won’t cancel versus- they did already have some gameplay footage released, so it’d be very stupid of them to just cancel and repurpose those game assets. Plus they’ve kept saying that it hasn’t and won’t be canceled.
    hoping SE doesn’t burn us here!

  • it will get released and it probably will be a huge PSX era FF game with current gen graphics. if it will be good or not is another thing.

    • it’s already been revealed i that it’s gonna play more like kingdom hearts… in fact, the kingdom hearts team is working on the game, that’s why we don’t get any kingdom hearts 3. 🙁

      although, the game has been in developement for so long, they could have changed the game completely if they wanted to…

  • How about some actual proof guys? Maybe if you actually SHOWED EVIDENCE that you were working on it, people would rest a bit easier.

  • This is another Duke Nukem scenario. Any existing code or assets they made would have been with tech and engine that’s now five years out of date.

    I’d rather hear nothing until they actually have some kind of semi-reliable release date. And for the record, Square? That DLC track for VersusXIII in Theatrhythm was just *teasing*.

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