That Amazing Super Skyrim Bros. Mod Is Now Available

And there's an official trailer to go along with it. If you read Stephen's post showing off the awesome-looking Skyrim mod, you might be pleased to hear that clintmich's mod is now officially available as of last week.

There are still a few known issues, but who wouldn't want to trek through the Mushroom Kingdom, and eventually battle Bowser himself within the world of Skyrim. You'll meet new enemies to be killed with new weapons. Check it all out in the trailer above.

And here are a few screenshots below for you to feast your eyes on.

Skyrim Mod — Super Skyrim Bros. Official Trailer [YouTube via Nexus Mods via Reddit]


    utterly awesome.

    This is the most demented thing I've seen in my time involved in the Skyrim modding scene.

    And if you've ever been involved in any Bethesda game's modding scene, you'll know there is some pretty demented shit out there.

    It's kinda pointless obscuring the screen with text that tells you things that the video is already showing. I mean, you see a guy using a hammer to kill a Goomba and they cover half the screen telling you that you can use a hammer to kill a Goomba. Why not just remove the text?

    Because YouTube users are really only good at starting petty fights in the comment section, not actually making quality content.

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