The 360's $50 Price Drop Is For Two New Bundles—But It Isn't Limited To GameStop

With big thanks to our partners at Dealzon, we know a little more about this $US50 price drop on Xbox 360 configurations. The big detail is that the cut isn't limited to just GameStop. "These are new bundles, supposedly released Oct. 9, and are now selling for $US250 at Best Buy, Amazon, and Gamestop, instead of $US300 that was expected through last week," says Dealzon.

The $US50 price cut affects the new 4GB Kinect Holiday Bundle (with Kinect Adventures and Kinect Disney Adventures) and a bundle packaging a 250GB Xbox 360 with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Forza Motorsport 4.

Amazon and Best Buy are offering free shipping. Both are $US250.

We have additionally heard from a source that the $US50 discount will be good through January at GameStop and does not affect standalone 4GB Xbox 360 packages — just the Kinect-bundled 4GB Xbox 360.


    And this affects us in Australia how?

      Just showing us how we're getting fucked on price

      so no real reason to bother posting it. We all KNOW we're getting fucked, we wouldn't be on Kotaku if we didn't know we were getting fucked.

      Congrats virgins, you're still getting fucked

    We have Xbox 360 250gb + Borderlands 2 for 299! Pale in comparison but not that far off now.

    Awesome, I'll just head down to my local gamestop! Hrmmmmm, I can't seem to find any within 8,500 Kms....... Damn that's a little inconvenient!

      I've pre-ordered the Halo 4 Slim Xbox and EB took $50 off...

    these are coming to australia! very soon. one other bundle too but i forgot what it is.

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