The Accidentally Sexy Nintendo 3DS Commercial

The Accidentally Sexy Nintendo 3DS Commercial

With some clever casting and selective image capturing/gif-making on the part of nerds, Osaka-based reporter and model Aya Shibata recently became a uniquely Japanese sex symbol for Nintendo.

Now, it seems Western fans are doing much the same for Glee actress Dianna Agron, after she appeared in this seemingly innocuous commercial for Art Academy on the 3DS.

(Not that the beautiful and somewhat well-known Agron needed much help hitting the spotlight. Starring in one of the world’s biggest TV shows will take care of that part of the comparison.)

But as far as “sexing up” the commercial goes, watch the clip again. It’s harmless, right? A pretty girl, who is “not a gamer”, draws an apple pie on a 3DS. That’s about it. Or, it is if you watch the clip in full. Start ripping isolated sections out, though, and/or playing them in slow-motion, and it’s a different story.

As noticed by Tiny Cartridge, check out the lengths to which fans are going to make the commercial look “sexy” (not to mention the volume of them). Seems among followers of both Glee and Nintendo, she’s been the flavour of the day.

Which would obviously never have been Nintendo’s (or at least their advertising agency’s) goal all along, could it?

Dianna Agron [Tumblr, via Tiny Cartridge]



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