The Amazing Spider-Man Arrives On Wii U Next Autumn, With All DLC Included

At New York Comic-Con, Beenox — the studio behind The Amazing Spider-Man video game adaptation, said the title would be coming to the Wii U in Australia's Autumn 2013.

In addition to new Wii U GamePad functions, the game will sell with all of the downloadable content that has been released so far for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game; that's the the Rhino Challenge Pack, the Oscorp Search and Destroy Pack, the Lizard Rampage Pack and the Stan Lee Adventure Pack.

NYCC 2012: Amazing Spider-Man Thwips Its Way To Wii U Next (US) Spring [EGM Now. h/t Crazy Uncle Nic]


    Oh yeah definitely need to preorder a wii u now.

    That's when? At least March next year? The game will be budget price on all the other systems by then. Like Batman, not a good enough reason the buy the Wii-U

    DLC packed-in? Sounds good to me.

    Might give it a look-in once it gets cheap :P

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