The Best Damn Video Game Trailer I've Seen This Week

Trailers are often criticised these days for showing little, or even no gameplay footage. It's a fair complaint, but also one that should be shelved, at least temporarily, for this clip.

Sure, it's a trailer for the upcoming Need For Speed: Most Wanted, but it's also a Freddie Wong video, and one which should be watched even if you've never played, or enjoyed, a Need for Speed game in your life.

Why? Because remote control police car chase, that's why.

The Greatest R/C Car Chase Ever [Freddie Wong]


    Whoever is flying the RC chopper is good - that thing is not moving when he makes that last jump.

    Last edited 17/10/12 4:34 pm

    certainly out-done himself

    was pretty sweet.
    Wish the GTR got some more action though

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