The Best Gaming-Themed Jack-O-Lanterns

The Best Gaming-Themed Jack-O-Lanterns

Dedicated gaming fans can create high-quality fan art from pretty much anything. Even squash.

Squirtle and Charizard come from the DeviantArt page of joh-wee, who has a truly astonishing array of carvings on her site (along with other art).

Garrus is a painstaking work by Mass Effect fan and tumblr user weemiji, who created it as a follow-up to a Thane pumpkin from 2011.

And last, but certainly not least, the pumpkin homage to Dragon Age comes from BioWare fan Karissa Barrows, who shared it on Twitter.

These amazing jack-o-lanterns are just a few of the fantastic gaming homages that show up on front stoops and online around Halloween.


      • Also agreed. They’re pretty cool but I also agree with tom that halloween isn’t really an Australian thing. It feels weird having all the pumpkins and fake cobweb show up in local stores like woolies, the cynic in me thinks they’re just trying to introduce a new holiday as a sales boost. They know we would notice if they made a fake one so they’re importing one from America (yes I know it started in Europe but it’s mostly American now).

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