The Coolest Part Of Resident Evil 6

The Coolest Part Of Resident Evil 6

Resident Evil 6 is currently being mauled by the critics. It’s getting scores so low, you’ll have to check whether the reviewer is using a five-point scale or a 10-point scale.

How bad is this game? Not so bad that it doesn’t contain something awesome.

The absolute best thing in RE6, from what those of us on staff have played (translation: nearly all of it) is the game’s Agent Hunt mode. In a nod to Demon’s Souls, Agent Hunt lets players invade other Resident Evil 6 games. This is a very, very good thing.

While some hapless player is trying to fight their way through the game’s first campaign as Leon Kennedy or Helena Harper, you jump in, take control of a zombie or a dog and try to kill them. If they kill you, no problem! You spawn as another zombie, another dog or, well, some really nasty monsters with some crazy attack moves.

We’ve captured some of our favourite moments from Agent Hunt, so go watch and salivate. The mode is online-only, as far as we can tell, and only accessible after you’ve cleared one of the game’s three main campaigns. You’re randomly dropped into another player (or pair of players’) game. More thank one player can invade at a time. And, you know, thank goodness for street dates being broken, because if people hadn’t grabbed copies of the PS3 version of the game early, then we’d have had no one’s games to invade this weekend with our Capcom-provided review copy. Thank you, street-date-breakers. Thank you very much.

Forget the rest of Resident Evil 6. Jumping into other people’s games and wreaking havoc is wonderful. We love it. Did you see the part in the video where we play as a dog? So good!

(As for whether we love the rest of the game, we’ll have a review on the site tomorrow.)


  • mauled by critics? 1 negative review, 3 mixed and 10 positive? kotaku really has gone into tabloid territory these days. I think it is alright. no 4 but no 5 either.

    • Mauled by critics with credibility perhaps? It’s pretty bad, and I’m a fanboy who thought RE5 was a good game.

      • i wouldn’t say it’s terrible or bad overall, it’s more just fairly average, which for a triple A game series isn’t good enough, which makes it bad, if that makes sense.

    • Rather than look at the scores alone, read the text, they’ve certainly hammered the game quite heavily but chose to still give the game a positive score based on the the sum of the parts.

  • I got this Game on saturday morning and as fun as it was playing with a mate online there is something seriously wrong with the game thats got nothing to do with game mechanics.

    It’s the darkness.

    I get that RE has a “dark” theme, but the way they have done the lighting is really bad.
    I have an ultrabright 27″ Led Monitor I play this on and after about 2hours of playtime I was getting excruitiating headaches. The problem is the brighter you set it the brighter the well.. bright areas become, so reflections and fire becomes brighter. But darkness remains annoyingly dark to the point of squinting the entire time but with ultra bright reflections and flashes of light its really bad.

    I have found that I can only play the game at night time with no surrounding light JUST to play without getting a headache. I have been gaming solidly for the last decade and this is the first game I have ever encountered this with.

    • I noticed the same, i was playing in the afternoon and had to squit and could hardly see anything, i had to litterly close all the curtains in my house, turn off the lights to be able to play it properly. I’m sure this is intended to help players set the mood, but its more annoying then mood setting.

      • Im still enjoying the game, just annoying that i have to play with no lights is all (not really that scarey, can almost predicit when somethign is about to happen)

        • I think the obsession with darkness may be because of the intense criticism Capcom copped after Resi 5 was bright and … well, not exactly cheerful, but … certainly not dark. I find that a couple of well-lit areas amongst the darkness can sharpen the mood more effectively than endless, oppressive darkness. Dead Space did this quite well, with some of the labs’ clinical lighting schemes just bringing attention to what an awful place the rest of the Ishimura was.
          I can’t stand it when you’ve gotta squint to see things in games because the developers think scares comes from darkness and nowhere else. An intelligent use of light and sound is a far better way to get me on the edge of my chair than blanketing everything in blackness.

    • I always play at night and turn the lights off when I play a “scary” game – be that Resident Evil, or Dead Space, or F.E.A.R. , or Bioshock, or Doom, or…well you get the picture. Sets the mood nicely for me and it makes the game easier to get into. I’m never actually scared by these games, but it’s the only way to experience them properly 🙂

  • I hoped they’d learnt from the critisisms of RE 5. Oh well, plenty of other games coming out the rest of the year. I can wait 6 months for JB’s 2 for 40 sale.

  • Having played a few hours of the Leon section, I can honestly say this game craps all over RE5, although yes, it is very dark. From the negativity I’m not holding up much hope for the other two sections of the game, but thankfully I purchased it from EB, so if it is as terrible as reviewers are making it out to be, I’ll happily return it in a week and put the cash on any of the other big name games coming out before Decemeber.

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