The Dead Or Alive 5 Mousepads Are Pretty Much What You'd Expect

Around five years ago (or so), it was a bit of a thing in Japan for game companies to release mousepads, featuring female characters with large breasts for PC users to rest their hands on.

So no surprises here with these upcoming Dead or Alive 5 mousepads — nor is it surprising to see them pop up five years later. Not at all.

「DEAD OR ALIVE 5 3Dマウスパッド」発売決定! [インサイド]


    Part of me thinks these are great. The rest of me is ashamed of that


      The oppai mousepad, great for your wrist health, but at the same time bad for your wrist health...

    These are sickening! Utterly unrealistic standards of women!

    I mean there heads are so tiny...



    The funny thing is, if you play DOA5 you'll actually see that its toned down on the whole in your face bouncing like beach balls boob obsession lol guess its stuck with them now!

      While they don't bounce as much, they're still ridiculously wobbly. And they took away the age setting to reduce the absurdity.

    Really Kotaku? I'm thoroughly disgusted... that you showed those two and not the lovely Hitomi one :3

    Additionally, sooner or later, someone's gonna make a Solid Snake/Raiden buttocks version.

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