The Funniest Five Seconds Of Far Cry 3

In my big honkin' video preview of Far Cry 3, one very funny part kinda stood out. Well more accurately, it jumped out.

It happened about 10 minutes into the video, so I didn't want anyone who didn't have time to watch the whole thing to miss it. So, I pulled it out and made it its own video.

(It's OK to laugh, they make it through the jump OK. Somehow.)

Is this a shocking moment of real-feeling clumsiness? A hilarious bit of motion capture that somehow just seems funny in slow-mo? I don't know. I just know that I laugh every time I watch it.


    that was actually pretty good,
    massive air and just kinda bounced off it like a puppy who just couldnt jump high enough to get onto the couch

    She hit her boobs...?

    Would be much funnier in game I imagine.

    would be much funnier just left to play through

    Just out of interest.. is that image at the top of this page meant to be a video?

    All I get is a picture with the following location:

    I don't get it.

    The reason it looks clumsy is because she has to jump OVER the fire. It adds about an extra meter to the jump. So rather than only having to jump over a 1 meter gap, she has to jump over a 2+ meter gap. Watch it again. Hardly clumsy at all. The more appropriate word would be 'realistic'.

      No I'm pretty sure a normal person would be able to make that jump. Of course we don't really know what the gap actually is like from what we see in the video but the platform is slightly lower than the ground they jump from as well.

      Yeah, but if you look at it closer, she appears to launch herself out head first as though she were planning to hit the ground in a roll. Instead, she sort of half belly-flops into the side of the scaffolding. If you were aiming for the scaffolding, you would try your best to remain vertical, like a long jumper

    the main character must be clumsy too.

    Still better than Resident Evil 6 move cycles

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