The Games You've Played Most On Steam

Have you spent an embarrassing number of hours playing Team Fortress 2? Wasted way too much of your life on late-night Civ marathons?

Let's see some proof. We want you to come show off your most ridiculous Steam stats.

We'll start with a few of our own. Above you can get a peek at Luke's Total War addiction.

Here's Fahey, Witcher fiend:

Our hard-working copy-editor András is really into RPGs:

And here's Kate, Peggle fanatic:

Okay, your turn. Post a screengrab of your Steam stats below.


    Ah Here is mine, 26 hours on JC2 not much on anything else

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      You have to go to Community, and view all your games through your profile

      Dude, there is something seriously wrong with your download of Microsoft Flight.

        Yea i Noticed, i don't like the game so i don't bother fixing it

    Not mine, but a close buddy's -

    I'm certain my Borderlands time is incorrect, I think there was a while were Steam just wasn't recording my playtime properly.

    Looking back at this, I've forgotten how little I actually spent playing some games... I thought I put 30 hours into Torchlight, I thought I'd put way more than 8 hours in Space Marine.

    375 hours of Dota 2
    163 hours of CS:S
    87 hours of CS1.6
    57 hours of TF2

    I've played way more CS:S and CS1.6 before steam started tracking gameplay hours

      To give things some perspective almost 2 years later, I now have:
      2255 hours of Dota 2
      575 hours of CS:S
      88 hours of CS 1.6
      58 hours of TF2
      21 hours of CS:GO

    I used to play CoD competitively. For the record, I no longer play CoD. Funny thing is my most played game is not even through Steam; it's Heroes Of Newerth.

    TF2 at 384.9 hours
    Skyrim a distant second at 171.6 hours
    Battlefield: Bad Company 2 third at 154.2 hours
    Fallout: New Vegas at fourth with 100.2 hours
    Witcher 2 in fifth position at 78.8 hours
    I'm sure if I had owned Max Payne 1 & 2 on Steam a lot earlier they'd be up there. (I've finished both once on Steam, but numerous times since they were released).

    I think I am winning. 2559 hours of TF2. And I've barely played since the Mann Co update.

      Wow. You've put two years of your life into that game.

      I'm going to check it out after work.

        To be fair, with TF2 there was a period of several months where you would constantly get items while playing, so many people (including myself) had it running 24/7. There were special maps for idle players and everything.

    Probably because I leave it running and do other things but I do have an unexcusable 716 hours on Shogun 2
    I'm not sure, but I think I like Codemasters racing games?

    Should be getting a new GPU within the next week as well, so I expect some of these top games to change a bit.


    I have about 120 hrs in Skyrim. That said, the steam counter seems to be way off - I've timed a few games, and it seems to only record 8 hours for every ten spent in game.

    Numbers look low to me but I guess that's what Steam has.

    By god, I think I just figured out why I have not achieved anything in life.

    Empire total war 148.9 hours
    counterstrike 148.8
    plants V zombies 138.1
    skyrim 122.7
    Arma 2 114.5

    and the list goes on and on. It also does not include my PS3 and Xbox time.
    I feel a little sick, best play some games.

    Only been a PC-convert for 6 months, but I'm at about 55 hours on Civ 5.

    You can get programs that track all of your gaming habits across multiple platforms.

    Raptr for example:
    Done with the steam mobile app. Pretty sure it's a bug of some kind.

    I'll never know how I spent 150 DAYS in WoW.

      Well in fairness, assuming you started fairly soon after it first came out and never took any significant breaks from it:

      150 days / 7.5 years = 20 hours/year

      20 x 24 = 480 hours/year

      That's only about 1 1/4 hours a day!

    ~ 1,464 hours in TF2
    ~ 337 hours in RIFT
    ~ 111.2 hours in Borderlands

    I am a little ashamed of my TF2 stats tbh

    Counter-Strike 913.1 hours
    Counter-Strike: Source 427.7 hours
    Dota 2 163.2 hours
    Team Fortress 2 145.8 hours
    Counter-Strike Global Offensive 94.5 hours

    I don't feel bad at all.

    It could just be my phone's steamapp getting it wrong (I'm at work so I can't log into steam right now) but it seems my counters got reset when I lost my old PC - I'm showing zero times for a number of my games that I've reinstalled but haven't played yet.

    My highest time right now is 19 hours on FTL.

    I'm kinda sad that Modern Warfare 2 is in the top 10, then again those were darker times.
    On a side note i'm surprised to see that I almost have 750 hours of Dawn of War II.

    My Top 6, nothing special.

    EDIT: Noticed I play a lot of games with 2 in their title, lol.

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