The Legend Of Zelda: Quest For The Amazing LEGO Shield

LEGO builder Remi Gagne's recreation of Zelda's Hylian shield is impressive enough at a distance, but the real treat here is in the detail.

It's where you get an idea of not only the scale of the project, but the amount of work that went into it. Like, it would have been easy to do the front and just stop, but no, the back of the shield is there too, right down to the arm straps.

Bolt of Blue's photostream [Flickr, via Brothers Brick]


    Oh wow. That's impressive.

    Seriously wondering how he got those curves and angles, lego dont bend that way

      Looks kind of like Bionicle parts.

      I was more impressed until I looked and saw it's not really all LEGO. Would have been more impressive if it was all just the standard blocks

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