The Legend Of Zelda Symphony Orchestra Is Finally Coming To Australia

And it's about time! After frequently asking Nintendo locally about the possibility of the Zelda symphony orchestra coming to Australia, and frequently being told to not get our hopes up, we'd sort of given up hope of ever seeing the show head to our shores, but it's looking like The Legend Of Zelda Symphony Orchestra is planning to do a show in Australia in 2013.

But if you don't already live in Sydney, you're going to have to fly over here.

Looks as though there are two dates currently scheduled at the Sydney Orchestra House, on February 1 and February 2. You can find more details here.

Personally, I'm actually incredibly hyped about these shows. My favourite part of Skyward Sword was the orchestra soundtrack that came with it. That CD lives in my car and it's the only thing that'll put my nephew to sleep. Can't wait for this.

The Legend of Zelda Symphony IS coming to Australia in 2013 [Vooks]


    Lol I 2 min ago email u about this >_< lol

    Got my tickets yesterday :)

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    I think you mean "Sydney Opera House" Mark ;)

    I'm not normally the one to go to these types of things but this is mighty tempting...

    my savings account hates me - I just got tickets to the Adelaide Final Fantasy concert, and now an awesome Zelda show too! Sydney here I come!

    I've missed the final fantasy one so many times I'm not missing this

    Damn presales i cant buy a ticket guess i'll have to wait till saturday :(

    Screw you, Sydney ;_; Perth never gets anything. Though I imagine it's expensive as hell to fly an orchestra and equipment anywhere, so I guess I can see why. We didn't even get Eminence, just the 10-piece ensemble (who still gave a great show a few years back!).

      Maybe we should get Vooks to campaign for us! Not that I think it would do anything at all.

        What am I doing now?

          You're buying us all a ticket....
          it says so in the article.......right Mark?

    That's it. I'm flying up for this. Not missing this for the world.

    Looks like tickets range from $40-$100. Not bad really.

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    So bummed about this. Friends all organised a trip to Japan for a couple of weeks, and this is on in the last weekend we're there for. WHY COULDN'T IT BE ONE WEEK LATER? ASUDHO*UAESRKJSE#TF

    How do I buy them!!!!!?!?!?!?

      Ticketmaster or it will go on sale via SydneySymphony them self when its available

        Yes, but I mean are they not for sale until 20th Oct or is there a presale code I can have?

          Ticketmaster the code is Link
          (Link : )
          Sydney Synphony the code is 6235
          (Link : )

          Links need to be approved,

          Ticketmaster the code is Link
          Sydney Synphony the code is 6235

          (Cheaper on Sydney Synphony however needs link posted on their FB and Twitter accounts)

    Sydney? Oh well... maybe they'll eventually come over to Adelaide.

    If you're a Zelda fan and don't go to this concert then you should go fly a kite!

    The pre-sale code is "link" if anyone wants it. I got mine this morning, totally flying from Perth for this!

      Ticketmaster the code is Link
      Sydney Synphony the code is 6235

      (Cheaper on Sydney Synphony)

    There are very few seats available... Does anyone know if this is coz large chunks of space are sold out? Or are they not becoming available until the 20th? I don't wanna book a "bad" seat now if better ones will open up... But obviously don't wanna miss out.

      In answer to my own question - Way more tickets are available at Sydney Symphony. Pre-order link on their twitter

    I've got my ticket for the Saturday show. The "Distant Worlds" Final Fantasy concert at the Opera House last year was sublime. One of the most exciting, energy-charged nights of gaming geekery EVER! Can't wait for this, even though I have to hop a plane and fly up to Sydney for a single weekend... -_-

    Has anyone else had trouble with Sydney Symphony's site? It keeps giving me errors and deleting my account details, which means I can't actually purchase the tickets.

    Tickets booked, Hotel booked...Just need flights now ^_^

      Carnage man, Just bought my tickets too :D yey

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