The Most Horrifying Thing You Could Ever Catch A Zombie Doing

Video spoilers pooping.

From one of my favourite YouTubers — and in the spirit of zombie week — comes this short and sweet clip of a very...unique encounter with Left 4 Dead 2's tank.

I never thought I'd feel bad for a zombie until now. There he was, minding his own business on a flushable porta potty when Coach decides to shoot him immediately after violating his privacy. Now, if he was reading a quantum physics book on the other hand...

Two in the Tank [YouTube]


    Can't even watch a 30 second video without Tina telling you what's going to happen. lol

      Goddamn it!
      Though I guess in fairness she at least wrote spoilers

    Writing "spoilers" is completely pointless if there's absolutely no indication what it is a spoiler for. So retarded.

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