The Most Terrifying Video Game Focus-Testing Imaginable

Given how they can often result in fence-sitting games that specialise in AAA blandness, gamers are right to be wary of focus testing groups.

These girls, though, should have been wary for a very different reason.

"I'm watching you, girls". So creepy.


    please don't ever do that again kotaku

      isn't this just showcasing a promotional stunt/advertisment for just dance 4?
      Dude must get so sick of girls crying on him.

      Last edited 10/10/12 7:17 pm

    hmm thought it was some horror game or something, really beieber...

      It is isn't it?

    Is it bad that I thought the title picture was two girls?

      I thought that too :P

      Also... what's up with that bandana?!

        I though it was too girls too...

        Also I find it weird that 'he' wears a bandana like he's a housewife in the 40's...!.jpg/250px-We_Can_Do_It!.jpg

        (also that girl in the poster could crush beiber).

      Took me a good long look to notice that one of them was actually not a girl.

    I have a filter that is meant to block him in any form on the net. What is this scorcery? How did you beat my internets

    Kotaku - That was just wrong, it's time in my life I won't get back

    WTF? This is barely even game related. They might as well have the girls testing Justin Bieber toothpaste or something. Stop posting lame crap Luke, you moron.

    Quite lame. And the actual video was lame too, but not as bad as the re-post on this website.

    What search terms did you use Luke? Was it 'Bieber' or 'little girls dancing' that led you to copy and paste? ??!!!

    actually thought that pic was 2 girls till i saw the tupac bandana bieber likes to wear.

    Wow thanks Luke, as if I needed a reminder on how annoying teenage girls are.

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