The Mushroom Kingdom War Just Got Serious

The images of the Mushroom Kingdom warfare you see above and below are the work of Hakashidnrc, inspired by the Mario Warfare video released a few months ago.

The retextured skins of military combatants turned into Mario and Luigi will apparently be released for Garry's Mod, according to the artist. You might even recognise the retexturing of ghost people from Fallout: New Vegas in the image above.

My favourite, though, is the second one you see below. Toad is dressed as a soldier and is riding a dinosaur (Yoshi). Your argument is invalid.

Mario Warfare [deviantART via Ian Brooks]


    I see this and immediately think Counter strike, Then I am sad because it isn't. I'm sick of shooting foreigners I want to shoot mushrooms.

      Funny because the models used for the Toads in the second picture are taken from Global Offensive.

      You do realise that the models for Mario, Luigi and Toads are all models from Counter Strike Global Offensive right?

    What happens when you eat a red shroom

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