The My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Video Game Screenshots Are Here!

It's is absolutely ridiculous how excited I got when I saw an email in my inbox from Gameloft with the subject line "New My Little Pony screens".

I've built villages on my iPhone. I've played character-driven mini-games on my Android tablet. These are not new things. I have not, however, built my own Ponyville, nor have any of those mini-games featured Rainbow Dash, the greatest pegasus that ever flew the magical friendly skies.

Not that I am a fan or anything.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is coming to mobile platforms not soon enough.


    It'd make more sense if they made a MLP game aimed at adults lol.

      it is...

    Are the ponies 3D models? Because in the first screenshot Rarity looks a little derpy (excuse the pun) because the eyes appear to be textured onto a 3D model.

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      I miss the old days when you could like the things you wanted to without being judged.

        Quite the opposite in my case.

        You just brougt back my childhood... Thanks.

        I don't think that time ever existed, people just had more privacy to hide their interests from the rest of the world before social media.

    Hey hey hey, stay outta my shed.

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