The New Mech In Halo 4 Can Teabag The Opposition. Of Course.

Meet the Mantis, a new a vehicle/mech in Halo 4. Your best Spartan soldier can get in it, step on enemies and, when he or she has them down, commence with the teabagging (you know, the, uh, victory crouches). It's all in the official trailer.

This is Microsoft knowing its Halo audience.

HALO 4: MANTIS TRAILER - Footage on Ragnarok [YouTube, upoaded by AirGuitar901]


    Trailer also shows a remake of the Valhalla map.

    I'm seriously thinking about buying the limited edition of that soundtrack.

    Also: Gifs:
    Mounting the Mantis:
    Tea Bagging:

    EDIT: Poo, image embedding doesn't work. :(

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      Where would I go about getting that soundtrack's limited edition? >_>

      Tried with the pointy brackets, didn't work. I know that it's possible, but not how.

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        Admin level capabilities?

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    I hope the animations aren't so jerky come release.

    Looks very gangly, kind of like a Metal Gear Gekko.
    I like it.

    Unless it has a cockpit camera view option then I foresee it becoming fairly dull to drive like all the other Halo vehicles. Limiting to just an external cam neuters the immersion for me.

    Microsoft officially endorses teabagging! Lol

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