New SimCity Looks Gorgeous In This Day-By-Day Gameplay Demo

New SimCity Looks Gorgeous In This Day-By-Day Gameplay Demo

We’ve heard and seen a lot about the built-in multiplayer aspects of the new SimCity, and we’ve had stills showing off how much life there suddenly is in our virtual towns.

But now, this video shows off the actual day-to-day play — and, excitingly, the nights as well — in SimCity. It all begins, of course, with choosing land. (Carefully constructing maps in advance for optimal play was my “cheat” of choice in the SimCity 2000 era. I admit, I’ll miss that.) The video then delves into roads, zoning, infrastructure, and all the other little chores that really do make being a virtual mayor (or virtual despot) so much fun.

The level of detail that this new SimCity can hold is astonishing. Every resident has goals and needs. Every garbage truck has a capacity. Players not only build power plants, but can edit them. And when it comes to business and tourism, players can even target a specific socioeconomic class of virtual visitors. Seeing it all work together makes me really want to dig in and become ruler of my own little tilt-shifted domain.


  • At first glance it looks the same as before.. but then as the video went further and further along, I realised that wasn’t the case at all.. I’ve always loved these games but they become so time consuming and work-like after a short time and start to bore me 🙁

  • I still remember playing Sim City 2000 as a kid. I haven’t played one since then. But this might be worth a shot. ^^

    Aw man I’ve got so much shit to do on my year off next year. And I’m gonna love every minute of it!

  • This looks amazing. Always been a fan of SimCity. This looks like the same old style gameplay with much more detail. It’s looking very nice indeed and I’m looking forward to it.

  • Gotta say I’m also in looking to get back into Simcity with this version. It does indeed look pretty and I have fond memories of playing lots of Sim games(Simcity, Simtower, Transport Tycoon, etc) from when I was younger so it’s definitely worth at least checking out.

    • Agreed, the track layout system is utterly woeful, especially compared to the road options.

      But everything else is amazing, love the attention to detail (The garbo actually goes and gets the bin!)

  • Another game to add to the other five games on my February ’13 shopping list… Why is February so busy all of a sudden…?

  • Would really like to see them develop a proper HD tablet version of this.. sure there is Simcity Deluxe for iOS (and probably Android) right now.. but I am talking about a brand new game specially mde for HD tablets..

  • I dunno… There are some pretty big simplifcations that have been made…

    And what of those of us who actually enjoyed constructing our own little pipe and electricity networks? 😉

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