The New Skyrim DLC, 'HearthFire', Is Now Available For PC

It's been available on Xbox 360 for a while now, and we have no word on when it will be available for PS3 users, but Hearthfire is now available on Steam for those playing Skyrim on PC.

It costs $5, and allows to buy up plots of land, build houses, get married, raise children. Just in case you were bored of all that exciting adventuring and felt like setting down.

The PS3 version, sadly, is nowhere on sight. Bethesda's Marketing chief Pete Hines said there was no information available for Hearthfire, or any other Skyrim DLC, on PS3 and it's looking increasingly likely that neither Hearthfire or Dawnguard will be made available on the console.

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    I don't want to be an elitist, but you can download the mod that inspired this for free. . .

      Dont worry your not, everyone is thinking this

      your not being elitist your being intelligent

      good on ya


          All you spelling nazi, i dont have time to spell check my posts when i view this from work lol

            Sorry but the irony of Madatom's post about being intelligent containing (common) spelling mistakes was too good to ignore :)

      I downloaded one that inserted a flying pirate ship into the game as my base. It is awesome to jump from at high levels.

      I was going to ask though.. is there any difference between the DLC and this mod? I mean.. has Bethesda spruced up the mod for the DLC release or is it basically the same thing?

    I remember reading that in hearthfire you can also add a clerk to manage the construction of your property. Can you add a clerk with mods?

    I brought it, I know I can get the mod for free but I just knew the idea of not having a skyrim DLC would just eat into my soul until I got it anyway.

    For those wondering, the mod is called "Build Your Own Home" and can be found at the link below:

    I purchased this DLC for the extra features it has over the mod. I played the mod quite extensively after Hearthfire was announced and all the 'LOL BETHESDA STOLE THE IDEA FROM A MOD' bitching that ensued.

    There are some significant differences between Hearthfire and BYOH.

    * Multiple locations to build your house (Hearthfire) rather than a single location (BYOH).
    * The house is officially recognized as 'owned' by the player once purchased from steward rather than being just another location
    * The BYOH mod has a chance of 'forgetting' your progress with your house if an update should be released (I lost my progress after deactivating the mod to reinstall it, the data isn't saved to your savegame) whereas Hearthfire (if owned) is always going to be in your game as a permanent addon.
    * Hearthfire offers more indepth construction to the house, with the player having to construct each component separately rather than 'collect x amount of this, use table lol.'
    * The added features of turning followers into stewards and bards and having children adds a bit more to it
    * additional sidequests to defend your home against attacks is a neat addition too
    * One thing that Hearthfire lacks though is variation of design at different locations, which is what BYOH had with the different house themes - but that said, each location has a special building that is unique to the location and setting - such as a fish hatchery only available at the lakeside location.

    I'm sure most of you are convinced on which one you're going to use, so I'm not going to try and persuade you further. ^_^

      thanks man. people will find this comment handy im sure.

    Does this website have an Australian editor? Hearthfire is $6.49 on Steam, not $5.

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