The Newest Cute Tekken Statue Unmasked!

Julia Chang is the latest Tekken character to get all cuted up in plastic. Chang is joining the likes of Alisa Bosconovich, among other Tekken characters, as part of Kotobukiya's bishoujo line.

The 1/7 scale Jaycee figure is based on Shunya Yamashita's illustration and would be out next February for ¥7140 ($90). Kotobukiya (via Tomopop) also recently revealed that the character will be joined by Emili "Lili" de Rochefort. The figure maker's official site, however, doesn't have images of her statue yet.

JAYCEE(ジェイシー)が登場! [Kotobukiya] JC and Lili joing the Tekken Bishoujo line-up [Tomopop]


    Tekken and Soul Calibur used to have cool, badass looking (female) characters. Now it's just immature designs to cater for weirdo gamers fetishes. I would be embarrassed to have a statue like that on my desk at work.

    Oh! she's sticking out her tongue! fap fap fap.

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