The Nintendo Anime Of My Dreams

Seeing as my anime preferences fall within the boundaries of "giant metal death machines", and not "girls with enormous cute faces", I haven't enjoyed much Japanese animation in the last decade or so.

But so help me I would watch this show. Especially if it was about the girls' attempts to rescue a couple of useless plumbers, who continually find themselves captured and stuck at the bottom of some castle.

Torn Princesses [by TheJayPhenrix, via it 8-bit]


    woah that is awesome - need HD version for wallpaper NOW!

    Peach, Daisy and Zelda. Not sure this would work in an anime. Possibly would make an interesting game though

      That's not Zelda, that's Rosalina from Mario Galaxy

        i didn't even realise this was what he meant at first - Roachie!! hang your hea din shame!!

    wow, i just saw this on reddit. hmmm

    They kind of look like they could be from the cast of a mecha series. I mean, Escaflowne was a medieval style with mecha so you can fit them anywhere. The princesses look more like a space mecha show though. Either way, do want.

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