The Number Of People Who Play League Of Legends Just Blows My Mind

Because it exists in something of a bubble, outside of the normal video game release schedules and news channels, it's often difficult for outsiders to grasp just how freaking huge PC game League of Legends has become.

So here's a reminder: it is freaking huge.

Developers Riot Games have released some user data for the game, and while it's normally the kind of thing to roll your eyes at and then completely ignore, the sheer scale of these make them worth pointing out.

They say there are 32 million active players. Impressive, but "active" is a very flexible term. It's when you hear that twelve million of them play every single day that you do a double-take. And when they say that there's an average of three million players in League of Legends "concurrently", your jaw hits the floor.

All of this leads Riot to proclaim that LoL is, at least in terms of cumulative hours player per month, the "most played video game in the world".

You can see all of that, along with some looser figures, in the infographic below, whose timely release I'm sure has absolutely nothing to do with a rather forgettable week of news surrounding the game.


    Well get that many people together and no wonder it is one of the worst communities in gaming.

      That's probably a fair call actually. Since it is always the jerk players you remember most and with this large a playerbase... no wonder it can seem bad.

        Jerk players are usually the most vocal so you remember them most. Just like WoW really. It has some amazing people hidden in there but the vocal ones are what people remember. Shame really.

          you know, there is something called the "mute" button

      In game there can be people being dicks, totally, although since Riot introduced the honor system where you get recognized for good behavior, players are really being much nicer.

      Outside of the game, I'd say LoL has one of the most amazingly creative, supportive, positive and prolific player bases that I've ever seen.

    People only started playing it because Japan was into it.

      You might want to rethink which Asian nation you are talking about.

      japan was so yesterday. Korea is where its at now

      Wait... what?

    Still waiting for the option to join/create a game with only honourable/friendly rep people.
    I'd take the longer wait in queue.
    That would really make it a nicer community even if it was mostly BS.

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    Last edited 05/03/13 10:40 pm

    Leage sucks, it's all about minecraft!

      are you learning impaired

    You know that you confused France and Germany?

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